Ritual of the Mahjarrat

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Ritual of the Mahjarrat is a grandmaster quest. It is the sequel to four quests: A Tail of Two Cats, While Guthix Sleeps, The Curse of Arrav, and The Temple at Senntisten. This quest continues the Mysteries of the Mahjarrat storyline from where The Temple at Senntisten left off. During the quest, syzygy occurs, and the Mahjarrat begin their ritual for the 18th time; meanwhile, the three Dragonkin released from their prison after the events of While Guthix Sleeps cause havoc across Gielinor.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

They signal their arrival with a devastating shriek, and leave nothing but ash, flame and destruction in their wake. All tremble in fear as they approach, and the ground rumbles in sympathy.

There is news of a devastating attack on Mos Le’Harmless, and Sir Tiffy is quick to call you for help. Rumours seem to hint towards an ancient evil, once thought to be myth, and the implications of its appearance could spell disaster for this plane. It is unclear what they want, and there is nothing to say why they have risen now.

Yet, with one threat comes another: the planets have aligned, signalling the Ritual of the Mahjarrat. These mighty and ambitious beings are looking to draw the life from one of their order, sacrificing them to regain lost energies and add flesh to bones. The ritual will also offer near-limitless power to a single Mahjarrat who has already been gathering superhuman strength and influence. With an arsenal of weapons taken from the gods, could the ritual be your last opportunity to stop him before he achieves complete domination?

With two monumental threats such as these, humanity risks being utterly crushed. Fighting now would require armies of bold and fearless warriors, yet only a precious few are able to stand up and face them. The question is: are you ready to join the defense of RuneScape?

Official description[edit | edit source]

They signal their arrival with a devastating shriek, and leave nothing but ash, flame and destruction in their wake. All tremble in fear as they approach, and the ground rumbles in sympathy.

Word of an attack on the isle of Mos Le'Harmless has reached the ears of Sir Tiffy Cashien. Should you choose to accept his request, you will be sent to aid Sir Tendeth who has come across a great threat to the world; one far greater than the pirates he was originally sent to investigate.

Do you have the stomach to investigate this new threat, and see it through to the end? Or will you leave the world to its doom while you cower in fear?

Overview[edit | edit source]

It is wise to read ahead before you start a new chapter so you know what's coming.

A New Mission[edit | edit source]

Sir Tiffy Cashien chathead.png

Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park. Select the "Ritual of the Mahjarrat" option and ask if there are any new missions or anything you can help with. Sir Tiffy will comment that you have good timing and tell you that he has an operative on Mos Le'Harmless, who is gathering information about an attack on human settlements and has been asking for assistance. He tells you to go to The Other Inn and ask for Sir Tendeth, who is undercover and dressed like a pirate. Finish talking to Sir Tiffy, and when you say you'll "get right on it", you'll be given an offer to be teleported to Mos Le'Harmless.

Note: If you don't accept the offer to be teleported now, you will not be able to request it later and will have to travel to Mos Le'Harmless another way.

Sir Tendeth[edit | edit source]

Speaking with Sir Tendeth in The Other Inn

Go to Mos Le'Harmless to find Sir Tendeth. If you have marked Ritual of the Mahjarrat as your active quest, the entire island will be highlighted. Sir Tendeth, however, will be in the larger of the two pubs, dressed like a pirate and wielding a dagger. Ask if the pirates are planning to attack cities, and Tendeth will assure you that pirates are only a threat to other ships. He will tell you that what he has been investigating is a threat to everything, up to and including fortified cities.

A dialogue will appear which warns that the Mos Le'Harmless jungle is about to become significantly more difficult to get around and will remain that way until the conclusion of this part of the quest. If you wish to continue, a screech will be heard, and, with ominous music, a short cutscene will begin. BE WARNED: the screen shakes quite violently during this cutscene, so please be mindful if you are sensitive to these effects.

The screen will start shaking and flashes of fire will be seen outside the inn. When things clear up, speak to Sir Tendeth again, and he will tell you to look outside to see if anyone saw anything while he calms his nerves. Speaking with the injured pirates lying outside the pub reveals that they were attacked with fireballs but not much else. Speak with more pirates to reveal that some sort of firebreathing dragon-like beings went flying into the jungle to the northeast.

Reports from the pirates as to what happened will vary. The injured pirate to the south will tell you that something threw a fireball at him, but he didn't see what did it. The injured pirate to the north will have no information. Other pirates will say they saw things like giant fire-breathing albatrosses, bony dragons that stood like men and could speak, enormous vultures and giant bats. The player may choose to head toward the jungle at any point, but either way, after questioning enough pirates, you will think "hmm, I'd best go and check things out").

Into the Jungle[edit | edit source]

Items recommended: Food, weapons and armour for defending against level 67 Jungle horrors that attack with melee, and an Anti-dragon shield or other protection against Dragonfire. (A bank is available.) The citharede robe set will allow you to quickly restore your prayer at the local musician, reducing the need for food and eliminating the need for prayer potions.
Fireball inbound!

You'll want to take weapons and armour with you before heading into the jungle, as it is populated by aggressive Jungle horrors. Sir Tendeth suggests you take a look out of the gate to see what is happening out there. He will join you as you leave, but a fireball will hit and kill him before you can do anything.

Note: Clicking inside the village walls during the cutscene will end the scene, but it will be restarted upon re-entering the jungle.

At the end of the cutscene you'll duck for cover on the west side of a nearby tropical tree. You'll then decide to run to the origin of the fireballs, using the trees as cover. The tall Jungle Grass also provides cover, up until you are north of Trouble Brewing, then you must use the trees. Follow the charred ground and burnt vegetation as a guide for the best path.

Potential Strategy

If you remain in the open for too long you will be hit by a fireball and returned inside the village gates with some heavy damage taken. If using reasonable dragonfire protection, the damage taken should be limited to around 800-2500. If returned to the village by being hit by a fireball, you can easily restock your food and potions at the nearby bank. You can recover health simply by standing in the bank, which greatly reduces the need for food and may remove the need for dragonfire protection. You should disable auto-retaliate to avoid moving out of cover when attacked by the hordes of Jungle Horrors. Also, it will aid you to orient your camera view to the north, and zoom out all the way.

