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The slang dictionary is a list of informal words, expressions, and abbreviations that are commonly used in RuneScape. It is incomplete, and never will be complete because of RuneScape's constantly changing vocabulary and community, so please add to it.

The slang dictionary only lists RuneScape-specific terms.

General[edit | edit source]

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#[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Activity + # Request for # number of players to join in on an activity. (E.g. Raids +2)
+1 A single item that can be preserved by the Protect Item prayer in a PvP situation; the first tier of upgrades to smithable armour
2H Two-handed weapon
3a Third Age
4t, 4taa, 4 tick, c4t(aa) Four tick auto attack or the patched "constant 4taa"
99 The maximum level for 22 of the 28 skills
120 The maximum level for Dungeoneering, Invention, Slayer, Herblore, Farming and Archaeology. The maximum virtual level cap for all skills, besides Invention, which has a maximum cap of 150.

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A[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
AB Action bar, Anti-ban, Anti-botter
Abby Abyssal, Aberrant Spectres, Abyssal whip, Abyssal demon
ABS Armadyl battlestaff
ACS Ascension crossbow
Adam, addy Adamant
Adr, Adren Adrenaline
AFK Away from keyboard, often refers to methods of training skills that don't require looking at the screen, referred to as "afk training".
AG Arch-Glacor
Aggro Aggression, aggressive, e.g. aggro pots.
Agi, Agil Agility
Alch(ing) Using an alchemy spell to convert items into gold using either Low or High Level Alchemy
Alt Alternative account, generally the second account.
Aml The Amlodd district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Ammy Amulet
Ancients Ancient Magicks
Anti poison cure, Anti-dragon shield, Antifire, Super antifire
Antic Anticipation
AntiP, Ap, Super AP Antipoison, Super Antipoison potions
AoD Nex: Angel of Death, an extension of Nex released on 30 January 2017
AoE Area of Effect, referring to attacks and/or abilities that affect multiple targets at once.
AoS Amulet of souls
Ard, Ardy Ardougne
Arma Armadyl
Arch Archaeology
Asc Ascension crossbow, Monastery of Ascension
Asphyx Asphyxiate
Assist Assist System (usually found while Runecrafting or opening an Effigy)
Atk, Att Attack, Attacker role in Barbarian Assault
ATN All Together Now, Daredevil feat
Autoer/autoing A bot user/using a bot
Auto, AA Auto-attack (attacking without the use of an ability), Auto Retaliate
Ava Avatar of Creation or of Destruction found in Soul Wars, Ava's attractor, accumulator, or alerter, Clan Avatar

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B[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
B, bil Billion. E.g. 1b = 1,000,000,000 gold.
B2B/BTB Back-to-back, usually refers to receiving a rare item twice in a row.
BA Barbarian Assault
Bank made An exclamation, sometimes sarcastic, about the value of a drop or other benefit. Particularly used of drops (such as the abyssal whip and Dragon claws) which used to be extremely valuable.
Bankstand(ing) AFKing or socialising with other players in a populated area such as a bank or the Grand Exchange
Barb Barbarian, Gunnarsgrunn (previously known as Barbarian Village)
Barrage Ice Barrage, Smoke Barrage, Shadow Barrage, Blood Barrage
Baxe Battleaxe
BB Blue Base (Stealing Creation), Barrows brothers
BBC Blightbound crossbow
BD Bladed Dive
Bh Bounty Hunter
BiS 'Best in Slot', referring to a weapon, armour piece, other piece of equipment, or item that is considered the unequivocal best item of its slot to use in a certain scenario
BM Beastmaster Durzag
Blitz Ice Blitz or any other Blitz spell in the Ancient Magicks spellbook
BOB Beast of Burden familiar that can carry items
Box Fighting rules at Duel Arena when no equipment is used
Br, B/r The Saradomin brew and Super restores combo drop found at Nex
Brac, Brace Bracelet
Brawlers Brawling gloves
Brew(s) Typically Saradomin brews
Brid Hybrid. Utilising more than one style of the Combat triangle.
Broads Broad arrows
B sale, Bsale, Bs Bank sale, big sale
BT, base Base tank, i.e. main tank at a boss, except at Vorago, where 'BT' refers to the bomb tank and 'base' refers to the base tank.
BTW By the way, occasionally used as a meme in reference to ironman mode.
BXP Bonus experience, Bonus XP Weekend
BXW/BXPW Bonus XP Weekend

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C[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
C(number 1-6)

Complexity (Dungeoneering); usually refers to either Complexity 1 or 6. Can also refer to the class of clay, resources or sacred clay objects in Stealing Creation, up to 5.

