Mourning's End Part II

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Mourning's End Part II (The Temple of Light) is the seventh quest in the Elf quest series. This quest is often perceived as being extremely challenging, owing to it having arguably the most difficult quest puzzle in the game, being comparable to Elemental Workshop III.

Official description[edit | edit source]

This chapter of the quest takes our hero deep under the mountains of Arandar to put a stop to the evil plans of the mourners.

If our hero is to succeed, they must solve one of the most complicated puzzles in all of Gielinor.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Back to the Mourners[edit | edit source]

Arianwyn chathead.png

After infiltrating the mourners, return to Lletya to speak with Arianwyn. Report that they are seeking access to an old temple, to which Arianwyn shockingly realises that they have rediscovered the Temple of Light and that you need to stop them at all costs. Agree to do so and return to the mourner base to see whether the key required to access the adjacent tunnels is ready yet.

Raiders of the Lost Temple[edit | edit source]

Items needed: A full set of mourner clothes and at least one free inventory space
Items recommended: A crystal teleport seed and combat gear
Head mourner chathead.png
Mourner Tunnels map.png

Return to the Mourner Tunnels. The entrance is located in the north-easternmost house of West Ardougne - having full mourner gear equipped is required to enter. Once downstairs, speak to the head mourner. He will inform you that the guard has finally returned with the key he had to forge, albeit with ten times as many as needed. You will ask about the task he was going to give you, and he will ask you to find out what has happened to a missing dig team. He will also warn you about powerful beasts that the diggers have accidentally disturbed before giving you the key to the tunnels. Should you lose it, you may search the head mourner's desk for another one.

Dead mourners and slaves.

Open the door and head west. Be careful when passing the dark beasts, as they are powerful creatures. Eventually, you will reach the entrance of a very large structure; the Temple of Light. Watch out for the pair of aggressive shadows lurking here; they hit high, but only have 100 life points, so they can be slain easily. You will also notice several corpses lying around as you approach the temple, both dead mourners and slaves. Search them to identify them as the dead dig team. You will realise you have to tell Arianwyn while keeping the head mourner in the dark.

One of the dead mourners will carry a colour wheel and his journal. Read it to find out his identity, Nissyen Edern. The journal details how he joined the mourners and left Prifddinas for West Ardougne. The colour wheel will become necessary later on. After examining the dig team, you will be prompted to return to Lletya and speak to Arianwyn.

Into the Light[edit | edit source]

Items needed: A rope, the full set of mourner clothes, chisel, new key, colour wheel, and at least three free inventory spaces
Items recommended: A crystal teleport seed, death talisman or omni talisman or wicked hood (for the final puzzle), armour and some food
The blackened crystal
Temple of Light map.png

Arianwyn will realise that the safeguard of the temple, built millennia ago to protect an ancient altar, has failed, which means the shadows have become free to roam outside its perimetres. He will ask you to return to the temple to find a very large darkened crystal, and return a sample of it to him.

After speaking to Arianwyn, head back to the Mourner Tunnels in West Ardougne. The dark crystal is located on the top floor. First, ascend the stairs that are west of the entrance where you found the dead bodies and head south until you reach a ladder going up. Ascend these and head north again, then head east until you are right above the entrance to the temple. The crystal is located here. Chisel a chunk off it then return to Arianwyn any way you see fit.

Arianwyn concludes from the sample that a skilled crystal chanter should be able to make a replacement so he summons Eluned, who will agree to chant a new one. Use the sample on her to show it to her and she will proceed to create a replacement. Speak to Arianwyn again, who will tell you that you need to reach the altar in the temple and imbue the newly made crystal with its power, then placing it into the original crystal, thus restoring the safeguards and preventing the mourners from accessing the temple.

Return to the Temple of Light. You now have to reach the altar, but the entrance is blocked by an impassable door of light. To open it, you will have to direct a light beam to it. This, however, is not as easy. In order to be able to do this, you will first have to unlock several other doors by directing beams of light at them in order to get the crystals and mirrors necessary to make the light beam reach the final door. Beware of the shadows while doing this. Several important things to note:

