Strategies for Kalphite King

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Invasion plans.png
This article is a strategy guide for Kalphite King.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Recommended levels and equipment[edit | edit source]

Level recommendations
Style All Large.png
It is recommended to have at least level 90+ in your chosen combat style (Attack & Strength, Ranged or Magic).
It is recommended to have at least level 90+ Defence.
At least 95 Prayer and ancient curses are highly recommended to improve your damage.
Overload detail.png
Use the best combat potions that you have to increase your hit chance and damage. Overloads are recommended at level 96 Herblore.
This boss attacks using all three combat styles, so use any protection prayer if you do not have Soul Split.
Soul Split.png
If you deal high damage, you can use soul split during the fight instead of protection prayers.
Equipment recommendations
Zero weakness icon.png
This involves fighting against multiple weaknesses. Refer to the page below for details.
Use tier 90 weaponry or better
(see recommendations).
Super antipoison detail.png
Protection such as super antipoisons or elder overload salves is recommended to protect against this boss's poison attacks.
Technically this boss is weak to all 3 combat styles across the 3 phases. However with high-end augmented melee gear, you can achieve decent accuracy by using melee throughout the fight.
Optional boosts
Use a damage-boosting familiar to increase your damage: Ripper demon, Kal'gerion demon, Blood reaver, or Steel titan.
Corrupted slayer helmet chathead.png
This boss counts as a slayer task for 'kalphites'. The slayer helmet provides additional damage and accuracy if you are on task.
Cinderbane gloves detail.png
This boss is poisonable, and cinderbane gloves and weapon poisons deal additional damage.
Seren godbow detail.png
The Seren godbow's special attack is very strong against this target with all combat styles as it is a 5x5+ target.
Keris detail.png
If you are low level, use Keris as your melee main-hand weapon. It boosts hit chance by +15% and does 33.3% more damage against this boss. With Hard Desert achievements completed, it boosts hit chance by +25%.

Presets[edit | edit source]

Berserker aura.png
Trimmed masterwork helm.png
Erethdor's grimoire.png
Igneous Kal-Ket.png
Desert amulet 4.png
Armour spikes (alloy).png
Augmented Trimmed Masterwork Platebody.png
Augmented kalphite defender.png
Augmented Trimmed Masterwork Platelegs.png
Cinderbane gloves.png
Laceration boots.png
Ring of vigour.png
Elder overload salve (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).png
Adrenaline renewal potion (4).pngWeapon poison+++ (1).pngGuthix rest flask (6).pngGuthix rest flask (6).png
Augmented Zaros godsword.pngAugmented Masterwork Spear of Annihilation.pngGuthix rest flask (6).pngGuthix rest flask (6).png
Augmented Dark Sliver of Leng.pngAugmented Seren godbow.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.png
Augmented enhanced Excalibur.pngChampion's ring.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.png
Expensive spices.pngVulnerability bomb.png10Blue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.png
Grasping rune pouch (pink).pngGrasping rune pouch (black).pngBlue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.png

Inventory Setup

Grasping rune pouches with the runes for the spells Spellbook Swap, Disruption Shield, Vengeance and Smoke Cloud.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Kalphite King Head Detail.png

The Kalphite King has three different forms, each one corresponding to one of the three combat styles (and each having a corresponding weakness). Each form has a set rotation of auto-attacks, ability attacks, and special attacks which are used in turn, but at any point during the rotation the Kalphite King may change into another form and begin a new attack rotation. The fight begins with the King being in a random form. At the start of the encounter, just as the King appears, use Anticipation while standing directly next to the King to counter the effects of the initial abilities that he uses.

All forms are susceptible to Keris and the player should use Keris throughout the fight. Several abilities such as bleeds and two-handed abilities will require the player to switch to their respective weapon, however if the player equips Keris before the attack(s) register they will deal Keris-enhanced damage. It is recommended to bring a two-handed melee weapon to use Hurricane, Quake and Cleave whenever possible. Quake lowers defence and affinities, making him easier to hit on any form.

The Kalphite King is usually fought as a group, though he can also be fought solo by more experienced players. In a group players take one of two major roles for the fight:

  • Base Tank: keeps the King's aggression on them. Ideally they should be facing away from the rest of the team to use Flanking if applicable, and to reduce the amount of targets that are struck by melee and ranged attacks.
  • Provoker: this player acts as a standard damage-dealer (DPS), but uses Provoke to deal with the King's beetlejuice special attack (explained below).

