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We are the official RuneScape encyclopaedia, written and maintained by the players. Since our start in 2005, we've become the largest and most comprehensive reference for the game, with 64,636 articles and counting.

  • Number of articles: 64,636
  • Number of files: 139,542
  • Number of active editors: 522
  • Number of edits: 8,762,809
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Fresh Start Worlds

Fresh Start Worlds is a new game mode lasting for 4 months, aimed at new and returning players. It boasts increased experience rates, a new economy and Grand Exchange, and more.

I'm new to RuneScape, where do I start?

Getting into RuneScape during Fresh Start Worlds couldn't be easier. Click the link below to read our guides.

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3 January 2022

The RuneScape Wikis Year in Review has been posted!

20 November 2021

The sysadmins completed the migration to MediaWiki 1.36 to keep the wikis running on a stable architecture.

2 October 2021

The third anniversary of the launch of the official RuneScape Wikis!

19 March 2020

We have a new gadget - a news feed! Access this gadget via the megaphone icon in the top right corner. See Help:Gadget-rsnews to learn more.

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Results of the previous poll

What is your favourite recent update? (136 votes)

Zamorak, Lord of Chaos boss — 23.5%; 32 votes
The Beach event — 19.1%; 26 votes
Tales of Pride event — 8.8%; 12 votes
Twilight of the Gods quest — 27.9%; 38 votes
Firemaking and Fletching skill updates — 10.3%; 14 votes
Other — 10.3%; 14 votes