Greater Ricochet

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Greater Ricochet is an upgraded version of the Ricochet ability, requiring 45 Ranged to use. It is unlocked by reading a Greater Ricochet ability codex, replacing the former ability.

The ability hits the target for 20-100% ability damage, and will also strike 2 nearby targets within a 6 square radius of the primary target. It can hit secondary targets beyond the player's normal attack range, but cannot hit secondary targets that the player cannot see (straight line-of-sight required). If there are no suitable targets for the secondary shots they will instead hit the primary target for 10-50% ability damage each.

The Caroming perk will increase the number of targets Greater Ricochet can hit.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Any secondary shots that land on the primary target appear as separate hitsplats and appear 1 game tick later than the initial shot. This detail allows for Greater Ricochet to not be as subject to the damage caps as other abilities like Binding Shot or Tight Bindings with Flanking.

The table below lists the damage ranges of the combined hits without any other damage modifiers for the sake of simple comparison to other abilities. However, as stated above, because the hits are separate, the average damage from Greater Ricochet is notably better than the abilities to which it is being compared.

Table of Greater Ricochet damage ranges on primary target
Number of ricochet arrows
unable to find secondary targets
Minimum Caroming perk
rank required
Minimum Maximum Notes
0 N/A 20% 100% N/A
1 N/A 30% 150% N/A
2 N/A 40% 200% N/A
3 Caroming.pngPerk rank 1.png 50% 250% Exceeds the damage from Bombardment.png (43.8%-219%)
4 Caroming.pngPerk rank 2.png 60% 300% Exceeds the damage from Flanking.pngPerk rank 4.png Binding Shot.png (52%-260%)
5 Caroming.pngPerk rank 3.png 70% 350% Exceeds the damage from Flanking.pngPerk rank 4.png Tight Bindings.png (64%-320%)
6 Caroming.pngPerk rank 4.png 80% 400% Exceeds the damage from Salt the Wound.png with 10 Puncture stacks (73.6%-368%)

Notable Interactions[edit | edit source]

The equipment and abilities below affect the potential of Greater Ricochet and takes into account the use of Caroming 4.

  • Greater Ricochet applies in PvP whilst in Multicombat areas. Otherwise, the ability will hit only once.
  • Greater Ricochet is particularly useful against monsters with damage caps.
  • Needle Strike's 7% damage increase applies to all arrows fired from Greater Ricochet including secondary arrows.
  • When paired with Eldritch crossbow's special attack, Split Soul, the hitsplats do not suffer as much from the diminishing returns that an equivalent damage total from a large single hit would deal while under the effect of Split Soul.
  • Up to seven stacks of black stone arrows can be applied to the primary target.
  • Enchanted bolts have a chance to activate on every hitsplat of Greater Ricochet, effectively increasing the likelihood that enchanted bolts activate up to seven times.
    • Ruby bolts (e)/Ruby bakriminel bolts (e) can only activate on one hitsplat if the monster is not on cooldown from the ruby bolts enchantment, Blood Forfeit. Every hitsplat will still increase the likelihood of blood forfeit activating up to seven times.
      • If blood forefeit activates on a secondary arrow on the primary target, the damage is halved.
    • Some enchanted bolts that activate on the secondary arrows on the primary target will have their damage dealt or health restored calculated from the damage potential of the first arrow of Greater Ricochet.
    • The player can utilise the Ascendri bolts (e)/Hydrix bakriminel bolts (e) enchantment, Deathmark, with Greater Ricochet for further adrenaline gain.
      • Incendiary Shot may be used prior to Greater Ricochet to increase adrenaline gain via critical hits.
      • Natural Instinct may be used prior to Greater Ricochet as its 100% adrenaline gain affects Deathmark. This can lead a player to obtain 100% adrenaline with one Greater Ricochet if lucky enough.

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