Strategies for Yakamaru

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This article is a strategy guide for Yakamaru.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Recommended levels and equipment[edit | edit source]

Beastmaster Durzag chathead.png
You need to defeat Beastmaster Durzag in a raids group in order to enter the boss arena for Yakamaru.
Level recommendations
Style All Large.png
It is recommended to have at least level 90+ in your chosen combat style (Attack & Strength, Ranged or Magic).
It is recommended to have at least level 90+ Defence.
Deflect Melee.png
At least 71 Prayer and ancient curses are recommended to protect against this boss' attacks.
Overload detail.png
Use the best combat potions that you have to increase your hit chance and damage. Overloads are recommended at level 96 Herblore.
Augmented gear with basic perks is sufficient at 86 Invention.
Deflect Magic.png
This boss has mandatory prayer-switching and a secondary action bar with hotkey-bound protection prayers is strongly recommended.
Auto-retaliate off.png
You need to keep auto-retaliate off, because this boss has reflect or other mechanics that require it.
Equipment recommendations
Optional boosts
Use a damage-boosting familiar to increase your damage: Ripper demon, Kal'gerion demon, Blood reaver, or Steel titan.
Slayer helmet immune.png
This boss does not count as any slayer task, so the slayer helmet damage boost has no effect.
Anti-poison Active (self status).png
This boss is immune to poison. Cinderbane gloves and weapon poisons do not deal additional damage.
Hexhunter bow detail.png
The hexhunter bow deals +12.5% ability damage and has a flat +10% hitchance when used against this boss.
Seren godbow detail.png
The Seren godbow's special attack is at maximum strength against this target with all combat styles as it is a blocking 5x5+ target.

Styles[edit | edit source]

  • If maging you should be on either the standard spellbook to cast debuff spells on Yakamaru or the Ancient Magicks spellbook to cast Ice Barrage on summoned jellyfish to bind them for 10 seconds. If tanking it is recommended to be on Ancients and be dual wielding due to 2-handed weapon's slow attack rate.
  • If ranging you should be on lunar spells with access to Vengeance spells and Disruption Shield. Ranged users can use bolas to bind jellyfish for ten seconds.
  • Melee can be used but is not recommended if inexperienced. You will need to prayer switch while moving around and are more likely to targeted during the fight. However an experienced meleer can be useful for debuffing with Quake. If meleeing you should be on lunar spells with access to Vengeance spells and Disruption Shield.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Yakamaru is the boss fought in the second part of the Liberation of Mazcab raid. Yakamaru must be fought by a team in an instance organised through the Grouping System; up to 10 players can form the team. To fight Yakamaru you must have killed the first Raids boss, Beastmaster Durzag, at least once. To go straight to the Yakamaru fight via an instance portal all players must have previously completed the canals puzzle after defeating Durzag and have then dived into the Yakamaru arena through the waterfall at the end of the canals. If any team member has not done this then the whole team must complete the puzzle before the Yakamaru fight.

Yakamaru arena.png

The fight takes places in an arena containing five pools. Yakamaru will initially spawn in the central pool with 1,000,000 life points. After its health has been reduced to 800,000 it will move to one of the other four pools. Yakamaru will gain a particular special attack dependent on which of the pools that it appears in. After 100,000 damage has been dealt to Yakamaru it will move back to the central pool. Prior to Yakamaru moving pools the team must attempt to poison it.

If the poisoning attempt is successful then, after 200,000 further damage has been dealt to Yakamaru in the central pool, it will rotate to another the next one of the four other pools in a clockwise rotation. If Yakamaru is not poisoned successfully then the team must deal 250,000 damage to it in the central pool, after which it will move back to its previous pool. The team must repeat the phase until Yakamaru has been poisoned successfully. Yakamaru must be poisoned at the end of each phase in order for the team to progress to the next one. After all four pools/phases have been completed and Yakamaru's health has been decreased to 50,000 it will spawn mirages of itself in each of the four pools. The mirages have 150,000 life points each and use the specific mechanics of each pool. The team must fight the mirages simultaneously and close up their pools before finally killing Yakamaru.