CA Combat Academy
Cade Barricade defensive ability
Cammy, Cam Camelot
Cannon Dwarf multicannon
Cap Reach the maximum weekly resource limit in a Clan Citadel
Cad The Cadarn district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Cath Catherby
Cball Cannonball
Cb, Cb lvl, Cbt, Cmb Combat (level)
CC Clan Camp, Clan chat, Christmas cracker
CCB Chaotic crossbow
Cept Intercept
CFP Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza
Chin(s), chinning Chinchompas, or the act of using chinchompas in combat for the area-of-effect damage
Charges Refers to the charges from the charge pack
Cit Clan Citadels
Clue Clue scroll
Cwars, Cw Clan Wars or Castle Wars
Comp Completionist cape
Comps Components used in Invention
Con, Cons Construction, Constitution
Core(s) Advanced pulse cores
Corp Corporeal Beast
CS CoinShare, Customer support, Clue scroll.
Crash Stealing a person or group's kills at a multi-combat Slayer creature or boss.
Crest A rare drop from each of the four Heart of Gielinor generals.
Crit A Critical hit hitsplat that displays when an attack or ability deals high (95%-100% of maximum) damage.
Cstaff Chaotic staff

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D[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
D/Drag (weapon/armour name) Dragon equipment
D/A or D/M Disassemble or Dismantle (Invention)
Da, Duel Duel Arena, ring of duelling
Dag(s), Dagg Dagannoth, dagger
Daily, Dailies Daily events, Daily challenges
DB Dragon Breath (ability), Dark bow (equipment)
Dbane Dragonbane arrows, Dragonbane bolts
Dbones Dragon bones
DC, DC'd Disconnect, disconnected. Used when players have lost connection with the game server. May result in death if in dangerous combat.
Dclaws Dragon claws
D&D, Distractions Distractions and Diversions
DD, Death dot Death dot, a multicombat player killing tactic where a number of players stand on the same square, making them appear as one player on the minimap.
De Dead end, usually used in Dungeoneering
Debil Debilitate ability
Deci Decimate ability
Denk Dead end, no key, a term used in Dungeoneering stating that there is no key in a recently-reached dead end room.
Dewk Dead end, with key, a term used in Dungeoneering stating that there is a key in a recently-reached dead end room.
Def Defence, Defender
Devo Devotion
Dfs Dragonfire shield
Dh Dharok the Wretched's equipment
D hide, D'hide Dragon hide
Div Loc Divine location
Divine, Div, Divi Divine spirit shield, Divination
DK, DKs Dagannoth Kings
DM Deathmatch, Dark magic aura, or Dominion mine
Dome Shield Dome
Dp Drop party
DPS, DPM Damage Per Second/Minute (amount of damage dealt over time)
Drag Dragon, either the type of armour or the monster
DRS Deadly red spiders
Dry, Drys Drygore weaponry
DS, DSwift Death's Swiftness
DT Desert Treasure, Dominion Tower
DTB Deathtouch bracelet
DTD Deathtouched dart
Dg, Dung Dungeoneering
Dummy Training dummy, Combat dummy, or Elite training dummy
DW Dual wield
DWF Dark Warriors' Fortress
DXP/DXW/DXPW Double XP Weekend

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E[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Ecto Ectofuntus, Ectophial
ED Enhanced Devoted
ED# Elite Dungeon 1, Elite Dungeon 2, or Elite Dungeons 3 depending on number used.
Edge Edgeville
EHP Efficient hours played, a metric used to calculate how much experience can be gained per hour. Used more commonly in Old School RuneScape than RuneScape.
Egw, egwd Elder God Wars Dungeon
Ele Chaos Elemental
ELM East of the Lava Maze, Wilderness Warbands location
Ely Elysian spirit shield
Enr Enrage, a boss mechanic which the fight gets tougher the higher the enrage.
Ens, En Tectonic energy, Malevolent energy
Ess Essence drops found in the Heart of Gielinor, Blood essences, Rune or pure essence
EOC, EoC Evolution of Combat
EOF, EoF Essence of Finality amulet
Ext Extend (typically aura or daily challenge)
Excal, EE, EEE (Elite) enhanced excalibur