Small and large trees may be used to hide behind, but use caution around clusters of grasses as you may accidentally click into an open area, thus being hit by a fireball. Wait a second or two before moving to the next tree, otherwise the game will assume you didn't reach a safe point and fireballs will strike you seemingly randomly. Furthermore, if a fireball is heading your way, there is unfortunately no way to duck out of its way; this is your extended knockout animation. The music changes when you are out of cover, sounding something reminiscent of the Jaws theme. Wait for this music to end before moving out of cover (the safe music will sound slightly more like typical RuneScape island music). Pay close attention as you near the Trouble Brewing minigame area, as the paths to safe cover get a bit longer and trickier. Hiding behind the building to the east will not protect you, as the fireball will just go through the building end up hitting you anyway. Unlike the building, the bank deposit box can also be used as cover.

Use the following map for a safe/short route to the origin of the fireballs:

Path to the Dragonkin (click to enlarge)

If you attempt to use 'rum' to reach Trouble Brewing, you will be prevented from doing so, and will receive the message: An unknown power seems to prevent you from drinking this item, as tasty as it seems.

Sithaph chathead.png

Once you reach the far edge of Trouble Brewing, in the eastern trees just northeast of the building, you will activate a cutscene. Three Dragonkin named Sithaph, Strisath and Sakirth will be discussing how destruction eases "the rage" and say that it is still building, and that someone must be using "it". They decide to attack a larger settlement and that they must continue their search for the "False User". They then fly off, and you say you must report back to Sir Tiffy.

Note: If you log out during or accidentally click out of this conversation, return to the penultimate hiding spot shown on the map above, then return to the last. This resets the process and triggers the cutscene to begin again.

The Temple Knights' Archives[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Catspeak amulet (e)
Items recommended: Rock climbing boots

Return to Falador Park and speak to Sir Tiffy about the Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Tell him what you saw and he will take you to the Temple Knight archives where you will meet with Lady Table. Lady Table will produce a dossier on the Dragonkin. She says it's mostly compiled of 'sightings' reports, similar to those on the 'Reprehensible Snowgre'. A note from Robert the Strong will be found in the dossier, saying that the "stonetoucher" must take the collar from his reincarnation and use it to get to Kethsi, and then as a puzzle key once they get there.

Bob chathead.png
To learn the secrets of the dragonkin, the stonetoucher must first take the collar from my reincarnation. On it is a code to the plane of Kethsi and the key to the puzzle once he gets there.
— Robert the Strong
Inside the Temple Knight Archives.

Tell Lady Table and Sir Tiffy that Robert was reincarnated as Bob the Cat, and that you've researched this for an earlier adventure. Also tell them that you think you're the stonetoucher, because of what happened during your previous mission with the White Knights. Lady Table tells you to go find Bob and get his collar.

Exit the archive via the door to the east and you will be given the option to travel with Sir Tiffy back to Falador. Next, use the tracking capability of your Catspeak amulet (e) to locate Bob and acquire his collar. To use the amulet, right-click on it and select Open. Usually, the eyes immediately light up, and one of the diamond-like shapes surrounding the head lights up; this light points the direction that you must go to find Bob. If the amulet does not automatically light up, the two whiskers can be clicked to rotate the triangular nose in the centre, lighting a new diamond. Rotate the nose until the eyes light up, and the diamond-shaped light will be pointing in the direction that will take you to Bob.

The catspeak amulet interface, pointing toward Bob's current location.

As shown on the Catspeak amulet interface, north is pointed upward. Keep this in mind as you begin travelling to search for Bob.

Once the eyes light up in the amulet interface, try teleporting somewhere in the general direction that the amulet is pointing (similar to searching for a compass clue scroll). Continue checking the amulet and teleporting and walking around until you find him.

Bob's location is different for everyone because of his movement around RuneScape, being found anywhere on the surface of RuneScape that is not blocked by a physical barrier between it and Unferth's house.

Once you find Bob, ask for his collar and he will give it to you.

The Ruins of Kethsi[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Bob's collar, spade (can be acquired in the area, tool belt spade does not work), at least nine empty spaces
Items recommended: Food (summer pies are recommended, as they boost Agility as well as restoring life points), boots of lightness, wicked cape, and other similar items that benefit agility.
Bob's collar detail.png

Study Bob's collar by clicking on it. The front side shows "BOB", but flip it over (using the arrow button) to find "DIRAKS" on the back. Players familiar with fairy ring coordinates may recognise this anagram as a combination fairy ring code. Using a fairy ring, teleport to DIR followed by AKS, and you will arrive at Kethsi. Once there, begin exploring to discover the motives behind the Dragonkin attack. In order to do this, you must collect the four Tetrahedrons found scattered around the isle of Kethsi, which together form the crest of the overwhelmingly powerful Dragonkin.

The mysterious pattern puzzle on Kethsi.

Once you arrive at Kethsi, before doing anything else begin by heading to the northwestern corner of the island, and search the rubble beneath the flooring in order to obtain the Tetrahedron 4. Next, go south east and up on to the ramp nearby onto the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the destroyed building. Now go north and use Bob's collar on the wall design. You will need to position Bob's collar correctly into the pattern of the wall design order to open a concealed compartment. This is done by positioning the collar vertically, with the "Bob" side face up, in between the centre-right and far right piece. Once the collar is in this position, you must move it up until it slots into place.

The solution to the collar puzzle.

You will then receive five items. Two notes (note to Robert the Strong and note to you), Tetrahedron 1, A statue arm and Robert's necklace. The necklace plays no role in the quest and may be banked the next time you are at one, or destroyed and later recollected from Kethsi or May's Quest Caravan.

This is where you will be needing the level 77 Agility requirement, and can not continue the quest without it, and boosts can not be used to reach it. The surefooted aura will not guarantee success with Kethsi's Agility obstacles.

Staying on the same floor, go south and then jump across the ledge to the west. Use the statue arm you acquired from the hidden compartment on the statue with one arm. A spire will then fall. Cross this spire and then go down the ladder in front of you. Head east and up the wall jump shortcut, which you can run up. Once up, climb the wall to the west, followed by taking the swing-pole to the north. Walk across the beam to the east, and jump over the gap, go south and jump-from floor on south, and go down the two ladders. Now, squeeze through the pipe to the east of you. Mine the rockslide that is blocking the path to the north. Climb up the wall in the north and cross the two walls and a set of handholds to get to a set of ladders in the west corner. If you fall on the way, you will need to run around to the south-east corner of the island and continue from the pipe obstacle.

