Ingenuity of the Humans

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Ingenuity of the Humans is a basic Constitution ability unlocked after reading an Ingenuity of the Humans ability codex. When activated, the next ability or spell (but not autoattacks) used within 6 seconds has 100% hit chance, guaranteeing that it will hit. It has a 90-second cooldown.

The ability does not generate nor consume adrenaline and deals no damage. It can be used during, and does not incur, the global cooldown. Auto-attacks do not consume the effect. The ability has no animation.

Common uses for this ability are to switch to a Statius's warhammer and use the special attack, especially when wearing magic or ranged armour; alternatively, casting Vulnerability in melee or ranged armour. While it is useful to use in any situation where hit chance is not 100%, using it for these situations is especially powerful as it ensures the strong debuffs applied by those attacks are activated, and it removes the need to bring an armour switch (or to remove armour, or to bring a teammate in that style) to be able to use the debuffs.

This ability and the codex replaced the ingenuity of the humans sigil on 19 August 2019 when the sigil slot was removed. The codex costs twice as much to make as the sigil did, but the ability requires no upkeep and does not share a cooldown with other former sigils, unlike the degradable sigil.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being a guaranteed hit, any rank of Crackling will consume Ingenuity of the Humans effect when it activates. This may be due to the fact that it is dealt as ability damage.