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Gameplay interface[edit | edit source]

The key to this game is teamwork and co-operation. If one teammate does not do their job, then the whole team will gain very little points (and possibly fail). Players do not lose any items when they die, but they do not keep anything that related to their roles acquired through the minigame. The object of the game is to defeat all of the Penance. When all Penance are defeated, the current wave is won, and Honour points or bonus xp is given to the team while waiting for the next wave. To change your end of wave reward, use the statue in a wave waiting room.

Note that the game will end when a teammate quits (by climbing up the ladder), logs out, or dies. The wave will not be complete, and any work done during the wave will have to be redone.

Horn[edit | edit source]

Attacker's Horn interface

Note: It is possible to put the calls on your action bar. They can be found in the constitution ability book while you are on the scroll in the waiting room or inside the wave.

Everyone in the team will get a horn in their inventory to contact their teammates about what they have to do to complete their role. Calling should be everyone's top priority while playing the game. This is very important because if one doesn't call for his team, other teammates will not be able to complete their roles, and thus, die or quit out of frustration. What is to be called changes every 30 seconds, so the player should always be on their mark to call for their teammate again.

The horn is separated into different functions. At the top right of the screen it comes in this layout for example.

Action Example
BA Gameplay Counter.png The current assault wave. Wave 1
BA Gameplay Ear.png What you have been told to DO. Use "Tofu" for bait.
BA Gameplay Mouth.png What to CALL through your horn. Right click the horn, and select "Tell-meat".
BA Gameplay Horn.png Your partner's role with whom you communicate. Appears 'Healer' (if your role is Defender)


  • DO what is next to the EAR icon.
  • CALL out what is next to the MOUTH icon.
The right click options for a Defender horn

Depending upon the player's role, when right-clicked the horn will give options for what to tell to their teammate:

  • Collectors calling for Attackers - combat style to use when attacking:
    • Aggressive
    • Balanced
    • Defensive
  • Healers calling for Defenders - type of food to lure with:
    • Tofu
    • Crackers
    • Worm
  • Attackers calling for Collectors - egg colours to pick up:
    • Red
    • Green
    • Blue
  • Defenders calling for Healers - type of poisoned food to use on Healers:
    • Tofu
    • Meat
    • Worm

In the above example, the Attacker's Horn interface on the screen shows that the Attacker needs to TELL (MOUTH icon) their teammate (Collector) to collect "green eggs", by right-clicking the horn and selecting the "Tell-green" option. The EAR icon shows what the teammate (Collector) is telling the Attacker to DO: use an "Aggressive" attack style to kill Penance Rangers and Fighters.

What is to be called changes every 30 seconds; players will need to check the interface for changes, and tell (using the Horn) their teammate of any changes as well. The actions change for all players simultaneously. When the action changes, what your role needs to do is blanked out and what you have to call changes to white. It is a good idea to use this as a warning sign that the action has changed and players need to call.

The interface shows what you need to call in white text, as opposed to yellow, if you have not yet called it out. This makes it easy to see if you haven't called.

Note: If you need healing and you're not a healer, right-click the Horn, and choose "Medic" to get the Healer's attention. Do NOT manually type out "Medic!", as the healers WILL NOT be notified on their interface showing each team members' life points.

Penalties[edit | edit source]

The player and the team will lose Honour points for every:

  • Wrong Attack style -
Each wrong attack will subtract 1 honour point from everyone's final score, for a maximum penalty of 10. 11 or more wrong attacks have the same effect over team honour. If Attackers attack with the wrong style, they will suffer recoil damage of 100 life points.
  • Runner that escaped -
Each runner escaped will subtract 3 honour points from everyone's final score, for maximum penalty of 10. 4 or more escapes have the same effect over team honour. A single runner may escape several times, until it is killed.
  • Wrong coloured-egg picked up -
Count of exploded eggs is subtracted from number of eggs collected and decreases maximum of collected eggs to 60 minus the number of exploded eggs. As the egg explodes it causes the Collector to lose 10% of their maximum life points. Collector cannot provide negative honour for team directly, but only by calling wrong attack styles to Attacker.
  • Wrong Poison used on a Penance Healer -
Count of wrong poison packs used on Penance Healers divided by 4, rounded down, for maximum penalty of 10. 40 and more wrong poison packs used, have the same effect over team honour.