Go down the ladder, go north outside of the building then east and search some rubble for a strange device and Tetrahedron 3. Return to the ladder, climb it, and climb up the second one as well. Jump from the floor to the south (NOTE: It is possible to fail this jump and start over again). Slide-down the roof to the south and then go south, taking the spade beside the stairs, and walk across the plank. Search the nearby rubble to find the final piece of the puzzle, Tetrahedron 2.

Opening the Underground Library[edit | edit source]

The wall indentations on either side of the base of the stairs, with Tetrahedron pieces in place.
The desk in the library.

Once you've found all four (4) tetrahedrons, go back across the plank and go down the stairs. In the dungeon, use all your tetrahedrons on the "indentations" in the walls on either side of the stairs. to receive symbols 1, 2, 3, and 4, which make up a 4 letter code. Your code will be listed in your quest journal, but you can also use the following checklist to help reference it quicker.

The basic objective is to locate your code from the wall indentations listed in your quest journal with your strange device somewhere in Kethsi. As you move throughout the map, the strange device will list different coordinates in which you can use the map below to make more sense of it.

1 = 2 = 3 = 4 =
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • H
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • H
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • H
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • H
Kethsi, on the grid (click to enlarge).

Your object now is to search the plane of Kethsi, using the strange device to find the location that matches your code. When you find the correct location, you will use your spade to dig in that spot. There is a spade outside at the top of the stairs, as well as inside in the base of the stairs if you didn't bring one earlier.

Refer to the map above to find your location (many of the common coordinates have been digitised on the map to help locate your specific set of coordinates faster).

If you prefer more of a challenge, use the strange device to help find the coordinates as you interpret the map above. Coordinates start in the southwest corner of the map at AAAA. Every cell on the map represents a "major" grid cell, and is lettered A through H along eight (8) columns and rows. Imagine that every "major" grid cell is also divided into "minor" cells A through H; eight (8) columns and rows per "major" grid cell. The first two letters of your code represent the "major" and "minor" columns, respectively. The last two letters of your code represent the "major" and "minor" rows, respectively. For example, see EAGA on the map above. Notice that EAGA lies nearly directly on the intersection of the major grid lines, because its minor coordinates are AA. Now find FCGC and notice that it lies "floating" near the centre of major grid cell FG, because its minor grid cell coordinates are CC.

NOTE: It may be easiest to teleport out of Kethsi, and then back to it using fairy ring codes DIR and AKS again; this will help you avoid having to pass through the agility obstacles more than necessary.

Once you have found your spot, dig there with a spade, and you'll find a Kethsian key. Go back to the dungeon on the west island, and use the key to get through the southern door. Search the bookcase at the southeast corner of the library for a scroll. Read the scroll to learn a new spell, Tune Banite Ore. Search the bookcase west of it and read the journal.

Making plans in Falador[edit | edit source]

Return to Falador and report to Sir Tiffy with the journal (Dathana's message). He will read it and the information will worry him a lot. He suggests you visit Idria, Thaerisk and Akrisae in Falador Castle. Do so and speak to any of the three. Tell them what you have discovered from Dathana's message: the Dragonkin grow more powerful as the power of the Stone of Jas is used. And now that Lucien is using the Stone a lot, the Dragonkin may become powerful to a degree that they may destroy all of Gielinor. Idria will be very concerned and, as always, Akrisae will be skeptical.

Suddenly, Ali the Wise will show up and contribute additional information. His research and knowledge of astronomy have pointed out that the Mahjarrat Ritual of Rejuvenation is about to commence. This seems like another problem to Akrisae, but Ali is able to make a plan out of it. Since Lucien will definitely be using the Stone at the Ritual, and several other Mahjarrat have the desire to dispatch him, you may ally yourselves with said Mahjarrat to counter the combined power of the Stone, the Staff of Armadyl and Lucien and defeat him. Akrisae will need convincing that having the aid of the Mahjarrat is necessary, for he believes all of them are as evil as Lucien. So begins a "chat puzzle".

NOTE: Incorrect answers while speaking with Akrisae will cause you to lose progress one step at a time, forcing you to try again with each step.

When the option is available, sarcastically ask him if he wants everyone on the planet to die ("So, instead, you'd risk all our lives?"), to which he will respond more calmly. He suggests there must be another possibility, and you must convince him there isn't ("'I can't think of another way."). He will calm down some more, but remain skeptical. From here, you'll need to agree with him to remain cautious in an association with the Mahjarrat ("Yes, we'll have to be careful."). Finally, he'll say that he won't be the one to negotiate, to which you should tell him that you will do the work ("I will risk my own life to negotiate.")

Thaerisk proposes that someone scout the area of the ritual beforehand. Ali the Wise mentions one Ghorrock Fortress that serves as a gateway to the ritual site, and you will suggest that this fortress is the one at the Frozen Waste Plateau, which you infiltrated in The Temple at Senntisten. Akrisae will give you four (4) teleorbs, to try to teleport the Stone of Jas away from the ritual site. Ali will suggest that Zemouregal will probably use Arrav during the ritual, and gives you Arrav's heart, telling you that you should hide it at the ritual site and use it later to try to break Zemouregal's control of Arrav.

Finally, Ali will suggest speaking with Azzanadra, as he will likely be the group's closest ally during the ritual. Head to the Temple through the Varrock Dig Site.

Help from Azzanadra[edit | edit source]

Dr Nabanik chathead.png

Once at the temple, talk to Azzanadra using the Ritual of the Mahjarrat chat option. He will be surprised that you know of the Ritual and his intent to attend, and assumes that Ali must have told you for a good reason. You will tell him of the proposed alliance, of Lucien, and of the Stone. He will reveal that his spies have informed him of Lucien's possession of the Staff, but that he himself is not familiar with the Stone. You will briefly explain it to him and he will give you another task. Azzanadra has stored some of Zaros' power in four beacons, which he asks you to place at the Ritual Site, specifying that the northern and southern beacons must directly face each other, and likewise the eastern and western ones as well, and that they also should be positioned in a high place, to project the godly power of Zaros to defeat Lucien. It is now time to head to the Fortress.