If you are out of combat during the fight with Yakamaru a message will appear saying Yakamaru is displeased with your cowardice, and throws dangerous projectiles at you!, dealing 2,000 damage to all players out of combat with it. This means that it is a fight to the death, although players can leave a failed kill by asking the group leader to kick them or removing themselves from the group. Players can also prevent this by using anticipate, freedom, surge, or escape to stay in combat stance if they are outside Yakamaru's attack range.

Roles[edit | edit source]

  • The base tank (BT) maintains Yakamaru's focus in a direction away from the rest of the team while using defensive abilities to minimise the damage that they receive. Wearing tank armour is recommended. If owned tempest, primeval, or teralith armour also have a passive chance to reset defensive abilities' cooldowns. Spirit shields have a passive damage reduction ability, though you will have to compensate for the additional prayer drain while using them. The base tank can either tank at melee distance with any combat style while praying against magic or tank at a distance using ranged or magic while praying against ranged. A major benefit of melee distance (MD) tanking is that base tanks gain a combat triangle advantage if they wear high level ranged tank armour. However it requires more attention as you must switch from praying against magic to praying against range when switching pools.
  • The north tank (NT) is backup if the base tank dies or is preoccupied. They should use ranged or magic gear. During the mirage phase the north tank should tank both the stun and sand pool mirages and then provoke/stun any jellyfish attacking the DPS at stun pool. This north tank can also help the stun mirage DPS by dealing damage to the pool with them, while using defensive abilities.
  • The poison tank (PT) is responsible for poisoning Yakamaru towards the end of each of his four phases.
  • The double poison (DBL) is a backup for the poison tank role. This role is obsolete if Yakamaru starts the fight at the stun pool.
  • The resuscitator (CPR) saves the poison tank from the instakill effect that can be applied after successfully poisoning Yakamaru.
  • The main stun (MS) is responsible for stunning Yakamaru on the stun pool/phase when its defence gets too high.
  • The backup stun (BUS) will stun Yakamaru if the main stun's stun fails to hit.
  • Three DPSers should be assigned to stunDPS (ST0 and ST5) for the mirage phase. Two (ST5) of the three will collect 5 planks to close the stun mirage's pool.
  • The shark tank (SH10) grabs 10 planks and uses them to close the sharknado pool during the mirage phase.
  • The jellyfish wrangler (JW) tags all the jellyfish during the mirage phase and holds their aggression away from the DPSers and tanks.
  • One magic DPS debuffer should cast the debuff spells Vulnerability and Enfeeble to increase damage dealt to Yakamaru by 10% and decrease damage received from Yakamaru by 10% every minute.
  • Any remaining team members should be standard range DPS in power armour. If possible they should be using Vengeance Group or Intercept while under the effects of Devotion.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Auto-attacks[edit | edit source]

Yakamaru's auto-attacks will hit everyone within a 20x20 radius. The damage type depends on the distance from Yakamaru.

Magic splash (Magic auto-attack): Players within 2 squares will be hit with magic auto-attacks.

Ranged tendrils (Ranged auto-attack): Anyone 3 or more spaces away from Yakamaru will be hit with ranged auto-attacks, indicated by tentacles bursting from the ground beneath the player.

Both attacks have 100% accuracy but with sufficient armour rating it is possible for an attack to "miss". Attacks which "miss" deal 50% less damage than they would have done if they hit successfully.

Enrage stacks[edit | edit source]

Water power (Enrage stack): Yakamaru has an enrage mechanic, similar to Beastmaster Durzag, where the damage that it deals increases over time. Yakamaru can apply up to 15 enrage stacks to its main target as well as anyone in a 7x7 area around that target. The Yakamaru drenched (self status).png debuff icons being present on your debuff bar indicates that an enrage stack has been applied One stack is applied each time that Yakamaru uses an auto-attack. Each stack applied increases damage taken by 20%.

Yakamaru will warn you about increased enrage three times, saying:

  1. Yakamaru's water begins to drench you - As soon the effect is applied, thus x1.2 damage taken.
  2. Yakamaru's waters begin to soak through you - Damage multiplier has reached x2, after 5 hits taken.
  3. Yakamaru's waters conducts his full power. - Damage multiplier has reached x3, after 10 hits taken.

With the maximum of 15 stacks applied the player takes x4 damage. Using Freedom halves, rounding down, the number of active enrage stacks. If Freedom is on cooldown, Devotion and Debilitate can be used to temporarily reduce damage.