Battlefield[edit | edit source]

Machines[edit | edit source]

The machines.

The machines located at the bottom of the battlefield (near where players appear) provides the necessities for all the roles. You can use the dispensers multiple times to receive more food or runes/arrows.

  • The yellow Collector machine will convert the coloured eggs into the other styles.
    • Converting to random will convert eggs in the following order: Blue -> Green -> Red
      • Converting random at the start of a hard mode wave will leave you with 6 Red eggs and 3 Green eggs at level 5 Collector
      • After you've been inside the wave for 2 or more minutes, you can no longer choose which egg to convert to and it will always convert to random
  • The green Healer machine will provide:
  • The blue Defender machine will provide:
  • The red Attacker machine will provide runes and arrows an Attacker may need.
    • 5000 Elemental and Catalytic runes

Healer Spring[edit | edit source]

The healing spring.

The Healer Spring is located at the southwest corner of the battlefield, just west of the machines. It can only be used by the Healers. Healers can fill their vials or directly drink from it to heal themselves.

The filled vials have four doses and can be used on any other teammates to heal them. Note that the amount of life points healed depends on the Healers' level. Directly drinking from the spring will heal the Healer. The healing liquid restores both life points and run energy, so it can be useful to fill the energy of Collectors and Defenders as they may need to run around a lot.

Horn of Glory[edit | edit source]

The interface of the Horn of Glory
The horn of glory.

In addition to the individual horns each teammate has, there is also the Horn of Glory. This large horn is situated in the southeast corner of the battlefield, and can be used to contact everyone at once. If a player often forgets to "call", this horn can be used by ANYONE to tell ANY teammate what they have to do. If you do use it, it will override your current call and act like you never received one, so if you are using the horn to get your own call, make sure to remember it well. However, it will be unusable when the Penance Queen appears in the 10th wave.

Egg Launcher[edit | edit source]

Egg launcher screen.png
The egg launcher.
Firing eggs with the cannon.
A Map of the Battlefield.

In regular waves, the Collector usually collects eggs and loads them into the Egg Hopper. Once this is done, the egg launcher can be used by any player on the team to damage Penance creatures (provided there are eggs in the Egg Hopper). Any coloured eggs can be used, but each colour has a specific function:

Red eggs: to deal damage to the Penance creatures.

Blue eggs: to apply various effects on the Penance creatures.

Green eggs: to assist a role by applying them with the following:

  • the Attacker's combat stats are increased. Works like an extreme warmaster's potion.
  • the Healer's vial is refilled (no effect if they do not have a vial), and 2 of each poisoned food is sent to the inventory.
  • the Defender is sent logs equal to their Level minus 1 (a Level 3 Defender would receive 2 logs), and 2 of each Runner bait is sent to the inventory.

Blue eggs decrease the stats of Rangers and Fighters, increase the length of poison applied by the Healer on Penance Healers and counts the next food the Penance Runners eat as the right bait.

In Wave 10, after the Penance Queen makes an appearance, the Egg Launcher must be used to kill the Queen. For this, the team makes Omega Eggs (using Yellow eggs), and the Collector loads these in the Egg Hopper. Similarly, any team member can use the Egg Launcher to fire the Omega Eggs to damage the Queen. As this is the only way to damage to Queen, the Egg Launcher plays an important role in the final wave.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, the player (or the team) will NOT lose any Honour points for using the Egg Launcher.[1]

Job Summaries[edit | edit source]

Attacker[edit | edit source]


Colour: Red
Calls to: Collector

The Attacker's job is to kill the Penance Fighters and Penance Rangers. Runes and arrows are available from the Attacker machine near the entrance, however, they must bring their own melee weapon if they wish to use melee. Rangers can bring their own ammo inside the wave but due to a recent update, rune pouches are no longer allowed.

The creatures can only be hurt when a specific constitution ability is activated, and this varies. It is recommended to put these three abilities on the action bar. Having the wrong ability activated will cause the player to lose 100 life points per hit, and will deal no damage. The Collector will tell the Attacker which ability the creatures are vulnerable to, with their horn.

