Greater Concentrated Blast

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Greater Concentrated Blast is an upgraded version of the Concentrated Blast ability, requiring 12 Magic to use and can only be used while dual-wielding magic weapons. It is unlocked by reading a Greater Concentrated blast ability codex, replacing the former ability.

This ability both improves the total damage and speed over the lesser version. Like Concentrated Blast, each beam increases your next attack's chance to force a critical hit by 5% per strike, up to a maximum of 15%. The first hit deals 15.8%-79.0% of the player's ability damage, 17.8%-89.0% for the second hit, and 19.8%-99.0% for the third hit, a combined 53.4%-267.0% for all 3 hits, which is an average of 160.2% ability damage. All 3 hits are able to land within choosing to do another ability after one global cooldown has passed, allowing the player to immediately follow up with another ability while gaining the +15% increase to forced critical hit chance on their next ability.

As it is a channelled ability, movement will cancel it immediately. Swapping one's main hand weapon will remove the forced critical hit chance increase buff toward the next attack.

If you deal a critical hit as a result of Greater Concentrated Blast's bonus, the same message as what is used for Biting appears: "You deal a critical strike against your opponent!"

Interaction with itself[edit | edit source]

Greater Concentrated Blast, in addition to affecting the next ability, will also affect itself. This means the second beam of Greater Concentrated Blast will receive a +5% critical hit chance and the third beam of Greater Concentrated Blast will receive a +10% critical hit chance.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 31 August 2021 (Update):
    • Greater Concentrated Blast's tooltop has been updated to match its live damage values.
  • patch 16 August 2021 (Update):
    • We've taken steps to power down the Greater Concentrated Blast ability upgrade slightly so it fits where we feel a 'Greater' basic ability should sit. Below, we've broken down all the core information on where this sat and now sits within the magic ability set.
      • A live 4 tick* concentrated blast, on average deals 147.6% ability damage.
      • Due to taking 4 ticks, players would often cancel before the final hit for an average of 94.2%.
      • In live a Greater Concentrated Blast will currently deal on average 181.9% ability damage.
      • This is an average increase of 93% over a cancelled Concentrated Blast.
      • Our adjusted values bring the average damage of a greater concentrated blast down to 160.2% ability damage.
      • Over a standard concentrated blast cancelled, this is an increase of 70% damage.
      • Compared to a non-cancelled concentrated blast (2.4 seconds) this is still an increase of 8.5% down from 23% whilst still saving 0.6 seconds on the ability.
      • * 1 'tick' = 0.6 seconds"
    • As always, we'll continue to monitor how the ability performs and continue to make adjustments.