Unlike Durzag, Yakamaru does not reset his enraging mechanic when it is not focusing on that player, so the only way to decrease stacks is by continually using Freedom whenever those messages appear. But like Durzag, Yakamaru's enrage increases faster than the base tank's or the north tanks' freedom goes off cooldown, so the base tank and the north tanks will always have some level of enrage on them. Also, unlike Durzag, Yakamaru's enrage stacks will not clear defensive abilities or put them on cooldown when reaching 5/10/15 stacks.

Even if the base tank has Yakamaru facing away from the DPS team, the DPS team is still likely to get enrage stacks especially while Yakamaru switches pools, at the start of the fight, and if the DPS team attacks Yakamaru before the base tank at a new pool. The DPS team should use freedom immediately after they receive the in-game message regarding enrage stacks.

Jellyfish[edit | edit source]

Jelly group: Jellyfish spawn throughout the fight with Yakamaru. If the player is in combat with a jellyfish then they will not be hit by Yakamaru's ranged auto-attacks, although the magic attacks can still damage you if you are too close to the active pool. This can be useful for healing with Soul Split.

They should be killed during the mirage phase as they have a very fast attack speed and deal a decent amount of damage at their target. Stuns temporarily stop them from attacking.

  • Durable Jellyfish.png: RS3 Inventory image of Durable JellyfishDurable Jellyfish heal nearby jellyfish for up to 5% of their maximum life points per heal and can also heal Yakamaru for 5,000 life points per heal. After all mirages have been defeated during mirage phase Yakamaru is able to consume the jellyfish to heal all of his life points.
  • Magical jellyfish.png: RS3 Inventory image of Magical jellyfishMagical jellyfish attack using Magic.
  • Piercing Jellyfish.png: RS3 Inventory image of Piercing JellyfishPiercing Jellyfish attack using Ranged.
  • Meleefish.png: RS3 Inventory image of MeleefishMeleefish attack using melee.
  • Reflecting Jellyfish.png: RS3 Inventory image of Reflecting JellyfishReflecting Jellyfish cause all nearby combat jellyfish (meleefish, piercing jellyfish and magical jellyfish) to take 50% less damage from all incoming attacks. 25% of damage inflicted to jellyfish in proximity will also be dealt back onto the aggressor. If within melee distance of Yakamaru the reflecting jellyfish will cure its poison status. The reflecting jellyfish cannot be attacked but can be stunned.

Special attacks[edit | edit source]

Yakamaru uses a special attack after every 4 auto-attacks throughout the whole fight. The special attacks are:


Jelly spawn (Orange jellyfish): an orange jellyfish and five cracks appear in the area. The jellyfish are aggressive and deal very high melee damage which shatters onto anyone near their current target. This ability caps at 10 jellyfish spawns: if Yakamaru attempt to use the attack whilst there are already 10 jellyfish spawned then only additional geysers will appear. Orange jellyfish should be killed as soon as possible when they spawn.

Players can stand on the cracks to cause a geyser to erupt from the ground. The player will take around 1,500-2,000 magic damage, which can be reduced by using defensive abilities, but will deal 10,000 damage to the jellyfish. If the jellyfish is targeted it is safe to Soul Split until it dies, and use Resonance on the geyser for healing, but only if the crack is not so close to Yakamaru that you would be hit with magic attacks.

Soak (Blue): if there are two or more players in Yakamaru's attack range one of the players that it is not targeting will turn into a blue water elemental. In this form the player cannot use movement abilities and will be hit hard typeless damage for up to four hits in 2.4 second intervals. The damage dealt is initially 1,500, then 2,500, 3,500 and 4,500.

In order to dispel Yakamaru's power the targeted player has to pass it to another player by standing next to someone else who has not yet been affected by the attack. If there are no players around the affected player affected should spam eat high-healing food like sailfish in conjunction with Saradomin brews to recover as much health in one tick. Simply spamming Saradomin brews will not be enough to counter the damage. Players can choose to right click and follow a player affected by this attack.

Outer pool: each of the pools has a specific special attack, outlined below.

Phases[edit | edit source]

Starting the fight[edit | edit source]

DPS position for start of fight

Yakamaru always appears first in the central pool, with a barrier surrounding it. Players in DPS roles should group in close proximity to other DPSers in the gap between the southern pools as seen in the image to the right. Team members should cast Intercept and Vengeance Group as often as they can; being in a group will allow the spells to affect maximum team members. DPSers should pray against ranged attacks. Tag and stun any jellyfish and deal with special attacks as outlined above.

