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Araxxi's eye is an araxyte part, which is rarely dropped by Araxxi after fighting Araxxor. It can be fused with a spider leg to make the noxious staff, a Magic weapon, with level 90 Crafting.

Araxxi's eye is one of three possible araxyte parts, along with Araxxi's fang and Araxxi's web, that may be added to a spider leg to create one of the noxious weapons, with each part creating a weapon of a different combat style. When receiving one of these three parts as a drop, players who fought the Magic version of Araxxor will have a 50% chance of receiving this item as a drop compared to 25% for the fang and web pieces. Similarly, fighting the Melee or Ranged versions of Araxxor will give a web 25% of the time a piece drops, with one of the other pieces being dropped 50% of the time in correspondance with the combat style.

Players may guarantee the appearance of the Magic version of Araxxor by using the Ranged style when beginning a fight either in an instance or with an Araxyte pheromone in the inventory. Hence, players may guarantee an increased drop rate for the eye by doing this.

Since the spider leg and noxious staff both have a Grand Exchange price, the value of an Araxxi's eye may be calculated as the difference between the two prices: 15,303,102 coins.

Like all Araxxi parts, a server-wide announcement will occur upon receiving one as a drop.

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  • ninja 26 November 2018 (Update):
    • Disassembling Araxxi's fangs, webs and eyes now awards better components.