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Effigy is an alchemist who has been trying to build a Tower of Life for years, but the builders they hired, led by Bonafido, have gone on strike.[1]

During the quest Tower of Life, a passing adventurer made the final constructions to the tower, much to the delight of Effigy and his fellow alchemists Currency and Transmute. They instantly rushed to the top of the tower, gleefully announcing their intentions to create life using the Tower. They succeeded, creating a Homunculus, trapping it in a cage and ignoring its cries of pain. The alchemists made derogatory comments about the Homunculus and demand it be quiet. When the adventurer tried to intervene, the alchemists dismiss them, swiftly following by the Homunculus breaking free. The alchemists fled, then Effigy tried to convince the adventurer to deal with the Homunculus. Rather than eliminate the Homunculus, the adventurer instead aided it, scaring away the alchemists and allowing the Homunculus to claim the Tower for itself.

The alchemists later tried to reclaim the tower, but the Homunculus used the Tower's powers to defeat them, transforming two of them into a unihuman and a chickalchemist.[2]

If Meeting History was completed prior to starting the quest, he'll lament the loss of the Outpost, which they were going to turn into a laboratory until it was turned into a museum instead.[3]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Effigy speaks in:

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References[edit | edit source]

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