Mourning's End Part I

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Mourning's End Part I is a quest in the Elf (Prifddinas) quest series, continuing directly where Roving Elves left off. During the quest, the player is given access to Lletya, the hideout of the rebel elves, and meets with Arianwyn. The first half of a two-part-quest about stopping the mourners, it revolves around their plans in West Ardougne.

Official description[edit | edit source]

It seems at last Arianwyn has need of your skills.

He believes there is more to the mourners than meets the eye, and he wishes for you to find out just what they're up to. Can you gain the trust of the mourners?

Overview[edit | edit source]

Meeting the rebels[edit | edit source]

Eluned chathead.png
The village of Lletya.

To start the quest, talk to Eluned in Isafdar. She will either be just east of the Tyras Camp, in a secluded spot south of a stick trap, or south-east of the Lletya mine, near a couple of magic trees. As before, Islwyn and she switch locations every five minutes.

She will inform you that Arianwyn, whom you last met in front of King Lathas's castle, wishes to speak to you in Lletya before offering to take you there. Eluned leads you to an elven village and gives you a teleport crystal with a few charges, allowing you to return to Lletya with ease. She is not as skilled as the elf who originally sung the crystal though, therefore you will need to see her to have it recharged when it runs out. Eluned then returns to Islwyn, leaving you to meet with Arianwyn. Have a look around if you wish - Arianwyn may be found in the large building to the east, on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US]. There is a bank in the same building.

Mourners in the mountains[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Some combat gear, a charged crystal teleport seed ( to make travel easier) , two pieces of silk, some bear fur, a bucket of water, 7 free inventory spaces
Arianwyn chathead.png
Meeting with Arianwyn.

Arianwyn is glad to see you and reports that there is an increasing number of Mourners crossing the Arandar pass. When you are confused as to what the Ardougne plague healers would be doing in the Galarpos Mountains, he explains that they are really elves from Prifddinas in disguise, and that Lathas is making everyone think they are healing the plague. Since the elves have been unable to sneak into West Ardougne due to being recognised by the mourners at once, it is your mission to infiltrate their ranks and find out what they are up to. However, he has no idea how to do so, and suggests you form a plan, starting with the fact that there are mourners at Arandar.

You will need to kill mourners to get a disguise. To find a mourner to kill for their clothes, make your way to Arandar, either by heading to the entrance on the Kandarin side, or exiting Lletya and heading north to the Tirannwn side. The mourners roaming about the surface of West Ardougne do not drop the gear. You have to pass a set of trees west of the village, then head west past the tripwire and through the dense forest, then north, passing a leaf trap. Alternatively, teleport to the Tirannwn lodestone, head towards the north eastern path, over the leaf trap, west through the dense forest, and north over a second leaf trap. Head north a bit to find more dense forest to the north east (not the north west patch), before appearing at the river - cross it using the fallen log, evade another tripwire, then head east to the pass. Either way, you will indeed notice mourners periodically walking eastwards through the pass. The mourners are not very powerful and can easily be dispatched.

Fighting a mourner for his gear.

The mourners will drop a full set of mourner gear - consisting of a gas mask, a top, trousers, boots, gloves, and a cape, in addition to a letter of recommendation from Prifddinas stating that the carrier has passed all requirements to join the Death Guard. If you are planning on doing Within the Light, you will need a second full set of mourning gear which you can get now. These, too, will have to be cleaned and repaired as follows. You can also get another set in the Mourners' headquarters in the next step.

Unfortunately, there is a blood stain on the mourner top, and the trousers are torn. Obviously, you will need to repair the clothing before infiltrating the mourners.

To remove the stains from the bloody mourner top, go to Taverley and talk to Tegid, the druid doing his laundry in Lake Crystalmere, just south-west of the pet shop. He tells you about his special soap that can remove any stain, which he will not let you have, as he does not have much left in stock and still has a lot to wash, or alternatively if you have completed the quest Eadgar's Ruse he is still angry about you taking his dirty robes while helping mad Eadgar earlier. Proceed to steal the soap from his basket. Using that and a bucket of water, wash the blood stains out of the mourner top, which you will be able to wear from now on.