The three attack styles are:

  • Style 1: Aggressive
  • Style 2: Balanced
  • Style 3: Defensive

Having a high Combat level as an Attacker is a significant advantage in the game. Despite its popularity, Attacker is a somewhat challenging role as it requires some degree of attention. Attackers will often rack up the -10 penalties that bring the team's score down.

On the Queen wave, the attacker's job is to take spikes from the petrified mushrooms around the arena. They will then use these spikes on the poisoned eggs, given by Healers, and pass the poisoned spiked eggs to a Defender.

Tip: When the attack style changes Attackers should immediately click away, lest they suffer penalties and splash damage. They should also always have their Auto Retaliate toggled off.

Collector[edit | edit source]


Colour: Yellow
Calls to: Attacker

The Collector's job is to gather eggs dropped by killed Penance creatures. The Collector loads these eggs into the Egg Hopper, which then allows any teammate to fire the Egg Launcher.

There are three different coloured eggs: Red, Blue, and Green. At any given time, only one colour of egg can be picked up. The egg will explode and hit 10% of your maximum life points if the player picks up the wrong-coloured egg or picks up an egg when the player's Inventory and Collection bag is full, reducing the total numbers of eggs collected by 1. The Attacker will tell the Collector which colour to pick up using their horn. The Collector is also given an Egg Collector Bag to store some eggs in, but the eggs can also be stored in the inventory.

When fired from the Egg Launcher, Red eggs will damage penance creatures, Blue eggs apply various debuffs and Green eggs buff all the combat stats of the targeted Attacker like an extreme warmaster's potion. Blue eggs decrease the stats of Rangers and Fighters, increase the length of poison applied by the Healer on Penance Healers and counts the next food the Penance Runners eat as the right bait.

While on the final wave (Wave 10; before the Penance Queen makes an appearance), the Collector's role is relatively easy. During this wave, the collector must run around the field collecting the yellow eggs left by the Queen. They must then hand these (Use on) to the Healer. They will receive them back as Omega eggs where collectors must then load them into the hopper to be fired at the Penance queen. As many as eight completed Omega eggs may be needed to kill the Queen.

It is virtually impossible for a red-green colourblind person to visually distinguish a Red egg from Green. An update has added the colour of the egg into the items name, making it easier for colour blind people.

Note: Be wary, since collectors must run near the Penance Queen to obtain the eggs, they may take damage from both her melee AND ranged attacks, causing heavy damage. It's recommended to have a Healer nearby if your combat stats are low.

Defender[edit | edit source]


Colour: Blue
Calls to: Healer

The Defender's job is to prevent Penance Runners from reaching the south end of the playing field. This is done by laying bait on the ground leading towards traps, so that the Runners will follow the food trail and get caught and killed in those traps. Bait can be obtained from the Defender machine near the entrance.

There are three types of bait: Worms, Tofu, and Crackers. Penance Runners will be attracted to all food types, no matter which one is called. However, the Penance Runner must eat the correct food type at the trap in order to be killed. The whole team will lose three honour points for each Runner that manages to escape. Thus, it is the Defender's duties to make sure that this does not happen too often (or at all). The Defender typically has an easy job on the final wave. As there are no penalties on Wave 10, there is less pressure to stop Runners from escaping.

Strategy Tip 1: It is recommended to scatter as much bait as possible in a trail from in front of the Runner exit to the East trap. The direction of dropping is important as the Runners will always go for the most recently dropped food in range. This will draw the Runners towards the trap. Scatter the remaining bait next to the trap; so the Runners will stay near the trap until they eat the correct bait. As long as no Runners reach the other side, the Defender (and the team) will get full points, it does not matter if the Runners are killed by team members through the egg cannons.

Strategy Tip 2: Dropping the wrong bait for luring can be more useful than the right bait, particularly for low level defenders. Runners that eat the wrong bait will walk a considerable distance North at no penalty, allowing for the right bait to be used solely around the trapping areas. When the wrong bait is placed in a diagonal line leading from the defender machine to the trap, the runners position themselves vertically in line with the trap. This also buys time for the defender to refill on bait, gather resources, block the northern caves on higher waves, and keep runners in range of the egg cannons.