The player in the base tank role should stand on the east side of the central pool, while remaining in surging distance of other pools, so that Yakamaru's attacks are directed away from the DPS group and they are not affected by enrage stacks. The designated tank should shatter the barrier when the team is in position to start the fight. The base tank should prioritise preventing or minimising damage over healing by cycling between Resonance, Debilitate, Reflect, Devotion, Barricade, and Immortality while using Freedom as often as possible to reduce enrage stacks. Always make sure there is one damage reducing or damage preventing defensive ability active at all times throughout the fight. The base tank can switch to Soul Split after using barricade to heal and switch back to praying range before it runs out.

Yakamaru's attack rotation in this phase is:

  • 3 auto-attacks
  • Jellyfish
  • 3 attacks
  • Blue
  • Repeat

After Yakamaru's life points have been reduced from 1,000,000 to 800,000 it will move to one of the other pools. The tank should use Resonance or Barge at this point.

Pools[edit | edit source]

After the initial stage Yakamaru will move to one of the four other pools at random. It will then move through the other pools in a clockwise rotation based on the previous pool.

South pool (Tentacles)Centre pool (Poison)South-west pool (Sharknado)North-west pool (Sand)North-east pool (No-stun)
Click on the pool icon for information of the phase.

Yakamaru tentacles (boss status).png

Tendril assault: During this phase Yakamaru has access to two tentacle abilities that are used at the same time.

Strangling tendrils: Yakamaru chokes the top 5 DPSers, dealing small but increasing damage starting at around 200 per 2 game ticks. This also binds players and clears and resets defensive abilities. Affected players will be freed once enough damage has been done on Yakamaru. If the tentacle effect is somehow left uncleared it can deal very high damage. If the Strangling tendrils attack has been applied and the player then gets targeted by the bunched up tentacle attack they will only take damage from the latter.

Whipping tendrils: Yakamaru summons a group of tendrils near his current target. These deal rapid hits of 2,000 every 0.6 seconds to anyone in the area. The attack can be easily seen as Yakamaru will lower its head towards its main target, rather than using regular attacks, but the attack will have already been released when it does this animation.

Deal damage to Yakamaru while avoiding his special attacks until the end of the phase, where like all phases, poison will spawn. Attacks are used in this rotation:

  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Jellyfish
  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Blue
  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Tentacle special attack
  • Repeat
Base tank

The base tank should Provoke Yakamaru at the beginning of the tentacles pool as it can otherwise use its tentacle special attack immediately at the closest player. To counter this run around when the pool spawns until you know where the rotation is at.

When the "blue" special attack has been used count four auto-attacks as the tentacle special attack will then occur. When Yakamaru is about to do the special attack use Escape or Surge. If done correctly the tendrils will be completely avoided and spawn on the path that the tank just moved from. Another way of dealing with tendrils is to use Barricade or Immortality when they are expected to spawn.


Continue to deal damage as in the initial phase while avoiding attacks.

Poison tank
If you suspect that the tentacle special attack is going to be used about to be used while Yakamaru nears 100,000 health ensure to not be one of the top 5 DPSing team members as you will be targeted by the attack and hindered from taking the poison

Yakamaru Sharknado (boss status).png

Sharknado: During this phase Yakamaru has the ability to create sharknados. The whirlpool around Yakamaru will grow larger and have sharks circling around in it. After several attacks Yakamaru will release the sharks and they will drop onto the floor in a circle and then explode, dealing 2,100-2,400 typeless damage per shark. Move away from the sharks to avoid taking damage. Surge and Escape can be used, but be careful not to use them before the sharks have appeared on the ground as this will cause them to appear on the tile that you have surged or escaped to. Immediately after the sharks explode, an orange jellyfish will spawn.

It is possible to fish the sharknado pool, which will reduce the amount of sharks that are subsequently release, but this is not recommended as the attack can easily be avoided. It is also possible to kick the sharks away after they have landed but this is also unnecessary.

