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A bank sale occurs when a player attempts to sell multiple bank items directly to another player. This is done primarily to free up bank space and tidy up one's bank, rather than for money-making. A player conducting a bank sale would withdraw the items, usually in notes, from the bank and stand in a populated bank or near a populated area with decent traffic while advertising their sale. When a potential buyer trades, he will typically choose one or a few items to buy, and the seller removes the unwanted items. Haggling is common during bank sales.

Advertising phrases used include "bsale!", "bank sale", "B sale" or just "sale!", often with a guide price ("b sale 150k" or "b sale, half off") or mentioning items of value ("b sale, zammy legs"). In crowded areas, flashy chat effects are used to grab attention, as well as adding one's screenname ("bank sale - Elfinlocks") so finding the trade partner is easier. Occasionally the terms "junk sale" or "noob sale" may also be used if applicable.

Common items offered include low-value bulk items in large quantities like low-level seeds and body runes, which may also be products of skilling like tiaras or willow logs, as well as monster loot that is difficult to sell otherwise. Bank sale items usually are offered below their market price because of disposing of the items taking priority over profit or breaking even.

With the release of the Grand Exchange, the popularity of bank sales has decreased to the point that it is rare to see a player offering one. This is due to the GE providing a much faster and easier way to liquidate unwanted items. As such, bank sales usually consist of junk items that are hard to sell on the GE. Alchemising also is a simple alternative, but may not always be the smart choice. Bank sales seem to be marginally more frequent on free-to-play worlds, because of both possible game inexperience, lesser bank space and limited slots.

Payment[edit | edit source]

Cash only[edit | edit source]

The seller strictly only will accept cash as payment, and accept no items. The predominant and default bank sale payment method.

Items[edit | edit source]

Sometimes players will accept items. Item payments may also include a combination of cash and items, seller willing. Item payment is typically used with junk items. More commonly to turn unstable junk into stable junk. So if the seller thinks they can profit from an item(s)-to-item(s) trade, they take it--profit is the notable difference between cash and item payments.

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