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The player-owned farm near Ardougne

The player-owned farm (often abbreviated to POF) is an activity released on 3 September 2018. It allows players to manage their own livestock at Manor Farm north of East Ardougne, similar to managing their own house and port. It was developed by the mods Raven, Rowley, Chaose, and James H.[1][2][3]

Players can start maintaining their livestock by speaking to Granny Potterington at the farm north of Ardougne, requiring at least level 17 in Farming and level 20 in Construction. As with farming fields, players see their own livestock (crops) and not other players', so the player-owned farm is not instanced.

It is possible to obtain Brains, the Farming pet, from the player-owned farm.

The player-owned farm features most of the Farming achievements, and four seasonal music tracks at the farm (which are required for the completionist cape). These seasonal music tracks are only available during the respective real-world season in the northern hemisphere, or can be unlocked by using the seasonaliser to change the season at the farm.

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

For the tutorial, follow the yellow dots on the ground. Players must first start the tutorial by talking with Granny Potterington, in front of her house at the centre of the farm, and completing the following steps:

  1. Pick up Jack the yak from behind the farmhouse and talk to Granny.
  2. Sell Jack to Prezleek (yak buyer), located beside the well in front of the house (gain 500 beans).
  3. Add the beans to the currency pouch.
  4. Buy a deed for a small pen from the Farmers' Market (right-click "farmers' market" on Granny, cost 100 beans).
  5. Buy two rabbits from the market and check each of them in the inventory (cost 10 beans each).
  6. Build the small pen (click "build" on the broken paddock (small)) and place the two rabbits inside (click "check animals" or use the common brown rabbit on small paddock).
  7. Check the rabbits by clicking on them in the pen and click "cure disease". Then investigate all options and choose "administer treatment". Click flu.
  8. Talk to Granny to get fruity mush and return to pen to 'fill trough', and head back to Granny.
  9. Pass the time with her until the rabbits have matured; talk until option to advance time or wait 22 minutes.
  10. Take the two rabbits out of the pen. (Optionally "gather produce" for 275 Farming experience each.)
  11. Talk to Granny to get more fruity mush.
  12. Bring the rabbits to the breeding pen behind the main farmhouse. Click "check animals" on the breeding paddock or use the rabbit on it.
  13. Fill trough. Soon a baby bunny will appear (or talk to Granny to advance time until this happens).
  14. Talk to Granny to complete the tutorial.

The baby bred during the tutorial can be sold off to Myfi (rabbit buyer) next to the well. Talking to Granny after the tutorial rewards the player with 100 additional beans and gives information on how the farm works, including buying and selling.

Basics[edit | edit source]

After completing the tutorial, players may purchase pen deeds from Farmers' Market to unlock more pens. They can then build pens in which to keep their livestock using Construction materials. Players can build a maximum of two pens of each size: small, medium, and large.

Players can place livestock in their pens and raise them. The types of livestock that players can raise are: rabbits, chickens, chinchompas, sheep, spiders, zygomites, cows, yaks, and dragons. Animals have a "checked" and "unchecked" state. Unchecked animals can be banked, and stack in the player's bank. Once an animal is checked it will no longer stack in the bank and will have unique stats and traits. The animal will also have a flavour text, but this does not affect any gameplay mechanics. Checked animals are not tradeable on the Grand Exchange, but it is possible to trade them directly with other players.

An animal's stats include its health and happiness levels and its weight, speed, and attractiveness which are measured in grammes, gallopers, and beauty marks, respectively. Animals have names; there are up to 30 possible names for each gender of each different type of animal. Animals advance through the growth stages of egg, baby, adolescent, adult, and elder, although some animals do not have the egg stage.[2] Players must care for the animals by providing them appropriate food. Farming experience is gained for each stage advanced. Animals may be sold at any stage of their development.

Selling adolescent animals always yields the most beans, but the most experience and produce are gained from growing an animal to elder.

On the map farm, animals are shown as yellow dots in their pen, as with any other NPC, and muck is shown as red dots, like items, but eggs (chicken, spider or dragon) are not shown on the map.

Animals[edit | edit source]

Different livestock can be obtained via Combat (common and Rellekkan rabbits, spiders, Fremennik yaks and dragons), Hunter (Piscatorian rabbits and chinchompas), Summoning (spirit yaks) or the Farmers' Market (tutorial rabbits, chicken, sheep and cows). Unchecked and checked animal babies and eggs can be traded with other players, but only the unchecked ones can be bought from the Grand Exchange.

The warning when checking an animal may be turned off; however, it cannot be turned back on once done.

An unchecked animal can either be received directly, appear in the player's inventory, or be obtained as a drop.

Temporary skill boosts will not allow the player to add an animal with a higher skill level requirement to a pen.

Animal Standard breeds Source Obtain method Breeding exclusives
Inventory Drop Normal Shiny
17 Farming
Common brown rabbit Obtained during the tutorial and from killing rabbits. Yes check.svg N/A Jackalope
Rellekkan cream rabbit Killing bunnies in the Fremennik Province near the swaying tree.
Piscatorian cottontail rabbit Hunting white rabbits in Piscatoris Hunter area.
28 Farming
Common white hen Purchasing chicken eggs from Farmers' Market. 50/50 chance at male/female. N/A Lizard chicken
35 Farming
White ewe Purchased from Farmers' Market. N/A Golden ewe / ram
White ram
49 Farming
Kandarin cow Purchased from Farmers' Market. N/A Harlequin cow
54 Farming
Grey chinchompa Hunting chinchompas.[Chance 1][b 1] Yes check.svg N/A Golden chinchompa
Carnivorous chinchompa Hunting carnivorous chinchompas.[Chance 1][b 1]
Cobalt chinchompa Hunting cobalt skillchompas.[Chance 1][b 1]
Viridian chinchompa Hunting viridian skillchompas.[Chance 1][b 1]
Azure chinchompa Hunting azure skillchompas.[Chance 1][b 1]
Crimson chinchompa Hunting crimson skillchompas.[Chance 1][b 1]
Crystal chinchompa Hunting crystal skillchompas.[Chance 1][b 1]
64 Farming
Spirit spider Spiders around Gielinor may drop a spider egg when killed. Upon checking it will become a spirit spider. Yes check.svg Araxyte spider (not exclusive)
Araxyte spider Obtained as a very rare drop from killing Araxxi if at least tier-1 spider perk is active at the farm.
71 Farming
Fremennik yak Killing yaks on Neitiznot.[Chance 2] Yes check.svg N/A Sacred yak
Spirit yak Making pack yak pouches.[Chance 3][b 2] Yes check.svg
81 Farming
Gloomshroom zygomite Harvesting morchella, bittercap and arc mushrooms, as well as collecting Mort Myre fungus.[Chance 4] Yes check.svg Magical zygomite
92 Farming
Green dragon Killing green dragons.[b 3][Chance 5] Yes check.svg N/A Royal dragon
Blue dragon Killing blue dragons.[b 3][Chance 5]
Red dragon Killing red dragons.[b 3][Chance 5]
Black dragon Killing black dragons[Chance 5][b 3](King Black Dragon[Chance 5] and Queen Black Dragon[Chance 6] included).[4]
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  2. ^ If the inventory is full, the animal will replace a pack yak pouch.
  3. ^ a b c d Dragons in a player-owned dungeon also work.
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Growth stages[edit | edit source]

Most animals have four growth stages: baby, adolescent, adult, and elder. The exceptions to this are chickens, spiders, and dragons, which start out as eggs and therefore have five stages. Each stage takes a certain length of time and will advance if the animal is in the pen, even if the player is logged out. Animals will not advance growth stages while in the inventory or bank.

New animals may be born when the player is away from the farm or is not logged in. The first stage is either "baby" or "egg". The animals won't start growing until the first time the player visits their farm (or log back in on the farm) after the animal was born, when receiving the message: The animals in your breeding pen have given birth to a healthy child. After their first visit, the animals can grow through all the growth stages without a need to return to the farm again.

