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This article is about pure essence. For other uses, see rune essence (disambiguation).
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Pure essence is a type of essence that can be crafted into any type of rune through the Runecrafting skill, as opposed to rune essence, which can only create up to Body runes. It can be used on free to play worlds, although can only be mined on members worlds.

Players can runecraft only Air, Mind, Water, Earth, Fire, and Body runes with a regular rune essence. Members can create all types of runes with pure essence. It can be stored in an Abyssal parasite, Abyssal lurker and Abyssal titan if the player has the required summoning level of 54, 62 and 93 respectively.

Mining[edit | edit source]

Pure essence.png Pure essence
Mining levelMining-icon.png 30
SourceRune essence rock
CoreX mark.svg
Rock stats
Base Ore4

Obtaining pure essence[edit | edit source]

A player mining in the Rune essence mine

Members with a Mining level of at least 30 will mine pure essence instead of rune essence on member worlds at the Rune essence mine, after completing the Rune Mysteries quest. To access this mine, which contains four rocks with an unending supply of essence, players must get teleported by one of the five NPCs who are able to do so. With level 66 Magic, players can go to Wizard Distentor who is located in the magic guild in Yanille. Players without this level should go for Aubury in Varrock. However, players can also go to Brimstail at Gnome Stronghold, Sedridor at Wizards' Tower, Wizard Cromperty in Ardougne, or the Runecrafting Tutor in Burthorpe. Players who have completed Lunar Diplomacy may also mine essence in the Lunar Isle mine on the Lunar Isle.

When mining both pure essence and rune essence each type of pickaxe appears to have a fixed rate of mining which is independent of mining level. Unexpectedly, a bronze pickaxe has the fastest mining rate: it mines 7 essence per 8 game tick. An iron pickaxe mines 6 essence per 7 ticks, steel mines 5 essence per 6 ticks, mithril mines 4 essence per 5 ticks, adamant mines 3 essence per 4 ticks, and rune mines 2 essence per 3 ticks. Using a bronze pickaxe the player may gain around 26,000 Mining experience an hour from mining rune or pure essence, at any Mining level, while dropping the essence obtaining using their action bar. No matter what type of pickaxe is in one's tool belt, one may always wield a bronze pickaxe to force using it over the pickaxe on the tool belt.

Members can also receive pure essence throughout The Great Orb Project minigame's rounds. Furthermore, they may purchase pure essence with the Runecrafting guild tokens received after each game at a cost of 1 essence per token.

Pure essence also can be obtained relatively quickly as a reward from Temple Trekking or Burgh de Rott Ramble, if the player plays at least on the medium paths and picks pure essence as a reward.

Members who own an Ardougne cloak 2 may receive a daily 100 pure essence from Wizard Cromperty (the time resets at midnight GMT). He will give 150 pure essence to those who own an Ardougne cloak 3.

Members who own a Wicked hood can pull 100 pure essence per day out of the hood, provided they have "fed" the hood an Omni-talisman once. This amount increases by 25 for each piece of the Wicked robes set bought for a maximum of 175 pure essence daily.

The essence may only be mined by players in member worlds, however it can still be bought in the Grand Exchange on free worlds.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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SourceCombat levelQuantityRarityMembers
Abyssal demon9872–1529/128P2P icon.png
Abyssal demon (elite)10772–152CommonP2P icon.png
Abyssal guardian791–258/128P2P icon.png
Abyssal leech721–258/128P2P icon.png
Abyssal walker771–258/128P2P icon.png
Ancient mage10346CommonP2P icon.png
Ancient ranger10323CommonP2P icon.png
Ancient warrior10323CommonP2P icon.png
Ankou (elite)7215UncommonF2P icon.png
Armoured zombie 42; 46; 84; 86; 913–1611/128P2P icon.png
Blood reaver108; 12423UncommonP2P icon.png
Capsarius10538–4213/128P2P icon.png
Casket (CS Week)N/A150unknownF2P icon.png
Dagannoth guardian982–8CommonP2P icon.png
Desert strykewyrm103120CommonP2P icon.png
Dung kalphiteN/A1–2CommonN/A
Essence implingN/A20CommonN/A
Essence implingN/A35RareN/A
Essence impling jarN/A20–35CommonP2P icon.png
Frost dragon11250UncommonP2P icon.png
Fungal mage8115–25CommonP2P icon.png
Giant mole230300–600UncommonF2P icon.png
Giant mole230900UncommonF2P icon.png
Glacor11262–100CommonP2P icon.png
Gnome RestaurantN/A51–97UncommonN/A
Greater demon8255–66CommonF2P icon.png
Greater demon (elite)9255–66CommonF2P icon.png
Ivory Bre'egth (cursed)8210CommonP2P icon.png
Ivory Gromblod (cursed)8210CommonP2P icon.png
Ivory Shredflesh (cursed)8210CommonP2P icon.png
K'ril Tsutsaroth 98; 650621–796UncommonP2P icon.png
Mystery boxN/A30UncommonF2P icon.png
Mystery box (Court Cases)N/A30unknownP2P icon.png
Professor OnglewipN/A51–97UncommonN/A
Rock lobster1004–8CommonP2P icon.png
Scutarius10555–65CommonP2P icon.png
Security casket (CS Week)N/A150unknownF2P icon.png
Security casket (CS Week)N/A300unknownF2P icon.png
Shadow nihil16030UncommonP2P icon.png
Skeletal Wyvern109605/128P2P icon.png
Smoke nihil 108; 160200UncommonP2P icon.png
TzHaar-Hur86; 982–6RareP2P icon.png
TzHaar-Ket865–10Very rareP2P icon.png
TzHaar-Mej864–10RareP2P icon.png
Undead troll77; 81; 86; 955–15CommonP2P icon.png
Wallasalki 79; 84; 919CommonP2P icon.png
Winter Weekends (2012)N/A20–40CommonN/A
Young implingN/A1CommonN/A
Young impling jarN/A1CommonP2P icon.png
Zamorak crafter263–10CommonP2P icon.png