Deal damage to Yakamaru while avoiding his special attacks until the end of the phase, where like all phases, poison will spawn. Attacks are used in this rotation:

  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Jellyfish
  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Blue
  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Sharknado
  • Repeat
Base tank

The base tank should use Barricade when the sharks are launched. If it is on cooldown run, surge or escape away from the pool. Return to the pool once the sharks have exploded. Do not tank the sharks with Immortality because the sharks do not explode at the same time: one shark can activate immortality but the other ones that explode a tick or two later can kill the base tank.


Continue to deal damage as in the initial phase while avoiding attacks.

Poison tank
If Yakamaru is near 150,000 life points and a sharknado is about to be launched be ready to use Barricade to tank the sharks while focusing on obtaining poison. Run or Barge to melee distance.

Yakamaru sand (boss status).png

Quicksand: In this phase Yakamaru uses a special attack where it dampens the ground around him causing all but two players within 20 squares to be stuck in the sand, clearing defensive abilities and putting them on cooldown. A message will appear for two people not affected by the ability saying Yakamaru drags your team into quicksand! Free them before they drown!. All defensive abilities active on the player, excluding Freedom and Anticipation, will reset. Right after resonating the geyser, you can cast it on Yakamaru to lessen damage while other abilities are on cooldown.

There is no warning message for players affected by the attack. Each player starts out at a random level of being submerged in the sand and will need to be freed by the unaffected players. If not saved before they sink to the lowest level then the player will be instantly killed. Signs/portents of life/death will still activate. As Yakamaru pauses attacks during the quicksand special attack, buried players can easily Soul Split some quick heals without prayer flicking.

Deal damage to Yakamaru while beating his special attacks until the end of the phase, where like all phases, poison will spawn. Attacks are used in this rotation:

  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Blue
  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Jellyfish
  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Sand special attack
  • Repeat
Base Tank

The tank is likely to be hit by the sand special attack. If melee distance tanking, protect/deflect range when out melee range and switch back to protect/deflect magic when returning back to melee range. The base tank should not use Immortality and try to "die" for a heal after a jellyfish spawns as the quicksand attack will clear it. Instead use Anticipation to apply a debuff, and free other players as needed.


Players are advised to stand in a rectangle formation to easily see who is stuck in the sand and have a partner free them promptly so more people can focus on DPS. Spam "F" for "Free" in the public chat until you are free to make it easier for the freed members of the team to locate trapped members. Try to save players who are nearby first and make sure to rescue the base tank once enough DPS players can manage the local group.

Players should spread out after the jellyfish attack to avoid standing on one square, as players on the same square will be dragged to a random new one, possibly out of attack range.

Be careful if a sand attack is about to occur when Yakamaru is near 100,000 life points or death, as the main poison tank may be grounded and be unable to reach the poison. It is better to stop attacking than allow for sanding during poison fall or phasing of the pool.

Poison tank

Be careful if a sand attack is about to occur when Yakamaru is near 100,000 life points or death, as you may be grounded and be unable to reach the poison.

Double poison (DBL)
Grab the poison but do not move within melee distance of Yakamaru unless the poison tank is unable to poison in time.

Yakamaru stun (boss status).png

During this phase Yakamaru is weak to a specific combat style which is indicated by the colour of its helmet and also gains a damage reduction effect. Damage reductions increases with each hit that Yakamaru takes until it becomes completely immune to damage. Stunning Yakamaru with a stun ability resets this damage reduction but will reflect damage back to the entire team within its attack range. Abilities that count as stuns are: Asphyxiate, Deep Impact, Horror, Impact, Shock, Rout, Tight Bindings, Binding Shot, Demoralise, Destroy, Stomp, Forceful Backhand, Backhand, Kick. Dreadnips can stun/stall Yakamaru but they don't trigger the pool's mechanics.

The damage dealt when stunning Yakamaru depends on how high his damage reduction is. The higher it is, the less damage it will reflect back onto the team. When hit with a stun, Yakamaru will deal anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000, 1,000 being when his damage reduction is very high and 5,000 when it has no damage reduction at all. If two players hit Yakamaru with a stun when his damage reduction is high, the team will be dealt with 6,000 damage; 1,000 from the first stun, then 5,000 from the other. Do not stun often to reduce his damage reduction or the team can take a lot of damage.