Animal Time per stage
Egg to baby Baby to adolescent Adolescent to adult Adult to elder Total time to elder
Rabbits N/A 12 minutes 21 minutes 27 minutes 60 minutes (1h)
Chickens 25 minutes 37.5 minutes 75 minutes 112.5 minutes (~1h 53m) 250 minutes (4h 10m)
Chinchompas N/A 504 minutes (8h 24m) 882 minutes (14h 42m) 1,134 minutes (18h 54m) 2,520 minutes (42h)
Sheep N/A 24 minutes 42 minutes 54 minutes 120 minutes (2h)
Spiders 150 minutes (2h 30m) 225 minutes (3h 45m) 450 minutes (7h 30m) 675 minutes (11h 15m) 1,500 minutes (25h)
Zygomites N/A 1,008 minutes (16h 48m) 1,764 minutes (29h 24m) 2,268 minutes (37h 48m) 5,040 minutes (84h)
Cows N/A 72 minutes (1h 12m) 126 minutes (2h 6m) 162 minutes (2h 42m) 360 minutes (6h)
Yaks N/A 806 minutes (13h 26m) 1,442 minutes (24h 2m) 1,784 minutes (29h 44m) 4,032 minutes (67h 12m)
Dragons 1,008 minutes (16h 48m) 1,512 minutes (25h 12m) 3,024 minutes (50h 24m) 4,536 minutes (75h 36m) 10,080 minutes (168h = 1 week)

Pens[edit | edit source]

There are two pens of each size in the farm, and one breeding pen. Players cannot have different animal types in the same pen, nor put animals in the incorrect-sized pen.

A pen deed must be purchased from the Farmers' Market Farm upgrades before construction.

Pen size Animals Construction level Construction experience Planks Nails Farming level
(deed I)
Farming level
(deed II)
Max animals
(of same type)
Small Rabbits, chickens, or chinchompas 20 600 10 oak 75 iron or better 17 28 6
Medium Sheep, spider, or zygomites 40 1,350 15 teak 150 mithril or better 35 64 4
Large Cows, yaks, or dragons 60 2,800 20 mahogany 225 rune 49 71 3
Breeding Any N/A N/A N/A N/A 17 N/A 4

When the player can't obtain the required materials by themselves, they can alternatively purchase pen construction kits with beans. As these are fairly expensive, it is only recommended to do so as a lower level ironman.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Once an animal reaches the elder growth level, the player will receive fewer beans for selling them. However, elder animals may be added to a pen with a farm totem (bought from Farmers' Market) for a chance to gain a perk that affects gameplay outside of the area. Possible perks include a chance to gain a clue scroll from harvesting, increased damage to all spiders including Araxxor/Araxxi, and a chance to save skillchompas. There are a total of 12 animal perks: one per gender for cows, chickens, and sheep, and one each for the other animal types.[5]

By adding an elder animal to a pen equipped with a farm totem, players receive a Tier 1 perk. By putting the same species of animal in the second pen that is also equipped with a farm totem, players instead receive the Tier 2 perk. Animals that have male/female perks that differ but occupy the same pen (equipped with a farm totem) will receive both the male and female version of the perk.

Farm totem perks
Pen Size Animal Source Perk Name Tier 1 Effect Tier 2 Effect
Small Rabbit Like Rabbits Breeding success increased by 7%. Breeding success increased by 10%.
(Chicken ♀)
Headless Chicken A 3% chance to halve feathers used (minimum 1) when fletching arrows, darts, or bolts. A 5% chance to halve feathers used (minimum 1) when fletching arrows, darts, or bolts.
(Chicken ♂)
As the Rooster Crows A 7% drop chance increase to receive ghostly essence while fighting enemies that drop it, for a number of kills after hearing a rooster's crow. A 10% drop chance increase to receive ghostly essence while fighting enemies that drop it, for a number of kills after hearing a rooster's crow.
Chinchompa If Chins Could Skill A 3% chance to not lose a skillchompa when using them. A 5% chance to not lose a skillchompa when using them.
Medium Ewe
(Sheep ♀)
Have Ewe (Many Wool) Gain 2 pieces of wool on successful shearing. Gain 3 pieces of wool on successful shearing.
(Sheep ♂)
Randomly Accessed Memories Gain memory strands from farming activities at 50% of the rate from Divination. Gain memory strands from farming activities at 75% of the rate from Divination.
Spider NopeNopeNope Increases damage against all spiders by 2% (including Araxxor/Araxxi). Increases damage against all spiders by 3% (including Araxxor/Araxxi).
Zygomite Uncapped Potential A 7% chance to yield an additional mushroom when gathering them from patches, clusters, or bloomed logs. A 10% chance to yield an additional mushroom when gathering them from patches, clusters, or bloomed logs.
Large Cow
(Cow ♀)
Milky, Milky All Cooking XP earned from churning is at 2x normal. All Cooking XP earned from churning is at 4x normal.
(Cow ♂)
Bully for You A 1 in 5 chance to not deplete a compost bin when collecting compost from it. A 1 in 3 chance to not deplete a compost bin when collecting compost from it.
Yak Nigel's Gift A 2% chance to find a clue scroll either when checking health in, or harvesting the last crop from any patch. A 2.5% chance to find a clue scroll either when checking health in, or harvesting the last crop from any patch.
Dragon Dragon Ultra Combo A 1/1000 chance to get an ancient effigy while checking a fully grown farming patch, only if ultracompost is used. A 1/750 chance to get an ancient effigy while checking a fully grown farming patch, only if ultracompost is used.

Traits[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 78 traits; 18 of these traits are species-specific. Any animal may have 1-3 different traits. Most traits can appear in any slot; however, certain traits may only appear in certain slots. All 3 slots have the exact same number of traits, but not all traits are equally likely to appear.

The amount and nature of these traits is random, but can be influenced by parent traits. Individual traits can also be re-rolled by using an animal trait re-roller.

The master farmer outfit gives a better chance of positive traits from breeding and checking. Multiple traits on the same animal stack, as do traits with similar boosts, and traits appearing on both parents. For example, if the animal has Sparkling (+1%), Glistening (+1.5%), and Radiant (+2.5%) it will add a +5% chance to become shiny; thus, if both parents have the three aforementioned traits, their offspring will have a +10% chance to become shiny.

Feeding[edit | edit source]

Main article: Trough

Animals require food to increase and retain happiness and health. Once an animal has been added to a pen, players can fill their trough with up to 1,000 suitable elements, listed under the animal's info in the pen, or clicking "get info" for animals in the player's inventory. Food can be added either noted or unnoted, and the trough can be used from both inside and outside the pen.

Adding food via the "Fill trough" option is done up to 60 at a time, but using food on the trough allows any amount to be added in one action.

There is a chance for an animal to eat food every 2 hours (game time 00:00, 02:00, 04:00 etc.) and the correct food will raise animal health and happiness by 5–9%. Foods can be taken out of the trough as mush in order to reuse with other paddocks, but the original items cannot be reclaimed. As all food sources result in the same amount of produce, cheaper sources are better. Animals with both Immune and Joyful traits will remain at 100% health and happiness without the need for food, although food will still be consumed if it is in the trough. Having both these traits can be useful for animals that require food that is expensive or time-consuming to acquire, such as zygomites.