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F[edit | edit source]



F Free players from the sand pool mechanic at Yakamaru, flip to reveal the face during the Raids puzzle
F "Fresh" - Indicates the time (since spawn) of certain Distractions & Diversions, such as the Travelling Merchant or Soul Obelisks (Menaphos)

Particularly useful in D&D Friend Chats

F(number), NF(number) Floor number in Daemonheim. The N variant stands for "Need floor".
F2P, F2Pers, Ftp, Freers Non-members (Free-to-play).
Fally Falador.
FB Final Boss achievement/title
Fc/Fcc Friends chat channel.
Ff Fish Flingers
FFA Free for all. Person who deals the most damage gets the drop.
FI/Fall/Fi Fall in, used to get people to follow a leader into a war or battle or player killing trip.
FoG Fist of Guthix.
FL Friend's list
Flip A trading term that refers to buying an item and then, within a short period of time, selling it for a profit.
FM Firemaking
FMod Forum moderator.
Forts Fortunate components, or the Treasure Trails Rewards that can be disassembled to obtain them.
Frag(s) Short for "fragments"; e.g. Soul fragments used in Soul Wars; fragments in Stealing Creation; Sacred metal fragments used in the Battle of Lumbridge; Chronicle fragment used in Divination
Fremmy, Frem Fremennik.
Frost(s) Frost Dragon or Frost Dragon Bones
FSOA, FSoA Fractured Staff of Armadyl
Full Complete set that usually consists of a helm, shield, body piece and leg piece (such as full dragon armour)

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G[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
G altar Gilded altar prayer training facility found in a POH
Gano Ganodermic beasts, Ganodermic armour
GB Green bomb, a Vorago mechanic and rotation
GCD Global cooldown, the 1.8 second cooldown in between each ability.
GD Guardian door (Dungeoneering)
GE, G.E. Grand Exchange, located in northwestern Varrock. Used for trading other players.
Gf "Good fight". Typically used after PvP
GGS Group gatestone
Glory Amulet of glory
Gmaul Granite maul
Goebiebands Supply run at Mazcab
GOP Great Orb Project minigame located in the Runecrafting Guild.
Gore(s) Drygore weaponry
GP, gold Gold pieces, primary in-game currency
Gold sink Removal of an in-game item (that holds a monetary value) or currency. For example; training Prayer through the usage of a gilded altar is considered a gold sink. 
Greaters Greater demons
Greg Gregorovic. (Not to be confused with Greg.)
Grico Greater richochet
GS Godsword, Gatestone, Guthix staff
GTE Teleport to the Group gatestone and end the dungeon. (Dungeoneering)
GWD, GW God Wars Dungeon
GWD2, GW2, HoG, The Heart Heart of Gielinor, typically referred to as the second God Wars Dungeon.
Gz, Gratz Abbreviation of "Congratulations".

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H[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Hally Halberd
Harm ore Harmonised rocks
HC, HCIM Hardcore Ironman
Hef The Hefin district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Herb Herblore
Hilt Godsword hilt, Araxxi's fang, web, eye.
HLF High level forums, forums which can only be accessed by having an account with level 99 in all skills.
Hop To change worlds, i.e. "Let's hop worlds."
HP Hitpoints. Could be used to refer to a player's Constitution level, an amount of Life points, or to Hitpoints as it was before the 3 March 2010 updates.
HSR Hazelmere's signet ring
Hybrid Catering to more than one combat style of the combat triangle
H/V Heal & provoke role at Kalphite King, responsible for drawing aggression away from the tank during the green mechanic. Can also use Heal Other on the tank.

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I[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Ice Icicle mechanic at Nex or Nex: Angel of Death
IFB Insane Final Boss achievement/title
Ignore, Iggy'd Ignore list, added to ignore list.
IM, Iron Ironman
Immort Immortality defensive ability
In An invitation to enter; usually refers to a boss instance, POH, or the Clan Wars purple portal.
Inc Incite
Incand(s) Incandescent wisps, Incandescent energy
Inv Inventory, Invention, requesting an invite to a group/clan/etc.
IOM "In on me". Used to tell other players to enter an instanced area via the person's name.
Ior The Iorwerth district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Ith The Ithell district, similar to above.

