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Yak Track is an event which allows players to earn rewards by completing tasks, which started on 25 November 2019 and will last until the end of 5 January 2020.

It features two prize tracks, free and premium, the latter of which gives a larger number of prizes. Players can unlock the premium track by having an active Premier Club membership (includes Premier Club members from the 2018-19 period[1]) or by buying a Premier Pass using two bonds. It is similar conceptually to RunePass.

The event interface can be opened through the Upgrades & Extras interface, by reading Count Yakula's Task List which is given to players at the start of the event, by viewing the event noticeboards found in various locations, or via Count Yakula in Burthorpe. The event noticeboard can also be used to teleport to Count Yakula.

Players gain progress in the prize tracks by completing various tasks, displayed in the event interface. Tasks must be completed in the given order.

A special Treasure Hunter promotion called Gone Yak Tracking ran for a while during the event.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

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Players can complete either task to progress to the next tier. Task requirements are based on the player's level in the task skill (i.e. Tier 3 Task A may be 285 logs (Yew and above) or 235 logs (Willow and above), depending on the player's firemaking level).

Tier Task A Task B
1 Yakstory: Talk to Count Yakula in Burthorpe and learn about his tragic backstory.

Count Yakula can be found directly next to Challenge Mistress Fara in Burthorpe.

Fowl Fight: Kill a duck.
2 Fletching: String bows and crossbows.

Must string 500 oak shortbows or above. Every bow and shortbow counts except composite ogre bow or any adamant crossbow.

Smelting: Smelt bars.

Must smelt 600 bars of steel or above. Every bar counts except gold bars. Smelting double bars counts as two.

3 Firemaking: Burn wood on a fire.

Must burn 285 logs of yew or above, excluding corrupted magic logs, blisterwood logs, cursed magic logs, and curly roots. Driftwood only works when added to an existing fire.

Smithing: Smith items.

Must smith 20 items of orikalkum (rune, for F2P players) or above.

4 Farming: Harvest plants.

Must harvest ten plants, including grimy snapdragon, grimy cadantine, grimy lantadyme, grimy arbuck, grimy dwarf weed, snape grass, grimy torstol, butterfly flower plants, and grimy fellstalk.

Fishing: Catch fish.

Must catch 95 raw green blubber jellyfish or above, excluding leaping sturgeon, raw baron shark, raw sea turtle, raw great white shark, raw tarpon, small crystal urchin, medium crystal urchin, raw seerfish, raw sillago, raw wobbegong, and large crystal urchin.

5 Divination: Collect energy.

Must collect 550 vibrant energy or above. Both harvesting springs and converting memories count.

Cooking: Make food.

Must cook 595 items. Catfish, beltfish, green blubber jellyfish, sharks, cavefish, fish oil, manta rays, rocktails, blue blubber jellyfish, and sailfish count. Pineapple pizzas don't count even though they are listed in the event interface.

6 Construction: Make furniture. (protean planks work here.)

Must build 330 items. Mahogany fancy dress boxes, gilded cape racks, mahogany armour cases, mahogany treasure chests, gilded clocks, mahogany toy boxes, gilded wardrobes, gilded magic wardrobes, marble cape racks, marble magic wardrobes, and magical cape racks count when making as flatpacks.

Woodcutting: Chop wood.

Must chop 60 logs. Yew logs, magic logs, elder logs, bamboo, and golden bamboo count. Extra logs obtained by using a dwarven chainaxe will count towards this task.

7 Thieving: Pickpocket NPCs.

Must pickpocket 855 times. Paladins, gnomes, heroes, elves, traders, Iorwerth workers, Ithell workers, Cadarn workers, Amlodd workers, Trahaearn workers, Hefin workers, Crwys workers, and Meilyr workers count.

Runecrafting: Craft or siphon runes.

Must craft or siphon 75 runes. Death runes, blood runes, and soul runes count.

8 Farming: Cadantine and above. Must farm 10. Slayer: Complete 2 slayer tasks
9 Well Wisher: Drop a gold coin into the well in Rimmington. Dark Deals: Buy something in Draynor Village.
10 Summoning: Make summoning pouches.