To fix the trousers, go back to Lletya and talk to Oronwen, the seamstress located in the north-west part of Lletya. She will be able to mend them if you bring her two pieces of silk and one bear fur. You can kill a grizzly bear just to the south-west of Lletya for the bear fur, if you don't have it. There are magic trees in this area too if you need a magic log. Oronwen will take the trousers to mend them, and in one minute they will be ready to be collected.

If you don't have your dyes yet, you can buy them from Oronwen while you are waiting for her to mend the trousers.

Amongst the Death Guard[edit | edit source]

Head mourner chathead.png
The Head Mourner tasks you with keeping the sheep of Ardougne 'infected with the plague'.

Make your way to the Mourners' headquarters located at the north-east corner of West Ardougne where you had poisoned their stew earlier. Make sure you are wearing all six pieces of the mourner suit and nothing else, enter the building. Once inside the building, climb down the trapdoor: you will find yourself in an underground base with several patrolling mourners holding Crystal halberds. Locate the head mourner (not the same one you encountered while rescuing Elena) in his office and speak to him.

The head mourner will take your letter of recommendation and welcome you to the Death Guard. He will tell you that the mourners' job is to keep people believing in the plague. Ask for more explanation, and he will reveal that the mourners have dyed Farmer Brumty's sheep, making him think they have fallen ill with the plague (which, in turn, prompted the Ardougne City Council to request your help in dealing with them). However, the colour is starting to wash away and you are required to re-apply the dye to keep up the hoax, making sure to use the correct colours for the respective sheep and to remain unseen. Normally, they would use a gnome-made device that would fire "fat green parcels that rupture on impact," but they have run out and the device has broken.

Tickling the feet of the gnome.

The head mourner gives you the broken device and a tarnished key to open the cell where a gnome inventor is being held for torture. Use the key to enter the cell, and speak to the gnome on the rack. Unsurprisingly, he refuses to repair the device and states that no form of torture will make him cooperate, not even having his eyelids stretched, his nostrils set on fire or his toes nibbled on by rabid rabbits. Having played gnomeball as a child, he is able to withstand all forms of pain. However, he accidentally discloses that he hates having his feet tickled and loves toad crunchies.

DO NOT use your toad crunchies before using feathers on him, or you will be required to go back and make more toad crunchies.

Use your feather on him to tickle his feet, to which he will beg you to stop, although he is still not inclined to help on the grounds that his expertise is the only thing keeping him out of the slave pens.

Repeat the process, this time also holding the crunchies just out of his reach - this time he succumbs and agrees to fix the device if you bring him some leather and a magic log. You may give him some crunchies if you want to and he will be grateful, but you will require more if you do (spoiler: he just says thanks, that hits the spot when fed two extras). Once you have all the items, speak to him and agree to release him, which is done by right clicking him. The gnome may disappear completely upon releasing it. This is a bug. Just exit the area via the ladder that leads up to the main level, and re-enter through the trapdoor. Logging out and back in can also solve this issue.

A mourner will stop you, but you explain that the gnome must be untied to fix the device, after which the mourner will be convinced. After some time, speak to the gnome again to collect the fixed device. However, you still need to find replacements for the fat green parcels. If you speak to the gnome again, he'll note in true gnomish fashion that "toads should be in everything".

Dyeing the non-dying[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Mourner gear, Ogre bellows, fixed device; at least one bottle of dye of each colour: red, green, blue and yellow. It is advised to get multiple of each colour, as it is likely that you will miss a few sheep later

Travel to the Feldip Hills (e.g. by using the fairy ring code AKS). If you don't have the ogre bellows, you will need to get one from the chest in the cave on the east, near to Rantz. You need to catch toads as if you were hunting chompy birds and colour them with dyes to mimic the launcher's regular ammunition. To do so, you must first load your ogre bellows (they can be retrieved from Rantz' cave if lost) with a bottle of dye of a certain colour (blue, red, green and yellow are required), which can be bought from Lletya Seamstress, Oronwen's shop, or made by Aggie, the witch in Draynor Village, using other items. If your ogre bellows has swamp gas in it, catch toads and let them go, in order to use up the gas. After filling your bellows with dye, use them to catch a couple of toads near any of the pools in the Feldip Hills. Repeat this process for all four dyes so that you have blue, red, green, and yellow toads. Next, make your way to the fields north of East Ardougne, where Brumty's sheep roam.

