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Not to be confused with Staff of Armadyl.
For this item's augmented variant, see augmented armadyl battlestaff.
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The Armadyl battlestaff is a two-handed Magic staff that requires 77 Magic to wield. It is created by attaching an orb of Armadyl to a regular battlestaff, which requires 77 Crafting and grants 150 Crafting experience. It is currently the second strongest non-degradable staff in the game outside of Dungeoneering, after the Second-Age staff. It provides protection against the Armadyl followers in God Wars Dungeon.

In addition to providing the high bonuses, the Armadyl battlestaff provides unlimited air runes when wielded. This allows players to cast air spells, such as Air Surge and Divine Storm, for free, as well as reducing the cost of all other standard elemental spells and Smoke spells. This potentially makes the Armadyl battlestaff a superior choice for common combat activities such as Slayer training. Since it is non-degrading and provides unlimited air runes, it allows powerful and free casts that pose a significant threat, even to rangers.

Between the release of the Evolution of Combat and Legacy Mode, wielding the staff used to buff auto-attacks with the Storm of Armadyl spell by 10%, but did not increase damage with abilities. With the release of Legacy Mode this effect was removed and instead the staff was given a special attack, "Tempest of Armadyl", requiring at least 50% adrenaline.

Unlike most other battlestaves, the Armadyl battlestaff cannot be enchanted into a mystic version by Thormac; nor can a Shade skull be added to make a skeletal or necromancer's version.

Creation[edit | edit source]

A player creating an Armadyl battlestaff
Armadyl battlestaff.png Armadyl battlestaff
Crafting-Hourglass.pngMake-X GE icon.png
150 XP-?12,787,608
Crafting Crafting level77
Quests Completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat
P2P icon.png Members only
Orb of Armadyl.pngOrb of Armadyl1N/A-

Special attack[edit | edit source]

The Armadyl battlestaff's special attack, Tempest of Armadyl

The Armadyl battlestaff has a special attack called Tempest of Armadyl. It consumes 50% adrenaline for each use. Five attacks are launched in quick succession against the opponent, each hitting for 18%-90% ability damage. It is a channeled special attack, and the attacks will stop if it is interrupted.

Comparison with other magical weapons[edit | edit source]

Two-handed[edit source]

Dual-wield[edit source]

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 3 July 2017 (Update):
    • Multi-hit special attacks, such as the dragon dagger, dragon claws and Armadyl battlestaff special attacks, once again hit the correct number of times.
  • patch 11 April 2012 (Update):
    • A new animation has been added for crafting elemental and Armadyl battlestaves.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The staff had been fluctuating in price after the Evolution of Combat, finally resting at a higher price after glacors were buffed, rendering them harder to kill.
  • Despite the fact that Storm of Armadyl, the companion spell to the Armadyl battlestaff, requires completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat to cast, the staff does not require completion of the quest to wield.
  • Prior to the Evolution of Combat, the Armadyl battlestaff increased the casting speed of Storm of Armadyl from 3 seconds to 2.4 seconds. This made it one of only two ways to cast spells faster than the standard rate, the other being the Blitzer class of a ring of kinship. However, the latter was a randomly occurring effect (unless the ring was fully upgraded) and only available in Daemonheim.
  • While any combat aura is activated, the cosmetic effect does not fit the staff much like with Korasi's sword.
  • In the motion comic 'The Origins of Gielinor' Zamorak impales Zaros with the Armadyl battlestaff not the Staff of Armadyl. Mod Osborne said this was his mistake.
  • The orb on top of the Armadyl battlestaff is shaped like a diamond, even though the Orb of Armadyl is shaped like a sphere.