  • Fruit - Dell Monti will give 40 pineapples to anybody who has completed the easy Karamja achievements, with an additional 40 cooking apples for those who have completed the elite Karamja achievements. If the player has completed sub-parts of Recipe for Disaster, they are able to buy cooking apples from the chest. Additionally, Arhein in Catherby sells 40 pineapples for 2 coins each per day. While they take 42 hours to grow, Arc berries can also be harvested a few hundred at a time and used as fruit.
  • Vegetables - There is a Vegetable stall next to Arhein, which gives a variety of vegetables when thieved from.
  • Seeds - Sunchoke seeds and fly trap seeds sell on the Grand Exchange cheaply and in large quantities, up to 1,000 every four hours. This makes it easy to stockpile a large amount of food. A Master Farmer is also close to the farm, who can be pickpocketed for a vast variety of seeds.
  • Flowers - Players who have completed the Seers' Village achievements can obtain up to 200 flax from Geoffrey per day. In general, flax and snape grass are relatively cheap options that can be bought in bulk. Woad Leaves from Wyson are a great option, since they can be bought in bulk at 25 coins each.
  • Mushrooms - Can easily be obtained in large numbers by harvesting mushroom clusters on The Islands That Once Were Turtles, Goshima or Uncharted Isles with 90 and 94 farming respectively, although it makes the most sense to slice and sell the more valuable Uncharted Island mushrooms instead of using them for feeding purposes. Gorajian mushrooms and Mort myre fungus may also be used as relatively cheaper (about 1500-2500 coins) and less time-consuming alternatives.
  • Meat - Stocking up on raw meats is most efficiently done by buying Raw bird meat pack daily from the shop in Oo'glog after completing the As a First Resort quest. If the player need larger quantities than provided by the packs, the shop also sells a variety of other raw meats and is relatively close to a bank. If the player doesn't have access to Oo'glog, Cows can be killed to quickly obtain large amounts of raw meat. Grizzly bears can be found just east of the manor farm for urgent food needs. Raw fish are another alternative to meat for the same animals and are quick to obtain.
Animal Food
Seeds Vegetables Fruits Flowers Mushrooms Meat Fish
Rabbits Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg
Chickens Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg
Chinchompas[note 1] Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Sheep X mark.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg
Spiders Yes check.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg Yes check.svg X mark.svg
Zygomites X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg Yes check.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg
Cows X mark.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg
Yaks X mark.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg
Dragons X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
  1. ^ Even though chinchompas eat everything, they will only eat if the trough says "variety". Having food in it from the previous animal in will NOT count, therefore, the player must remove the contents as variety mush and re-add it to the trough.

Disease[edit | edit source]

There is a chance of animals becoming diseased. There are six different diseases with different symptoms. Players will have to correctly identify the animal's disease and cure it to gain Farming experience. The amount of experience gained depends on the animal's growth stage: for a baby, adolescent, and adult, 5% of the animal's "Gather Produce" experience will be rewarded, while only 1% for an elder will be given. To do this players must examine different parts of the animal (such as the mouth, eyes, legs, and stomach) to gain information about symptoms. From this the player can identify the correct disease and cure the animal, no specific item needed. The POF disease icon.png icon is displayed over each animal when an animal is diseased, if the upgrade has been bought from the Farmers' Market and then toggled on Granny Potterington.

Animals cannot die from a disease, their stats are lowered instead. Using the incorrect treatment would result in lowering the animals' stats further. Curing an animal increases its stats. Having enough food in the pen decreases the chance for animals to become diseased.

Animals cannot die at all at the player-owned farm, with the exception of chinchompas, which have a chance to explode upon collecting their produce during a growth stage.

Curing 100 animals completes the Animal Whisperer achievement. Animals with high stats will not become diseased. Use animals with low stats in pens without food in order to complete this achievement.

There are common symptoms among the diseases (e.g. Smelly breath is present in flu, curse, and foot-in-mouth). Common symptoms are underlined in the table below.

Disease Symptoms
Head Eyes Legs and feet Stomach
  • The animal keeps making noises at embarrassing moments, making it difficult to investigate.
  • The animal's breath smells oddly like socks.
  • The gums appear to be a little sore.
  • There are some nasty looking marks along the gum line.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal's eyes seem normal.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal's feet are a little soggy for some reason.
  • The animal's feet are faintly chewed on.
  • The animal's feet seem a little scuffed.
  • The animal's feet seem fine.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal doesn't appear to be in gastronomic distress.
  • The animal has a bit of gas, but nothing too concerning.
  • The animal's emissions smell strangely of shoes.
  • The animal's stomach appears to be a little bloated.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal appears to be suffering from a small fever.
  • The animal coughs in your face.
  • The animal sneezes in your face.
  • The animal's breath smells deeply unpleasant.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The eyes are a little bloodshot.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal's feet are clammy.
  • The animal's feet are very sweaty.
  • The animal's feet are very warm to the touch.
  • The animal's feet seem fine.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal appears to be suffering from nausea.
  • The animal doesn't appear to be in gastronomic distress.
  • The animal has a bit of gas, but nothing too concerning.
  • The animal seems off its food.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal occasionally mumbles something in a language it can't possibly speak.
  • The animal's breath smells faintly of sulphur.
  • The animal's nose is lumpy, like it's grown warts.
  • There is a faint light deep within the animal's throat.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal's eyes are a little bloodshot.
  • The animal's eyes are faintly glowing.
  • The animal's eyes are filled with uncharacteristic malice.
  • The animal's eyes seem a little glazed over.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal's feet are faintly chewed on.
  • The animal's feet are tapping to a strange rhythm. It's unsettling.
  • The animal's feet seem a little scuffed.
  • The animal's feet seem fine.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal doesn't appear to be in gastronomic distress.
  • The animal has a bit of gas, but nothing too concerning.
  • The animal seems off its food.
  • The animal's stomach is making strange noises, like there's something singing inside there.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
Dry nose
  • The animal's nose is very dry.
  • The animal refuses to let you see its nose, it seems like the nose is quite sore.
  • The animal's eyes seem fine.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal's feet seem fine.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal doesn't appear to be in gastronomic distress.
  • The animal has a bit of gas, but nothing too concerning.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
Bone rattle
  • The animal's nose seems fine.
  • The animal's breath smells normal, which is to say horrible.
  • The animal's teeth click in a sinister manner.
  • The gums appear to be healthy.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal's eyes seem fine.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal's legs click as it walks.
  • The animal's legs seem a little stiff.
  • The animal appears to be shivering, but has no temperature.
  • The animal doesn't appear to be in gastronomic distress.
  • The animal has a bit of gas, but nothing too concerning.
  • The animal's body is making a weird clicking noise.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
Wooting cough
  • The animal coughs as you try and examine it.
  • The animal coughs loudly in a 'hu hu huuu' style.
  • The animal's breath smells normal.
  • The animal's nose seems fine.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.
  • The animal's eyes are a little bloodshot.
  • The animal's eyes are filled with mirth, more mirth than normal.
  • The animal's eyes keep darting around the place with a sense of wonder.
  • The animal is a little unsteady on its feet.
  • The animal's legs seem fine.
  • The animal coughs regularly.
  • The animal doesn't appear to be in gastronomic distress.
  • The animal has a bit of gas, but nothing too concerning.
  • The animal's body is slightly swollen.
  • You can't seem to spot anything immediately obvious.

Breeding[edit | edit source]

Mature animals may be added to a breeding paddock to create baby animals. Only animals in the adult or elder stages will breed. If two animals are left in the paddock together for sufficient time and there is room in the paddock for another animal, a baby animal will eventually appear in the paddock with them.

When a baby is born in the breeding paddock, the player will receive the message: The animals in your breeding pen have given birth to a healthy child.

In addition to the breeding paddock, players can purchase upgrades from the Farmers' Market to allow breeding in the small, medium and large pens, respectively. However, breeding in other pens has a lower chance to occur and without failure mitigation. When breeding happens in one of the pens, the player will receive a message based on which directional pen it occurred in. An example would appear as: The animals in the southern pen, have given birth to a healthy child.

