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This article is about the fragment used in Soul Wars. For the unlock item for The Magister's boss pet, see Soul fragment (The Magister).
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Soul fragments are obtained and used in the members-only Soul Wars minigame. They are used on the Soul Obelisk to reduce the Slayer level requirement to attack the Avatar of Creation and Avatar of Destruction. The initial slayer requirement (the requirement is represented by the avatar's level) to harm the avatar is 100, rendering it invincible to all slayers. Each shard sacrificed to the Soul Obelisk will lower the Avatar's level by one.

A common tactic used by teams is to have a "soul runner," who has extremely high defence and excellent armour that the players give their shards to. When the runner has enough shards and the time is right (usually immediately after the opponent's avatar respawns), they run all the shards to the Obelisk, causing a quick and detrimental strike against the opposing Avatar.

The fragments are dropped by the Jellies and Pyrefiends that surround the Soul Wars field. Jellies drop 2 fragments, while Pyrefiends drop 1.

If a player you kill was holding any fragments, they will be dropped so that you may collect them.

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