Must make 1,140 pouches. Hydra pouches, brawler demon pouches, deacon demon pouches, executioner demon pouches, spirit dagannoth pouches, lava titan pouches, reborn phoenix pouches, swamp titan pouches, rune minotaur pouches, unicorn stallion pouches, light creature pouches, geyser titan pouches, wolpertinger pouches, abyssal titan pouches, iron titan pouches, pack yak pouches, pack mammoth pouches, and steel titan pouches count.

Smelting: Smelt bars.

Must smelt 600 bars of orikalkum or above.

11 Herblore: Make potions.

Must make 1,250 antipoison or above, or 1,395 super runecrafting or above, or 1,530 weapon poison++ or above. Potions above super runecrafting that count are super magic potion, invention potion, stamina potion, Zamorak brew, antipoison++, extreme hunter, Saradomin brew, weapon poison++, aggression potion, adrenaline potion, super antifire, super adrenaline potion, super invention, extreme attack, extreme strength, extreme divination, extreme defence, extended super antifire, extreme magic, extreme runecrafting, extreme ranging, super Saradomin brew, super Zamorak brew, super prayer, prayer renewal, extreme invention, and overload.

Dungeoneering: Complete dungeon floors.

Must complete five floors. Occult and warped floors count.

12 Sir, Yes, Sir!: Salute in Burthorpe Military Camp. Snake Charmer: Listen to a musician in Al Kharid.
13 Mining: Mine 180 ore.

Must mine either 155 or 180. Orichalcite ore, drakolith, necrite ore, phasmatite, banite ore, light animica, and dark animica count.

Fletching: String bows and crossbows.

Must string 1,000 rune crossbows or above.

14 Farming: Harvest plants.

Must harvest 20 of either snapdragon or cadantine or above. Plants that count are as above.

Prayer: Bury remains.

Must bury, offer, or scatter 660. Wyvern bones, infernal ashes, dragon bones, airut bones, dagannoth bones, hardened dragon bones, frost dragon bones, reinforced dragon bones, and searing ashes count.

15 Smithing: Smith items.

Must smith 50 items of orikalkum or above.

Cooking: Make food.

Must cook 1,250 items of pitta bread or above, or 1,250 items of catfish or above. Items that count are as above.

16 Construction: Make 1,015 Mahogany fancy dress boxes or above Fletching: 1500 Rune crossbows or above
17 Agility: 96 laps of wilderness course and above Cooking: 1,250 Catfish or above
18 Summoning: 3420 Hydra pouches or above Smithing: Smith 50 Orikalkum items or above
19 Herblore: 2,255 Invention potion or above (depends on your herblvl) Prayer: 1,000 Wyvern bones or above
20 A God Chat: Speak to all 8 God emissaries Trade Route: Cook 1 food in Lumbridge and sell it to the Falador general store
21 Construction: 1015 Mahogany fancy dress boxes or above. Firemaking: 880 Yew logs or above
22 Slayer: Complete 4 Slayer tasks Summoning: 3,420 Hydra pouches and above
23 Thieving: 2,570 Paladins and above Runecrafting: 215 Death runes and above
24 My Cabbages!: Pick 28 Cabbages from the patch north of Port Sarim New Threads: Change your base appearance
25 Herblore: 3,340 Overload potions and above Fletching: String 2,250 Magic shortbows and above
26 Slayer: Complete 6 Slayer tasks Woodcutting: Cut 220 Yew logs and above
27 Summoning: 4,420 Hydra pouches and above Fishing: 425 Green jelly and above
28 Slayer: Complete 8 Slayer tasks Firemaking: 1,415 Yew logs and above
29 Yak Crawl: Buy a drink at 4 different pubs Follow the Leader: Follow another player for 2 minutes
30 Construction: Make 1,555 Mahogany fancy dress boxes and above Prayer: Bury 1,500 Wyvern bones and above
31 Mining: 355 Orichalcite ore and above Fishing: 420 Green jelly and above
32 Divination: Gather 2,500 Vibrant energy and above Woodcutting: Cut 220 Yew logs and above
33 Smithing: Smith 75 Orikalkum items and above Fishing: Fish 420 Green jelly and above
34 Summoning: 5,130 Hydra pouches and above Cooking: 1,855 Catfish and above
35 Farming: Farm 50 Fellstalk and above Dungeoneering: Complete 16 Warped floors
36 Slayer: Complete 10 Slayer tasks Cooking: Cook 2,410 Catfish and above
37 Agility: 190 laps of Wilderness course and above Fishing: Fish 550 Green jelly and above
38 Thieving: Pickpocket 4,815 Paladins and above Firemaking: 1,755 Yew logs and above
39 Scaredy Cat: Do the Panic emote at the end of the Wilderness Remote Getaway: Cook some fish over a campfire on Entrana
40 Mining: 595 Coal and above Prayer: Bury 2,000 Big bones and above
41 Farming: Farm 50 Cadantine and above Woodcutting: Cut 295 Yew logs and above
42 Smithing: Smith 95 Orikalkum items and above Dungeoneering: Complete 15 Occult floors and above
43 Fishing: Fish 550 Green jelly and above Runecrafting: 430 Death runes and above
44 Slayer: Complete 10 Slayer tasks Prayer: Bury 2,000 Wyvern bones and above
45 Divination: Gather 3,600 Brilliant energy and above Mining: 465 Banite ore and above
46 Farming: Farm 50 Cadantine and above Firemaking: 1,755 Yew logs and above
47 Smithing: Must smith 95 items of orikalkum or above Woodcutting: Cut 295 Yew logs and above
48 Summoning: 6,840 Hydra pouches and above Mining: 490 Orichalcite ore and above
49 Fishing: Fish 550 Green jelly and above Runecrafting: Make 430 Death runes and above
50 Construction: Build 2,025 Marble cape racks and above Dungeoneering: Complete 17 Warped floors