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J[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Jad TzTok-Jad/TokHaar-Jad
JMod Jagex moderator
JoAT Jack of All Trades achievement/title
JoT Jack of Trades achievement/title, Jack of trades aura
Jw Jelly wrangler, an unofficial role at Yakamaru

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K[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
K kilo meaning 1,000 (e.g.: 10K=10,000), thousands of gold pieces)
KBD King Black Dragon
KC Kill count
Kite Kiteshield, "Kiting" the act of running around a boss from a distance, preventing them from attacking, typically done on melee-based bosses
KK Kalphite King
KOS Kill on sight, used during Wilderness Warbands or Clan Wars
KQ Kalphite Queen

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L[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Lessers Lesser demons
LF Looking for:
LMod Local Moderator
Lobby, Lob Exiting to the RuneScape Lobby, Lobster
Loc Location
Lode Lodestone Network, e.g. Varrock lode
LP Life points
LotD Luck of the Dwarves, a tier 4 luck ring.
LRC Living Rock Caverns or Living rock creatures.
LS LootShare
LSP LootShare potential
Lum/Lumb/Lumby Lumbridge
LM Lumbridge Market

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M[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
M, mil Million (e.g.:. 6M = 6,000,000 gold)
MA Mobilising Armies
Mage Magic
Main A player's main character
Malev Malevolent armour, Malevolent energy
Mani Maniacal aura
MB Mage bank (the Mage Arena in deep Wilderness) or Mage box (used in duelling).
Max, Maxed When a stat has reached level 99 (e.g. maxed Strength); when someone hits their max hit on a person (maxing); when someone has a combat level of 138 – often referred to as "maxed cb" or "max melee"; or when a player has reached the maximum experience (30,000) through the Assist System and cannot assist for a few hours.
MD Melee Distance
MDS Mutated Dazing Shot ability, now known as Greater Dazing Shot
Med helm Helm
Mei(l) The Meilyr district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Mem, Memb Member/membership
Mena The city of Menaphos
Mep1, Mep2 Mourning's end part 1 and 2
Merch The buying of very large amounts of an item on the Grand Exchange to cause the price to unnaturally go up, then selling that same item later on in order to make a profit.
Meta Metamorphosis ability
MG Max Guild
Mith Mithril
MQC, MQPC Master quest cape, Master Quest Cape (achievement)
MVGT, MGT Move gatestone. In Dungeoneering, requests that another party member move the group gatestone from where it is to a more suitable location.

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N[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Nat Nature rune, Natural Instinct (PvP term)
NH, Nhing No Honour, or No Honour killing, used to describe someone who Player kills with no regard for honour
Nip Dreadnip
Noob, n00b, nub Short for newbie (new player)
Nox Noxious weaponry
NS, Nsing Non-stop, generally used in clan wars FFA portal to refer to non-stop killing

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O[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Ob, Obby A Summoning obelisk, a Soul Obelisk in Menaphos, the Wilderness Obelisk
Occ An Occult floor in Daemonheim.
Off, Get off Stop attacking
Omni Omnipower ability
One-iteming Using a single item (usually weapon) to minimise risk when player-killing
Ons, Onsl Onslaught
Ooo Orb of oculus
Ovl(s) Overload potion(s). Can also be used as a verb indicating to take a sip of an Overload potion.
ob x m  Overload boxing x mil
OP Over-powered

