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A med helm is a piece of melee armour worn in the Headwear slot. Like other melee armour, they provide good defence against ranged attacks, but are weak to magic attacks. These helmets used to offer less protection then their full counterparts, but with the Mining and Smithing rework both styles now have the same stats, meaning the difference is only cosmetic.

Normal medium helmets (Base)[edit | edit source]

Name Level Armour rating Strength bonus GE Price
Bronze med helm.png Bronze med helm 1 Defence-icon.png 30 0 562 coins (update)
Iron med helm.png Iron med helm(+1) 10 Defence-icon.png 40 0 1,171 coins (update)
Steel med helm.png Steel med helm(+1) 20 Defence-icon.png 63 0 4,062 coins (update)
Black helm.png Black helm 25 Defence-icon.png 70 0 1,929 coins (update)
White helm.png White helm 25 Defence-icon.png 70 0 1,929 coins (update)
Mithril med helm.png Mithril med helm(+1.+2) 30 Defence-icon.png 90 0 4,967 coins (update)
Adamant med helm.png Adamant med helm(+1.+2) 40 Defence-icon.png 125 0 9,919 coins (update)
Rune med helm.png Rune med helm(+1.+2.+3) 50 Defence-icon.png 170 0 7,460 coins (update)
Corrupt dragon helm.png Corrupt dragon helm 60 Defence-icon.png 196 14 55,230 coins (update)
Dragon helm.png Dragon helm 60 Defence-icon.png 196 14 58,742 coins (update)

Special helms[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before an update, they were called "med helms" or "medium helms". After the Mining and Smithing update, 'med' was added back to the smithable helm's names.