There are four sets of sheep (pale red, pale blue, pale green, and pale yellow) with three sheep in each set. Stand a few steps away from the sheep and identify its colour (examining one reveals this if you are not certain). Use the corresponding coloured toads on the fixed launcher device, thus "loading" it, and then wield the launcher. To fire the device, open the worn equipment tab, then right-click the fixed device and select the option "Fire". Use the arrows to aim at a sheep and then press the middle "FIRE!" button once it is in the middle of the screen. Only one sheep needs to be dyed per set. Once you have dyed one (set of) sheep, you will need to unequip the fixed device, reload it, and then re-equip it, repeating the process.

Make sure to only fire at a sheep if it is exactly in the middle of the screen. Otherwise, you will lose your toad, and may potentially need to return to the Feldip Hills to obtain more. If your device crosshairs are not centred in your game window, choose a different "Quick Load Layout" from the options menu (more information here) - there is a bug that causes the crosshairs to be displayed in the wrong location.

Targeting a sheep with the fixed device
Shooting the sheep with the fixed device

Once all sick-looking sheep have had their colour reapplied, return to the head mourner. He will praise your enthusiasm and provide you with another task: to ensure that a couple of people fall victim to the "plague" to maintain the hoax. He tells you that someone recently poisoned the mourners' stew which gave them plague-like symptoms. He asks you to find out what this substance was so that you can use it on the citizens of West Ardougne - that way they become ill and can be taken to the headquarters to work as slaves for the mourners. Spreading the poison should be easy since all food comes from only three supply points within the city walls. You will need to poison two of these. If you don't already have a rotten apple, get one now. Go back upstairs and outside to the west of the building. It is alongside the tanning line, just west of the fence by the Death Guard Headquarters.

Elena's advice[edit | edit source]

Items needed: a rotten apple, an empty barrel (obtainable) and a barrel of naphtha
Elena chathead.png

Pay your old friend Elena a visit, who lives slightly north east of Ardougne Castle. She will initially mistake you for a mourner if you are wearing their full attire, but you will reveal your identity. You tell her that you need to make a poison based on a rotten apple and describe how you used one to poison the mourners while investigating the plague, from which she will conclude that it's most likely a mould that did the trick. You mention that you need to poison the city to her dismay, but you attempt to convince her that you need to gain the mourners' trust to save West Ardougne from a fate even worse.

She will ask for more explanation, to which you will provide a summary of events since you last saw her, and she will now agree to help you, on the condition that the toxin is not lethal. She asks for a sample of the apple so she can see if she can make an antidote. After you give it to her, wait a minute and then speak to her again. She will have found out that the toxin is a byproduct of the mould and that it's fairly weak. However, large quantities will be needed to poison half of the city's supply, and it will have to be refined to avoid suspicion.

She tells you how to produce the toxin:

  1. First, mash up a load of rotten apples
  2. Next, dissolve it using a liquid with a low evaporation point as solvent
  3. Strain out the suspension to be left with the dissolved toxin only
  4. Finally, heat the solution to evaporate off the liquid - however, beware of naked flames since the solvent is highly flammable
  5. You are left with a white powder, which is your toxin

You are given a sieve to help with the third step. Elena mentioned that the required solvent could be found in a book that she doesn't remember, referencing the Big Book of Bangs which you found in Regicide. You will need a barrel of naphtha, as you did in that quest.