A hammer and two logs respawn at the north end of the battlefield. These are used to repair the traps (as each trap can only kill two Runners before it breaks), and build barricades at the entrances. Barricades stop the Penance creatures from appearing for over ten seconds. However, building barricades will delay the team (including the Defender), preventing effective role performance. The Defender is better off concentrating on laying bait.

Note: Whether a bait is considered "right" or "wrong" is determined when the bait is dropped. This means that even after the food type changes, bait that was correctly dropped will still be considered correct when the Penance Runner eats it regardless of the new correct food type. The same holds true for food that was incorrectly dropped. In other words, the defender does not need to pick up old drops and replace them in order to produce their desired effect.

Healer[edit | edit source]


Colour: Green
Calls to: Defender

The Healer's job is to heal their teammates with a vial from the healer spring, and use poisoned food on the Penance Healers. Poisoned food and a healing vial can be found in the Healer machine near the entrance. The Healer can heal themselves by drinking from the spring to recover Life points and cure poison. To heal teammates, the Healer must use the healing vial on the spring to fill it, then use the vial on the teammate. Another option is to right click on the healer spring and select "take-from", as well as a right click on on players "Heal". Healing also replenishes run energy. This is especially important for the Defender and the Collector.

To make the Healer's job a little easier, the Healer has an extra element in their interface that displays the health of each teammate. If a teammate uses the "Medic" option on their horn, it will cause a green cross to flash next to their LP, and this won't stop flashing until that teammate is healed.

Poisoned food can be used on Penance Healers to poison them with damage equal to 20% of their maximum lifepoints. Due to the time it takes for the poison to tick down and its low damage as well as the abundance of poisoned food gained from the dispenser, it is advised to continue poisoning until each individual healer is dead. The Penance Healers can poison teammates (including the Healer) with damage starting at ? points per hit. The poison is also cured when a player is healed. Poisoned food can be obtained from the Healer machine near the entrance.

There are three types of poisoned food: Poisoned worms, Poisoned tofu, and Poisoned meat. The Healer should use the correct type of poisoned food told by the Defender. This will change every 30 seconds. If the wrong type of food is used no damage will be dealt, and the team may receive a small penalty if done enough times.

Strategy Tip: Since Penance Healers also move around quite a lot, it is often more effective to poison as many Penance Healers as possible in the short term and then alternate to healing fellow players before returning to poison the Penance Healers again.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Every wave, four species of penance enemy will spawn: Fighters, Rangers, Healers, and Runners. A greater number of every type of Penance will spawn in subsequent waves, and the enemies that spawn in higher waves will be stronger, thus making the final waves more challenging than the first. The number and strength of penance that spawn in wave 10 are identical to those in wave 7; wave 10 is effectively wave 7 plus a Penance Queen.

Waves 1-10[edit | edit source]

The number of penance that spawn every wave is as follows (3+1 means that 3 will come out early in the wave, while 1 is a reserve, that won't come out until one of the 3 dies.):

Penance Fighters Penance Rangers Penance Healers Penance Runners
Wave 1 2+2 2+2 2+0 2+0
Wave 2 2+3 3+1 3+0 2+1
Wave 3 5+0 3+3 2+1 2+2
Wave 4 5+1 3+3 3+1 3+1
Wave 5 3+3 5+1 4+1 4+1
Wave 6 5+1 5+2 4+2 4+2
Wave 7 5+2 6+1 4+3 5+1
Wave 8 7+0 5+3 5+2 5+2
Wave 9 6+2 7+1 6+2 5+4
Wave 10 5+2 6+0 4+3 5+1

The combat levels and life points of Penance that spawn are as follows (N.B. Penance Runners have 50 life points at all waves): [out of date]

Penance Fighter
Combat level
Penance Fighter
Life points
Penance Ranger
Combat level
Penance Ranger
Life points
Penance Healer
Life points
Wave 1 30 280 21 200 220
Wave 2 32 290 25 280 270
Wave 3 37 320 32 290 320
Wave 4 42 370 38 340 380
Wave 5 47 380 43 410 460
Wave 6 56 490 51 500 500
Wave 7 61 500 57 500 550
Wave 8 68 550 64 540 620[2]
Wave 9 77 560 72 580 710[2]
Wave 10 61 500 57 500 550
  1. ^ Postbag from the Hedge 39; Captain Cain's answer
  2. ^ a b A single poison pack deals 580 damage over time; penance healers in waves 8 and 9 cannot be killed with a single poison pack.

