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Debilitate is a threshold Defence ability. When activated the target takes 20–100% weapon damage and any damage they deal to the user is reduced by 50% for 7.8 or more seconds, depending on if they're wielding a shield as well as the tier of the shield equipped. For every 10 shield levels, 0.6 seconds are added, and the Bulwark perk can further increase the duration. The ability assists in reducing damage from soft typeless damage, but not against hard typeless.

If defensive abilities are reset by any means, debilitate will be affected.

Fortitude increases the accuracy of this ability by 10%, making it more effective than Turmoil and equivalents, but less effective than Malevolence and equivalents. The Shield Bashing perk increases the damage of this ability by 15% per rank.

Tier Duration
No shield 7.8 seconds
1 7.8 seconds
10 9 seconds
20 9.6 seconds
30 10.2 seconds
40 10.8 seconds
50 11.4 seconds
60 12 seconds
70 12.6 seconds
80 13.2 seconds
90 13.8 seconds

Group-based functionality[edit | edit source]

Debilitate functions by both "debuffing" the target and by invisibly "buffing" the user for the same amount of time. The debuff is only a timer, but the buff indicates a specific enemy. If a player takes damage from an enemy with the debilitate debuff and the player's buff indicates that same enemy, then the player takes reduced damage. Therefore, interactions in group-based content are as follows:

  • If two players both debilitate a target, then both players will take reduced damage from that target until their respective buff timer runs out.
  • If a player debilitates two different targets in quick succession—only possible with the passive effect of raids armour—they will only take reduced damage from the target that was last debilitated.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 18 April 2017 (Update):
    • Players will no longer see the Debilitiate buff icon if it happens to miss an enemy.
    • Players will now see a Debilitate debuff icon after being hit in PvP with it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • For a time after the Evolution of Combat, this ability only worked with melee and ranged weapons. Mages attempting to use this ability would go up to melee distance and use this, and it would rarely hit because magic weapons have no accuracy with melee attacks. This glitch has been fixed.
  • If the player uses Debilitate with two-handed weapon and switches to a main/dual-wield, then Debilitate's effects will still be retained. However, switching back to the two-handed weapon will remove its effects. The same applies when the player uses a main/dual-wield weapon and switches to a two-handed weapon.