The breeding chance of a pair of animals will be affected by their health and happiness stats. If their health and happiness are low, their breeding chance is reduced. Ensuring the animals have food at all times will therefore help increase the chance of breeding. There are also special items, such as special honeycombs and certain milks (strawberry and vanilla milk), that may be used to increase the animals' stats to speed up the process. The player can boost the chance of breeding by using the Farm totem on small pens with elder rabbits in them. Some animal traits will also increase the chance of breeding (see "Useful traits for breeding" below).

Since space is needed in the paddock for breeding to occur, it is advisable to have only one male and one female in the paddock to leave sufficient room for babies. The breeding paddock itself has four slots for animals, so there is potentially room for two babies. Reaching the animal cap of pens by breeding will prompt a message. An example for the breeding pen is: Your breeding pen is now full. You will need to remove animals if you want to breed more..

There is bad luck mitigation in the breeding pen, which means that if the breeding chance fails five times in a row, a success is guaranteed. This protection does not apply to same gender animals nor does it exist in other pens. Animals of the same gender may result in offspring as if bred, with the text Your animals have decided to raise a child together and have adopted a baby. This has a much lower overall chance of offspring (100 times less as a base chance) than a male and female.

To keep track of all the breeds the player has bred, they can go to Granny's faithful companion, Sam the sheepdog, or take the breeding log book from the table and check the status at any time.

Players are able to use the breeding process to create specific baby animals with particular traits. Breeding may also be used to create new breeds of animals.

Useful traits for breeding
Trait name Summary Description Trait is specific to slot
1 2 3
Radiant Shiny+++ +2.5% shiny chance This animal is practically shining. X mark.svg X mark.svg Yes check.svg
Glistening Shiny++ +1.5% shiny chance This animal is more likely to produce shiny offspring. X mark.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Sparkling Shiny+ +1% shiny chance There's something almost "shiny" about this animal. Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Good Breeding Increase chance of different breed from parent This animal carries some rare breed ancestry in its genetics. X mark.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Genetic Instability Multi-trait++ The unusual genetics in this animal means its offspring are more likely to have multiple traits. X mark.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Genetic Mutation Multi-trait+ The unusual nature of this animal means its offspring are more likely to have multiple traits. Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Charmed Happy+
This animal is happier and healthier than other animals X mark.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Joyful Happy++ This animal is almost always happy. Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Jovial Happy+ This animal always sees the glass as half full. Yes check.svg Yes check.svg X mark.svg
Immune Healthy++ (Slot 2/3 only) This animal is practically immune to disease. X mark.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Robust Healthy+ This animal is more resistant to disease. Yes check.svg Yes check.svg X mark.svg
Studly Breeding++ This animal has a much higher breeding chance than other animals. Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Virile Breeding+ This animal has a higher breeding chance than some others. Yes check.svg Yes check.svg X mark.svg
Frost Breath Shiny unlock (Dragons only) A breeding pair of dragons with Frost Breath and Poisonous Breath and Shock Breath between them allows for a Royal Dragon to be bred. Does not increase base chance for Shiny offspring. Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Poisonous Breath Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Shock Breath Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg

Animals can have between one and three traits on birth. There is a 0.1% chance (1/1000) for players to receive rare "shiny" animals from breeding. Sparkling (+1% shiny chance in slot 1/2/3), Glistening (+1.5% shiny chance in slot 2/3), and Radiant (+2.5% shiny chance in slot 3) traits replace the base 0.1% chance. All traits stack, so a perfect pair of parents would provide a 10% shiny chance per birth. Any shiny traits on the offspring also add to the chance. An offspring with Sparkling/Glistening/Radiant on top of perfect parents would have a 15% chance of being shiny.

For Royal Dragons, since they require the three breaths on the parents as well as the child being born black, have an extra 5% base chance naturally. A perfect pair of adult or elder black dragons (Breath1/Breath2/Radiant and Breath3/Glistening/Radiant) would have a total of 11.5% shiny chance. This becomes 16.5% if the offspring is born with Sparkling/Glistening/Radiant.

Shiny animals have a different appearance to regular ones when older than the baby stage; the word 'Shiny!' appears on the 4th line below Gender when mouse-over only in the inventory or bank; not in the pen. They give +10% more Farming experience as they are raised, and when sold to the buyer, count as a "wildcard" for the buyers' preferred breed. 'Shiny!' animals do not help breed more shiny animals; they must have one of the shiny traits in order to do so.

The master farmer outfit gives a better chance of positive traits from breeding.

Breed of offspring[edit | edit source]

  • Interbreeding of the variants of the same species is possible. For example, a Common rabbit and a Piscatorian rabbit can give offsprings.
  • In general the breed of offsprings can be any with higher chance of being the same as the parents. The exceptions are common brown rabbits, chinchompas and dragons:
  • Breeding kandarin cows with the touch of vanilla, strawberry scent, or chocolatey goodness traits have an increased chance to result in a vanilla cow, strawberry cow or chocolate cow, respectively. These traits are not required to breed a flavoured cow, but will make it much easier to do so.

Season-specific breeds[edit | edit source]

When breeding some animals, namely sheep and spiders, the breed will depend on the current player-owned farm season or the time of day. The natural farm seasons follow those in the northern hemisphere. For example, summer begins on the real-life June solstice, which is 21 June in 2019, and presumably autumn, winter, and spring begin on September equinox, December solstice, and March equinox. However, this can be artificially manipulated using a seasonaliser after buying a seasonaliser wheel from the Farmers' Market for 5,000 beans.

Season-specific animal breeds
Season Spring Summer Autumn/Fall Winter 21:00-09:00 UTC
Sheep Springsheared ewe & ram Summerdown ewe & ram Fallfaced ewe & ram Winterwold ewe & ram Black ewe & ram
Spiders Fever spider Giant spider Corpse spider Ice spider Night spider

Breeding success[edit | edit source]

Animals Breeding rate Max breed time Success chance Average time (Base) Average time (With tier 2 rabbit perk)
Rabbit 5 minutes 25 minutes 40% 12m 10m
Chicken 50 minutes 250 minutes (4h 10m) 45% 106 minutes (1h 46m) 89 minutes (1h 29m)
Chinchompa 150 minutes (2h 30m) 750 minutes (12h 30m) 60% 247 minutes (4h 7m) 214 minutes (3h 34m)
Sheep 100 minutes (1h 40m) 500 minutes (8h 20m) 45% 211 minutes (3h 31m) 178 minutes (2h 58m)
Spider 180 minutes (3h) 900 minutes (15h) 50% 349 minutes (5h 49m) 297 minutes (4h 57m)
Zygomite 500 minutes (8h 20m) 2,500 minutes (41h 40m) 70% 713 minutes (11h 53m) 625 minutes (10h 25m)
Cow 300 minutes (5h) 1,500 minutes (25h) 70% 428 minutes (7h 8m) 375 minutes (6h 15m)
Yak 400 minutes (6h 40m) 2,000 minutes (33h 20m) 60% 660 minutes (11h) 570 minutes (9h 30m)
Dragon 1,000 minutes (16h 40m) 5,000 minutes (83h 20m) 80% 1,250 minutes (20h 50m) 1,111 minutes (18h 31m)
  • Average breeding times assume no bonuses from traits.

To maximise breeding efficiency:

  • Get the mating pair 100% happiness with Delicious honeycomb.
  • Get the mating pair 100% health with Medicinal honeycomb.
  • Put a mating pair that has Studly trait (Virile would be the second best).
  • Tier 2 rabbit perk: have at least 1 elder rabbit in both small pens with a totem for each.
  • Enough food all the time.


  • Parent traits have a slightly higher chance of being inherited than other possible traits. Some traits are more dominant than the others (Chief, Owsla) and are more likely to be passed on compared to other traits. The Ravensworn trait is the only known exception.
  • Mucking out does not affect the chance of breeding.
  • Attractiveness, weight, and speed have no effect on breeding.
  • Having a third mature animal in the breeding pen does not increase the breeding chance. It is better to have just two for having an extra space for a second baby.
  • Two babies be received at once. This happens commonly with rabbits, uncommonly with chickens and chinchompas, rarely with zygomites, and extremely rarely with dragons.
  • The rabbit breeding perk is multiplicative. It would increase the dragons' breeding chance from 80 to 88%.