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P[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
P# Precise (Invention perk, rank #), Phase #
P2P(er) Members (Pay-to-Play)
Pass, pw Password, Shantay Pass, Underground Pass
Pb Personal best completion time, Purple Bomb rotation/mechanic at Vorago
PC Pest Control, Price check
Peng(s) Penguins from the Penguin Hide and Seek Distraction.
PF, PF switch Planted Feet Invention perk
Ph, Phat Partyhat
Phas Port Phasmatys
Phase (verb) To push a boss into the next phase, usually timed carefully to give an advantage to the player.
Pile, Piling Multiple people attacking the same opponent in PvP
Pick Pickaxe
PK, PKer, PKing Player Killer/Player killing. Someone who is fighting other players - specifically in the Wilderness or other high risk PvP areas.
Plate Platebody
PM, DM Private message
PMod Player Moderator
Pneck Phoenix necklace, commonly used for PvP and Vorago entry
Ports Player-owned port, Portables
POF Player-owned farm
POH Player-owned houses
POP Player-owned port
Pot, Pots Potions
Pp Pyramid Plunder, Prayer points, polypore
Pray Pot/Ppot Prayer potion, but can also loosely refer to Super restores and other prayer-restoring potions.
Prep Preparation, prepare
Prif, Priff Prifddinas
Proc/Procs Process, activation. Programmed Random Occurrence.
Prot, Prot item Protect Item prayer or curse (typically PvP terminology), Protect from Magic/Melee/Ranged prayers or Deflect curses.
PT Poison tank role at Yakamaru, Pet tank roles at Beastmaster Durzag
Pure Someone who trains only one type of skill; someone who only trains specific combat skills, or only non-combat skills. (Those who specifically train non-combat skills only are more commonly known as skillers).
Puz, Puzz Liberation of Mazcab puzzle
PvE, PvM Player vs. Environment/Monster
Pw Password

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Q[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
QBD Queen black dragon
QC Quick Chat, Quest Cape
QFC Quick find code, for referring to the forums
QH Quick hop, the act of joining a friend on another world without going to the lobby
QP/QPS Quest points, Quick prayers
QPC Quest point cape
QS Quick Start, Phrase used before Barbarian Assault waves to start before the 30 second wait
Querc Quercus, an ent via which you hand in Wilderness Warbands supplies in exchange for experience or gold.

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R[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
R Ready
R2H Rune 2h sword
RaF, RAF Refer a Friend Programme
Rago Vorago
Rax Araxxor/Araxxi
RB Re-bank (to withdraw more food or potions, etc.), Red Base (Stealing Creation)
Rcb Royal Crossbow
RCing Runecrafting
RDI Southeast of the Red Dragon Isle, Wilderness Warbands location
RDT Rare drop table
Reck Reckless aura
Recoil, RoR Ring of Recoil
Red barred Term sometimes used to describe a person with so little Life points remaining that its health bar appears to be completely red.
Rep Reputation at various places
Req(s) Request assistance, Requirement(s)
Res, Reso Resonance defensive ability
Reset Daily, weekly and monthly resets. Resetting Liberation of Mazcab locks.
Rev(s) Revenant
Revo Revolution mode of combat
Rex Dagannoth Rex
Rg Re-group
RFD Recipe for Disaster
Rm Rematch
Rng, RNG Random Number Generator
RoD Ring of death
RoF Ring of Fortune
Rot Boss rotation. Applies to bosses with mechanics that vary periodically.
ROTM Ritual of the Mahjarrat
ROTS Barrows: Rise of the Six
RoW Ring of Wealth
RR Reroll
RS RuneScape
RSC RuneScape Classic
RSN RuneScape Name, i.e. a player's username or character name
RSMV A music video filmed in RuneScape, uploaded to video sites such as YouTube
RSOF RuneScape Official Forums
RT, Rocks Rocktail
RWT Real world trading

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S[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Santa Santa Claus, Santa hat
Sara Saradomin
SC Stealing Creation minigame
Scimmy, Scim Scimitar
Scop Scopulus mechanic at Vorago
Scrim Scrimshaw, a pocket slot item.
Seers Seers' Village
Seis Seismic wand and Seismic singularity
SGB Seren godbow
SGS Saradomin godsword or Solomon's General Store
SHB Silverhawk boots
Sh10, St10 Mirage role at Yakamaru responsible for tanking and closing the Shark pool with 10 planks.
Sig Sigil or Ascension signet
Sign The activation of a Sign of life, Sign of death, Portent of life, Portent of death, Defence cape perk, or Desert pantheon aura ward of Icthlarin effect.
Sing Seismic singularity
Sip(s) Perfect juju potion doses, generally refers to free Perfect juju prayer potion sips available while Prayer training at a POH
Size x The layer that the Shooting Star is currently on. Often abbreviated to just SX, such as S5.
Skiller Someone who trains non-combat skills (can be any combat level), more commonly someone who trains non-combat skills primarily or exclusively.
Skillpure Someone who exclusively trains non-combat skills (combat level 3).
Smited Having prayer points depleted, usually by Smite or Soul Split prayers in PvP.
Smoke Smoke pool in Nex: Angel of Death
Snipe To receive a desirable drop in LootShare, when one does not have the distinct highest LootShare potential in the team.
Sof Squeal of Fortune, preceded Treasure Hunter
Soph The city of Sophanem
Sos Staff of Sliske or Stronghold of security
Spec Special attack
Spooned Extremely lucky, achieved a good drop with very little effort. From "spoon-fed".
SS Soul Split, Spirit shields, screenshot
Stall The act of stalling adrenaline, or the delay Vorago has when he moves a square on phase 5 in NM, or phases 10/11 on HM
Steads Steadfast Boots
Str Strength
Stronghold Stronghold of security
Subj Subjugation equipment
Summ Summoning skill
Sun Sunshine ability
Sup Superior version. E.g. Superior Morrigan's javelin
Super set All of the super potions relevant to that combat style. Super attack, strength, and defence for melee; super ranged and defence for ranged; and super magic and defence for magic. All five potions are necessary if tribridding.
SWH, Stat hammer Statius's warhammer