Players can skip tiers by using task skips. Everyone initially has two task skips, and more can be purchased.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Agility[edit | edit source]

Using the Prifddinas agility course in Hefin, a single lap takes around 50 seconds. Turn the camera to look east, place the mouse cursor at a specific location to the left of the character, and then click in the same spot in order to climb every single obstacle in the course. It might require some adjustments to find the right spot. On windows, "Mouse keys" can be enabled to control the mouse with a keypad. Then press 5 on the number pad to click. Doing this removes the risk of moving the cursor and missing the exact spot.

Construction[edit | edit source]

  • Use Depacker to note or disassemble flatpacks. This allows making 60 at a time. Alternatively, build the construction item using the relevant hot spot.
  • Protean planks will eliminate bank trips and pauses.

Divination[edit | edit source]

Energies obtained from conversion of memories count towards task completion and can be done for faster tasks. The divine-o-matic also works, and it speeds up tasks as memories do not have to be converted or deposited.

Dungeoneering[edit | edit source]

Complexity 1 rush can be done for fast floors.

Farming[edit | edit source]

The task counts herbs collected from patches, not how many herb patches that the player chooses to "check health" on. Always have fully grown herbs in all patches possible. A list can be found at here. Plant both in the Allotment/Flower/Herb patches list and the Herb-only patches list. Use a Master farmer outfit to get more herbs from the patches. For more yield, treat patches with Supercompost or Ultracompost, have Magic secateurs in the tool belt, drink juju farming potion and use Greenfingers aura.

Fishing[edit | edit source]

The Dwarven Fishing Extractor set to double catch mode will count towards these tasks. Consuming fish with a Fury shark outfit will still count towards the task. A Fishing cape can be used to occasionally catch another fish.

If catching sharks, make sure to tick off "Catching Great White Sharks" in the settings as they are not counted towards the tasks. Baron sharks from Perfect juju fishing potions do not count either, so it is recommended to fish something else if drinking them.

Catching fish from divine locations work towards these tasks.

Firemaking[edit | edit source]

Using a Pitch can lets the player burn logs extremely fast. Use an action bar setup where a log will be lit on one key and a Beast of Burden will be withdrawn on another. Then use the Attuned crystal teleport seed and teleport to Traeharn. Create a line of fires from there, and teleport back.

The cheap alternative but slower method is using portable brazier.

Logs burnt using Pyromaniac also count towards the task.

Mining[edit | edit source]

Additional ores gathered by having the relevant stone spirit in the inventory count towards the completion of the task.

Coal can be mined extremely fast at the Living rock caverns from Concentrated coal deposit. All players get coal for task 40. Use of a Rock golem outfit is recommended as it makes creatures in the caverns become passive. Alternatively a Fury shark outfit can be used. To avoid banking, use a Sign of the porter (optionally in a Grace of the elves). To increase yield per rock, use Coal stone spirit. Optionally use Perfect juju mining potion as well to keep stamina up. At least Varrock armour 1, New Varrock achievements easy (to avoid wearing the Varrock armour), and medium (to double chance) will help as well.

