Cryptbloom armour

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Cryptbloom armour is tier 90 degradable magic tank armour. The pieces are dropped in an incomplete form by Croesus, which can be restored to a usable condition by using croesus flakes on them.

It shares the same stats as Achto Primeval equipment. Likewise, Cryptbloom armour cannot be dyed, although it can be augmented.

Components[edit | edit source]

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Cryptbloom helm.pngCryptbloom helm491.6420----9,152,697
Cryptbloom top.pngCryptbloom top565.3840----10,942,335
Cryptbloom bottoms.pngCryptbloom bottoms540.7630----8,720,773
Cryptbloom gloves.pngCryptbloom gloves122.9-----7,953,215
Cryptbloom boots.pngCryptbloom boots122.9-----8,286,062

Set effect[edit | edit source]

The set possesses the passive ability Nature's Envoy, which provides the following effects when a specific amount of pieces are worn:

  • 2 pieces: Reduces incoming magic damage by 12% and melee by 8%.
  • 3 pieces: Increases effectiveness by 6% and 4% magic and melee damage respectively, for 18% magic and 12% melee damage reduction. The effect is doubled if the player is using earth spells, for 24% magic and 16% melee damage reduction.
  • 4 pieces: Whenever the player takes damage, there is a 6% chance to infect their target with death spores. This increases damage dealt against them from behind by 10% for 15 seconds, along with the 3-piece set effect.
  • 5 pieces: When the player falls below 20% of their maximum health, the armour will generate a fungal shield to protect the player for 15 seconds. Its durability is tied to the player's armour rating and Defence level. The shield has 120 second cooldown time before it can be used again. The player also retains the benefits from the 3 and 4-piece sets.

The effects from the two and three piece set also stack with Animate Dead and tank armour's innate damage reduction benefits. This reduces a significant amount of damage that would otherwise have been incurred, especially when fighting enemies that use melee or magic. Players should note that the gloves and boots are less commonly used due to their lack of utility - cinderbane gloves are stronger against poisonable targets, while kerapac's wrist wraps are stronger against non-poisonable targets. Likewise, blast diffusion boots provide better coverage against all enemies.

The four piece set effect is primarily useful in group bosses when worn by the tank; provided that the tank keeps the boss faced away from the rest of the team, the other teammates will be able to deal increased damage, and even more so when using the Flanking perk. The five piece set effect is mostly redundant against enemies that can deal massive damage that would bypass the effect.

Fungal Shield analysis[edit | edit source]

A fungal shield is generated if the player falls below 20% of their maximum life points while wearing all 5 pieces of cryptbloom armour (provided it is not already on its 2 minute cooldown). The amount of life points stored in the shield, , takes on a random value in discrete steps based on the player's Defence level, , and their Total Armour stat, . The possible values it can take on follow the following relation

where takes on a random integer between , giving one of 21 possible values.

Calculator[edit | edit source]

template  = Calculator:Template/Combat/Fungal Shield
form      = fungalShieldCalcForm
result    = fungalShieldCalcResult

param     = defenceLevel|Defence.png Current Defence level|99|int|1-133||Player's current level after boosts. Valid values are 1-133.
param     = totalArmour|Hero interface icon.png Total Armour|3075|int|0-10000||The total armour value as found in the Combat Stats menu.
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Repair costs[edit | edit source]

Cryptbloom armour can be repaired by using Croesus' flakes on them. The amount repaired for each flake depends on the part.

  • Cryptbloom Helm restores 0.85% for each flake.
  • Cryptbloom Gloves restore 1.25% for each flake.
  • Cryptbloom Boots restore 1.25% for each flake.

Augmented Cryptbloom armour relies on divine charges like many other augmented items, rather than flakes.

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