Preparing the poison[edit | edit source]

Mashing the apples

As Elena suggested, go to the fenced-in apple orchard north-west of her house, south of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, and immediately west of the Combat Training Camp. Pick up the barrel and use it on one of the Rotten Apple Piles to fill it, then use the barrel of rotten apples on the "Apple Barrel" next to the pile to mash them up and receive the apple barrel.

Use the naphtha to dissolve your mashed apples. Next, strain the naphtha apple mix using your sieve to obtain a solution of toxic naphtha. Finally, evaporate the solvent by heating the mixture on a cooking range. Do not use an open fire, as the naphtha will explode, forcing you to start over from scratch. Use the range located on the ground floor of the Mourner's HQ, and you will receive two white heaps of toxic powder (and get an empty barrel back).

West Ardougne's woe[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Bringing your mourner gear is a good idea to save a trip to the bank
The foodstore locations.

You now need to deposit the toxin in two of the three food supplies in West Ardougne. These supply points are in the form of sacks of grain. They may be found outside the general store in the south-west corner of West Ardougne, upstairs in the West Ardougne church, which is south of the town square, and inside the Civic Office of West Ardougne. It does not matter which you choose.

Spreading the poison around West Ardougne.

With your task complete, return to the head mourner in the headquarters. He will be content and remark that the slave pens will soon be full again. You will ask what the slaves are needed for and he will tell you about the mourners' recent discovery, stating that you have proven yourself worthy. He reveals that, soon after the Death Guard had taken control of West Ardougne, they found out about a legendary power source beneath the Galarpos, using the slaves taken from the city to dig towards it. However, a constant supply of slaves is required due to powerful beasts slaughtering a few every day. According to the head mourner, a book spoke of an ancient temple built by early elven settlers around an altar of unknown origin giving access to very powerful magic. Acquiring this power should significantly speed up the Dark Lord's return.

The mourner mentions that he has another task for you, but that you are not able to receive it yet because the locksmith is copying the key for the door to the excavation site. Therefore he orders you to report in regularly until they return.

Congratulations!! Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Mourning's End Part I reward.png
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Mourning's End Part I is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

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Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 17 October 2022 (Update):
    • Elena can now be found in her house during Mourning's End Part 1 and Plague's End.
  • patch 30 November 2020 (Update):
    • Visually improved the sheep painting section of Mourning's End Part I to increase playability on mobile.
  • patch 21 October 2019 (Update):
    • Rare Bug where Elena could not be found in her house during Mourning's end has been fixed.
  • ninja 10 September 2018 (Update):
    • Changed the XP rewards from Mourning's End part I into reward XP lamps.
  • patch 12 June 2017 (Update):
    • Mourning's End Part 1 should display the correct adventure log following the conversation with Arianwyn.
  • patch 15 September 2014 (Update):
    • The positioning issues with the Mourning's End part 1 sheep painting device have been resolved.
  • patch 25 May 2010 (Update):
    • Corrected the Mournings Ends Part I quest complete scroll.
  • patch 11 January 2010 (Update):
    • Fixed a discrepancy between the Mourning's Ends quest journals after you've finished part one.
  • patch 26 October 2009 (Update):
    • Corrected the requirements for Mourning's Ends Part 1.
  • patch 25 February 2009 (Update):
    • The Mourning's Ends quest was spelt incorrectly in the Runecrafting in-game skill guide.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The gnome device may be intended to be similar to modern paintball guns, since it fires dyed spheres.
  • The examine text for the trees in the blighted apple orchard is "Mmmmm, nice juicy apples!" even though the appearance of these apples is remarkably similar to the rotten apples.
  • After the player has put the toxic dust into the sacks of grain, the player will receive a message in the chat box stating "nothing interesting happens." This will show up even when you do it correctly.
  • If the player talks to Lord Iorwerth while wearing full Mourner gear he will say "What are you doing here?! You will ruin everything... Get back to Ardougne now!".
  • After completing the quest, the Adventurer's Log will read: "I successfully infiltrated the mourners' hideout in West Ardougne to learn that they are trying to excavate a lost temple in the caverns below."