The Kalphite King's damage is reduced by 25% rather than the usual 50% by protection prayers. Reflected damage, apart from that dealt by armour spikes, is capped at 500. The Kalphite King is not immune to stuns or binds: using a stun will cause him to skip the next attack in his rotation if it is an attack that is possible to skip.

If the Kalphite King is unable to attack his target for more than 10 seconds, he will immediately change his combat form and rapidly heal for 26,000 health until he attacks or is attacked. He can also use two different defensive abilities if a player uses particular abilities against him:

  • If the Kalphite King is attacked with Frenzy or Unload he will activate Barricade and become immune to damage for 10 seconds unless attacked with an attack which disables defensive abilities.
  • If the Kalphite King is attacked with Smoke Tendrils on his magic form, Frenzy on his melee form or Unload on his ranged form respectively, he will activate Immortality. If killed while the effect is active, he revives with 35,000 health. Note this information currently conflicts with the "Best Offence" achievement page and requires evidence on which is most accurate

Attacks[edit | edit source]

The Kalphite King uses the following special attacks:

Forms used in: Attack.png Melee; Ranged.png Ranged; Magic.png Magic
When the Kalphite King's health is reduced to 195,000 and 65,000 he will momentarily pause and use his Stun Aura. A few ticks later a set of five exiled kalphite marauders will appear; one at his main target, and another four on the western side of the arena. The first threshold summons one set of five marauders, while the second threshold summons two sets of five marauders each. Whenever this mechanic is initiated, the next attack he would have done if the minions had not been called for is skipped.
All attacking marauders should be dealt with and it's recommended not to get more than four attacking at once, as they can deal considerable damage and also snipe Resonance when using Beetlejuice. The marauders inflict a weak poison, which should be cleared with an antipoison or Venomblood.
If killing the King solo, hug the eastern wall during the kill. This causes four of the five marauders to spawn in the western and central area of the chamber, while the remaining marauder spawns at the location where the player was when the mechanic initiated. By hugging the east wall, this causes only the location spawning marauder to attack the player. This also keeps the player relatively safe from the central marauders, who can deal significant damage and are unlikely to aggro the player. Any marauders not hugging the east wall should be killed with ranged, to prevent additional marauders from aggro'ing on the player. Their attack range is slightly longer than that of a longbow however, so try to lure them north or south so they get within range. Teleport after collecting your rewards, as the vast number of marauders that remain on the western side can inflict heavy damage and can take too long to clear before the King respawns on the fastest setting.

Forms used in: Attack.png Melee; Ranged.png Ranged; Magic.png Magic
When a green aura surrounds the Kalphite King all damage that he takes heals him for 75% of the amount of damage that is dealt by players.
When a red aura surrounds the Kalphite King all damage that he deals will heal him for 100% of damage that is dealt to players. This also includes damage from the King's beetlejuice attack.
Both auras last for approximately 5 seconds before they are lifted. They are used randomly on top of the current attack rotation. Reducing the damage dealt to/taken from the King during these mechanics effectively reduces the amount of health that the King can restore.

The Kalphite King's Beetlejuice attack

Forms used in: Attack.png Melee; Ranged.png Ranged

The Kalphite King will occasionally charge towards his main target and launch green goo on them. This applies a 7.8 second stun and bind to the target. It will also override any defensive abilities in effect and place most defensive abilities on rapid cooldown. After seven seconds, the Kalphite King will impale his target, dealing 32,000 melee damage and often instant killing them.

When killing the King as part of a group Beetlejuice should be dealt with by players in the provoker role using Provoke to force the King's aggression towards them, equipping a shield or defender, and use Resonance. If this is not possible, Devotion, Immortality, or Barricade can be used in its place. Keep in mind for Devotion, you must be praying Melee. Experienced players can "heal provoke", in which they use Heal Other to restore the health of any injured teammate, and heal themselves from Beetlejuice, reducing the amount of food needed by other players. After Beetlejuice the base tank should use Provoke to direct the King's aggression back to them.