The multiplier, , from in-game testing, to the original damage that Yakamaru will take is a function of the number of hits by the players, , since the last stun. The multiplier can be expressed as:

This means that after , players that are using a combat style that does not match Yakamaru's helmet will no longer do damage. After , players that are using the combat style that matches Yakamaru's helmet will no longer do damage.

A designated stunner must be set before starting the fight or this phase will be hard to pass through. The player who stuns is often the base tank but many teams opt to use a DPSer instead as they are likely to be using accuracy auras and the base tank will often have lowered stats from brews. After enough time has passed, the designated player will use a simple stun. Prior to stunning, the player should tell the team that they are about to stun. If Yakamaru doesn't have affinity stacks of 5 or higher, the stun may miss.

Other team members should not use stuns during this phase. After the designated team member has stunned the rest of the team should use all their threshold abilitie as all damage dealt to Yakamaru will increase greatly following a stun. Soul Split and Sacrifice can be used to heal a lot of life points right after the stun. Be careful to pay attention to when Yakamaru reaches 150,000 life points to avoid accidentally ending the phase before Yakamaru has been poisoned.

Unless a double poison tank has been assigned players should tone down on

Deal damage to Yakamaru while beating his special attacks until the end of the phase, where like all phases, poison will spawn. Attacks are used in this rotation:

  • 6 auto-attacks
  • Jellyfish
  • 7 auto-attacks
  • Blue
  • Repeat
Base tank

Continue to tank as usual. There is no need to run around during the phase and it is a good pool to prayer flick on to gain heals after stuns.


Be careful to not rush damage to below 100,000 health before the poison tank is in place as it can be easy to phase Yakamaru before poison is spawned in the no-stun pool.

Poison tank

If Yakamaru is near 100,000 life points and there is no actively taken poison call for DPSers to "Slow" or "Slow dps" before focusing on taking poison. Run or Barge to melee distance.

The player may choose to stay MD while praying protect from mage throughout the pool. If not throughout the phase it is essential to MD when yakamaru is at 100,000 health.

Poisoning[edit | edit source]

Once Yakamaru's health has been reduced by 100,000 life points in its current pool, it will shoot poison that lands in a 1x1 area indicated by green arrows, near to a random member of the group. The indicator shows 5 seconds before the poison is shot at the spot. The poison tank must locate the spot, stand on it and be hit so that they infected with poison, then go within melee distance of Yakamaru while praying against magic to poison it.

Having the DPS group stood close together should cause the poison to be spawned in a location that the poison tank can reach in time. Bladed Dive is an extremely useful ability to reach the poison if it is far from the poison tank. As a safeguard for the poison tank a team member who is close to the poison spot should run next to it. If the poison tank is not able to reach the spot in time the player DPS should stand on it instead and take over the poison tank's role.

Only one person should take the poison. Even if multiple poisoned players are in its melee distance, Yakamaru will only take the poison off of one of them. Any other poison player will need to tank the poison damage during the next pool and go in melee distance of the next pool at 100,000 health to remove the poison while ignoring the spawned poison at that pool. This poisoned player will need to eat a lot of food, so healers should heal the team more often if two players took the poison, or else the other poisoned player will run out of food later in the fight. If the base tank or a north tank takes the poison as well as another player of a different role, the other player should allow the base tank or north tank to remove the poison by not going into melee range of Yakamaru because they will need the food more than players of other roles.

Resuscitating a teammate at the beach

A successful poison attempt should yield the message Yakamaru is lured by the scent of your poison.... The Yakamaru poisoned (boss status).png icon indicates that the boss is poisoned. The player that applied the poison will be dragged into the pool with Yakamaru. If no one poisons Yakamaru, the message As no one poisoned Yakamaru, it returns to the central pool to recover. will appear.

Yakamaru will move to the central pool again and attack using the same attack rotation as in the initial phase, resuming from the point where it left off in the rotation. Yakamaru will also summon a group of four jellyfish from the specialty pools, consisting of one meleefish, piercing jellyfish, magical jellyfish and either a durable or reflecting jellyfish. The first support jellyfish is random, but will alternate between each other after each successful phase. The jellyfish are unaggressive, but will make their way towards Yakamaru and will become aggressive once the poison is removed.

Yakamaru appears green if has been poisoned

If Yakamaru was successfully poisoned it will appear in a green, poisoned form. While poisoned Yakamaru will take double damage from all attacks and also deal more damage to all players. The poison is removed if a canal jellyfish touches him or a durable/reflecting jellyfish is killed.

