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Not to be confused with Morvannon.
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Morvran Iorwerth is the nephew of the late Lord Iorwerth. He can be found in the Iorwerth Clan district of Prifddinas, and acts as the second highest level slayer master in the game, requiring 85 Slayer, a combat level of 120, and completion of Plague's End. He offers the second hardest slayer assignments in the game and also runs the Rush of Blood D&D.

Players can easily reach Morvran by teleporting to the Iorwerth district of Prifddinas via a crystal teleport seed, a ferocious ring, or a Slayer cape, or by teleporting to Prifddinas via the Lodestone Network and walking south-west.

He appears during the Regicide quest but attempting to talk to him results in "Nothing interesting happens."

History[edit | edit source]

During the Elven Civil War, he was Head of Intelligence for the Iorwerth Clan and, along with Essyllt, led a warband whose duty was to assassinate enemies.[1] He is very skilled at slaying, as he states that he can kill any beast if he wanted to with ease.[2] Morvran makes his first appearance in Regicide. When the adventurer exits the Underground Pass, a member of the elf resistance known as Idris attempts to ask them what they are doing in elven lands. Morvran and Essyllt ambush and kill Idris, and tell the player to speak to Lord Iorwerth before disappearing into the woods.

When the war ended and Lord Iorwerth was killed by the Dark Lord, Morvran relinquished his position as next-in-line for lordship, allowing Iestin Edern to lead the Iorwerth clan. He stated that it was unconventional, but necessary for the clan.[3] During his travels in the war, he met Kuradal. Kuradal taught Morvran many things about the rest of the world, and in return, Morvran taught her secrets that were closed off from the rest of the world. He also decided to become a slayer master, as he was impressed with her talent.[4] The two are on fairly good terms, as Kuradal supplies Morvran the monsters for his dungeon.[5]

Despite knowing that the war was unjustified, he states that he was just doing his job.[6] He claims that his targets were all of military value and never resorted to the use of torture.[7]

During The Light Within, Morvran reluctantly grants the adventurer access to his dungeon so the adventurer can enter the Grand Library to retrieve the Seren shard of darkness.

Slayer points[edit | edit source]

The amount of Slayer points gained by completing tasks depends on the amount of consecutively completed tasks, and whether Smoking kills has been completed or not.

Slayer points awarded by Morvran
Smoking Kills Points per task Points per 10th task Points per 50th task
Yes check.svg 20 100 300
X mark.svg 10 50 150

Completing 50 tasks assigned by Morvran grants an average of 32 points per tasks, if Smoking kills has been completed.

For obtaining the of the Iorwerth title, a player must successfully complete eight dark beast Slayer tasks assigned by Morvran. Co-op dark beast assignments will count, as well as tasks obtained with the helm of darkness; however, players cannot use a dark beast enhancer or helm of darkness while on a co-op task. Both players must have the same task before getting into a co-op or both players must have no task to be able to receive a co-op assignment.

Assignments[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Only after paying 50 Slayer points to toggle on the ability to be assigned them.
  2. ^ Requires you to speak to the dying knight outside of God Wars Dungeon to unlock them as a task.
  3. ^ Jagex. Mod Daze's Twitter account. 7 August 2018. (Archived from the original on 20 December 2019.) Mod Daze: "Talk to the guy on the surface and it should unlock then"
  4. ^ Only after completing One of a Kind
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  6. ^ Only with 115 Dungeoneering
  7. ^ Only after completing the Hard Karamja Tasks
  8. ^ Only after completing Ritual of the Mahjarrat and paying 50 Slayer points to toggle on the ability to be assigned them.
  9. ^ Players need to own a fire cape or TokHaar-Kal (equipped, in player-owned house, in bank, or in inventory) or have purchased the ability to get an ice strykewyrm Slayer task for 2,000 Slayer points. Players must also have completed The Tale of the Muspah. Dropping all fire capes before obtaining a new task and picking them up afterwards can avoid this assignment.
  10. ^ This is the level required to be assigned them as a task. Players also need 90 Dungeoneering to access the Kal'gerion dungeon
  11. ^ a b Only after completing Fate of the Gods and paying 50 Slayer points to toggle on the ability to be assigned them.
  12. ^ Only after completing Children of Mah and paying 50 Slayer points to toggle on the ability to be assigned them.
  13. ^ Only after completing Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Fate of the Gods.
  14. ^ Only after completing Dishonour Among Thieves.
  15. ^ Only after completing While Guthix Sleeps and paying 50 Slayer points to toggle on the ability to be assigned them.
  16. ^ Only after completing The Branches of Darkmeyer.

