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A critical hit is a type of hitsplat that may occur in combat. There are two different kinds, though identical in appearance. Critical hits are indicated by a large, bold and italic font. The colour of the hitsplat indicates the combat style used, with orange for melee, green for ranged, and blue for magic.

The appearance of critical hitsplats can be overriden by the Heroic Crit and Splat Pack, which are purchased from Solomon's General Store.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Forced Criticals: These critical hits cause a player to deal between 95% to 100% of their attack's maximum damage of the normalised damage range, for both abilities and auto-attacks. This means that for a normalised[1] standard 20%-100% ability a forced critical hit will cause your damage to be between 96%[2]-100% of your ability damage. In PvP forced criticals instead cause a player to deal between 66-100% of their attack's maximum damage of the normalised damage range.
    • These criticals are sourced from the following:
  • Natural Criticals: These occur when a player's hit is above 95% of the maximum damage unless the Equilibrium aura or perk are in use. If either are used, the minimum of the natural critical range as a percentage of the original range (before considering Equilibrium) is used to find the "new" natural critical minimum.
  • See example below for how to find the forced and natural critical hits.

Example[edit | edit source]

This example is an approximation. For the exact calculation, click show on the "Full Calculation" below.

Consider an ability (without the use of Equilibrium) which has a minimum to maximum damage range of to .

Now apply a Weapon gizmo that has Equilibrium 3 to the weapon. This will change the minimum to maximum damage range of the same ability to to .

The forced critical hit minimum, .

To find the natural critical range first requires finding the new natural critical minimum with Equilibrium, :

This means that the natural critical hit range with the addition of Equilibrium 3 is to .

The chance to land a natural critical hit is then .


  • This is meant to act as an approximation.
  • This was tested in-game and was found to be within 1 of where the forced critical hits occurred (1894 was the minimum of the forced critical hits).
  • This was tested in-game and was found to be within 1 of where the natural critical hits occurred (1866 did not land a critical hit but 1867 did).
  • This was tested using the Punish ability with only a Dharok's Greataxe equipped.
  • The ability damage was 1506 with use of the Berserker aura and Supreme overload potion. Malevolence was also used.
  • The pre-Equilibrium values came from the weapon only having Precise 5. After adding Equilibrium 3, the perks on the weapon were Precise 5 and Equilibrium 3.
  • There is a bit more nuance involved in terms of which values are stored in order to directly calculate the appropriate values given the conditions.
Full Calculation
Start off with the Ability Damage (AD) as found in the ingame stat menu.
Find the base Fixed value (this is also the minimum hit) and the base Variable value (Fixed + Variable is also the maximum hit) using the AD and the ability damage percents.
The minimum of Punish is
The Variable amount is the difference between the minimum and maximum.
Find the effective Fixed amount and effective Variable amount that comes from the contribution from the active Prayer/Curse. In this case, a boost from Malevolence.
Include the boosted amount that comes from having boosted stats above base stats to the effective Fixed amount and effective Variable amount (In this case, with Supreme overload potion and Berserker aura, the Strength level is 128/99 and is therefore boosted by 29 levels). The amount added to both the effective Fixed and effective Variable is .

Now the process is continued with the inclusion of the Precise 5 perk.

Find the amount of damage that Precise will add to the minimum ().
  • is the rank of the Precise Perk
Find the new fixed and variable values with Precise.
Important: Determine the natural critical probability using these values (that is, before including Equilibrium) as well as the border of where the natural critical hits begin:
The border, that is the fraction of damage that will not be a critical hit is therefore:
This will help to find the natural critical minimum hit for only Precise 5. The 10% from the Berserker aura will be used for this line to find it.

Now the process is continued with the inclusion of the Equilibrium 3 perk.

Find the new fixed and variable values with Equilibrium.
  • is the rank of the Equilibrium Perk

Apply the 10% from the Berserker aura to give the final values.

Find the final fixed and variable values.

Find the entire damage range.

