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This is a safe minigame.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.
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The Sorceress's Garden, often abbreviated SG, is a P2P Thieving/Farming minigame located in Al Kharid. This minigame can be started by talking to Osman (or Emir Ali Mirza after Our Man in the North), or by teleporting via the Apprentice after Diamond in the Rough. In the game, players attempt to sneak past elementals guarding the sorceress's gardens, in order to pick sq'irk fruit to make sq'irkjuice or to gather herbs.

Sq'irkjuice can be exchanged with Osman (or Emir Ali Mirza after Our Man in the North) for Thieving experience or be used to temporarily boost your Thieving level and restore run energy.

Playing this minigame is required for 100% completion of the quest Missing My Mummy.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Osman (or Emir Ali Mirza after Our Man in the North), the spy master of Al Kharid, has a craving for sq'irkjuice but cannot access any as he had a falling out with his supplier, the Sorceress. In order to get some, he recruits an adventurer to steal some from her garden.

Location of the sorceress' house

This minigame requires the completion of Diamond in the Rough and speaking to Osman (or Emir Ali Mirza after Our Man in the North) to start. It can be started by talking to the apprentice, found in the house in south-eastern Al Kharid, just north-east of the Shantay Pass. She will teleport adventurers to the centre of the garden. (Chat 22231)

After Swept Away, the central garden can be quickly accessed by using the broomstick after it has been enchanted.

The central garden.

The gardens[edit | edit source]

The garden is divided into five areas. You appear in the central garden with a fountain and Del-Monty the cat. Drinking from the fountain will teleport you back to the Sorceress's house. Del-Monty will tell you about the garden and the minigame, if you speak to him while wearing a catspeak amulet.

Around the central garden are the four seasonal gardens, each of which has a sq'irk tree:

  • The Winter garden has a tree with the most under-ripe fruits (five required for one glass of sq'irkjuice).
  • The Spring garden has a tree with the slightly under-ripe fruits (four for one glass).
  • The Autumn garden has a tree with overripe fruits (three for one glass).
  • The Summer garden has a tree with perfectly ripe fruits (two for one glass).

You can only enter a seasonal garden if your current Thieving level matches or exceeds the garden's required level. Fruits gained from a garden can be crushed into a beer glass using a pestle and mortar to make sq'irkjuice. Several fruits and an empty beer glass are required to make sq'irkjuice. Beer glasses needed for this minigame can be obtained for free by searching the shelves in the Sorceress's house.

To leave the garden, simply drink from the fountain located in the central garden or you could use an alternate form of teleportation.

Garden walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Getting through a garden is much easier with run mode on. Low weight and good Agility helps significantly to extend the period of time for running. Use super energy potions and weight reducing gear if possible.

The abilities Surge and Bladed Dive make this activity much easier. The player can simply surge to the other side of an elemental and not get caught, or bladed dive past many corners diagonally, avoiding sections entirely. The Double Surge codex helps with surging, and the Mobile perk helps with both.

Winter[edit | edit source]

Spring[edit | edit source]

Autumn[edit | edit source]

Summer[edit | edit source]

Lap times[edit | edit source]

Summer Garden[edit | edit source]

A trip to the centre of the summer garden is approximately 50 seconds, whereas one to the herb patch is around 40 seconds. So this would give you around 70 trips per hour or 35 drinks per hour. Factor in the occasional misclick or lag and a realistic figure of 75K experience per hour seems achievable. Note that these figures assume constant running.

  • Picking a fruit from the central tree in the summer garden gives 60 Farming experience.
  • Picking the herbs from the summer garden gives 50 Farming experience.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

You have two options for rewards in the Sorceress's Garden: herbs up to dwarf weed, if you choose to pick the herbs near the tree, or sq'irk fruit to make sqi'rkjuice with. Summer sq'irkjuice offers the second highest non-random Thieving level boost (after Abyssal Stealth scroll) in the game. The main uses for sq'irkjuice are as follows:

  1. Giving to Osman (or Emir Ali Mirza after completing Our Man in the North) for Thieving experience.
  2. Drinking it for a Thieving and run energy boost, useful in many quests.
  3. A glass of sq'irkjuice is also required in order to fully complete the quest Missing My Mummy.

Experience[edit | edit source]

Season Sq'irk fruit Sq'irkjuice Thieving level Required number of sq'irks Thieving boost Energy.png: RS3 Inventory image of EnergyEnergy recovery Thieving experience per glass of juice Thieving experience per fruit
Winter Winter sq'irk.png: RS3 Inventory image of Winter sq'irk Winter sq'irkjuice.png: RS3 Inventory image of Winter sq'irkjuice 1 5 0 10% 350 70
Sorceress's Garden - Spring icon.png Spring Spring sq'irk.png: RS3 Inventory image of Spring sq'irk Spring sq'irkjuice.png: RS3 Inventory image of Spring sq'irkjuice 25 4 1 20% 1,350 337.5
Sorceress's Garden - Autumn icon.png Autumn Autumn sq'irk.png: RS3 Inventory image of Autumn sq'irk Autumn sq'irkjuice.png: RS3 Inventory image of Autumn sq'irkjuice 45 3 2 30% 2,350 783.3
Sorceress's Garden - Summer icon.png Summer Summer sq'irk.png: RS3 Inventory image of Summer sq'irk Summer sq'irkjuice.png: RS3 Inventory image of Summer sq'irkjuice 65 2 3 40% 3,000 1,500

You can only pick one fruit per trip, or if you pick herbs instead, you will always get two grimy herbs before you are teleported out of the garden. These two grimy herbs will vary and are completely random. From the central garden, you can enter the seasonal gardens again for more resources.

Season Farming experience
Winter 30
Sorceress's Garden - Spring icon.png Spring 40
Sorceress's Garden - Autumn icon.png Autumn 50
Sorceress's Garden - Summer icon.png Summer 60

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

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  • Beer glasses can be easily obtained by searching the shelves in the house that the Apprentice and Aadeela the Sorceress are in or can be purchased in some shops and on the Grand Exchange.
  • When trying to get as much Thieving experience as possible in one trip, fill your inventory up most of the way with beer glasses (i.e, leave 4 for spring, 2 for summer, and so on). This way, you can get much more experience per trip.
  • You should have your inventory either full of beer glasses, or either 2-3 super energy potions, whatever you need to make enough trips while running to fill all glasses, with space left for enough fruit to fill one glass. In this picture, the player's inventory is suited for making Autumn juices. Once three fruit fill up the empty space, they can simply use one of them on the pestle and fill a glass. They will repeat this sequence until they have all the glasses filled.
  • It is possible to get into gardens using Thieving bonuses, such as those from the juices themselves.
  • If you plan to do the minigame repeatedly, consider doing the As a First Resort quest. This gives you access to the salt water spring there, which gives you unlimited run energy for 10–20 minutes. You can go to the pool first and then teleport to the garden quickly using the enchanted broomstick.
  • The elementals can only "see" and teleport the player when there are only two squares between them and the player.
  • A ring of kinship is useful to use as a banking method for doing multiple trips, after teleporting to Daemonheim, use the broomstick to teleport back. A Tokkul-Zo is also a very effective option which takes you closer to a bank. 
  • Don't try to run to a spot just because you're behind the spirit. It will catch you if you get too close to it.
  • There may be a glitch where they all appear to stop and use the teleport animation to throw you out. It is just a glitch and will not actually affect you. So don't panic and start running because it may cause you to actually be caught and kicked out.
  • Attempting to teleport with the broomstick from inside the garden results in the message: You can't teleport to the Sorceress's Garden whilst you're in the Sorceress's Garden!

Music[edit | edit source]

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