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Armour is the term for items that can be equipped to provide defensive bonuses during combat. Most armour sets require a certain Defence level to equip; the higher level an item requires, the greater bonuses it will provide. A player's total Armour stat can be seen in the Loadout screen, under the Hero tab.

Most armour is classed under a melee, magic, or ranged combat style. An armour piece's combat style dictates which styles it defends strongly and weakly against according to the combat triangle; this can be seen in-game as a Style Bonus, which is added or subtracted from your Armour stat. Armour not matching the style of your weapon will also penalise your accuracy, this being viewable by mousing over your Accuracy stat. Lastly, some armour sets are classed as hybrid, meaning they have no specific weakness and will not penalise accuracy under any style.

Aside from raising one's defence, a player might wear armour sets that sacrifice defence in return for more damage dealt, or one might wear hybrid armour for easy switching of combat styles.

Armour and the combat triangle[edit | edit source]

The combat triangle is a figure that demonstrates how each combat style relates to another.

The combat triangle
  • Melee fighters overcome rangers because their weapons can cut through leather armour with ease. Melee armour is also effective at protecting against Ranged attacks, as their projectiles have difficulty piercing the thick, metal armour.
  • Ranged fighters overcome mages because their projectiles easily penetrate their robes. Ranged armour is usually crafted from tough animal hides with poor energy conductivity, which is highly resistant to Magic attacks.
  • Magic users overcome warriors because their spells conduct in their metal armour, effectively cooking them. Effective mages can also bind warriors while attacking from afar, and their magical robes resist Melee attacks.

As can be seen above, armour plays a defining role in the combat triangle. Depending on an enemy's attacks, an item's Armour stat is used in varying amounts: 110% against the style it is strong against (e.g. Melee > Ranged), 100% against the same style (e.g.Melee = Melee), and 90% against the style it is weak to (e.g. Melee < Magic). This is represented in the Loadout screen by your Armour stat plus or minus your Style bonus.

To simplify, the mystic robe top and blue dragonhide body have equal Armour bonuses, but the former is classed Magic and the latter classed Ranged, so both armours will defend differently.

Also, not every armour set has a combat class. Some armour is class Hybrid (or class All on particular items), and can be used by any combat style without penalty. Details on Hybrid armour can be found here.

Wearing armour of a class other than the weapon's class in any slot except the cape penalises accuracy. A percentage of the item's Armour bonus is subtracted from the Accuracy stat: 150% if the armour is weak against the weapon's class, 80% if not.

Melee armour[edit | edit source]

  • Melee armour is usually made from metal.
  • Melee armour defends best against Ranged attacks and is weak to Magic attacks.
  • Some Melee armour may be created with the Smithing skill.

Ranged armour[edit | edit source]

  • Ranged armour is usually crafted from animal skins, commonly dragonhide.
  • Ranged armour defends well against Magic attacks and is weak to Melee attacks.
  • Some Ranged armour may be produced with the Crafting skill.

Magic armour[edit | edit source]

  • Magic armour is not armour as commonly envisioned, but instead robes and similar garments.
  • Magic armour defends well against Melee attacks and is vulnerable to Ranged attacks.
  • Some Magic armour may be produced with the Crafting skill, or Runecrafting for higher-end sets.

Armour types[edit | edit source]

There are five types of armour one may find, most with different stats and purposes.

Tank[edit | edit source]

A player wearing tetsu tank-type melee armour.

Tank armour provides the largest Armour bonuses. Aside from Nex armour, it is the only armour type to provide a life point bonus, although not all tank armour provides it. Tank armour also reduces damage in PvM. Most armour in the game is of this type.