This gives a damage range of to (where the maximum is ).
Note: the forced critical max may be lower by . In this case, for example, a forced critical max is

Find the final natural critical hit minimum with Equilibrium () and the Berserker aura:

And the forced critical hit minimum with Equllibrium () and the Berserker aura can now also be found:

Damage caps[edit | edit source]

While normal hits have a damage cap of 10,000, critical hits cap at 12,000 damage. This cap is further raised to 15,000 damage and critical hit chance increased by 12% when Erethdor's grimoire is active in the pocket slot. The Mazcab abilities Onslaught, Storm Shards, and Shatter are unique in the fact that their critical hits cap at 30,000.

If the target is under the effects of Smoke Cloud, then the damage caps of 12,000 and 15,000 are raised. The cap is different for Magic and non-Magic combat styles.

Increased critical hit damages and caps due to Smoke Cloud
Combat Style Increase in
critical hit damage
Critical hit cap
without Erethdor's grimoire.png with Erethdor's grimoire.png
Magic.png 15% 13,440 16,800
Ranged.pngAttack.png 6% 12,576 15,720

Unaffected abilities:

  • Critical hits with Shatter or Onslaught keep their cap at 30,000.
  • Tuska's Wrath keeps its cap at 15,000.


  • The Dark Shard of Leng's special attack, Icy Tempest, increases the damage cap by 30%, allowing critical hits to deal up to 20,436 damage.

Interaction with Ultimate abilities[edit | edit source]

The mechanics of ultimate abilities Meteor Strike, Incendiary Shot, and Tsunami utilise critical hits. In the 30 seconds after any of them is used, each critical hit dealt generates 10% adrenaline.

Bleeds[edit | edit source]

Damage over time abilities (bleeds) can never be critical hits. They are unaffected by all forms of critical hit chance increases.

Critical hit chance boosts[edit | edit source]

There are effects that have chances to force a particular hit to become a critical hit, causing it to deal 95% to 100% of its maximum damage instead of whatever amount it would have been otherwise. It is unknown if these boosts stack with each other additively or multiplicatively. They include:

  • The Biting perk, which has a 2% chance per rank to force a hit to be a critical hit, maximising at 8% for rank 4
  • Warpriest of Tuska armour and Anima core of Sliske (when attuned to Tuska), which have a 1% chance per piece equipped for a maximum of 6%
    • Augmented Anima core of Sliske's critical hit chance increase does not stack with Biting; the set effect takes priority over the perk regardless which increase is larger.
  • Erethdor's Grimoire, which has a 12% critical hit chance in addition to increasing the critical hit damage cap to 15,000
  • Fury ability, which performs three hits; each hit increases the next hit's chance to become a critical hit by 5% (thus the second hit of Fury has a 5% chance, the third has 10%, and the next ability used after Fury has a 15% chance)
    • Greater Fury ability, which has a 10% chance for the next ability used, or 100% if Greater Fury was itself a critical hit
  • Concentrated Blast ability, which has an effect identical to Fury; each hit increases the next hit's chance to become a critical hit by 5% (thus the second hit of Concentrated Blast has a 5% chance, the third has 10%, and the next ability used after Concentrated Blast has a 15% chance)
  • The Corbicula rex perk from the Anachronia Dinosaur Farm, which increases the critical hit chance of Meteor Strike (for each individual target hit) by 20% or 40%, respectively, from tiers 1 and 2.
  • A Kal'gerion Demon familiar when using Kal'gerion Demon scroll (Crit-i-Kal)s will temporarily provide the player, the familiar, and other nearby players with a +5% critical hit buff for 15 seconds. This affects anyone around the familiar.
  • The Reaver's Ring gives the Reckless Assault passive effect which adds 5% critical strike chance at the cost of 5% accuracy.

Previous function[edit | edit source]

Before the Legacy Mode update of 14 July 2014, critical hits functioned via a critical bonus, a probability of how often a player would land a critical hit. There was a separate bonus for each of melee, Ranged, and magic, and each bonus could be increased by wearing jewellery, capes, scrimshaws, and certain weapons. These critical bonuses replaced the pre-EoC equipment bonuses (Strength bonus, Ranged strength, and Magic damage).

When a player landed a critical hit, they dealt 100% to 105% of their attack's maximum damage. This applied to both abilities and auto-attacks.

Critical bonuses were changed to damage bonuses with the Legacy Mode update.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Damage range where the max hit is 100%
  2. ^ 20% + 95% * (100% - 20%) = 96%