Breeding ticks[edit | edit source]

The above lists the cooldown time for when the animals will attempt to breed - this is based on a global timer and is not based on when the animals were added to the pen. The following calculator can be used to list the breeding times for the next X hours (or previous X hours by using a negative number) for specified animals.

Note that:

  • Breeding times occur within that minute - between hh:mm:00 and hh:mm:59 - which can vary between servers.
  • An extra breeding attempt occurs outside of these times each cycle under certain circumstances; it is a consistent glitch.
  • Be aware that selecting rabbits in the calculator results in a significant amount of output due to the short breeding cooldown.
The calculator form will appear here soon. You will need JavaScript enabled and cannot be using the mobile version of the Wiki. If you are on a mobile device, you can load the full version of the site by clicking here.
The result will appear here when you submit the form.

Selling[edit | edit source]

Players may sell their animals for beans. The number of beans depends on the species, stage of growth, traits, etc.

When first starting out, it may be easier and quicker to buy baby animals from the farmers' market for the specific seller. Buy two extra animals (one male and one female). Once all babies are adolescents, keep the best two and sell the others. At adolescent stage, the player will receive more beans than they spent, to help get breeding started.

By default buyers for the animals present in the pens will spawn. If there is one species of animals in one pen and another species in the other pen, only the buyer for one of them will spawn. Players can talk to Granny Potterington to choose which buyer appears for each size of pen (small, medium, large). Players can talk to Granny Potterington again to switch back to the default.

Selling traits[edit | edit source]

Bonuses (all bonuses work on base value - additive not multiplicative; final amount rounded down)
Trait name Description
-10% Nice but Dim (Slot 3 only) Generous with XP, but less popular with farmers and is not so good with materials on harvesting.
-5% Surly This animal is unpleasant and so worth fewer beans.
-3% Limited Efficiency Harvesting this animal will award more materials, but at the cost of lower XP and bean value.
+2% Lucky (Slot 1/2/3) This animal is worth more beans when sold.
+3% Unlucky for Some (Slot 2/3 only) Other farmers will happily purchase this animal, but it's not so good for you for XP or materials.
+5% Fortunate (Slot 3 only) This animal is considered very special and farmers will pay more beans for it.

Other bonuses:

  • +5%: Animal farmer outfit
  • +10%: Master farmer outfit
  • +10%: Buyers' preferred breed[c 1]
  • +10%: Buyers' preferred trait[c 1]
  • +25%: If both buyers' breed and trait is matched[c 1]
  • +45%: is the max possible with Lucky/Unlucky for Some/Fortunate traits, Master farmer outfit, and buyers' breed/trait matched

Players can sell up to 12 small animals (daily), 8 medium (every two days), and 6 large (every three days), to their respective buyer.

  1. ^ a b c Shiny animals count as a wildcard for both buyers' preferred breed and trait, this does not stack if the animal is both shiny and has the correct base breed and/or trait.

Selling prices[edit | edit source]

The following table displays an animals' growth stage and its standard selling price, not taking into account the buyers' preferences nor master farmer outfit bonuses.

Animals Growth stage Baby Shakes
100% (base value)
[net gain if bought from store]
Small Rabbit N/A 5 25 21 17 2
Chicken 4 8 40 [15] 34 28 4
Chinchompa N/A 50 250 213 175 25
Medium Sheep N/A 16 80 [50] 68 56 8
Spider 25 50 250 213 175 25
Zygomite N/A 187 850 722 595 85
Large Cow N/A 34 170 [70] 144 119 17
Yak N/A 150 750 638 525 75
Dragon 200 400 2,000 1,700 1,400 200

Beans vs. experience[edit | edit source]

The highest rate of beans is obtained by selling an adolescent animal. Should a player decide to grow an animal further, (up to elder) for experience, the rate of experience is as follows.

Animal Total XP
(at elder stage)
Beans lost XP/bean
Rabbit 400 7 57.14
Chicken 2,500 12 156.25
Chinchompa 24,000 75 320
Sheep 1,812.5 24 75.52
Spider 15,000 75 200
Zygomite 64,000 255 251
Cow 4,000 51 78.43
Yak 52,000 225 231.11
Dragon 150,000 600 250

Buyers[edit | edit source]

Buyers spawn at reset and change daily for small animals (buys 12), every two days for medium animals (8), and every third day for large animals (6). The buyer that spawns is based upon the animal(s) that are currently in the player's pens, unless the player has asked Granny to advertise a certain animal. If both pens for a certain size is empty, then the buyer will request the lowest-level animal type at that size (rabbits for an empty small pen, sheep for an empty medium, or cows for an empty large). If there are different types of animal at the same size of pen, each of the buyers at that size has an equal chance of spawning.

Size Animal Buyers
Rabbits Myfi (rabbit buyer) chathead.png: Chat head image of Myfi (rabbit buyer)Myfi (rabbit buyer)
Chickens Henrietta (chicken chaser) chathead.png: Chat head image of Henrietta (chicken chaser)Henrietta (chicken chaser)
Chinchompas Mieliki Tapio chathead.png: Chat head image of Mieliki TapioMieliki Tapio (chinchompa collector)
Sheep Ralph (sheep hugger) chathead.png: Chat head image of Ralph (sheep hugger)Ralph (sheep hugger)
Spiders Rumbleguts (spider shopper) chathead.png: Chat head image of Rumbleguts (spider shopper)Rumbleguts (spider shopper)
Zygomites Zoe (zygomite trader) chathead.png: Chat head image of Zoe (zygomite trader)Zoe (zygomite trader)
Cows Milkshake (cow fancier) chathead.png: Chat head image of Milkshake (cow fancier)Milkshake (cow fancier)
Yaks Prezleek chathead.png: Chat head image of PrezleekPrezleek (yak buyer)
Dragons The Raptor chathead.png: Chat head image of The RaptorRaptor (dragon expert)

Baby Shakes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Baby Shakes
Baby Shakes chathead.png

Baby Shakes will purchase any animals, any quantity, any age, regardless of breed or traits—but at a reduced rate of 10% of the animal’s base adolescent bean value. Baby Shakes is always present at the farm, southeast of Granny, and is unaffected by the buyers' reset.

Buyers' reset[edit | edit source]

When a buyer resets, a new buyer is generated based on the animals in the pens. The new buyer replaces the buyer of that size if they are still present - if it is the same buyer, then the number they ask for is reset, as well as the specific breeds and traits. (e.g. if Myfi still wants 4 rabbits, preferring Rellekkan cream and Virile, at reset she will reset back to 12 rabbits and generate a new breed and trait to prefer). Once satisfied, after buying their total, buyers vanish until their next reset day.

Small buyers reset every day. (12/spawn)
Medium buyers reset every 2 days, stays for up to 2 days. (8/spawn)
Large buyers reset every 3 days, stays for up to 3 days. (6/spawn)
To have a Buyer spawn, the player must actually Login during the day of their spawn.

Essentially, when a buyer spawns, they will stay on the farm until they either buy the requested number or they reset.

In a full 6 day cycle, if all possible animals were sold, the player would sell 72 small, 24 medium, and 12 large animals.

