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Auto-attacks are attacks which are periodically fired off automatically during combat. While abilities are distinct from auto-attacks, the two systems do interact with each other.

The damage dealt by auto-attacks are mainly determined by the damage statistic of the weapon equipped. An additional bonus is applied based on Strength, Ranged or Magic level, as well as from damage bonuses from armour and jewellery. This bonus depends on attack rate, with slower weapons receiving a larger bonus.

The rate at which auto-attacks are performed is determined by the attack rate of the weapon or weapons used. Using most damaging abilities will delay the next main-hand auto-attack like an auto-attack would, and will delay the next off-hand auto-attack slightly more than an off-hand auto-attack would. Channelled abilities will generally apply this delay on each hit. Non-damaging abilities such as Anticipation or Berserk will not delay auto-attacks.

Auto-attacks generate a small amount of adrenaline. For melee and Ranged weapons, this amount is increased for slower-hitting weapons but reduced for off-hand weapons. For Magic, the adrenaline gain is unchanged regardless of attack rate and weapon type. The adrenaline gained from auto-attacks can be increased using the Invigorating perk.

Unlike abilities, auto-attacks will always consume runes or ammunition as applicable.

It is important to note that using an ability on the same game tick as an auto-attack would be fired on will prevent the auto-attack from automatically firing.

Manual auto-attacks[edit | edit source]

Although combat spells may be cast manually, and curse spells in particular may only be cast manually, they still behave like auto-attacks no matter how they are cast. The ability to manually trigger an auto-attack does have an impact on their use when fighting using Magic, however. Although auto-attacks will generally not fire automatically on the same tick that an ability is used, a manually cast auto-attack may still fire on that game tick. In other words, it is possible to both fire a magic auto-attack and an ability on the fourth tick after using an ability with a fastest-speed weapon. This is known as 4-tick auto-attacking.

Auto-attacks in Legacy Mode[edit | edit source]

When using the legacy combat mode, abilities are not available, making auto-attacks the main source of damage. For this reason, auto-attacks have their damage significantly increased while Legacy Mode is active.

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