Travelling to Ghorrock[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Ring of visibility, rope, 4x teleorbs from Akrisae, Arrav's heart from Ali the Wise, and 4x beacons from Azzanadra
Items recommended: Super energy potions, food to heal from waterfiend attacks inside Ghorrock (an alternative is to pray range/mage). A weapon to speed up killing the guard is also recommended.

Travel to Ghorrock, the site on which the Ritual will take place. It is recommended to travel by the canoe next to Erjolf in the snowy hunter area as this bypasses the Wilderness, for example by use of the Fremennik Province lodestone, the fairy ring code dks, or the Arctic Bear familiar teleport.

Jumping over the pillar at the southern entrance to the fortress.

Obtaining a Heat Globe[edit | edit source]

Go up the hill from the canoe to Ghorrock, pass the ice block on the western wall and enter the outer walls of the fortress, then enter the inner walls by the southern arch. The steel and iron dragons are non-aggressive, and shouldn't pose a problem for you if you don't accidentally click them. Climb up the western staircase and then back down on the east, scale up the damaged wall and finally climb back down the smashed rampart on the west (not the east ones) to reach the trapdoor to Ghorrock dungeon. Note that there are far more icefiends and waterfiends than there were in the previous quests. (This is because the frostenhorn was taken, and with it the dungeon became more hostile.) These monsters prove dangerous to even high-level players due to sheer numbers and the quickness of their attacks. Run to the south-western corner and pick up the heat globe on the floor, and then run back and ascend the stairs.

Circle back around to exit the inner walls, and jump over the pillar immediately to the south. Enter the tunnel to the Ritual plateau.

Preparing the Ritual Site[edit | edit source]

Once on the open plain, you'll notice undead broavs wandering around. These should be avoided, because if one sees you, a wizard will appear and teleport you to a cell inside Zemouregal's fort. They have a rather short range of view so as long as you're a little bit careful they shouldn't be much of a problem at all. If you do get sent to the cell, you can lift a tile in the east and dig a hole, then climb through it to be placed just outside of the fort. You can do the section of the quest that takes place inside the fort while you are there, if you want to, but remember to prepare the ritual site after.

You will now have to place several items which will aid the allies in battle around the ritual site. You will place the four beacons in four trees located on the edges of the ritual plateau. The green dots on the above map of the Ritual site are the locations of the beacon trees. You can increase your draw distance in settings (Options > Settings > Graphics tab > Draw Distance) to view opposite beacons on screen, if that helps. You also need to find a place to hide Arrav's heart, and let down a rope from the ritual plateau down to the beach near the fortress, allowing your allies to reach the ritual site.

From the tunnel you emerge from, head west, past the corner of the fortress wall. There is an overhanging tree just next to a cavern entrance (dungeon icon on minimap), where you can tie the rope. Slightly back the way you came, just at the southwest corner of the wall, are two trees. Use a beacon on the eastern one to place the beacon there. Now run directly south to find a second tree, immediately to the northeast of a pile of icy rocks, and south-west of the ritual marker. Place the second beacon in it. If this is done correctly, a dialogue will appear saying "You place the beacon. It is directly opposite the beacon to the north." You should also hide Arrav's heart in the pile of rocks just northeast of this tree, directly south of the ritual marker. Then head west to a forest of evergreen trees, run north towards the corner of the forest and place the beacon in the large tree just before reaching the corner. Now you need to place its partner, so head directly east. If the raised platform of the ritual marker is in the way, go around it to the north. The tree for the final beacon is the third from the northeast corner. You should again get a message saying that you have correctly placed it directly opposite the western beacon.

Zemouregal's Fort[edit | edit source]

Zemouregal's Fortress

The fort is directly west-southwest of the Ritual site, behind the forest. Running up to a broav can be a convenient way of getting there. You will be put into a cell. Search the bed for a chisel and spade. Use the chisel on the floor tile, then dig with the spade. When you are outside the entrance, kill the armoured zombie and pick up the Code key (main entrance) and decoder strips.

An example of the puzzle. The example code is 'EIHC', thus the final decoder strip must be placed on the C, revealing that the number is 2.

As with other quests involving Zemouregal, you must use decoder strips to unlock a door that utilises a decoder puzzle as its lock. In this case, the door you must open is the main entrance to Zemouregal's fort. Begin by reading the code key, which will give you a code of four letters; for example 'EIHC' (see the image to the left). Click the main entrance door to begin decoding the lock. Within the puzzle interface, you'll have your decoder strips shown on the right side, and a series of code numbers organised by letters on the left. Beginning with decoder strip 1, drag-and-drop (you may also select a strip and use the four-way arrows to move) the decoder strip onto the first letter of the code revealed in the Code key. (For example, using 'EIHC' as our code, you would place decoder strip 1 on the 'E' row).

The first code number needed to unlock the door will show through the slot in the decoder strip (for example, the number 6 in the above image). Use the 'up' and 'down' arrows in the middle of the interface to cycle through available numbers, and use the 'right' and 'left' arrows to respectively submit or delete a number from the combination slots at the top of the interface. Repeat this process using all of the decoder strips to decode the lock and enter the fort. Note that the four decoder strips in the interface are used to decode each digit of the code, and you must use all four of them. That is, the same letter in different positions does not correspond to the same number.

When the correct code has been input, the door will unlock. Enter the base and search the crate adjacent to the northeastern weapon rack to find the storeroom code key. Again, read the code and use it to open the western storeroom door, using the same process as before.

Zemouregal (skeletal) chathead.png

Search the crates in the north room of the storeroom to get a reliquary code key and some notes. Read them to discover that Zemouregal has had some trouble maintaining power over Arrav. In order to strengthen his power, he created a glass prism, but it wasn't enough. He finally created an obsidian prism, and it works well, though is quite fragile. With this useful information, go back into the main room and climb the westernmost stairs. Walk down the hallway; Zemouregal and Sharathteerk are in the room to the west. If you stand in front of both of the locked doors, you'll overhear them discussing their plans: their zombie army is full strength and Arrav is in position. Surprisingly, Zemouregal will say that he "can sense your presence" and "has spotted an intruder". Hilariously, this turns out only to be him "practising for the ritual", and you'll remain safely hidden.

Smashing the obsidian prism.