If killing the King solo players can skip Beetlejuice in the King's ranged form by stunning him . Backhand or Kick is recommended for this, as the attack should not often miss with high-level gear.

Beetlejuice cannot be cancelled by stuns in the melee form. However, the attack can be partially negated by either using either Freedom or Barge before the attack commences. Freedom is easiest to rely on. Quickly switch to a melee defender and Bladed Dive as far away as possible when the timer hits 3 seconds before using Resonance to heal from the attack. If this is not available then Divert, Devotion, Barricade or Immortality could be used. It is recommended to stand on the northern or southern most tile on the King's eastern side so the player has an easier time getting away.

Freedom/Barge can be useful if the player loses track of the attack rotation count in either form, but make sure to swap to Protect/Deflect Melee before Beetlejuice is applied if not intending to Resonance the attack. When dealing with minions that spawn just as Beetlejuice commences, it is possible to use Hurricane, Quake or Cleave before the player gets stunned, which can also damage and/or kill the minion that appears.

Forms used in: Attack.png Melee; Magic.png Magic
The Kalphite King prepares to charge towards his target, indicated by an animation lasting around 3 seconds. Players hit by the attack will take around 4,500 hard typeless damage. If he attempts to charge but there is less than 3 spaces available for him to charge the attack will instead be replaced with a Wall Impale attack; where 5,500 hard typeless damage is instantly dealt to a player. The charge attack can be manipulated with controlled movement utilising the eastern wall, which speeds up the kill by a few seconds. It is far easier to achieve in his magic form, as simply standing north-east from the King will cause him to face east when he charges, which is cancelled out with a wall impale because of the lack of distance to charge from. Standing south-east will not work, as he will simply charge south. The charge can also be manipulated in his melee form both northeast and southeast due to chasing after the player, but is far less reliable as he may end up charging west if not given enough distance.

Forms used in: Ranged.png Ranged; Magic.png Magic
The King will apply a stun aura that stuns and binds his targets for 1.8 seconds within a 3 tile radius from him.

The Kalphite King reappears after digging.

Forms used in: Ranged.png Ranged; Magic.png Magic

At the end of the Kalphite King's attack rotation in his magic and ranged forms he will burrow into the ground. Five seconds later, the spike on his back will appear near his target's location as a warning indicator that he is about to emerge. Any player standing on or around the area when he emerges will be shoved aside at a random direction and take up to 5,000 hard typeless damage. The attack has a 5x5 area of effect.

The dig can be skipped in his magic form by successfully stunning him. The dig in his ranged form can only be skipped if he instead calls marauders.

Phases[edit | edit source]

The Kalphite King in melee form (yellow wings)

Weakness: Fire weakness icon.png fire, blood spells or Exsanguinate

The ability attacks used in this form are:

  • Quake: the Kalphite King will stomp the ground, emitting a visible shockwave that will hit all players within 3 spaces of him. This is a standard quake attack and lowers players' defence if it successfully hits.
  • Slaughter: a standard Slaughter bleed which is applied in the direction that the King is facing.
  • Dismember: a standard Dismember bleed which is applied in the direction that the King is facing.
  • Shove: The King pushes players in front of him away, dealing minor melee damage temporarily disabling any shoved targets from dealing damage for a second.

Attack rotation:

  • Dismember
  • Quake
  • Shove
  • Slaughter
  • Dismember
  • Charge
  • Quake
  • Slaughter
  • Beetlejuice

The Charge and Beetlejuice attacks are hard-coded in the attack pattern - stuns will not skip these attacks, but minions can cancel them.

Strategy summary:

  • If starting the fight, use Anticipation before the King spawns.
  • If soloing, hug the eastern wall so that most of the minions will spawn elsewhere in the chamber; kill any that become aggressive to you and use antipoison if required.
  • If soloing, position yourself diagonally across from the King when he performs his Shove and Slaughter abilites so that he will be unable to apply their effects to the player.
  • When the KK uses Beetlejuice:
    • If in a group, the Provoker should use Provoke, switch to a shield/defender and use Resonance. After the attack the Base Tank should use Provoke to regain aggression from the King.
    • If soloing, use Freedom before or during the King's second attack after Charge/Wall Impale, switch to a shield/defender, Bladed Dive away from the King when the stun timer reaches 3 or 4 seconds and use a defensive ability that can block the incoming melee hit (e.g Devotion)
      • Resonance the attack if low health; otherwise, Divert for adrenaline gain. Use Devotion with Protect/Deflect Melee if a marauder is attacking and will land the hit just before or on the same tick as the melee hit.