Reset timers[edit | edit source]

Last updated on 21:09:48, 25 August 2019 (UTC). Click here to purge.
Buyer Last spawned (ago) Next spawn
Small August 25 2019 00:00 UTC August 26 2019 00:00 UTC
Medium August 24 2019 00:00 UTC August 26 2019 00:00 UTC
Large August 25 2019 00:00 UTC August 28 2019 00:00 UTC

Gathered produce[edit | edit source]

Every time an animals grows, the player can gather for items and Farming experience. Unlike with collecting produce from crops, animal produce does not replenish. Produce can only be collected once per growth stage. The experience from harvesting is not affected by bonus experience or other experience modifiers, nor is it doubled during double XP weekends, but it will fill Farming urns. If an animal is shiny, it will provide an additional 10% experience. Chickens, Spiders and Dragons growing from egg to baby stage only award experience, but no produce. The POF produce icon.png icon is displayed over each animal when this has grown a stage and has produce to be gathered, if the upgrade has been bought from the Farmers' Market and then toggled on Granny Potterington.

Animal Farming experience Produce
Egg to baby Baby to adolescent Adolescent to adult Adult to elder Total XP to elder xp/hr of growth[d 1]
Rabbit N/A 100 175 225 500 500 2 rabbit teeth[d 2]
1 rabbit foot (rare)[d 2]
Rooster[d 3] 250 375 750 1,125 2,500 600 10 feather
Hen[d 3] 10 feather[d 4]
1 egg
20 swamp tar[d 4]
Chinchompa[d 5] N/A 6,000 10,500 13,500 30,000 714 10 chinchompa or skillchompa[d 6]
2 chinchompa residue
20,000[d 7]
Sheep N/A 250 437.5 562.5 1,250 625 3 wool[d 8]
Spider[d 3] 2,000 3,000 6,000 9,000 20,000 800 2 spider fangs
3 spider silk
2 spider venom[d 9]
Zygomite N/A 16,000 28,000 36,000 80,000 952 2 zygomite fruits
2 mort myre fungus[d 10]
2-4 mycelial webbing[d 11]
3 morchella mushroom spores[d 12]
Bull N/A 1,000 1,750 2,250 5,000 833 2 bull horns[d 13]
1 cowhide[d 13]
Cow 1 cowhide
1 bucket of milk[d 14]
Yak N/A 13,000 22,750 29,250 65,000 967 2 yak milk[d 15]
2 yak tufts[d 16]
1 yak hide
2 hairs
1 sealed clue scroll[d 17]
Dragon[d 3] 20,000 30,000 60,000 90,000 200,000 1190 2 dragonhide[d 18]
1 draconic visage[d 19][6]

This table does not take animal traits or master farmer outfit bonuses into account.

  1. ^ Each stage of growth has the same xp/hr of growth rate. Later stages of growth have longer wait times and bigger xp drops, but the rate per hour is the same.
  2. ^ a b From rellekkan cream rabbits, piscatorian cottontail rabbits, and jackalopes.
  3. ^ a b c d Animals do not give items on the first growth stage if they come from an egg.
  4. ^ a b Lizard chickens provide 20 swamp tar instead of 10 feathers.
  5. ^ When unstable or nuclear chinchompas or skillchompas explode, they grant all potential remaining experience and produce at once.
  6. ^ Chinchompa or skillchompa of the respective breed: grey, red, cobalt, viridian, azure, crimson or crystal skillchompa. See Chinchompa (Player-owned farm) for produce comparison.
  7. ^ Only golden chinchompas, this replaces the usual 10 chinchompas or skillchompas
  8. ^ 3 Wool of the respective breed: black, summerdown, springsheared, winterwold, fallfaced or normal wool. Golden sheep give 1 of each seasonal sheep wool for 4 in total.
  9. ^ From fever, giant, corpse, ice, and araxyte spiders.
  10. ^ From gloomshroom, daemoncap, arcspore and magical zygomites.
  11. ^ 2 from zanarian zygomites, 3 from daemoncap and arcspore zygomites, 4 from magical zygomites.
  12. ^ From zanarian zygomites.
  13. ^ a b Male Harlequin (Shiny) Cows provide no produce at all and display a female cow model while still breeding as bulls. This is likely unintended however.
  14. ^ Milk of the respective cow breed: chocolatey, strawberry, vanilla or plain milk. Harlequin cows provide 1 of any of the 4 types or no milk at all at each growth stage
  15. ^ Only from female Fremennik yak.
  16. ^ Only from Spirit yak.
  17. ^ Sacred yaks only
  18. ^ Dragonhide of the respective colored dragon: green, blue, red, black or royal dragonhide.
  19. ^ As a rare gathered produce from a Royal dragon.

Produce-based skill potions[edit | edit source]

Multiple produce items from the farm are used for making new skill potions.

Use of player-owned farm specific produce in making skill potions
Potion (boost) Normal (+3) Normal Herblore level Super (+5) Super Herblore level Extreme (+3 to +17) Extreme Herblore level
Hunter Clean avantoe.png: RS3 Inventory image of Clean avantoeAvantoe + Kebbit teeth dust.png: RS3 Inventory image of Kebbit teeth dustKebbit teeth dust 53 + Rabbit teeth.png: RS3 Inventory image of Rabbit teethRabbit teeth 64 + Bull horns.png: RS3 Inventory image of Bull hornsBull horns 80
Divination Clean spirit weed.png: RS3 Inventory image of Clean spirit weedSpirit weed + Rabbit foot.png: RS3 Inventory image of Rabbit footRabbit foot 43 + Zygomite fruit.png: RS3 Inventory image of Zygomite fruitZygomite fruit 70 + Yak tuft.png: RS3 Inventory image of Yak tuftYak tuft 89
Runecrafting Clean wergali.png: RS3 Inventory image of Clean wergaliWergali + Summerdown wool.png: RS3 Inventory image of Summerdown woolAny kind of season wool 54 + Yak milk.png: RS3 Inventory image of Yak milkYak milk 75 + Spider venom.png: RS3 Inventory image of Spider venomSpider venom 91
Invention Clean snapdragon.png: RS3 Inventory image of Clean snapdragonSnapdragon + Chinchompa residue.png: RS3 Inventory image of Chinchompa residueChinchompa residue 77 + Spider fangs.png: RS3 Inventory image of Spider fangsSpider fangs 87 + Mycelial webbing.png: RS3 Inventory image of Mycelial webbingMycelial webbing 95

Farmhands[edit | edit source]

Main article: Farmhand

Farmhands are helpers that will handle some of the farm tasks without guidance such as collecting excess animals, preventing animals from growing past the adolescent stage and finding random unchecked animals.

Babysitters[edit | edit source]

Each babysitter can stop animals in a pen from growing past their adolescent stage. There are a total of eight babysitters. Up to three can be allocated to each pen.

Pen Farmhand Beans cost Cost per use
Small Thing 1,000 2
Handy 1,000 2
Medium Zygomaid 2,000 5
Emile 2,000 5
Large Dorbo 3,500 10
Teensy 3,500 10
Any & Breeding Karen 3,500 10
Susan 3,500 10

Collector[edit | edit source]

Callia chathead.png

The collector Callia takes excess babies from the breeding pen and stores them as unchecked animals. She can be hired for 2,500 beans and requires a payment of 10 beans per usage. Collectors will store up to 30 unchecked animals each of three species, for a total of 90 animals stored.

Trapper[edit | edit source]

Adam Antite chathead.png

The trapper Adam Antite is located inside the house and can be sent off every six hours to retrieve a random unchecked animal for the player. He can be hired for 5,000 beans and requires a payment of 100 beans per usage. The trapper will never retrieve a shiny animal, nor an Araxyte spider, but any other animal is possible including Royal Dragons, though these are incredibly rare.[7]

Storm barn[edit | edit source]

The barn build hotspot is just east of the bank chest. The storm barn deed can be purchased for 5,000 beans. It requires 60 Construction, 225 rune nails and 20 mahogany planks to construct, granting 2,800 Construction experience. The barn has an initial capacity of 15 animals in any mix of any types. It can be upgraded to store a total of 30 animals by purchasing the storm barn extension for 20,000 beans. This requires no additional materials.