The maximum hits of penance Fighters and Rangers are as follows: [out of date]

Penance Fighter
Maximum Hit
Penance Ranger
Maximum Hit
Wave 1 40 37
Wave 2 43 38
Wave 3 46 48
Wave 4 52 54
Wave 5 57 59
Wave 6 62 66
Wave 7 69 76
Wave 8 75 84
Wave 9 87 92
Wave 10 69 76

The Penance Queen[edit | edit source]

Penance Queen

In wave 10, the Penance Queen will spawn. The Queen is impervious to normal attack, and can only be killed with Omega eggs. (see below)

The wave begins as any other wave, but players will notice that the battlefield is not the same as the battlefields in Waves 1 through 9. There is only one Egg Launcher instead of two. There are also poison springs, lava craters, and spiked mushrooms dotted around the edges of the battlefield.

The Penance Fighters, Rangers, Healers, and Runners must be defeated by the team before they can start damaging the Penance Queen. So, it is best to defeat the Penance creatures as quickly as possible, before the Penance Queen actually appears. (Note: There are no penalties for runners that escape, for wrong poison types, and for wrong attack styles.)

The Penance Queen appears after a few minutes, or shortly after all the Penance are killed, burrowing from the ground in the middle of the arena. The Queen has a long-distance ranged attack that simultaneously hits all five team members, and can potentially inflict large amounts of damage. She will be accompanied by level 69 Queen Spawns, which can be defeated by any team member with any attack style. The spawns continuously respawn.

Upon arrival of the Queen, she will start to drop yellow eggs every 6 seconds. The Collector should start picking up the yellow eggs and then they need to be passed around the team to become omega eggs (see chart below). Eight Omega eggs are needed to kill the Penance Queen, but you may need more.

Recommended member roles:

  • 1 Attacker (2 if the Healer is level 5 or is skilled)
  • 1 Defender
  • 2 Healers(1 if the Healer is level 5, or if all players have high defence a level 1 Healer will also suffice)
  • 1 Collector

The CHAD system must be used to defeat her, it goes as follows:

Role Action Give to
Barbarian Assault Collectors hiscores.pngCollector Yellow egg.png Yellow eggs Barbarian Assault Healers hiscores.pngHealer
Barbarian Assault Healers hiscores.pngHealer Poisoned egg.png Poison springs Barbarian Assault Attackers hiscores.pngAttacker
Barbarian Assault Attackers hiscores.pngAttacker Spiked & poisoned egg.png Spiked mushrooms Barbarian Assault Defenders hiscores.pngDefender
Barbarian Assault Defenders hiscores.pngDefender Omega egg.png Lava craters Barbarian Assault Collectors hiscores.pngCollector
Barbarian Assault Collectors hiscores.pngCollector put eggs in Egg Hopper Launch! and kill Queen
  • A poison pool, lava pool, and spiky mushroom found everywhere along the arena's edges.
    The Collector gathers Yellow eggs that the Queen drops. The eggs are passed ("Use" option) to the Healer.
  • The Healer dunks the eggs in the poison springs. Once done, the eggs are given to the Attacker.
  • The Attacker adds spikes to the eggs from the spiked mushrooms. The eggs are passed along to the Defender. It is recommended that you collect the spikes before the Queen comes, as it will speed up the process of passing the eggs on since they take time to respawn and are fairly spread out.
  • The Defender dunks the eggs in the lava craters, and hands them back to the Collector.
  • The Collector places them in the Egg Hopper, and the Egg Launcher is ready to be fired.

Once the Omega eggs are loaded, any team member can start shooting the Penance Queen. Each hit heavily damages the Queen. Keep hitting with Omega eggs until the Queen is killed (eight eggs are needed).

Penance Queen fight.png

When fighting the Penance Queen, the Healer probably has the most work to do - teammates will need far more healing than in earlier waves as they have to make the Omega eggs, and perform their usual roles as well. For this reason, it is recommended that the fifth member of the team be an extra Healer. Even if the Healer is experienced and is a level 5 Healer, having an extra Healer is still recommended; however, it is still possible with one level 1 Healer.