Go back down the stairs, and this time go up the eastern stairs. Use the code key and strips to enter the reliquary. Once inside, smash the black stone in the south of the room. This will weaken Zemouregal's control over Arrav, which will benefit you and your allies during the ritual.

Once finished, go back down the stairs and leave the fort.

Finding the Stone of Jas[edit | edit source]

Movario chathead.png

Run over to Movario, at the southeastern corner of the plateau. Note that the broavs can interrupt your conversation with him. Speak with him to learn that he senses the Stone of Jas nearby, as Lucien is planning on using it during the ritual. Furthermore, he senses shadow magic that may be in use, hiding the stone.

Ensure you are wearing the ring of visibility, and run west along the south side to find an invisible shadow pedestal (the pedestal can be seen but not used until you've spoken with Movario). Investigate the pedestal and your character will note that it's similar to the ones in Ghorrock. Place the heat globe on the pedestal, and some nearby ice will melt to reveal a cave entrance.

The hidden entrance revealed

WARNING: If you are not fully prepared for the upcoming fight, return to a bank and prepare before entering! Dying during the upcoming fights will place your gravestone outside Ghorrock, near the entrance to the Ritual Site cavern. Climb the rope to retry. If your respawn point is set to Edgeville or Varrock, running to the nearest fairy ring and using code DKS to return to your grave should return you to the cave within two minutes. However, a bug has been reported where even if you get back to your gravestone, it may not allow you to recover anything.

Note: If you try to put heat globe on the shadow pedestal and a dialogue appears which says, "That could be a good idea, but you've got other things to do first.", it means either your beacons are not aligned properly, Arrav's heart has not been placed yet, you haven't talked to Movario after smashing the prism, or you forgot to put the rope on the overhanging tree in the north-west corner. If you are completely sure the beacons are in their correct alignment, talk to Movario once more, and he will place the heat globe on the pedestal. Some players have removed and replaced a beacon from a tree and have reported that this worked for them. Some report that reading the heart notes/Dathana's message will also fix this. It is recommended to keep your codes on you as well, as the glitch may occur if you destroy them during this section. Try approching the globe from Movario's direction with the Wildy and Movario at your back.

The Stone of Jas[edit | edit source]

Touching the Stone of Jas

Prepare yourself for the final fight. Pass through the entrance you opened in the south on the plateau. You will be in a large ice cavern. The passage to the east is blocked by an energy barrier that cannot be passed at this time. Go down the other passage and... the Stone of Jas will be there! Touch it to trigger a vision of the past, like during While Guthix Sleeps.

The fortress of Annakarl, which is now known as the Demonic Ruins, will be shown in the year 3100 of the Third Age - the last part of the God Wars. Zamorakian and Saradominist forces are engaged in a huge battle. Commander Zilyana is seen facing the huge Zamorakian demon, K'ril Tsutsaroth. As they battle, K'ril gets the upper hand and blasts Zilyana away, mortally wounding her. He takes a final look at her unconscious body and departs. Saradomin himself comes to rescue her and takes her to the Fist of Guthix arena, where the Stone of Jas lies, and heals her. He shows her the Stone of Jas (which he calls the Eye of Saradomin), and tells her that Zamorak returned from his banishment and started a war in order to reclaim it and it was the most prominent tool he used to attain godhood.

The Ritual of Rejuvenation[edit | edit source]

Set-ups[edit | edit source]

Your combat stats will be boosted by the Stone of Jas so you should not use saradomin brews or stat boosting potions. You should bring the best weapon and armour that you have for your chosen attack style and good food (monkfish or better), and you may want to bring a beast of burden, prayer potions, and an emergency teleport.

  • If using melee, the healing ability of Guthan's is a good idea if you have high Attack and Strength, especially given that your levels will be boosted.
  • With about level 70 Ranged or above, ranging is possibly the best choice for these fights.

You are able to leave after each battle. If you die during a battle, your grave will either appear near the rope on the tree west of the entrance to the plateau or inside Ghorrock.

Khazard's Return[edit | edit source]

The group marches to battle.
General Khazard (skeletal) chathead.png

At the end of the cutscene, an alarm will begin, alerting the Mahjarrat to your presence. You will be teleported outside, to find Sir Tiffy, Akrisae, Ali the Wise, and a battalion of Temple Knights. According to Ali, the Ritual is about to commence and the ritual plateau is flooded with fighting Mahjarrat. You will head for the ritual site, but will be intercepted by General Khazard and six Elite Khazard guards. He will reveal the true identity of Ali the Wise: the Mahjarrat Wahisietel. Naturally, Akrisae will begin to panic, but you and Wahisietel will calm him down. General Khazard will then proceed to attack you.

General Khazard and his troops surprise your forces.

Your combat stats will be boosted significantly throughout the final battles due to your contact with the Stone. As such, you will be able to hit significantly higher than you normally can, and your summoning familiars damage will be boosted too. Because of the boosts received from the stone it is recommended to NOT use Saradomin brews to heal, as they will lower your bonuses.

General Khazard summons Bouncer to aid him.

If using ranged or magic, Khazard will use a long-range Magic attack, which can be blocked with the Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic prayers. If using melee, Khazard will also fight with melee, which you can use Protect from Melee to protect against. Sir Tiffy and Wahisietel aid you in attacking Khazard, and the Temple Knights attack his minions.

Periodically throughout the fight, Khazard will summon his hellhound Bouncer, who will constantly inflict small amounts of typeless damage on you. Bouncer cannot be harmed directly, so when Khazard summons him, lure him over to Wahisietel, who will kill him for you. It is possible to lure Khazard next to Wahisietel so whenever Bouncer is summoned it will die instantly.

Most players should have little trouble with Khazard, but if he is proving difficult, it is possible to hide behind a tree and let Sir Tiffy and Wahisietel defeat him.

Battle of the Mahjarrat 1: Ice Titans[edit | edit source]

Khazard teleports away after the fight
Lucien (skeletal) chathead.png

Once General Khazard is defeated, he teleports away in retreat and your group proceeds to the ritual site. Finding it strangely deserted, Wahisietel senses a nearby Mahjarrat; he steps forward and calls for General Khazard to reveal himself. Instead, Lucien appears. After taunting your group, he summons four enhanced ice titans; Sir Tiffy calls Idria via commorb and requests reinforcements. The immediate arrival of a support group of Guardians of Armadyl signals the beginning of the first battle against Lucien's forces.

