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Yak Track is a recurring promotional event. During the event, players can earn rewards by completing specific tasks and progressing through the prize tracks.

Yak Track interface can be opened using the Yak Track Task List item, the Upgrades & Extras button on the ribbon, the event's host, event noticeboards, the Activity Tracker once a task is pinned to it, and the event login and task completion messages, when the event is active.

General format[edit | edit source]

Premier Pass

Yak Track events are scheduled to happen four times a year[1] and typically last six weeks. Players are presented with 50 tiers to be completed in order. Only one of the two tasks needs to be completed to move on to the next tier. Free players and members receive different task sets, with the tasks for free players being generally easier. Players with an active subscription will always receive members tasks regardless of the world they are on. If a free player becomes a member, then their currently active tasks would change to the members version. However, the progress percentage is also carried over. Similarly, if a player's membership expires, then any members task would be converted to the free equivalent. The difficulty generally increases at higher tiers for both free players and members.

Some tasks, such as those that require the player to gain a certain amount of experience in a skill, have different targets based on the skill level. However, the target is locked in when the task becomes accessible. For example, if a player had level 99 Slayer when unlocking a task that requires gaining Slayer experience, and then reaches level 100 Slayer, then the experience target would not change.

Players receive rewards for completing each tier. There is a "free" prize track as well as a "Premier" track that gives more rewards. The Premier track requires Premier Pass which is unlocked by redeeming two bonds or by having Premier Membership. Players who unlock Premier Pass will be able to claim the additional rewards for the tiers they have already completed.

Each Yak Track is hosted in a designated area in Burthorpe, directly south of Challenge Mistress Fara's podium. The area features the non-player character host who explains the mechanics of the event and provides a thematic backstory, listening to which can also complete the first task of each event and grant the first outfit. The hub area also showcases a number of rewards from the event, including pets and cosmetic overrides.

Task skips[edit | edit source]

Players can use a task skip to instantly complete a tier. Two skips are given every time a new Yak Track event is released. It is possible to buy additional skips via the Marketplace using bonds, four for one and 10 for two. Players could also obtain skips via the following means:

All unused skips carry over to future Yak Track events.[2]

List of Yak Track events[edit | edit source]

# Name Host Start date End date
13 The Winter Trials Brundt the Chieftain 5 December 2022 29 January 2023
12 Expedition to the Wilderness Mandrith 30 August 2022 23 October 2022
11 Journey to Iaia Carthalo 30 May 2022 24 July 2022
10 Path of the Creators - Part II Johanhus Ulsbrecht 28 February 2022 24 April 2022
9 Wintumber Aurora Queen of Snow 29 November 2021 9 January 2022
8 Path of the Creators The Curator 23 August 2021 3 October 2021
7 Yak to the Light Angof 1 June 2021 11 July 2021
6 Yak to Basics Tim and Crunchy 1 March 2021 2 May 2021
5 The Knight Before Christmas Robin 14 December 2020 24 January 2021
4 Kerapac Track Mechanayak 21 September 2020 2 November 2020
3 Yak to the Shadows Moorrissey 22 June 2020 2 August 2020
2 Zodiyak Track Sir Yaktrick Moore 23 March 2020 3 May 2020
1 Count Yakula's Yak Track Count Yakula 25 November 2019 5 January 2020