Prayer[edit | edit source]

The Bonecrusher counts for tasks that require bones to be buried. To save money, a player can therefore kill Blue dragon in the Taverley Dungeon or similar. Players who use Super antifire potions will not be hurt by Steel dragons at all as they only use dragon fire at a distance. They can be found in Brimhaven Dungeon and Brimhaven resource dungeon. Auto sanctifier can be used to gain increased experience while burying the bones at a bank for faster task completion. Dragon rider amulet is another alternative for dragon bones, though it does not stack with auto sanctifier. Another way to collect dragon bones is by killing Vindicta in the Heart of Gielinor. This boss commonly drops 150-250 noted Dragon bones.

Offering bones at the Chaos Temple in Wilderness does count towards the progress.

Scattering Infernal ashes also give progress towards the task after an update[2]. Offering the ashes on a gilded altar will also work. Scattering the ashes using an Attuned ectoplasmator will not work.

Runecrafting[edit | edit source]

With Legacy of Seergaze complete, a player can create Blood runes with the Wicked hood teleport. Bring a full inventory of Pure essence and Runecrafting pouches, as well as a familiar like Abyssal titan full of essence. Once in the altar, use the hood's "Withdraw essence" option. Tirannwn quiver 3 obtained from the completion of Tirannwn Hard Achievements provides five free teleports to Death Altar per day.

Slayer[edit | edit source]

Completing tasks from lower lever slayer master such as Turael/Spria are generally much faster than higher level ones.

Reaper tasks count as slayer tasks too.

Smithing[edit | edit source]

To easily create many items, like 50 Orikalkum equipment, open the smithing interface, and repeatedly select Orikalkum armoured boots. The inventory can be filled with up to 28 boots at a time. Then click the anvil and smith them all in one sitting. Players can use Superheat Form to help, in case the heat drops below High.

Woodcutting[edit | edit source]

Divine Yews make these tasks extremely fast as about 250/295 can be collected from a single daily.

Store[edit | edit source]

Players can purchase task skips from the event interface using bonds.

Skips Bond.png Price
4 skips 1
10 skips 2

Rewards[edit | edit source]

There are 50 tiers, and players can receive cosmetics and items for progressing through each. Ironman accounts may only receive cosmetic prizes. Experience boost rewards are not permanent and last only until the end of the event.[3]

If tasks are completed without the premier pass and the player later gains a premier pass, all of the previous premium rewards will automatically unlock.