Lucien summons enhanced ice titans.

Two of the enhanced ice titans will run at you. You will only be able to damage these two titans, so turn on Protect/Deflect Melee and attack them. The titans have high life points and a special attack which encases you in ice. This attack is similar to, but doesn't function like ice barrage in that it doesn't hit you for multiple strikes of massive damage while encased. Instead, it works more like the cocoon attack of Araxxor in that you can break free by rapidly clicking the ground around you. However, if you don't break free of the ice quickly enough, it will shatter and deal significant damage to you. It is possible to heal off of the remaining ice titans (and all other stages of the battle) using soul split after you've killed your own, even though you don't deal any damage. It is unknown if this is a bug or not, however this is likely.

Battling the ice titans.

Throughout these battles, Wahisietel will fight Lucien, who will regularly cast his black skull spell at you. When it hits the ground, a pillar of darkness rises up that will hit 400-1000 points of damage per tick.

If you defeat your titans before the others defeat theirs, you'll just have to run around the ritual site, avoiding Lucien's spell, until the battle is over. Once the titans are all defeated, another cutscene begins.

Note: Do not attempt to attack Lucien directly during this or any of the following fights, or he will hit you for over 4000 typeless damage. Be very careful using area-of-effect abilities, as they may accidentally hit Lucien, resulting in unavoidable damage.

Potential Strategies
Trap the Ice Titans in the southeast corner. Remember to keep moving to avoid Lucien's attacks.

It will be very important to keep an eye on your prayer points throughout this and the following battles, as they can be lengthy.

Important: When you see the smoking black skull flying towards you, run at least two squares away from your current position before continuing your attack on the ice titans. If a titan freezes you before you can evade Lucien's spell, you may be hit for massive damage, so make sure to keep an eye on your health!

Try to position the titans such that only one is attacking you at a time. This will reduce the number of special attacks used against you, and will help focus your attacks. You can also utilise a safe spot at the southeast corner of the Ritual site, or behind any trees you can find (see image). The titans have a significant weakness to the attacks of combat familiars; especially fire titans. Even a karamthulhu overlord is able to hit over 900 life points with its melee attack. If using ranged, it is recommended to use enchanted ruby crossbow bolts, as they can hit well over 2000 in the early stages of the battle, even with less than 75 Ranged, due to the Stone's boost. Your Summoning level is also boosted, so there is no need for summoning potions.

Battle of the Mahjarrat 2: Ice Demons[edit | edit source]

Lucien's army of ice demons.

Wahisietel will taunt Lucien when the enhanced ice titans are been defeated. In response, Lucien will summon twenty (20) level-140 ice demons. Even Wahisietel becomes nervous, and just as he says that you'll need more help, Sliske slinks into the scene (to everyone's surprise). Sliske summons the Barrows brothers to aid in the fight, and an enraged Lucien orders his army to attack.

Similar to the battle with the ice titans, two of the ice demons will attack you. Tiffy and Idria take on their own, with Akrisae healing them as needed. Sliske and the Brothers battle the rest of the demons while Wahisietel continues dueling Lucien.

Sliske summons the Barrows brothers to fight alongside you!

The ice demons use magic and ranged attacks, their magic attack being stronger. The use of Magic protection prayers is recommended. The demons also have a special attack that surrounds you with icicles that impede your movement. There's no way to prevent these icicles from forming, but it should be noted that you can attack an icicle to break it. This is useful as it only takes two icicle attacks to completely surround you. This can be particularly dangerous as Lucien will continue to cast his "black skull" spell at you. It is very important to keep moving to avoid being trapped by icicles when Lucien's spell hits.

Again, if you defeat your ice demons before the others, you'll just need to keep running around, avoiding Lucien's attacks until the battle ends and the next cutscene begins.

Potential Strategies
Fighting the Ice Demons. Watch out for the icicles!

If using melee, one strategy for this battle is to use Protect/Deflect from Magic and remain in your starting position, allowing the Ice Demons to approach you. This will allow you ample space and time to see Lucien's attacks as they come. As with the titans, try to separate the demons so that you can focus on one at a time. While you attack one, the other will range or mage you from a distance. When either Lucien's attack or icicles appear near you, run and fight the other demon.

Note: It is advised to stay near Karil the Tainted, as he will attack your demons with his crossbow if they are within his range.

If you are using ranged, another strategy is to use Protect/Deflect from Magic and continually run around the demons. The special effect of enchanted ruby bolts also works well against the ice demons, just as with the titans. Run a few paces, fire a single bolt, then run a few more paces. The constant movement should reduce the risk from icicles and Lucien's spell, while still allowing you to get some consistent hits on the demons.

If the Barrows brothers finish killing their ice demons before you, they will help you kill yours.

Note: Combat familiars are not of use in this battle. Beast of Burden familiars, however, may be safely used, and will not be attacked during the battle.

The Beginning of the Ritual[edit | edit source]

Akthanakos (skeletal) chathead.png
Lucien reveals the sacrifice

At battle's end, Lucien will become tired of your attempts to stop him, and turn to a more important subject: the Ritual. As he says this, several notable Mahjarrat will begin teleporting in to the ritual site. As part of the Ritual, a Mahjarrat sacrifice must be made in order to rejuvenate the others. Enakhra is the first to teleport in at this point, and believes that her rival, Akthanakos (who arrives next), should be sacrificed. More Mahjarrat, including Zemouregal, Azzanadra, and General Khazard, will appear. Hazeel will also appear for players who chose to revive him during Hazeel Cult. The Zamorakian Mahjarrat argue that one of the Zarosian followers should be the sacrifice. In the end, Lucien decrees that as the most powerful Mahjarrat, he alone will decide who is sacrificed. He then dramatically pulls the frozen Jhallan from the cavern beneath, choosing him as sacrifice.

The Armoured Zombies[edit | edit source]

The Barrows Brothers aid you in fighting the zombies.

As Jhallan is obviously the weakest among them, most of the others (except for vengeful Enakhra and wise Wahisietel) agree with Lucien's choice. Wahisietel objects, claiming that Lucien should be the sacrifice due to his power and the threat he presents. Wahisietel then starts attacking Lucien again, and Sliske once again summons the Barrows brothers. Zemouregal counters by calling his gargoyle minion, Sharathteerk, who in-turn summons four level 91 armoured zombies.