The crystal collector (right, on the wall) and the light emitting pillar.
  • The light beam starts at an emitter which is by the eastern wall on the 1st2nd floor[UK]. Next to it is a crystal collector with a lever. By pulling the lever, you are able to collect several mirrors and/or coloured crystals. After unlocking a door, you need to return to this starting point and collect more items to progress.
  • You need to use the mirrors to redirect light beams inside special pillars of light, which are scattered throughout the temple, by rotating them. A beam can be directed north, east, south, west, up, or down. If no mirror is placed inside a pillar, the beam will not be redirected (provided that the pillar has an opening at the other side). Sometimes, a beam needs to be sent through a hole in the wall.
  • You are able to unlock light doors by hitting them with a beam consisting of only the door's complementary colour. Use the colour wheel to determine which colours are complementary (opposite one another on the wheel). For example, a yellow door would be unlocked by a beam of blue light.
  • Crystals can be placed inside light pillars to change the light beam's colour. The emitter by the collection point emits white light; placing a crystal of a certain colour inside a pillar on the beam's path will turn the light into that colour. Multiple crystals can be placed in a row to mix colours. However, crystals of opposite or directly adjacent colour to the beam (using the colour wheel) will block the beam entirely.
  • After passing a light door, you will find a chest. Remember to search it and take all of its contents with you before returning to the collector. Should you lose any of these items, they can be retrieved from the crystal collector. Therefore it is not needed to re-unlock light doors and search the chests again.
  • There are a few spots without any shadows in the temple, allowing you to rest safely. One of these is by the crystal collector. Another is the space between the stairs that lead down from the third floor.
  • Since the shadows only have 100 life points, you may be able to reduce or eliminate the need for food by one-hitting them before they can damage you at all, even with low-level air spells to conserve runes. Using fast cool-down magic abilities (Revolution recommended) will also quickly gain 10% adrenaline per shadow, making Regenerate a surprisingly viable option for healing, especially for those without access to Enhanced Excalibur or high-level healing equipment.

Upon returning to the Temple, ascend the stairs and head to the crystal collector to the east. Pull the lever to get four hand mirrors and a yellow crystal. Yellow is complementary to blue according to the colour wheel, so you will have to use it to unlock the blue door. Since you are provided with only four mirrors, the light beam's path will be relatively short. After finding the blue door, use the mirrors and the pillars to direct the light beam (coloured yellow by the crystal you placed inside one of the pillars) onto it, thus making in passable.

Think like this while solving the puzzle. Sometimes, you will need to use multiple crystals to mix colours in order to open a certain door. Below is a step-by-step guide of how to unlock each door, but you should be able to work it out yourself using the above tips.

  • If you do not get the mirrors and crystal the first time, go up and down the stairs to reset the floor, checking the Crystal collector every time until you get them. You will need five free inventory spaces to do so. Click down, then click back up the stairs, when you run towards the Crystal collector click to open it before you get to it, this forces the system to load the proper menu, enabling you to get the items.

Maze of Light[edit | edit source]

Blue door[edit | edit source]

Mourning's End Part II blue door map.png
The blue door, guarded by the infamous handholds.
  • Use a mirror on the nearby pillar.
  • Put a mirror in the pillar giving out the light, and reflect the light north.
  • Walk north to the next pillar. Add a mirror and reflect the light west.
  • Go west, add a mirror, and reflect the light south.
  • Go south to the next pillar. Use your yellow crystal on it to dye the light yellow.
  • Go south and put a mirror in the pillar. Reflect the light east.
  • Climb across several stone handholds. Note that the failure rate is very high. Falling will hit 50 life points damage on you, and take you to the level below which is full of shadows. Go back up the stairs and try again until you make it. This part may be very hard, and players with 65 or less Agility may have extreme difficulty. Using Agility boosts here will help a lot: summer pies heal high, restore run energy and boost Agility by +5.
  • Pass through the blue door and open the chest. You will get 2 more mirrors and a cyan crystal.

Magenta door[edit | edit source]

Mourning's End Part II magenta door map.png

Go back to the crystal collector and pull the lever. Collect all of the items (5 total). You should now have 2 crystals (yellow and cyan) and 6 mirrors. Should you not be able to collect the crystals and the mirrors from the tray by pulling the lever, the problem can be usually solved by climbing down and up the nearby stairs (resetting the floor). Click down, then click back up the stairs, when you run towards the Crystal collector click to open it before you get to it, this allows the proper menu to load.

You have already opened the blue door; the complementary colour to cyan is red, but there is no red door. Therefore you will need to mix cyan with yellow light, creating green light, of which the complementary colour is magenta. You will have to unlock the magenta door with it.

  • Put a mirror in the pillar giving out light. Reflect the light north.
  • Walk north to the next pillar. Add a mirror and reflect the light west.
  • Go west to the next pillar and use the cyan crystal on it to dye the light cyan.
  • Go west to the next pillar. Add a mirror and reflect the light north.
  • Go north to the next pillar. Add a mirror and reflect the light east.
  • Go east to the next pillar and add the yellow crystal. This will dye the cyan light green.
  • Go east and pass through the magenta door. Open the chest to get more mirrors.

Cyan door[edit | edit source]

The cyan door opened.

Go back to the crystal collector and pull the lever. Collect all of the items (10 total).

  • Put a mirror in the pillar giving out light. Reflect the light north.
  • Walk north to the next pillar and use a mirror to reflect the light down (south).
  • Go downstairs to the bottom floor. If you did the above step correctly, you should see a little beam of light coming into the pillar north of the stairs. Put a mirror in it and reflect the light west.
  • Walk west to the next pillar and using a mirror, reflect the light north (through a hole in the wall, a cave and another hole in the wall).
  • Go around to the pillar north of the one you just put a mirror in. Use a mirror on it and reflect the light up (north). If done correctly, you should see a little beam of light flowing up.
  • Go back upstairs to the middle floor and find the pillar with a l