Mucking[edit | edit source]

Each animal produces different types of muck in their paddock. When players "muck out", they gain Farming experience depending on the type of muck that is attempted to be cleared. The amount of muck in each pile varies between 1 and 66[source needed]. This only affects the experience mucking out grants and how much time it takes; each pile of manure will only fill one bucket.

Mucking out for cows 20 times is needed for I Hardly Manure achievement which can be done in either a large pen or the breeding pen.

Muck does not affect animal stats or breeding chance. Thus mucking any manure except dragon manure is mostly useful for its rather low experience gain and the chance at receiving master farmer fragments - while manure and green manure can be used when making compost or supercompost, respectively, other items can be used which are easier to obtain.

Animal Muck Frequency Experience per action
Rabbit Mammal droppings detail.png Mammal droppings 5 minutes 20
Chicken Bird droppings detail.png Bird droppings 10 minutes 20
Chinchompas Mammal droppings detail.png Mammal droppings 20
Sheep Manure detail.png Manure 4 minutes 50
Green manure detail.png Green manure 120
Spiders N/A N/A N/A
Zygomites N/A N/A N/A
Cows Manure detail.png Manure 10 minutes 50
Green manure detail.png Green manure 120
Yaks Manure detail.png Manure 50
Green manure detail.png Green manure 120
Dragons Green manure detail.png Green manure [d 1] 10 minutes 120
Dragon manure detail.png Dragon manure [d 2] 500
  1. ^ Produced by baby dragons.
  2. ^ Produced by adolescent and older dragons.

Players can collect all three kinds of manure (manure, green or dragon) if one has an empty bucket in the inventory, but mammal and bird dropping cannot be collected.

Manure is used for regular compost. Green manure is used for supercompost. Dragon manure is used for ultracompost, which increases yield of Farming patches and dramatically decreases disease chance.[8][2]

It is possible to obtain Mod Dolan's rubber duck and Mod Daze's homework from this activity.

Other activities[edit | edit source]

Manure mound[edit | edit source]

Main article: Manure mound

The manure mound can be found north-east of Granny Potterington's house. It may be continuously turned for Farming experience. Strange rocks, golden rocks, and master farmer fragments can be obtained from turning the manure. Mod Daze's homework and Mod Dolan's rubber duck can also be obtained here.

Pickle the cat[edit | edit source]

Main article: Pickle the cat
Pickle the cat chathead.png

Pickle the cat may be talked to using a catspeak amulet or a cramulet. If he has caught 10 or more mice, talking to him will complete the In a Pickle achievement.

Beehives and milk[edit | edit source]

Main article: Beehives

Players can interact with the beehives behind the large pen on the east side of the farm. Certain types of plants may be added to a beehive which can result in a variety of different honeycombs. Noted flowers may be used. Each beehive produces one honeycomb from one flower on the hour, provided flowers have been added, and insect repellent is required to harvest honeycombs. Insect repellent can now be added to toolbelt. Honeycombs can only be used at certain animal growth stages. Beehives can hold up to 27 flowers per type of flower per full load. Although different flowers can be placed in a single hive, it is probably better to use one type per hive for organisational purposes. If different flowers are put into a single hive, the production of special honey will be random.

Given that the price of Marigolds in the Grand Exchange is high at the moment due to high demand, a viable option is to buy the 10 marigold seeds from Olivia in Draynor Village or Coeden in Prifddinas and farm them in the flower patches since they only take around 18 minutes to fully grow.

Right-clicking the beehives can allow the player to see how many flowers have been deposited.

To harvest the special honeycombs, click on the hive and choose the option "Check Beehive". The player must first spray the hive with insect repellent, or they will be stung. Choosing the option "Take honey Beehive" will result in a regular honeycomb being collected instead. Feeding the special honeycomb to an animal will only work if it is not in its egg stage.

Flower / Grass Honeycomb Effect on animals Boost
Marigolds.png: RS3 Inventory image of MarigoldsMarigolds Delicious honeycomb.png: RS3 Inventory image of Delicious honeycombDelicious honeycomb Boosts happiness 10%
Rosemary.png: RS3 Inventory image of RosemaryRosemary Dense honeycomb.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dense honeycombDense honeycomb Boosts weight 10%
Woad leaf.png: RS3 Inventory image of Woad leafWoad leaf Medicinal honeycomb.png: RS3 Inventory image of Medicinal honeycombMedicinal honeycomb Boosts health 10%
Nasturtiums.png: RS3 Inventory image of NasturtiumsNasturtiums Runny honeycomb.png: RS3 Inventory image of Runny honeycombRunny honeycomb Boosts speed 10 gallopers
Snape grass.png: RS3 Inventory image of Snape grassSnape grass Sweet honeycomb.png: RS3 Inventory image of Sweet honeycombSweet honeycomb Boosts attractiveness 10 beauty marks

There are only two kinds of milk that can improve the stats of any animal: strawberry and vanilla. Chocolatey milk and plain milk have no effect. Yak milk is used in Herblore. In the long run it would be a much less reliable and far more expensive source of stat boosters compared to beehives as their production is limited by the cows' growth stages.

Milk Produce of Boost
Strawberry milk.png: RS3 Inventory image of Strawberry milkStrawberry milk Strawberry cow.png: RS3 Inventory image of Strawberry cowStrawberry cow Health between 0-13%
Happiness between 0-8%
Average total +10.1% (n=30)
Vanilla milk.png: RS3 Inventory image of Vanilla milkVanilla milk Vanilla cow.png: RS3 Inventory image of Vanilla cowVanilla cow Health between 0-9%
Happiness between 5-14%
Average total +15.8% (n=35)

Farmers' Market[edit | edit source]

Main article: Farmers' Market

The Farmers' Market is the shop operated by Granny Potterington. Various farm upgrades and other Farming-related items can be purchased using beans.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Main article: Farming achievements

Achievements 1-40 of the Farming subcategory of the Skills achievements are related to the player-owned farm, 10 of which are hidden achievements.

Pre-release teasers[edit | edit source]