Armour set Level Style
Bronze armour 1 Melee
Leather armour 1 Ranged
Wizard equipment 1 Magic
First tower robe armour 1 Magic
Elemental armour 1 Magic
Mind armour 1 Magic
Mycelium web armour 5 Magic
Iron armour 10 Melee
Hard leather armour 10 Ranged
Imphide equipment 10 Magic
Steel armour 20 Melee
Yak-hide armour 20 Melee
Studded leather armour 20 Ranged
Spider silk equipment 20 Magic
Black armour 25 Melee
White armour 25 Melee
Initiate armour 25 Melee
Frog-leather armour 25 Ranged
Fungal armour 25 Magic
Mithril armour 30 Melee
Proselyte armour 30 Melee
Snakeskin armour 30 Ranged
Carapace armour 30 Ranged
Batwing equipment 30 Magic
Body armour 33 Magic
Adamant armour 40 Melee
Bandos robe outfit 40 Melee
Green dragonhide armour 40 Ranged
Armadyl robe outfit 40 Ranged
Splitbark equipment 40 Magic
Cosmic armour 40 Magic
Ancient robe outfit 40 Magic
Necromancer robe armour 40 Magic
Rune armour 50 Melee
Blue dragonhide armour 50 Ranged
Mystic equipment 50 Magic
Chaos armour 50 Magic
Sacred clay equipment 50 MeleeRangedMagic
Granite armour 55 Melee
Red dragonhide armour 55 Ranged
Infinity robe armour 55 Magic
Orikalkum armour 60 Melee
Black dragonhide armour 60 Ranged
Grifolic equipment 60 Magic
Third age armour 65 MeleeRangedMagic
Royal dragonhide armour 65 Ranged
Slime hunter armour (tier 65) 65 Melee
Necronium armour 70 Melee
Dharok the Wretched's equipment 70 Melee
Guthan the Infested's equipment 70 Melee
Torag the Corrupted's equipment 70 Melee
Verac the Defiled's equipment 70 Melee
Karil the Tainted's equipment 70 Ranged
Ahrim the Blighted's equipment 70 Magic
Slime hunter armour (tier 70) 70 Melee
Dinosaurhide armour 75 Ranged
Ganodermic armour 75 Magic
Slime hunter armour (tier 75) 75 Melee
Bane armour 80 Melee
Linza the Disgraced's equipment 80 Melee
Second-Age armour 80 MeleeRangedMagic
Tetsu equipment 85 Melee
Death Lotus equipment 85 Ranged
Seasinger's equipment 85 Magic
Elder rune armour 90 Melee
Teralith equipment 90 Melee
Tempest equipment 90 Ranged
Primeval equipment 90 Magic
Cryptbloom armour 90 Magic

Power[edit | edit source]

A player wearing Sirenic power-type ranged armour.

Power armour gives less Armour bonus than Tank armour, but it has a damage bonus similar to jewellery. The damage bonus increases with the required level of the armour.

Nex armour (Torva, Virtus and Pernix) is unique among high-level power armour because it has a life point boost. The vestments of havoc armour is also notable for having a much higher damage bonus and much lower armour rating than its level would suggest.

Armour set Level Style
Elite black armour 40 Melee
Robin hood armour 40 Ranged
Dagon'hai robes 40 Magic
Rock-shell armour 50 Melee
Spined armour 50 Ranged
Skeletal armour 50 Magic
Dragon armour 60 Melee
Demon slayer equipment 60 Ranged
Lunar equipment 60 Magic
Superior rock-shell armour 65 Melee
Superior spined armour 65 Ranged
Superior skeletal armour 65 Magic
Bandos armour 70 Melee
Armadyl armour 70 Ranged
Robes of subjugation 70 Magic
Torva armour 80 Melee
Pernix armour 80 Ranged
Virtus armour 80 Magic
Anima core of Zaros armour 80 Melee
Anima core of Zamorak armour 80 Ranged
Anima core of Seren armour 80 Magic
Elite Robin Hood armour 82 Ranged
Refined anima core of Zaros armour 85 Melee
Refined anima core of Zamorak armour 85 Ranged
Refined anima core of Seren armour 85 Magic
Superior Statius's equipment 88 Melee
Superior Vesta's equipment 88 Melee
Superior Morrigan's equipment 88 Ranged
Superior Zuriel's equipment 88 Magic
Masterwork armour 90 Melee
Malevolent armour 90 Melee
Sirenic armour 90 Ranged
Tectonic armour 90 Magic
Trimmed masterwork armour 92 Melee
Elite sirenic armour 92 Ranged
Elite tectonic armour 92 Magic
Vestments of havoc armour 95 Melee

PvP[edit | edit source]

PvP armour is especially good in PvP circumstances, or even in PvE. It offers the Armour bonus of Tank armour and the damage bonus of Power armour. It also reduces as much damage in PvP as Tank armour.

Armour set Level Style
Combat robes 20 Magic
Druidic mage robes 35 Magic
Penance armour 40 MeleeMagicRanged
Hardened penance armour 40 MeleeMagicRanged
Corrupt Statius's equipment 40 Melee
Corrupt Vesta's equipment 40 Melee
Corrupt Morrigan's equipment 40 Ranged
Corrupt Zuriel's equipment 40 Magic
Battle robes 50 Magic
Statius's equipment 78 Melee
Vesta's equipment 78 Melee
Morrigan's equipment 78 Ranged
Zuriel's equipment 78 Magic

Hybrid[edit | edit source]

A player wearing warpriest hybrid-type armour.

