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Jagex Player Support

Player Support Team, also called the Customer Support Team, is the division of Jagex staff that interacts with players. The team is lead by Mod Kelvin, the head of Customer Support, who is supported by a team of three service managers and 35 support specialists. A number of the support team have their own @Jagex Twitter accounts and occasionally appear on RuneScape livestreams and podcasts.

The team are responsible for handling in-game abuse reports, offence appeals, processing account recovery requests, and maintaining the Rules of RuneScape, as well as working alongside the QA team to investigate bug reports.

The team are also responsible for responding to support tickets, monitoring social media, and passing on player feedback and comments. The team run initiatives regarding account security, phishing scams, computer security and more.

Customer support via the website is centred on the online support centre, consisting of six areas: Bug report, Account help, Payment support, Safety centre, Technical support and Message centre. Within each section, users are provided with a drop-down of predefined subjects. Selecting these topics redirects the user to a relevant web page with information. A few of these pages offer an button to "Click here to contact us". This button takes the user to a webform where they can send a message to Jagex support.

Jagex's own website's contact page gives e-mail addresses for specific purposes, but states, "[Runescape] Customer support questions incorrectly sent to an email address above will be deleted!" [1]

Members[edit | edit source]

Current[edit | edit source]

Members of the Player Support Team include:

Picture Name Role
Mod Kelvin.png Mod Kelvin Senior Director of Player Experience
N/A Mod JonnieE Player Support Specialist
N/A Mod Cake Player Support Specialist
Mod Beans.jpg Mod Beans Player Support Specialist
N/A Mod Cheryl Customer Support Specialist
Mod Zee.jpg Mod Zee Customer Support Specialist
N/A Mod Gnarly Customer Support Specialist
N/A Mod Ferret Customer Support Specialist
N/A Mod Beno Player Support manager; Head of Anti-cheating
Mod Chelle.jpg Mod Chelle Senior Player Support Specialist; Training Curator
N/A Mod Mixx Senior Operations Manager
N/A Mod William Player Support Specialist
Mod Noodles.jpg Mod Noodles Player Support Specialist
N/A Mod Lor N/A
Mod Dibs.jpg Mod Dibs Player Support Team Leader
Mod SteveW.jpg Mod SteveW Player Support Manager
N/A Mod Jane P Player Support Specialist
N/A Mod Aatxe Player Support Specialist
N/A Mod Bones Player Support Specialist
N/A Mod Tyran Senior Anti-Cheating Specialist
N/A Mod Neong N/A
N/A Mod Vulkan Customer Service Excellence Specialist
N/A Mod Arrow N/A
N/A Mod Raine N/A
N/A Mod Lex N/A
N/A Mod Flash N/A
N/A Mod Ingwe N/A
N/A Mod Rebel N/A
N/A Mod Dare Player Support Specialist
N/A Mod Seni Head of Player Support
N/A Mod Athena Anti Cheating Specialist
N/A Mod Twisted Anti-Cheating Specialist
N/A Mod Alex S Workforce Management Analyst
N/A Mod Gendo N/A
N/A Mod Skynet N/A
N/A Mod Mouse Junior Fraud Analyst
N/A Mod Jupiter N/A
N/A Mod Chris81 N/A
N/A Mod DC N/A
N/A Mod Rob Customer Support Operations Manager
N/A Mod Peter Player Support Specialist
N/A Mod Murray N/A
N/A Mod Lister Player Support Specialist
N/A Mod Pixel N/A
N/A Mod Tomasz N/A
N/A Mod Yeab N/A
N/A Mod Dawid N/A
N/A Mod Greebo N/A
N/A Mod Loopey N/A

Former[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Role Employed in Left in
Mod Infinity.jpg Mod Infinity Player Support Manager 2013 15 June 2018[2]
Mod Nia.jpg Mod Nia Player Support Specialist 2017 August 2019
Mod Cole.jpg Mod Cole Player Support Specialist 2018
Mod Selfie.jpg Mod Selfie Senior Player Support specialist 2019
N/A Mod Tron Player Support Specialist 2012 2017[3]
N/A Mod Weath Anti Cheating Specialist 27 September 2010 16 September 2020
Mod Reach.png Mod Reach Content Developer September 2010 April 2015
Mod Badlands.jpg Mod Badlands Player Support Specialist February 2020
N/A Mod Liv Player Support 2011
N/A Mod Ani Customer Support 2014
N/A Mod Mog N/A May 2005 June 2012
N/A Mod Bombelki N/A unknown

Stats[edit | edit source]

Main article: /Stats

The Player Support team has published the department's weekly stats from 9 October 2017 to 5 May 2019.

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References[edit | edit source]

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