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 31 October 2022 (Update):
    • Yak Track's Premier Pass now appears activated the first time a player opens Yak Track if a player purchases Premier Pass without previously opening Yak Track.
  • patch 20 September 2021 (Update):
    • Dragonkin bones now count towards the progression of Prayer and joint-Prayer tasks on Yak Tracks.
  • update 23 August 2021 (Update):
    • Path of the Creators released.
    • The following have been converted into 'Gain XP' type tasks:
      • Herblore
      • Thieving
    • Archaeology tasks will now always be 'Gain XP'.
    • In addition, specific smelting tasks have been removed, as all Smithing tasks are now 'Gain XP'.
  • update 1 March 2021 (Update):
    • Yak to Basics released.
    • There's a new task this time around! You can now be asked to gain Hunter XP, which will let you use Big Game Hunter to progress alongside more traditional methods. It works a bit like the Archaeology and revamped Construction tasks!
    • We've also introduced 'Gain XP' tasks for Slayer and Dungeoneering.
  • patch 8 February 2021 (Update):
    • The Yak Track noticeboards have been removed from the game world.
  • patch 14 December 2020 (Update):
    • We're always paying close attention to your feedback to determine how we can make our content better, and Yak Track is no exception! Here's a few of the changes and fixes we've made this time:
      • Task Scaling Adjustments
        • Agility tasks will now allow players to complete any Agility course they meet the level requirement to use, instead of being scaled to the player's level.
        • Similarly, Dungeoneering tasks now allow you to complete any floor you have the level requirement for.
        • The quantity of items required for Herblore and Crafting tasks no longer scale based on your level - all players must now carry out the same number of actions.
        • Quantities required for Herblore tasks have been significantly reduced, bringing down the cost of completing them.
        • Summoning tasks are now less restrictive and allow you to create a wider range of pouches.
      • Gain XP Tasks
        • Construction tasks have been replaced with a 'Gain Construction XP' task, allowing players to progress as they choose.
        • Archaeology restoration tasks have been replaced with a generic 'Gain Archaeology XP' task.
        • Smithing tasks have been replaced by a 'Gain Smithing XP' task, allowing players to smith efficiently while making progress.
      • New Tasks
        • Present Hunt (This Track Only): A new kind of task where you're asked to track down presents all over Gielinor using a set of Magical jingle bells.
        • Earn Marks of War: A new type of combat task that'll see you killing bosses and collecting Marks of War.
      • Miscellaneous Task Improvements
  • patch 19 October 2020 (Update):
    • Living rock creatures now count towards the Kerapac Track task 'Kill Monsters'.
    • Harvesting the divine simulacrum II now counts towards the Kerapac Track's Divination objective.
  • hotfix 28 September 2020 (Update):
    • Players should now be able to pin the final Yak Track task to the Activity Tracker.
  • patch 28 September 2020 (Update):
    • An issue causing some players' clients to crash upon opening the Kerapac Track interface should now be fixed.
  • patch 29 June 2020 (Update):
    • Fixed various Yak Track tasks.
    • Yak Track Task 38 option A can now be correctly incremented when Thieving.
  • hotfix 29 June 2020 (Update):
    • The rather excessive amount of 50% progress reduction messages has been removed from Yak Track and should now only show when you start one of the first 10 tasks.
  • hotfix 30 March 2020 (Update):
    • Players can now hand in eggs to Benedict regardless of how much of Benedict's World Tour has been completed.
    • Players can no longer open the Yak Track interface while the First Time User Experience is still active via the Task List or Sir Yaktrick Moore, as doing so caused an issue where blank tasks were displayed on the interface.
  • patch 27 January 2020 (Update):
    • Cleaners have swept up the remnants of the Yak Track area in Burthorpe.
  • patch 9 December 2019 (Update):
    • Monkfish now counts towards the cooking task on the Yak Track.
    • Yak Track marker is now correctly aligned with prize number 25.
    • Updated the Arcane Blood Mage Robe Bottoms override to fix an issue with a floating gem. This is now fixed to the outfit as intended.
    • The Dark Fire and Flame swords have been graphically updated.
    • Yak Track progression fix - Zogre Bones now count toward progression.
    • Yak Track tasks will now no longer scale down when a member swaps into a free-to-play world.
  • patch 2 December 2019 (Update):
    • Scattering ashes will now correctly add to the progress of the Prayer Tasks in Yak Track.
    • Updated the Yak Track information buttons to make it easier to differentiate between locked and available tasks.
    • The Dungeoneering Yak Track tasks will now correctly add progress when doing Occult Floors at high Dungeoneering levels.
    • A stray select option was removed from the task skip confirmation screen in Yak Track.
    • A full-stop was added to the fourth slide of the Yak Track tutorial to help break up the sentence.
    • The Witch's Doll and Abyssal Prowler pets have had the word "pet" added on the Yak Track to help clarify what they are.
    • Players who have finished a task, but it has not registered as complete will now be able to continue progressing with Yak Track after relogging.
    • Changed Draynor Village to Draynor Market in the Yak Track.
    • Count Yakula's position has now been moved to make him more centralized.
    • Ores that are ported to the metal bank will now correctly add progress to Yak Track Mining tasks.
    • Particle effects now correctly apply to the flaming skull cosmetic from Yak track.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Free players used to not receive certain rewards, such as silverhawk down and members items, and those who became a member later would be able to gain any rewards they missed. This was changed in an unknown update; now players will receive all rewards from the free track regardless of membership status.

References[edit | edit source]

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