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"Crit" redirects here. For critical swings in Mining, see Mining § Critical Swing.

A critical hit is a type of hitsplat that may occur in combat. There are two different kinds, though identical in appearance:

  • Forced Criticals: Occurs when a player deals 95% to 100% of their attack's maximum damage of the normalised damage range, for both abilities and auto-attacks. This means that for a normalised[1] standard 20%-100% ability you will see a critical hit if your damage is in between 96%[2]-100% of your ability damage.
  • Natural Criticals: Occurs when a player's hit is above 95% of the maximum damage.

While normal hits have a damage cap of 10,000, critical hits (from basic and threshold abilities) cap at 12,000 damage. This cap is further raised to 15,000 damage and critical hit chance increased by 12% when Erethdor's grimoire is active in the pocket slot.

The Mazcab abilities Onslaught, Storm Shards and Shatter are unique in the fact that their critical hits cap at 30,000.

Critical hits are characterised by a large, bold and italic font. The colour of the hitsplat indicates the combat style used, with orange for melee, green for ranged, and blue for magic.

The mechanics of abilities Meteor Strike, Incendiary Shot, and Tsunami involve critical hits. In the 30 seconds after any of them is used, each critical hit dealt will generate 10% adrenaline.

The Biting perk has a 2% chance per rank to force a hit to be a critical hit. This stacks with the effect of Erethdor's grimoire. Warpriest of Tuska armour has a set effect which adds a chance to force a critical hit - 1% per part worn (minimum 3 parts); this effect does stack with the grimoire but does not stack with the Biting perk.

Previous function[edit | edit source]

Before the combat updates of 14 July 2014, critical hits functioned via a critical bonus, a probability of how often a player would land a critical hit. There was a separate bonus for each of melee, Ranged, and magic, and each bonus could be increased by wearing jewellery, capes, scrimshaws, and certain weapons. These critical bonuses replaced the pre-EoC equipment bonuses (Strength bonus, Ranged strength, and Magic damage).

When a player landed a critical hit, they dealt 100% to 105% of their attack's maximum damage. This applied to both abilities and auto-attacks.

Critical bonuses were changed to damage bonuses on 14 July 2014.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Damage range where the max hit is 100%
  2. ^ 20% + 95% * (100% - 20%) = 96%