Slayer challenge[edit | edit source]

Morvran offers a unique Slayer challenge occasionally. There is no penalty for refusing this challenge. Morvran's challenge is for the player to slay the following bosses once each:

Upon killing each boss the player will acquire dark crystals in their inventory. These debuff the player, by reducing their damage dealt and amount healed or increasing the damage that the player takes, for the remaining bosses. Although the crystals can be banked, the player must carry all collected crystals while killing the remaining bosses or they will not progress through the challenge. It is therefore advised to tackle harder bosses first and finish with easier bosses.

Once the last boss is killed, the crystals will be sent straight to Morvran, and the player will be rewarded with 50,000 Slayer experience and 45 Slayer points (if the quest Smoking Kills is completed), along with usual points from the player's current completed tasks. Each completion of Morvran's challenge increases the cap of black crystals obtainable at once by one.

Task weighting[edit | edit source]

A dynamic calculator for task weight can be found here.

The percentage chance of getting assigned a given Slayer task can be calculated using the formula

where is the task's weight and is the sum of all weights for the particular Slayer Master. Note that the weights of all blocked tasks, as well as tasks toggled off have to be subtracted from the sum . For Morvran, assuming all possible assignments are available, = 439.

Preferring a task makes it approximately twice as likely to be assigned, for the first assignment choice, but does not affect the weighting of the second assignment choice provided by a Slayer VIP ticket.[8]

Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Main article: Morvran's Dungeon
Morvran, watching slayers within his dungeon.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Morvran speaks in:

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
patch 17 September 2018 (Update):
    • A typo when asking Morvran about tips on fighting Airut as your slayer task has now been corrected.
  • patch 9 April 2018 (Update):
    • Checking charges on the slayer helm now mentions teleports that are available to Morvran if the requirements are met.
  • patch 3 August 2015 (Update):
    • Black crystals - which act as permanent dark crystals - can be unlocked by completing Morvran's special challenge.
    • Completing Morvran's special challenge now earns a free retune of a Max Guild portal.
    • Morvran's special challenge can now be started once per week by spending slayer points.
    • Instanced versions of the King Black Dragon and Kalphite Queen now count towards Morvran's special challenge.
    • Morvran's slayer challenge can now be cancelled correctly.
  • ninja 20 July 2015 (Update):
    • Morvran now gets to the point far quicker when speaking about his Slayer challenge, courtesy of RuneLabs.
  • ninja 26 May 2015 (Update):
    • Pillars around Morvran have been altered and some blocking removed, allowing players to speak to him without having to run around the outer edge.
  • patch 20 October 2014 (Update):
    • Morvran has been added to 'NPC Contact' lunar spell.
  • patch 13 October 2014 (Update):
    • Morvran will now always give 20 slayer points after completing a task.
    • It is no longer possible to teleport to Morvran using the slayer helmet teleport function without first unlocking the ability to do so.
  • patch 29 September 2014 (Update):
    • Morvran no longer refers to Rush of Blood lasting for 15 minutes instead of 10.
    • Morvran will now assign strykewyrm and jadinko tasks via a slayer mask correctly.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the release of Plague's End, Morvran's examine text was "An elven warrior." He has the same one as Essyllt now.
  • The word Morvran is made up of the Middle Welsh words mawr, meaning "big", and brân, meaning "crow". The name is parallel to the Celtic spelling, Morfran, with only the f changed to a v. The Older Welsh usage is likely due to Jagex's usual use of the Welsh language in most of the elven names in the game. Morvran is often depicted in Welsh mythology as a dark, demon-like character that is very ugly.
  • In his warbands gear, both his eyes can be seen intact through his visor.
  • If attempting to talk to Morvran in his warbands gear, a standard "Nothing interesting happens." message is shown.
  • When assigned elves as a Slayer task from him, Morvran's tip will state that he does not advocate the slaying of his brethren. He will instead encourage the player to fight the warriors located around Prifddinas, as they enjoy being tested in combat.

References[edit | edit source]

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