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The game tick, also known as the server cycle, is the fundamental unit of time used in RuneScape, equal to 0.6 seconds. All actions that require server processing are governed by this value. Purely client-side actions, such as opening a right-click menu or switching interface tabs, are processed separately and thus are unaffected by the tick.

Cannons demonstrate game ticks clearly, rotating 45° every tick.

Each action registered within one tick will start to take place by the beginning of the next tick.

The length of a tick can be measured by timing a repeated action. For example, Disassembly takes two ticks (1.2 seconds) per item.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Attack speed, the time between attacks.
  • Global ability cooldown is three ticks.
  • Gathering skills generally have a chance at retrieving a resource every 1–5 ticks, depending on the action.
  • Production skills can make an item every X number of ticks, with the interval varying based on the action.
  • Walking moves the player character one square every game tick; running, two squares.
  • Player chat messages stay above their heads for 5 ticks, unless another message is sent sooner.