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Greater Chain is an upgraded version of the Chain ability, requiring 45 Magic to use. It is unlocked by reading a Greater Chain ability codex, replacing the former ability.

The ability hits the target for 20-100% ability damage, and will also strike 2 nearby targets within a 6 square radius of the primary target. It can hit secondary targets beyond the player's normal attack range, but cannot hit secondary targets that the player cannot see (straight line-of-sight required). Unlike base Chain, the next ability activated whilst using magic weapons within six seconds will also damage each of the secondary targets for 50% of the ability's damage range used on the primary target. For example: 50% of Sonic Wave's 31.4%-157% damage range is 15.7%-78.5% on secondary targets.

The Caroming perk will increase the number of targets Chain can hit.

The Flanking perk behaves like normal; secondary targets not facing the player will take increased damage and not be stunned/bound.

If a player who has unlocked Greater Chain enters a non-members' world, it will temporarily return to Chain, since Greater Chain is a members' only ability.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Abilities with additional effects such as: damage over time, binding/stunning the target, or a channelled ability with multiple hits will be passed over to the secondary targets hit by Greater Chain for as long as the Greater Chain effect is active. This makes Greater Chains' effect behave similarly to mechanised chinchompas.

  • Secondary targets with the Greater Chain effect do not need to be in view of the player to receive damage.
    • If the Greater Chain effect ends before a channelled ability is finished, the channelled ability will stop hitting the secondary targets and only hit the primary target.
    • If the primary target dies, the secondary targets will not take any additional damage from Greater Chain as the damage has to be inflicted on the primary target.
      • Likewise, channeled stun abilities like Asphyxiate and Destroy will not stun or bind secondary targets affected by Greater Chain, although they they will still be stunned and bound by one-hit stuns such as Impact and Deep Impact.
    • The reduced damage dealt will ignore the remaining health and the hitcap placed on the primary target while also bypassing the normal hitcap. An example of this is: If a player used Wild Magic on a primary target with 100 LP left, the secondary targets would receive separate hits based on the damage range of Wild Magic. The damage received can exceed 10,000 on secondary targets on both hits.
  • The hitcap for all abilities on secondary targets with the Greater Chain effect is 15,000 and is not Erethdor's grimoire or Tuska's Wrath-exclusive.

Notable Interactions[edit | edit source]

The abilities and non-abilities listed below have unique interactions with Greater Chain.

Primary target effect only:

  • Sacrifice heals the player off the primary target.
  • Reprisal hits primary target.
  • Shatter hits primary target.
  • Asphyxiate stuns primary target.
  • Provoke does not apply to secondary targets nor does it consume the buff.
  • Magma Tempest only hits primary target and surrounding enemies near it.

Secondary targets included:

  • Greater Chain applies in PvP whilst in Multicombat areas. Otherwise, the ability hits only the primary target.
  • Storm Shards applies to secondary targets and is unaffected by the 50% damage reduction to secondary targets, and will deal its normal damage range.
  • Bleeds such as Combust and Corruption Blast are unaffected by the 50% damage reduction to secondary targets and will deal their normal damage range.
  • Stuns (except for asphyxiate) apply to secondary targets.
  • Secondary targets which are bound/stunned take increased damage from Wrack.
    • If the secondary targets are within a 3x3 square of the primary target, Ice Barrage/Sticky bombs can be used prior to activating Wrack.
  • Debilitate applies to secondary targets.
  • Dragon Breath paired with the Dragon Rider amulet has a chance to apply Combust on secondary targets.
  • The Shock and Horror abilities will knock back all applicable secondary targets based on their position to the player, and will not be knocked back based on the primary target.
  • Each hit of Smoke Tendrils and Onslaught (up to four hits) the damage recoil is multiplied by the number of targets with Greater Chains' effect. Onslaughts adrenaline consumption is also multiplied.
    • Animate dead may be used with Smoke Tendrils to reduce most of the damage recoil from multiple targets making it viable to use against multiple targets. When paired with Tsunami's critical hit buff, three targets is enough to get a player from 15% adrenaline to 105% adrenaline with the use of a limitless sigil.
  • Tsunami may be used prior to Greater Chain to increase adrenaline gain via critical hits as the player could pair multi-hit or channelled abilities with it afterwards.

Non-ability interactions:

  • Vulnerability will increase the damage secondary targets take if it is cast on them, and will not increase damage to secondary targets if vulnerability is cast on the primary target.
  • Tempest of Armadyl works correctly with Greater Chain and will fire up to five hits to each target within Greater Chains' effect.
  • Miasmic Barrage applies its status effect to all secondary targets. Every additional target hit by the special attack including the ones in a 3x3 around the primary target will drain the weapon's item charge by 0.1% if the special attack is not placed inside an Essence of Finality. It is unknown whether this is intended or not.
  • Claws of Guthix applies an affinity debuff to all secondary targets.
  • Inquisitor staffs passive will work on secondary targets susceptible to it.
  • All combat related auras will work with Greater Chains' effect including secondary targets.

Niche interactions:

  • If the player uses Greater Chain on a combat dummy MKII or a monster that is not the player's slayer task followed by Tuska's Wrath, any secondary target that is a part of the player's slayer task will receive 10,000% of the player's slayer level in damage (halved due to Greater Chain, effectively making it 5000%), but incur the 15 second cooldown of Tuska's Wrath instead of two minutes. It is currently unknown whether this is intentional.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 22 November 2021 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Tempest of Armadyl from dealing additional hits to nearby targets when combined with Greater Chain.
  • hotfix 1 November 2021 (Update):
    • Additional hits from Wild Magic and Omnipower abilities now hit nearby targets when combined with the Greater Chain ability.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The 15,000 hitcap placed on secondary targets is likely due to the players original damage hardcapping at 30,000 before the damage reduction takes place and therefore will not be able to hit any higher, even if using damage buffs and vulnerability on the secondary targets.
  • Magma Tempest does not work with Greater Chain's effects due to technical difficulties.