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T[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
T95/T99 Level 95 or level 99 curses
Tally/Tali Talisman
Tab A teleport tablet
Tag Attacking a monster first, or being the first to touch a Shooting Star
Tassy, Tassets Bandos tassets
Tav Taverley
Tb, Tbed, Tb'ed, Tb'd Teleblock, reference to someone getting Teleport Blocked, mainly used during pking. Can also refer to the Trouble Brewing minigame.
TDS Tormented demons
TH Treasure Hunter
Thresh Threshold ability
Tick Game tick
TL, TL5 Top lure role at Vorago. Usually combined with Voke 5 role.
TMW Trimmed masterwork armour
Tog/Tears Tears of Guthix
Total/ttl Total level
TP, Tele Teleport
Trah The Trahaearn district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
TT Treasure Trail, Temple Trekking
Turm Turmoil curse
TWP Teamwork Protection curse
Tubbied A Shooting Star that has been mined to its centre, revealing the Star sprite. This term refers to the TV show Teletubbies, which many believe the Star sprite resembles

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U[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Ua Unknown arrival, unknown age. When an event such as soul obelisk or travelling merchant is called in a friends chat, "ua" refers to the event's start being unknown, as opposed to it being fresh ("f").
Ult Ultimate ability
(u) Unstrung, unenchanted, uncharged, etc
(unf) Unfinished

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V[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Vamp Vampyrism
Varr Varrock
Veng Vengeance, Vengeance Other, or Vengeance Group
-vention Added to the end of a skill or action to refer to training it alongside Invention (e.g. "fishvention" refers to simulatenously training Fishing and Invention, such as by using a Fishing rod-o-matic)
Vig, Vigour Ring of vigour switch
Vin/Vind/Vindi/Vinny Vindicta
Virt Virtus equipment
Vis Vis wax or the Rune Goldberg Machine D&D
Vit Vitalis mechanic at Vorago, or the Vitalis pet.
Voke Provoke ability
Voker Kalphite King role involving use of the Provoke ability to keep aggression off the tank.
Volcano Wilderness Volcano
VoS Voice of Seren
V Sq Varrock Square
Vuln Vulnerability debuff
Vwand, Vbook Virtus wand, Virtus book

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W[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Warbands Wilderness Warbands
WC(ing),WC Woodcutting, wrong chat
Welfare Using cheap gear with minimal to no risk involved. Usually done while PK'ing
Wfs Waterfiends
Wgs While Guthix Sleeps
WH/Whop(ping)/Whing World Hop, expression meaning to change to a different world
Whip Abyssal whip, Abyssal vine whip, Lava whip
Wildy Wilderness
WM Wild magic
W# World #, where # is the world in question; e.g. "W60"

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X[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Xlog Log out by closing the game window

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Y[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Yak Pack yak
Yaka Yakamaru
Yan Yanille

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Z[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Zammy Zamorak
ZBook or Zammy Book Zamorak's Book of Chaos
Zbow Zaryte Bow
Zerk Berserk ability, Berserker aura
Zgs Zamorak godsword or Zaros godsword
Zily Commander Zilyana
Zsgs Zaros godsword

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