The Kalphite King in ranged form (green wings)

Weakness: Stab weakness icon.png stab weapons

The auto-attacks used in this form's rotation are used on up to three players at a time and consist of three simultaneous attacks per player. The ability attacks used in this form are:

  • Fragmentation Shot: the King will fire bleeding darts, causing the Fragmentation Shot effect.
  • Binding Shot: the King will fire darts at a group of players, causing the Binding Shot effect.
  • Incendiary Shot: the King fires an incendiary shot - unlike the players' variant, this shot works differently and consists of two separate attacks. The first attack is a "check" roll, which affects the subsequent shot - for example, if two of the three "check" hits connects with the player, then the player will take two hits of Incendiary Shot. Each shot can deal up to 2,500 damage. This attack is always following by Binding Shot in the rotation and the combination of attacks can deal considerable damage to players.

Attack rotation:

  • Binding Shot
  • Fragmentation Shot
  • Stun Aura
  • 2 standard auto-attacks
  • Beetlejuice
  • Incendiary Shot
  • Binding Shot
  • Fragmentation Shot
  • Dig

The Beetlejuice attack can be skipped with a stun but the dig is hard-coded. Minions being summoned can cancel out either attack. Use stun after the second auto-attack following the stun aura.

Strategy summary:

  • If starting the fight, use Anticipation before the King spawns.
  • If soloing, hug the eastern wall so that most of the minions will spawn elsewhere in the chamber; kill any that become aggressive to you.
  • When the Incendiary Shot/Binding Shot attack combination is used, use Freedom to prevent being stunned.
    • If you get bound by Binding Shot, use Barge to break free of it. If the King dives away and there are no suitable targets to use Barge, either use Freedom or Bladed Dive away after the bind lifts. The bind will always lift before the King emerges from the ground, but generally with little time to spare.
  • When the KK uses Beetlejuice:
    • If in a group, the Provoker should use Provoke, switch to a shield/defender and use Resonance. After the attack the Base Tank should use Provoke to regain aggression from the King.
    • If soloing, use a stun to skip the attack. If stuns are mistimed or attack count thrown off, can also be skipped in the same manner as skipping the melee variant.

The Kalphite King in magic form (blue wings)

Weakness: Arrow weakness icon.png arrows

The King launches yellow-green orbs in place of standard attacks. Though the King will still focus on one player, his attacks are placed on the tile of all players within a 15 spaces of the King as they are launched, before slowly rising up and exploding. All of these orbs have 100% accuracy and will always hit regardless of the player's armour rating if they are caught in its blast, and have a 5x5 AoE. The ability attacks used in this form are:

AoE magic attack in effect.
  • Wrack and Impact orbs: indicated by a single blue energy orb. If it hits, players will be stunned and bound for 2 seconds.
  • Combust: a single orb which causes the effect of Combust when hit.
  • Wild Magic: double orbs with a gap of one space in between them. Getting hit by one of the orbs will cause the other one to hit, even if the player is not within range of it, dealing up to half of your maximum health.

Attack rotation:

  • Wrack orb
  • Impact orb
  • Stun aura
  • Impact orb
  • Combust orb
  • Dig
  • Wild Magic orb
  • Wrack Orb
  • Charge

The charge and stun orbs are hard-coded in the attack pattern - stuns will not skip these attacks, though minions can cancel out the charge attack.

Strategy summary:

  • If starting the fight, use Anticipation before the King spawns.
  • If soloing, hug the eastern wall so that most of the minions will spawn elsewhere in the chamber; kill any that become aggressive to you.
  • Use a stun after he uses a stun aura and then 2 auto-attacks. This will prevent him from digging away with Dig. Stunning too early will result in an early or double dig which can impede kill times. If the King is too close to the centre of the area, either through far too much DPS, skipped charge by minions or charges the wrong way, it is best to let him dig so that he may be placed correctly; use ranged until this occurs if marauders are around. If stunned to skip the dig attack, and the King does not walk east under the player, make sure to have him facing east so that he charges towards the eastern wall.