Final Boss (achievement)

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Final Boss is an achievement that requires the player to defeat all bosses 100 times and have a total of 5,000 boss kills.

Hardmode is not required, but hardmode kills do count as regular kills. If hardmode kills are used to unlock the Final Boss title but the player lacks 100 kills in normal mode for any boss, the achievement remains locked, although the title itself can still be worn.

Completing this achievement awards the Final Boss [Name] title.

Required achievements for the Final Boss title.
Along Came a Spider VIAmbassador No Maw VI
Barrowed Power VIBesting the Celestial VI
Bird is the Word VIBrass Nex VI
Bug Swatter VIBug Zapper VI
Come and Have Vorago VICorporeal Punishment VI
Crabtivating VICrossing Over VI
Dagannoth for Everyone VIDenied The Hydra VI
Descension VIeLeMeNtAl kIlL cHaOs VI
Fast and Furious VIGeneral Mayhem VI
Gregorgeous VIHardly a Challenge VI
I Came In Like a Rex-ing Ball VIJu-raksha Park VI
Kill K'ril VILiving on a Prayer Switch VI
Loot Pinata VIMaster of Beatings VI
Masuta Master VIMole Removal VI
Nex Pls VIReset To Phylactery Settings VI
Slay-ryu VISomething Barrowed VI
Superiority Complex VITelos Where it Hurts VI
This Helwyr in VIThree Heads are Deader than One VI
Vindictive and Vexatious VIWhack Stone Dragon VI
Who's the Boss? VIWood Kill Again VI
Yak and Ruin VIZilly Way To Die VI

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 25 June 2018 (Update):
    • Corrected an issue in which Crossing Over VI wasn't shown on the requirements for the Final Boss achievement.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before an update on 10 September 2018, this achievement had 75 RuneScore.