Music unlocked[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

The update history project is a work-in-progress – not all updates to this topic may be covered below. See here for how to help out!
  • patch 3 June 2019 (Update):
    • An issue has been fixed in the tutorial where some NPC names were incorrect and chatheads were missing.
  • patch 11 March 2019 (Update):
    • Callia the farmhand collector will now correctly collect animals from the breeding pen if you were to leave the area with less than the max amount of animals inside the pen.
    • You will now correctly be informed if the collector can't collect an animal.
  • patch 11 February 2019 (Update):
    • Using a farm animal on the paddock entrance will no longer cause a disconnection.
    • Trapper farmhands will no longer occasionally be unresponsive when interacted with.
    • Changed PoF trapper's animal gathering timer from 30s to 6 hours.
    • Removing animals from the storm barn can no longer cause a disconnection.
  • update 4 February 2019 (Update):
    • Added an "Old Mc" title for completing the POF breeding log (talk to Sam the sheepdog to unlock it).
    • Baby shakes at the player owned farm will now buy unwanted farm animals for beans at an amount based on their significance (e.g shiny).
    • Added a "Don't ask me again" option to the warning for removing unharvested animals from Player Owned Farm.
    • Granny Potterington now sells the ability to unlock farm animal indicators to help determine whether something is diseased or has produce to gather.
  • patch 4 February 2019 (Update):
    • Shiny animals now count as a wildcard for trait requests when selling to player owned farm NPC buyers, on top of the existing breed wildcard.
    • Elite farmer hats can now be used to teleport or receive items if the player owns the master farmer hat.
    • Players can now teleport out of the player owned farm pens.
  • patch 21 January 2019 (Update):
    • An issue that caused the food troughs at the player owned farm to only be able to add as much mush to the trough as free inventory spaces you had has been resolved and as such you can add up to 60 Mush into a trough again at once.
  • patch 26 November 2018 (Update):
    • Reduced the painted down area of Manor Farm which was covering a wider area than it perhaps needed. This meant farm checks were running when you walked from places like the Ardougne lodestone to the Fishing Guild. The areas have now been tightened up to only cover the the outskirts of all pens and the hives.
    • You can now chat to Granny (or access via a new right click option) about which Contract buyers should turn up. Timing restrictions will still apply, in that you'd have to wait until the next day for them to turn up. Doing this will overwrite the standard game mechanic, but that can be turned back on by chatting to Granny at any time. Small, Medium and Large buyers can now each individually be set.
    • Two tiles in the north-west paddock of Player-owned-Farm should no longer cause the player to be stuck under certain circumstances.
    • Spirit yaks from summoning and zygomites from farming will now be able to be harvested with a full inventory, where one of your items (yak pouch or a mushroom) will be replaced as it reveals itself to be a creature.
    • There was an erroneous check for contract buyers that meant if your first login of the day was on a free to play world, the buyers wouldn't refresh when they were supposed to. Now, if you're member, on your first login of the day, despite what world you log into, the contract buyers will correctly refresh.
    • Adjusted values of shiny-boosting traits to Sparkling (+1%), Glistening (+1.5%) and Radiant (+2.5%) (which is an increase overall if you stack all three on the same animal).
    • Removed a guaranteed drop of ghostly essence when the As the Rooster Crows Player-owned-Farm animal perk is active; it now only increases drop chances for an amount of kills after you hear the rooster's crow, as described.
  • patch 1 October 2018 (Update):
    • Farm totem perks and skilling potions buff bar icon can now be toggled on/off.
    • Players can no longer light fires inside pens in Player Owned Farm.
    • The farming skill guide will now correctly show farming fragment rates at level 120.
    • RuneScore is now recorded correctly for Player Owned Farm achievements.
  • patch 24 September 2018 (Update):
    • Corrected a message when buying the bank chest upgrade on the Manor farm.
    • Chocolate milk from cows is now correctly certed when gathering produce.
    • Milton the Miller (North Ardougne Mill) now has a farming shop icon once again.
    • You can now correctly teleport to Manor farm using the master farmers outfit.
    • Buttercap mushrooms now appear as Buttercaps when adding mushrooms to troughs on your farm.
    • Small tweaks have been made to increase the odds of a shiny animal.
    • After unlocking the bank chest at the Manor Farm it will now provide bank functions like auto-healing, keepsaking, the ability to activate the Magic skillcape perk and so on.
    • Unchecked eggs for dragons and spiders now have a lootbeam when they are received as a drop.
    • Potions newly introduced with the player-owned-farm can now be decanted manually.
    • Players can now add Jellyfish (blue and green) to food trough.
    • Players can now empty buckets of flavoured milk.
    • Carnivorous chinchomps are now further confirmed as eating everything (rather than just meat).
    • Collecting honey from the Manor Farm apiary will now contribute towards filling your Farming Urns.
    • Some animal breeding messages have been updated in player owned farm for consistency
    • There was an error in the breeding log for Golden sheep, where the log wouldn't recognise the birth. This is now fixed. Many apologies.
    • Missing blocking has been added to the west side of Granny Potterington's farmhouse.
    • You no longer get a message that you need inv space when opening the farmers market with a full inv. This was caused by a redundant check on the farm totems and we've instead moved the check to a requirement for buying the totems. As a result, totems will now appear locked if you don't have space to buy one.
    • A typo in one of the health checks for PoF animals has been fixed.
    • We've slightly improved the chance to breed a Daemoncap Zygomite
  • patch 17 September 2018 (Update):
    • Added Balthazar to the player owned farm.
    • A grammatical oddity when inspecting female animals in the "Add/Remove Animals" Player Owned Farm interface has been fixed.
    • The "Destroy empty buckets when farming" will now factor in interactions between the new buckets of Player Owned Farm manure and compost bin. Tick it if you want to get rid of your buckets, untick it if you'd rather keep them!
    • Removed force walk tile north of Ardougne.
    • The player will no longer get trapped in the windmill while completing The Chosen Commander quest.
    • You can now use noted raw sailfish on feeding troughs at your farm. Sorry about that.
    • Removed two forcewalk tiles next to Ardougne beehives.
    • Fixed a patch of ground outside of the Ardougne Mill that was using old textures.
    • Changed the Ardougne Lunar spell to be outside the breeding pen.
    • Also tweaked the Ardougne cloak teleport to not be around the compost bin, but closer to the herb patch and breeding pen.
    • All the new farmer outfit pieces now have a retrieve all option on them, when reclaiming from Diango.
    • Granny Potterington now sells animal pen kits on the farmers' market.
    • Royal dragons can now only be bred using super-secret farming methods.
    • Payments in the Herblore Habitat farming circle are now properly reduced whilst wearing the Master Farmers outfit.
    • The chinchompa buyer will now correctly purchase any type of chinchompa, even if it's not the variety they are after.
    • Carnivorous chinchompas have been changed to omnivore status and will now eat everything, like every other chinchompa.
    • White lillies can once again be planted without vanishing, while wearing the master farmer outfit.
  • hotfix 17 September 2018 (Update):
    • The catch up now correctly works when it comes to increasing happiness and health of your animals.
  • patch 10 September 2018 (Update):
    • The servants have come back from their brief holiday - although they're not too happy about the farm that's just moved in!
    • If you get a black dragon egg (unchecked) from Queen black dragon it will now appear in its correct form.
    • Beehives now have a right-click option to display what flowers they have stored inside.
    • Attribute boosting Honey at the Player Owned Farm is now produced at a faster rate.
    • The floor from the upstairs of the servants guild has been re-installed, luckily the builders ignored the Ardougne Health and Safety Rules.
    • Players can now walk away from beehives to stop collecting special honey.
    • Any new rabbits you breed will now be bankable and tradeable. There were some very strange cases where if you kept your original tutorial rabbits in the breeding pen, then a majority of other bred rabbits would be classed as tutorial ones and therefore not bankable and tradeable. Apologies, but this fix will only tend to new rabbits. You'll have to sell any other untradeable ones you might have in a pen to the Rabbit buyer.
    • Noted flowers can now be used on beehives to create special honey.
    • Fixed a number of spelling errors with various farm related entries.
    • Players can now purchase an upgrade that allows animals to breed inside small, medium and large pens.
    • Rabbits killed in the Elf Lands will now only drop Common brown rabbits (rather than a chance at Rellekkan ones)
    • Players picking from their own Grapevines will once again be given a variety of god grapes, rather than just Grapes of Zamorak.
    • Gloomshroom zygomites can now be successfully sold to Zoe the contract buyer.
    • Various types of animal waste (dropping, manure etc) can now be seen on your minimap as red dots. Do you even manure?
    • Beehives will now only take the amount of flowers desired.
    • Players can now click away from the beehive while storing flowers.
    • The Ardougne task achievement, Green Fingers, can now consistently be completed.
    • Hopping worlds on the farm will no longer make your animals appear to be invisible for various lengths of time.
    • Trading any farm animal between players will now select the correct animal, rather than whatever (of that type) appeared earlier in the inventory.
    • Adding pathing to the NW and slightly to the SW for world map purposes.
    • The correct contract sellers for your animals should now appear on your farm.
    • You can no longer get grey chinchompas from Grenwall hunting.
  • update 3 September 2018 (Update):
    • Player-owned farm was added to RuneScape.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The animal stats for Weight, Attractiveness, and Speed are currently purely cosmetic. There were plans for shows for the player to compare their animals with other players' that would provide a prize for the heaviest, prettiest, or fastest animals entered. These plans were placed on hold for the moment.[9]
  • A possible ewe name is Starling - a reference to Clarice Starling from "The Silence of the Lambs".
  • Logging out or hopping worlds removes the muck from the animal pens.
  • Since elapsed ticks are caught up when a player enters the farm, animals continue to breed and food continues to deplete any time the player is away, even if the player becomes free-to-play.

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