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The Third Age, also known as the Wartime Period[1] or the God Wars, is one of the six ages of Gielinor. The age lasted exactly 4508 years according to Reldo[1] and officially began when Zamorak, returning from his banishment as a god, began a war to retrieve the Stone of Jas which had been previously confiscated from him by Saradomin in the previous age. This war, also known as the God Wars, would span through the entire age and saw many significant events that shape the world even today, most dominated by war and the gods.

They only ended when Zamorak, cornered by Saradomin, Armadyl, and Bandos in Forinthry, used the Stone of Jas as a last ditch effort to save himself.[2] This would result in the whole of Forinthry being destroyed, scarring the land so harshly that nothing would ever grow. Meanwhile, the druids of Guthix had been attempting to end the war by waking the god of balance; four of them, Atrew, Thera, Ria and Rief, conducted a ritual that succeeded in doing so. Guthix, horrified and saddened deeply by the destruction he saw, slammed a giant blade into the middle of Forinthry (what is now known as the Wilderness Volcano) establishing the Edicts of Guthix. These edicts banished most current gods from Gielinor, and prevented new ones from coming to the planet so that nobody could destroy it further.

Calendar[edit | edit source]

Although many competing armies had their own calendars, the dominant calendar during this age according to Reldo was the Zamorakian Calendar, still in use today by Zamorakian Mahjarrat.[3] Zamorakians disagree whether to start the calendar based on when Zamorak ascended or when he returned from Infernus. Reldo opts for the former, putting the return of Zamorak and hence the start of the God Wars at year 17 or 19 of the Third Age.[4][5] Modern human Zamorakians rarely follow this calendar however, opting to use the local calendar.[6]

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