True to its name, Hybrid armour can be used by all combat styles without accuracy penalty. Hybrid armour carries lower defence than the above armours and provides no PvE Damage Reduction, but it defends equally well against all combat styles. It is useful when frequently changing attack style, or if fighting a monster that uses multiple attack styles. The following armour sets are Hybrid:

Armour set Level Style
Pathfinder armour 1 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Ghost hunter equipment 20, 50, 70[1] Armour/Hybrid_armour
Warpriest armour 25, 50, 75[1] Armour/Hybrid_armour
Armour of Trials 25, 50, 75[1] Armour/Hybrid_armour
Tasks set 30, 40, 50, 60 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Dragonstone armour 50 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Akrisae the Doomed's equipment 70 Armour/Hybrid_armour
House Drakan outfit 70 Armour/Hybrid_armour
High Armour of Hanto 70 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Attuned crystal armour 80 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Anima core of Sliske armour 80 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Refined anima core of Sliske armour 85 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Vanguard Armour[2] 85 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Battlemage armour[2] 85 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Trickster armour[2] 85 Armour/Hybrid_armour
  1. ^ a b c Automatically adjusts based on the player's Defence level.
  2. ^ a b c Only in certain PvP minigames: Castle Wars, Soul Wars, Fist of Guthix, TzHaar Fight Pit.

All[edit | edit source]

This armour works identically to Hybrid armour. The following armour sets or items are classed as All:

Armour set Level Style
Void knight equipment 45 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Elite void knight equipment 50 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Superior void knight equipment 55 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Superior elite void knight equipment 60 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Obsidian armour 60 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Relic helms 60 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Dragon Rider armour 70 Armour/Hybrid_armour
Gemstone armour 80 Armour/Hybrid_armour

Hybrid power[edit | edit source]

Hybrid power armour is a small subset of items that are hybrid (or all) class but also provide damage bonuses, like power armour.

There is much debate on exactly how to provide a tier for these items, as their stats do not quite fit the models below. For example:

Item Wield req. Armour Damage Overall tier
Value Tier Value Tier
Silverhawk boots.png: RS3 Inventory image of Silverhawk bootsSilverhawk boots (level 60) 60 Defence 31.4 40 6.9 45 60
Culinaromancer's gloves 10.png: RS3 Inventory image of Culinaromancer's gloves 10Culinaromancer's gloves 10 None 49.1 55 8.5 55 70
Atrocious rogue gloves.png: RS3 Inventory image of Atrocious rogue glovesAtrocious rogue gloves 80 Defence 56 60 10.0 65 80
Cinderbane gloves.png: RS3 Inventory image of Cinderbane glovesCinderbane gloves 85 Defence 74.3 70 11.0 75 90

Certainly, with these four, we see two ways of applying the tier penalties:

  • -15 to both armour and damage due to being hybrid, then -5 to just armour for being power (silverhawks, rogue gloves, cinderbane gloves)
  • -15 to both for being hybrid (culinaromancer's gloves)

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Power, Hybrid and All armour have lower defensive bonuses than Tank or PvP gear of the same required level. Using Tank as a base, their bonuses are derived as follows:

Armour type Armour bonus Traits
Tank Base PvM damage reduction
Power -5 levels Buffs damage
Hybrid and All -15 levels No combat class

To demonstrate, here are the bonuses of level 60 torso armour for each type:

Armour type Armour bonus Damage bonus Damage reduction (PvM) Damage reduction (PvP)
Tank 260 0 1.2% 3.6%
Power 226 22 None 1.8%
PvP 260 22 None 3.6%
Hybrid and All 168 0 None 1.8%

Damage bonus[edit | edit source]

The damage bonus from Power armour exists as Strength Bonus, Ranged Bonus, and Magic Bonus — the same bonuses as on jewellery. They are added to the player's main-hand damage bonus if they match the class of the wielded weapon. For example, if one wields an abyssal whip, the Strength Bonus from Bandos armour would affect their damage and the Ranged Bonus from Armadyl armour would not.

Should an off-hand be wielded, 50% of any damage bonus will also be added to the off-hand slot. If a two-handed weapon is wielded, the main-hand slot receives this 50% bonus.

The damage bonuses from Power armour rise with the required level of the armour. A full set provides an approximate 13% increase to a weapon's damage, assuming the armour and weapon are of equal level. Should a Fast or Average speed weapon be wielded, any damage bonuses will be multiplied to compensate for the player's larger damage stat. The damage values attributed to Power armour are equivalent to:

Armour slot Value by tier[1] Damage distribution per slot Damage increase
Helmet 25% 20% 2.6%
Body 37.5% 30% 3.9%
Legs 31.25% 25% 3.25%
Gloves 15.625 12.5% 1.625%
Boots 15.625 12.5% 1.625%
Total 125% 100% 13%
Example of damage by tier
Tier Helmet Body Legs Gloves Boots Total
40 10 15 12.5 6.2[2] 6.2 49.9
50 12.5 18.7 15.6 7.8 7.8 62.4
60 15 22.5 18.7 9.3 9.3 74.8
70 17.5 26.2 21.8 10.9 10.9 87.3
75 18.7 28.1 23.4 11.7 11.7 93.6
80 20 30 25 12.5 12.5 100
85 21.2 31.8 26.5 13.2 13.2 105.9
90 22.5 33.7 28.1 14 14 112.3
92[3] 24 36 30 15 15 120

Damage reduction[edit | edit source]

Damage reduction is available on all armour types in PvP, and only on Tank armour in PvM. It comes as two percentages that may be observed on the Loadout screen.