Tier Prize (Free) Prize (Premium)
1 Arcane Blood Mage Outfit and 25 silverhawk down 25 silverhawk down
2 25 tight springs 25 tight springs
3 Witchfork Ranged training dummy
4 Small prismatic lamp Medium prismatic lamp and large prismatic lamp
5 Bonus XP star (small) Ghostly Possession resting and +2% Slayer XP
6 Small cash bag Broodoo Wand
7 2 advanced pulse cores 3 advanced pulse cores
8 Small prismatic lamp Medium prismatic lamp
9 5 protean powerups Deathbeard's Talon, Deathbeard's Talon off-hand and 5 protean powerups
10 Broodoo Skull and small protean pack Small protean pack and +2% Herblore XP
11 25 silverhawk down 25 silverhawk down
12 Bonus XP star (large) and bonus XP star (small) Bloody Greataxe
13 Large prismatic lamp and small cash bag Large prismatic lamp and small cash bag
14 2 advanced pulse cores 3 advanced pulse cores
15 Raise the Dead emote Abyssal Prowler pet, Horrible Head, and +2% Summoning XP
16 25 tight springs 25 tight springs
17 Bonus XP star (large) and small cash bag Small cash bag
18 Uncaged Skull, Uncaged Skull off-hand and 5 protean powerups Raven Wings and 5 protean powerups
19 2 large prismatic lamps and small cash bag Large prismatic lamp and small cash bag
20 Small protean pack +2% Slayer XP and small protean pack
21 2 advanced pulse cores Dark Flame sword, Dark Flame sword off-hand, melee training dummy, and 3 advanced pulse cores
22 25 silverhawk down 25 silverhawk down
23 Witch's plushie, bonus XP star (large), and Bonus XP star (small) Bonus XP star (small) and huge prismatic lamp
24 Small prismatic lamp Gruesome Grimoire
25 25 tight springs Oathbreaker Outfit, 25 tight springs, Witch's Doll pet, Murder of Crows Teleport, and +2% Herblore XP
26 Large prismatic lamp, bonus XP star (large), and small prismatic lamp Large prismatic lamp, bonus XP star (large), and bonus XP star (small)
27 Death's Tickle, Death's Tickle off-hand Bonus XP star (huge) and bonus XP star (medium)
28 2 advanced pulse cores 3 advanced pulse cores
29 25 tight springs 25 tight springs
30 Small protean pack Ranged Reaper, Ranged Reaper off-hand, small protean pack, and +2% Summoning XP
31 Small cash bag Medium cash bag
32 Bonus XP star (large) and small cash bag Bonus XP star (large) and small cash bag
33 25 silverhawk down Handy Wand and 25 silverhawk down
34 Small cash bag and huge prismatic lamp Huge prismatic lamp and medium cash bag
35 Spooky Raven pet and bonus XP star (small) Edgar, +2% Slayer XP, and small smouldering lamp
36 Medium cash bag Raven's Kiss shuriken and Raven's Kiss shuriken off-hand
37 2 large prismatic lamps and small cash bag Large prismatic lamp and medium cash bag
38 Bonus XP star (huge) and small cash bag Bonus XP star (huge) and medium cash bag
39 2 bonus XP stars (small) Dark Fire sword and medium smouldering lamp
40 Ghost Tap emote, Blade Bow, and medium protean pack Medium protean pack and +2% Herblore XP
41 Bonus XP star (medium) Bonus XP star (small) and medium smouldering lamp
42 Small prismatic lamp Cranial Cane, ranged training dummy and medium prismatic lamp
43 Medium cash bag Bonus XP star (large) and medium cash bag
44 25 silverhawk down 25 silverhawk down
45 Spooky Cape and bonus XP star (large) Crossbone, Crow Taxi Teleport, and +2% Summoning XP
46 2 bonus XP stars (large), small prismatic lamp, and huge prismatic lamp Bonus XP star (large), medium prismatic lamp, and huge prismatic lamp
47 3 large prismatic lamps and bonus XP star (medium) Large prismatic lamp, bonus XP star (small), and medium smouldering lamp
48 Twin Reaper Scythe Medium prismatic lamp and large prismatic lamp
49 Bonus XP star (medium), 25 tight springs Bonus XP star (small), 25 tight springs, and medium smouldering lamp
50 Dark Throne resting, medium protean pack, bonus XP star (huge), and 2 bonus XP stars (large) Zak pet, Nevermore Stalker Outfit, Spooky Blindfold, medium protean pack, bonus XP star (huge), medium smouldering lamp, and +2% Slayer XP

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

The update history project is a work-in-progress – not all updates to this topic may be covered below. See here for how to help out!
  • patch 2 December 2019 (Update):
    • Scattering ashes will now correctly add to the progress of the Prayer Tasks in Yak Track.
    • Updated the Yak Track information buttons to make it easier to differentiate between locked and available tasks.
    • The Dungeoneering Yak Track tasks will now correctly add progress when doing Occult Floors at high Dungeoneering levels.
    • A stray select option was removed from the task skip confirmation screen in Yak Track.
    • A full-stop was added to the fourth slide of the Yak Track tutorial to help break up the sentence.
    • The Witch's Doll and Abyssal Prowler pets have had the word "pet" added on the Yak Track to help clarify what they are.
    • Players who have finished a task, but it has not registered as complete will now be able to continue progressing with Yak Track after relogging.
    • Changed Draynor Village to Draynor Market in the Yak Track.
    • Count Yakula's position has now been moved to make him more centralized.
    • Ores that are ported to the metal bank will now correctly add progress to Yak Track Mining tasks.
    • Particle effects now correctly apply to the flaming skull cosmetic from Yak track.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Yak Track is Jagex's implementation of a type of microtransaction that was made popular by games such as Dota 2, Fortnite, and Paladins, who call it a "battle pass".

References[edit | edit source]

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