History and update[edit | edit source]

Pure essence was released on 20 April 2006 to counter free-to-play macroing accounts that mined Rune essence and sold it for high prices with Real world trading (RWT). After that, members needed Pure essence to craft runes that were only craftable by members. Since they were the majority of the buyers, the demand for Pure essence went up, while the demand for rune essence (which uses were limited to the six basic runes) dropped. This benefited member essence miners and non-member runecrafters, while it hurt non-member essence miners and member runecrafters. Additionally, non-members who had bought essence before the update lost money value due to the drop in price of Rune essence. Members who had previously bought Rune essence were saved from this blow because all their essence was automatically converted into Pure essence.

However, real world traders obtained member accounts in order to mine and trade Pure essence (now higher in price than Rune essence), and because many of them used fraudulent credit card numbers to pay for those accounts, the Pure essence update became one of the causes of the RWT credit card fraud problem, suggesting that the update had a reverse effect than that originally intended.

On 10 December 2007, many macro users disappeared from the game following a swift series of changes designed for their elimination, which caused the price of pure essence to skyrocket from a low of 80 coins to more than 140 each. The price then dropped when The Great Orb Project minigame was released since one of the buyable rewards was pure essence.

On 4 April 2011, with the release of Livid Farm, pure essence began to rise in price due to more people buying it to craft astral runes. The price of pure essence had continued to rise over a week later.

After the "Bot Nuke" update the price fell, due to the large amount of Runecrafting bots that were disabled, even though there were a relatively large number of essence mining bots disabled as well.

After the Runespan update, the price dropped further. Though some had expected the price to rise, the use of Runespan as a training method reduced the demand for pure essence for use in training. The demand for most runes is easily met from the various runeshops and monster drops. Many monsters drop pure essence further tilting the balance towards the supply side.

After Rune Memories players can access the Rune Chest which gives players pure essence for levelling Runecrafting. This has brought the price down due to huge amounts of pure essence coming to the game through the chest. As of 20 December 2014, pure essence was 15 gp each while the inferior rune essence was 25 gp each, making pure essence the go-to runecrafting rock for all members, even if they crafted lower-tier runes that could also be crafted with rune essence.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Facts about "Pure essence"
All Is members onlyfalse +
All Item ID7,936 +
All Junk chance89 +
All Release dateApril 20, 2006 +
All Value4 +
All Weight0.002 +
Buy limit25,000 +
Is members onlyfalse +
Item ID7,936 +
Item JSON{"edible":"no","m
{"edible":"no","members":"no","stackable":"no","stacksinbank":"yes","death":"reclaimable","name":"Pure essence","bankable":"yes","gemw":{"name":"Pure essence","limit":25000},"equipable":"no","disassembly":"yes","release_date":"20 April 2006","id":7936,"release_update_post":"Rune Essence adjustment","lendable":"no","destroy":"Drop","highalch":1,"weight":0.002,"tradeable":"yes","examine":"An uncharged Rune Stone of extra capability. Used in Runecrafting for training and production.","noteable":"yes"}
34;,"noteable":"yes"} +
Junk chance89 +
Kept on deathreclaimable +
Location restrictionsurface +
Release dateApril 20, 2006 +
Value4 +
Weight0.002 +