Damage reduction can also come from prayers, abilities, and set effects. All reduction modifiers are multiplicative.

Gloves, boots, and shields of all armour types do not reduce damage in PvP.

Armour type Damage reduction (PvM) Damage reduction (PvP)
Tank PvM base PvP base
Power None ½ PvP base
PvP None PvP base
Hybrid and All None ½ PvP base

The damage reduction from an item is determined by its required level, slot, and armour type, and functions as a percentage.

PvM reduction from Tank armour[edit | edit source]

  • Head:
  • Body:
  • Legs:
  • Gloves:
  • Boots:

PvP reduction from Tank and PvP armour[edit | edit source]

  • Head:
  • Body:
  • Legs:

PvP reduction from Power, Hybrid and All armour[edit | edit source]

  • Head:
  • Body:
  • Legs:

PvM reduction from shields[edit | edit source]

  • Shield:

Attributes[edit | edit source]

There are three attributes an armour piece may have: Armour, Life and Damage.

  • Armour raises the chance to block attacks from a creature or player.
  • Life raises the player's maximum life points. It is found on head, body, and leg Tank armour of levels 80 and above, shields of levels 70 and above, and on Nex armour.
  • Damage raises the strength of your hits. It is seen as Strength Bonus, Ranged Bonus, and Magic Bonus. Armour-wise, only capes, Power armour and PvP armour have this attribute.

The bonuses on armour are set via formula, and thus it is possible to determine or approximate the stats of non-existent gear. All armour sets of the same level and type will have identical bonuses.

As mentioned previously, some armour may also have a Prayer bonus. A Prayer bonus does not help defensively, but lowers the drain rate of active prayers.

Calculating Armour bonus[edit | edit source]

The formulas for calculating Armour bonus are derived from a base defensive value:

Using this base, the Armour bonus of each equipment slot is as follows:

  • Head:
  • Body:
  • Legs:
  • Shield:
  • Gloves:
  • Boots:
  • Cape:
  • Ring: 

One may find charts with the bonuses of many armour levels here.

Calculating Life bonus[edit | edit source]

Note that Life bonus is only found on shields at levels 70 and above, or Tank armour at levels 80 and above in the head, body, and leg slots.

The results for certain armour levels may be seen here.

  • Head:
  • Body:
  • Legs:
  • Shield:

Calculating Damage bonus[edit | edit source]

The results for certain armour levels may be seen here.

  • Head:
  • Body:
  • Legs:
  • Gloves:
  • Boots:

Prayer bonus[edit | edit source]

Equipment can also have a Prayer bonus which reduces the drain rate of Prayers. Prayer bonuses aren't related to tier; however, higher prayer bonuses are generally on higher tiered equipment.

Set effects[edit | edit source]

Some armour sets have passive effects when every item of the set is worn, potentially allowing greater use for a set. Some passives boost damage like Power armour, but others may increase accuracy, heal the player, drain enemies' stats or adrenaline, and more. Nearly every armour set with an effect is available to members only.

An example of these are the Barrows sets, which have unique passives and are commonly seen. Another set used is the Void knight equipment, which boosts both damage and accuracy. There are also other sets with effects, such as PvP minigame armour and robes from the Fist of Guthix minigame.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 18 February 2019 (Update):
    • Players will now receive a unique message when damage reducing items (such as defenders or warpriest armour) proc from environmental damage.
  • patch 4 August 2014 (Update):
    • The equipment requirements for PvP armour have reduced slightly to the old requirement of 78 Defence.
  • patch 14 January 2013 (Update):
    • Members weapons and armour now display their stats on tooltips while on free worlds.
  • ninja 17 December 2013 (Update):
    • Armours no longer degrades from players taking damage from the desert heat or bugs in dark areas.
  • patch 3 January 2013 (Update):
    • Players can no longer equip higher level armour than they can use.
  • patch 28 October 2008 (Update):
    • Human animations have been extensively modified to stop players appearing to glide around. You should also notice less 'clipping' with items like capes and armour when performing various actions or using emotes.
  • update 8 December 2001 (Update):
    • Level requirements have been added.
      • You now need a certain minimum attack/defence to use the higher level weapons/armour respectively.
  1. ^ Multiplying this value by the tier of the item will produce the standard damage value of said item
  2. ^ All damage is truncated to one decimal place, meaning that 6.25 damage as in this example is reduced slightly to 6.2
  3. ^ Although all current Tier 92 Power armour is statted the same, they appear to receive a +4 tier damage boost, making them equivalent to Tier 96 damage