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A platebody is a type of armour worn mainly by warriors over the torso section of their body. A platebody provides good defence against Ranged attacks, but is weak against magic. Platebodies are made with the Smithing skill, obtained as loot, or purchased at a platebody shop, which is identified by the Platebody shop map icon.png icon on the map.

This piece of armour will interfere with Ava's accumulator, attractor, and alerter.

List of artisan platebodies[edit | edit source]

These platebodies can be created with the Smithing skill.

ItemAttributeStyle bonusPrice
Bronze platebody.pngBronze platebody34.5-----1,956
Iron platebody.pngIron platebody46.4-----3,485
Iron platebody + 1.pngIron platebody + 148.9-----6,474
Steel platebody.pngSteel platebody72.6-----3,490
Steel platebody + 1.pngSteel platebody + 175.6-----7,704
Mithril platebody.pngMithril platebody104.4-----7,263
Mithril platebody + 1.pngMithril platebody + 1108.1-----14,904
Mithril platebody + 2.pngMithril platebody + 2111.7-----25,103
Adamant platebody.pngAdamant platebody144.4-----17,141
Adamant platebody + 1.pngAdamant platebody + 1149-----27,422
Adamant platebody + 2.pngAdamant platebody + 2153.6-----45,115
Rune platebody.pngRune platebody195.5-----21,039
Rune platebody + 1.pngRune platebody + 1201.2-----36,064
Rune platebody + 2.pngRune platebody + 2207.2-----83,549
Rune platebody + 3.pngRune platebody + 3213.4-----107,176
Orikalkum platebody.pngOrikalkum platebody260.3-----12,649
Orikalkum platebody + 1.pngOrikalkum platebody + 1267.7-----45,706
Orikalkum platebody + 2.pngOrikalkum platebody + 2275.3-----149,407
Orikalkum platebody + 3.pngOrikalkum platebody + 3282.9-----150,858
Necronium platebody.pngNecronium platebody341.740----18,047
Necronium platebody + 1.pngNecronium platebody + 1350.980----86,793
Necronium platebody + 2.pngNecronium platebody + 2360.1120----265,210
Necronium platebody + 3.pngNecronium platebody + 3369.8160----471,017
Necronium platebody + 4.pngNecronium platebody + 4379.5200----492,647
Bane platebody.pngBane platebody389.6240----38,251
Bane platebody + 1.pngBane platebody + 1399.7280----104,287
Bane platebody + 2.pngBane platebody + 2410320----262,993
Bane platebody + 3.pngBane platebody + 3420.6360----496,431
Bane platebody + 4.pngBane platebody + 4431.4400----599,342
Elder rune platebody.pngElder rune platebody442.5440----118,323
Elder rune platebody + 1.pngElder rune platebody + 1453.7480----271,477
Elder rune platebody + 2.pngElder rune platebody + 2465.2520----640,377
Elder rune platebody + 3.pngElder rune platebody + 3477560----1,150,494
Elder rune platebody + 4.pngElder rune platebody + 4488.7600----1,756,653
Elder rune platebody + 5.pngElder rune platebody + 5500.9640----2,262,000
Masterwork platebody.pngMasterwork platebody500.9-334.8--24,116,270
Trimmed masterwork platebody.pngTrimmed masterwork platebody526-336--192,659,926

List of miscellaneous platebodies[edit | edit source]

While not all items may be platebodies, they perform the same function.

ItemAttributeStyle bonusPrice
Khazard armour.pngKhazard armour25.3------
Black platebody.pngBlack platebody87.6-----4,013
White platebody.pngWhite platebody87.6-1---12,708
Initiate hauberk.pngInitiate hauberk87.6-4---4,655
Proselyte hauberk.pngProselyte hauberk104.4-8---5,542
Elite black platebody.pngElite black platebody123.2--14.7--99,368
Rock-shell plate.pngRock-shell plate168.3--18.6--37,390
Granite body.pngGranite body226-----46,405
Dragon platebody.pngDragon platebody226--22.4--1,450,505
Corrupt Statius's platebody.pngCorrupt Statius's platebody298.7--24.3--88,189
Third age platebody.pngThird age platebody298.7-----296,001,436
Dharok's platebody.pngDharok's platebody341.7-----1,112,895
Torag's platebody.pngTorag's platebody341.7-----992,615
Guthan's platebody.pngGuthan's platebody341.7-----1,134,986
Bandos chestplate.pngBandos chestplate298.7-226.5--4,584,306
Linza's cuirass.pngLinza's cuirass442.5-----5,728,915
Statius's platebody.pngStatius's platebody442.5--30.5--531,545
Second-Age platebody.pngSecond-Age platebody442.5-----447,802,224
Tetsu body.pngTetsu body477560----1,927,978
Torva platebody.pngTorva platebody389.6220330.5--129,600,146
Anima core body of Zaros.pngAnima core body of Zaros389.6--30.5--41,791,089
Superior tetsu body.pngSuperior tetsu body500.96403---Plate.png 100
Teralith cuirass.pngTeralith cuirass565.3640----Teci.png 12,500
Malevolent cuirass.pngMalevolent cuirass500.9-334.8--21,271,616

Dungeoneering platebodies[edit | edit source]

Table of platebodies
TierItemLevels to use
1Novite platebody.png Novite platebody1 Defence-icon.png Defence
2Bathus platebody.png Bathus platebody10 Defence-icon.png Defence
3Marmaros platebody.png Marmaros platebody20 Defence-icon.png Defence
4Kratonite platebody.png Kratonite platebody30 Defence-icon.png Defence
5Fractite platebody.png Fractite platebody40 Defence-icon.png Defence
6Zephyrium platebody.png Zephyrium platebody50 Defence-icon.png Defence
7Argonite platebody.png Argonite platebody60 Defence-icon.png Defence
8Katagon platebody.png Katagon platebody70 Defence-icon.png Defence
9Gorgonite platebody.png Gorgonite platebody80 Defence-icon.png Defence
10Promethium platebody.png Promethium platebody90 Defence-icon.png Defence
11Primal platebody.png Primal platebody99 Defence-icon.png Defence

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 1 February 2011 (Update):
    • Tese items no longer stretch when chopping ivy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the Evolution of Combat, the dragon platebody and 3rd age platebody were the only platebodies that did not give negative Ranged attack bonuses.
  • In Runescape Classic, platebodies came in both male and female varieties. Males could only wear male platebodies, but females could wear both varieties. Platebodies could be changed to the other gender by the blacksmith Thrander in Varrock.
  • In Animation Pack 1, the demo character is seen wearing a unique 'sleeveless' platebody. It is unknown if this is to become a platebody update.
  • Platebodies used to have longer 'sleeves'.
  • In Runescape Classic, Plate Bodies used to inhibit the use of gloves/gauntlets because the plate body used to also cover the hands, as there was not a specific "Hand Slot."

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