The poisoned player who was pulled into the pool with Yakamaru will appear on the shore to the south. A bar appears above the player's head and will either fill blue or orange. If becomes fully blue then the poisoned player recovers by themself. If the bar fills orange the player will be instantly killed unless they are resuscitated by another member of the team before the bar is completely filled. The poisoned player will still be in combat with Yakamaru while incapacitated but attack damage is reduced to 1 until the bar has filled. The player may still be targeted by Yakamaru's blue attack while in this state.

After a further 200,000 life points of damage has dealt to Yakamaru, it will move to the next pool in the clockwise rotation, and its poisoned state will be cleared if it has not been previously.

If Yakamaru was not successfully poisoned, then it will appear in the middle pool in his regular blue form. Its health will be restored to the amount that it had at the start of the phase (200,000, 400,000, 600,000 or 800,000) plus 50,000 additional life points. No canal jellyfish will spawn if this occurs. The team will have to deal 50,000 life points of damage to cause Yakamaru to move back to the previous pool and repeat that phase until they are able to successfully poison Yakamaru.

During the phase, five planks appear on the south-eastern coast (20 planks total when all pools have been defeated).

Strategically, this mid-phase should be completed as quickly as possible, unless it leads into sand or mirage phase. The shorter attack rotation means more orange jellyfish spawn, which significantly slows the fight.

Base tank

If the base tank is tanking at melee distance they should switch to praying range, Barge to the centre pool immediately, switch back to praying magic when at melee distance of the centre pool, and Provoke Yakamaru. As a safeguard from switching prayers at the wrong time, just before Yakamaru switches pools, the base tank should eat to full health. Another safeguard is to not use Resonance and use Preparation when Yakamaru is at 200,000*n life points. Use Resonance when Yakamaru returns to the centre pool without switching to praying range so the base tank receives a powerful heal instead of a powerful hit.


It is common for most teams to try get Yakamaru to the next phase as quickly as possible from the central pool, with the only exceptions being when sand or mirage phase is next. Except for those cases prioritise phasing Yakamaru before returning to the jellyfish. DPSers should Onslaught the centre pool or fire thresholds to end the mid-phase, then afterwards Soul Split the jellyfish not attacking them.

StunDPS (ST0 and ST5) and shark tank (SH10)

Planks will be spawned during the poison phase: team members with plank roles should loot planks for the mirage phase.

Resuscitator (CPR)

The resuscitator should save the poison tank on the beach while using defensive abilities to stay in combat if Yakamaru is not attacking them to avoid being attacking for being out of combat.

Mirage phase[edit | edit source]

After all four phases have been completed and Yakamaru has been decreased to 50,000 life points at the centre pool it will create mirages of itself in all but the central pool. Each mirage only has 150,000 life points but must be fought simultaneously with all phase effects active.

If any number of the mirage images are left out of combat, a message will say As a mirage was left out of combat, it flings dangerous projectiles at the group!, dealing 2,000 damage per mirage left out of combat to all players in the arena. This damage increases by 2,000 damage every 10 seconds that a mirage remains out of combat.

The team has five seconds to close the pool after defeating its mirage. The tentacle and sand pools can be blocked with sand, requiring no items, while sharknado and stun pools must be closed with planks which are obtained during the fight. A total of 20 planks are required to finish the fight. Planks can be applied in one click, making it beneficial for only two players to carry 10 planks each while other team members surge and DPS. If the pool is not closed in time the mirage will return with full health and the team will have to defeat it again.

After the pools have been blocked Yakamaru will return to the centre pool with 50,000 life points left. Once it is killed the fight is over. Any jellyfish in the arena will also die off. Claim your loot (if you are eligible) from the pool and either leave the group or use the water pool east of the starting pool to leave.

Use damage boosting abilities such as Sunshine and Death's Swiftness either when Yakamaru is nearing the 50,000 life point mark prior to the mirage phase or on the tendril mirage when it appears. Any spawned jellyfish should be voked by the wrangler and should be run around the middle pool.