The zombies present very little challenge, especially as they'll only be aggressive toward the Barrows brothers. While remaining vigilant against Lucien's spell, you should help the brothers get rid of the zombies. At the defeat of his zombies, Zemouregal will chastise Sharathteerk, and will then tell him to summon Arrav.

Turning Arrav[edit | edit source]

Arrav chathead.png

Note: It is recommended to not use a combat follower during the following portion, as they may cause unforeseen issues while trying to work with Arrav. Also, make sure to click through all of the dialogue, in order to trigger certain game events.

You'll now need to attack Arrav (while evading Lucien's dark magic) until he turns his attention to you. When he starts going after you, carefully (slowly) lure him to the rocks to the south, where you placed his heart. If you move too quickly, you'll lose him and have to regain his attention. The provoke ability may be especially useful here. Once he comes close enough to his heart, Arrav will break Zemouregal's control over him, and will immediately turn on Zemouregal.

The Beacon and the Glacor[edit | edit source]

The Mahjarrat attack Lucien.

In a pitiful display, Zemouregal will plead to Lucien for aid. When Lucien ignores him, Zemouregal calls for everyone present to attack him.

All of the Mahjarrat at the Ritual will then turn on Lucien, and Azzanadra will tell you that the southern beacon has broken (the one near where you placed Arrav's heart). You must repair the beacon in order for Azzanadra to call upon the power of Zaros to end the battle. Lucien, while skeptical of the beacon's usefulness, retaliates by summoning a level 112 glacor to stop you. The glacor is quite slow and shouldn't really pose a problem for you if you're quick; it's not required to kill it. Use Protect from Ranged or Protect from Magic and gather the four pieces of the beacon, while avoiding the glacor. Assemble the pieces by clicking on one of them in your inventory, and replace the beacon back into the tree. At that point, Lucien once again calls for the fighting to stop, and proceeds with the ritual.

Note: If you're particularly bold, you can choose to fight the glacor directly. This glacor has the same drops as the ones located in the cave.

The Ritual of Rejuvenation[edit | edit source]

Jhallan chathead.png
Lucien performing the Ritual of Rejuvenation

Lucien stops the fighting and performs the Ritual of Rejuvenation, sacrificing Jhallan to rejuvenate the Mahjarrat at the Ritual. As each Mahjarrat is rejuvenated, their appearance changes from their skeletal form into a more human-like form.

The rejuvenated Azzanadra flings a couple Zaros-powered spells at Lucien, dealing 9,000 and 19,000 damage, respectively. While the attacks deal seemingly-enormous damage to Lucien, he shrugs them off, surprised that he "actually felt that one". He then summons the Stone of Jas and touches it, amplifying his power even further. However, before he can use any of this power, the Dragonkin Sithaph, Strisath, and hidden Sakirth arrive. They proclaim Lucien to be the False User, whom they must destroy.

As the Dragonkin speak amongst themselves about the rage they feel, Idria naively attempts to bargain with them and convince them to enter an alliance against their common enemy. Like a mosquito in their ear, they quickly become annoyed with her and incinerate her, without a trace.

The dragonkin explain that while others, such as Lucien draw power from the Stone of Jas, their power is the Stone of Jas, and its misuse enrages them. Lucien vainly attempts to attack the dragonkin, triggering his demise.

Sithaph attempts to apprehend Lucien, but Lucien knocks him to the ground with the staff and prepares to impale him. Strisath flies in and grabs him from behind, carrying him a few metres back and making him drop the staff. Lucien knocks Strisath off balance, sending him to the ground and escaping. When it looks like Lucien is winning, the third dragonkin, Sakirth, picks up the Staff of Armadyl and hits Lucien from behind, shattering the staff's orb in the process. He then impales Lucien with the remnants of the staff, slaying the "False User".

With a last cry, Lucien's life ends. The Dragonkin claim to feel slightly better, followed by a threat to destroy the world. They then fly off. Enakhra, who is scared, quickly teleports away, followed by Akthanakos, Hazeel, Khazard, Zemouregal and Azzanadra. Only you, Tiffy, Akrisae, Wahisietel and Sliske remain at the Ritual site.

Wrath of the Dragonkin[edit | edit source]

Sliske rejuvenated chathead.png
Akrisae saves you from Sliske's attempt to convert you into a wight of his.

Typical of his sneaky persona, Sliske says that he's impressed by your skill, and then flings a spell at you to transform you into a Barrows brother. Akrisae nobly jumps in the way, saving you, and becoming the seventh Barrows wight himself, Akrisae the Doomed. Sliske seems content and quickly teleports away, escaping Tiffy's vengeance. Wahisietel simply laughs, claiming that, if nothing else, "you can always trust that you can't trust Sliske". You now need to figure out what to do with the Stone of Jas. As a favour to you, he teleports back to Nardah to avoid seeing what happens to the Stone.

Despite your suggestion to keep the Stone as a tasteful garden feature in your house, Tiffy summons Thaerisk who, with help from you and Tiffy, performs an algorithmic cipher spell, placing the stone deep underground in an unknown place, encrypted by coordinates that each of you thought of individually. Once the Stone is gone, you all teleport back to Falador...or so you thought.

The nightmarish vision of Draynor Village.

In a plot twist, rather than returning straight to Falador, you enter a smouldering version of Draynor. As the three of you run forward, dragonfire incinerates Thaerisk, just after he thought he saw Idria. Indeed, Idria, Duradel and Ghommal are seen standing around, but when each of the heroes are approached, they exclaim "We're already dead" before falling down and disappearing. Walking further leads to Lucien's body with Kuradal crying next to it, as well as fallen Hazelmere. Sloane is found standing in the next alley, and Akrisae the Doomed is seen walking by. Follow him to the bank, where suddenly Sithaph appears! After a short chase scene, the dragonkin hit and kill Tiffy, and wound you. They let you go, telling you that this is merely a vision of the future.

Cutscene Gallery

You return to Falador, and Tiffy doesn't recollect the dream as you do. Nevertheless, he is pleased that Lucien is dead, and rewards you.

Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Ritual of the Mahjarrat reward.png
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Ritual of the Mahjarrat is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:


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Credits[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 17 May 2021 (Update):
    • The [SPOILER] in the final cutscene of Ritual of the Mahjarrat no longer slides into view.
  • ninja 26 October 2020 (Update):
    • The 'Nadir' Fremennik Saga now appears after 'Ritual of the Mahjarrat' in the Timeline sort, in line with recommended completion order.
  • update 1 June 2020 (Update):
    • Reattached a dislodged bank roof in the Ritual of the Mahjarrat prologue.
  • patch 19 August 2019 (Update):
    • Corrected various visual issues in the cutscene played during Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
  • patch 3 April 2018 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the ability to continue the quest Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
    • Added the ability to reclaim the reward lamps from the quest Ritual of the Mahjarrat if destroyed, allowing the use of them at a later date.
  • patch 7 March 2016 (Update):
    • Music and sound effects now play correctly during a Ritual of the Mahjarrat cutscene.
  • patch 2 November 2015 (Update):
    • The look of the spiritual battlers in the player's vision during Ritual of the Mahjarrat have been brought graphically up to date with their brethren in the God Wars Dungeon.
  • patch 6 July 2015 (Update):
    • Arrav - in the Dominion Tower, Defender of Varrock, Curse of Arrav, and Ritual of the Mahjarrat - has been graphically updated.
    • Zemouregal (rejuvenated and skeletal) - in the Dominion Tower, the Nadir saga, Defender of Varrock, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, The World Wakes, and Missing, Presumed Death - has been graphically updated.
    • Armoured zombies in the Dominion Tower, Defender of Varrock, Curse of Arrav, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, The World Wakes and Missing, Presumed Death have been graphically updated.
    • The Barrows Brothers now correctly start to attack Arrav after he is summoned during a cutscene in Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
    • Ritual of the Mahjarrat cutscenes have been updated to use letterbox mode, and some camera angles have been fixed.
    • Arrav's heart is now put into his chest during the fourth wave of a Ritual of the Mahjarrat cutscene.
  • patch 29 June 2015 (Update):
    • Players who have not fully completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat but have completed While Guthix Sleeps and performed a Defence reset will now be able to complete the quest correctly.
  • patch 11 December 2013 (Update):
    • Some graphical stretching that occurs in the background of a cutscene during the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest has been corrected.
  • patch 3 December 2013 (Update):
    • An incorrect font style in the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest journal has been fixed.
  • patch 24 July 2013 (Update):
    • A cutscene in Ritual of the Mahjarrat no longer crashes the Java client
  • patch 3 July 2013 (Update):
    • Added a missing space in the requirements section of the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest journal.
  • patch 13 May 2013 (Update):
    • The quest requirements for Ritual of the Mahjarrat now show the correct combat levels for enemies.
  • patch 6 November 2012 (Update):
    • The Ritual of the Mahjarrat no longer stops you from logging out.
  • patch 24 July 2012 (Update):
    • Some blocking has been removed near the ritual area used in Ritual of the Mahjarrat, near a Bloodwood tree.
  • patch 19 June 2012 (Update):
    • Areas used in Return of Lucien no longer go bright white with bloom enabled.
  • patch 4 January 2012 (Update):
    • Bob the Cat can no longer talk to the player in certain circumstances during the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest.
  • patch 12 October 2011 (Update):
    • The Guardians of Armadyl have now realised what happened during Ritual of the Mahjarrat, and have updated chat to reflect these events.
  • patch 28 September 2011 (Update):
    • The spelling of Azzanadra has been corrected during the battles in Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
    • A local thug no longer wants you to ‘make’ his words after Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
  • patch 21 September 2011 (Update):
    • Beacon parts from Ritual of the Mahjarrat are now discarded correctly outside of the quest area.
    • The quest rewards for Ritual of the Mahjarrat are now accurate.
    • Characters in Lucien’s house now have different chat according to Lucien’s status after Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
    • Arrav now retaliates correctly in Ritual of the Mahjarrat.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Azzanadra dealing 9001 damage to Lucien
Audio options icon.png
The Great Chase
The dragonkin are after you!

  • Ritual of the Mahjarrat had the most requirements of any quest at the time of its release, with 105 quests, 125 kudos and the Enter the Abyss miniquest needed, until the release of Children of Mah on 21 November 2016.
  • On the first day of the quest's release, the reward portion on the quest help said "A fireball set the rewards alight. Come back tomorrow when we've put out the fire."
  • While speaking to Lady Table in the Temple Knight's Archive, she mentions 'sightings' of "Reprehensible Snowgres," poking fun at abominable snowman/yeti/bigfoot sightings and their credibility.
  • After completing the quest, a player's Adventurer's Log will read "I took part in a huge Mahjarrat ritual, encountered a new breed of enemy and helped hide an ancient relic."
  • When hit by a fireball, the game box will say "You've stayed too long out of cover!" then, "You feel as if you are moving around" and finally with "Pirates save you and bring you back to the gates of Mos Le'Harmless."
  • If you are wielding a Dragonfire shield that isn't fully charged on Mos Le'Harmless, if you get hit by a fireball it will add a charge to the shield.
  • When telling Juna about the quest you say "...after the dragonkin killed Lucien, we hid the stone somewhere safe." to which Juna replies "It is good that the Stone is once more hidden away, but the damage has been done. Lucien was dangerous, but these dragonkin could end up destroying everything."
  • Azzanadra does 9001 damage to Lucien, a reference to the anime Dragon Ball Z.
  • In the burnt down version of Draynor Village, two normally non-existing redberry bushes that can be picked from can be found; one west of the marketplace and the other south of the wheat field.
  • RuneScape posted an official trailer for Ritual of the Mahjarrat on YouTube named Ritual of the Mahjarrat. It features many of the Mahjarrat preparing for and/or teleporting to the ritual.
  • When the quest appears on the featured section of the Adventures interface, it is given the description "The planets have aligned, signalling the Ritual of the Mahjarrat. If he becomes rejuvenated, with an arsenal of weapons taken from the gods themselves, will you be able to stop Lucien achieving total dominance?".
  • During RuneFest 2010, concept art of Belkina, a character who was supposed to be in Ritual of the Mahjarrat, was shown. However, upon release of the quest, she did not appear and had been written out of the storyline for unknown reasons.