The ideal placements of roles are as follows:

  • Base tank taking aggression of tentacle pool mirage, standing east of the pool.
  • DPS roles standing between shark pool and tentacle pool.
  • Shark mirage tag standing south of the pool ready to fill pool as needed.
  • North tank standing between centre and sand pool, ready to voke north pools and manage jellyfish/blue.
  • Stun DPSers south-east of the stun pool next to each other but close enough for north tank to assist.
  • Jelly wrangler is not needed before jellyfish spawn, and thus should be contributing as DPS or Stun DPS role until needed.

Any team members that die should immediately announce in group chat that what their role was so that the team can quickly send a backup to the proper place.

The main stun (MS), and if needed backup stun (BUS), and stun DPS (ST0 and ST5) should start by killing the mirage in the north-east/no-stun pool. The stun DPS (ST0 and ST5) should close the pool using planks when required while the other DPSers move onto the next pool.

The rest of the DPS should kill the mirage in the south-west/sharknado pool, joined by the stun DPS after the north-east pool is done, and the shark tank (SH10) should close the pool with planks. All DPS should then move to the south/tentacles pool, and finally the north-west/sand pool.

When fighting the sand mirage make sure that no one is stuck in the ground before depleting Yakamaru's health bar, since they will be unable to move and unable to block the pool. If the sand mirage is low in health and just summoned a jellyfish, stop DPSing and wait for it to use its quicksand special attack. Save the team from quicksand, kill the mirage and close the pool. If the sand mirage' is defeated while the team is sanded prioritise saving the team over filling the pool with sand as it is very unlikely that the pool will be closed successfully without the rest of the team.

To block pools it is recommended to get within melee distance of the mirage at 30,000 life points while praying magic. All players should do this when blocking the tentacle and sand pools; only the players carrying planks need to do this on the sharknado and tentacles pools. If a player dies with planks in their inventory the planks will be dropped onto the ground where they died. Anyone who dies with planks should immediately announce that they have died and where the dropped planks are in the arena.

Base tank

Continue to tank as usual, starting with a Provoke of the south/tentacles pool and continuing clockwise after your pool is cleared. Be ready to not stand too far from DPS when tanking the sand pool.

North tank

Before mirage phase starts stand close to the sand pool. When the mirage appears tag it to get it aggro on you and then also provoke the stun pool. Use Devotion to reduce damage, then run to the north side of the stun pool, keeping out of melee distance while praying range. Once other players arrive for the sand pool make sure to stand east not north of the pool so players can free from quicksand.

After Devotion wears off, use Reflect next. Use Freedom to reduce enrage stacks when you see a message that you have gained a stack. The mirage gains enrage stacks faster than Freedom goes off cooldown though so you will always have some level of enrage. Prioritise Devotion or Immortality subsequently as the mirage's attacks grow stronger from enrage stacks. Use Preparation immediately after using Resonance. Always make sure you have some damage reducing defensive ability active while north tanking to keep the mirage's damage in the 1000s. Keep your adrenaline at least 50% so you will be ready to use a Debilitate or Reflect. Do so by quickly binding the jellyfish as soon as they start moving and stand far from them so you can have more time attacking the mirage and building adrenaline and less time running around.

Cycle between damage reducing defensives until the rest of your team arrives at your pool and the base tank provokes the mirage off you. Switch to your dual-wield or two-handed weapon and ability bar and start DPSing while continuing to lower enrage stacks with freedom.

Always keep your health full throughout your north tanking phase. As soon as you see your health is not full, drink Saradomin brews until full. Eat other types of food like rocktails or rocktail soup only when you experience a quick drop in your life points because food will lower your adrenaline while brews do not. Bind your brews and food to a easily accessible key on your keyboard so you can eat while moving around.

If north tanks feel overwhelmed with damage they can run outside of their mirages' attack range and heal up but return within 5 seconds or the mirages will fire 2,000 damage projectiles at everyone in the team.

Jellyfish wrangler (JW)

If needed, usually only in inexperienced teams, the jellyfish wrangler should apply Incite while attacking jellyfish with a melee protection prayer active. Do not stun the jellyfish unless they are attacking you. Stunning a jellyfish near the DPS pile will cause the jellyfish to attack the DPS when the stun wears off. Provoke jellyfish off of other players.

Wranglers tend to run jellyfish around the middle pool, as when jellyfish are stuck on the far side the wrangler is free to contribute to filling pools and freeing sanded players without bringing the jellyfish along.