Elven Titles

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Elven Titles is an achievement that requires the player to obtain the clan-named elven titles after Plague's End in Prifddinas.

Title Task
[Name] of the Trahaearn Obtain 100 corrupted ores while mining Seren stones.
[Name] of the Iorwerth Complete 8 dark beast slayer assignments assigned by Morvran.
[Name] of the Cadarn Defeat 1,000 Cadarn rangers or magi in combat.
[Name] of the Crwys Check the health of an elder tree grown in the elder tree patch in the Crwys Clan district in Prifddinas.
[Name] of the Amlodd Summon a light creature familiar, use an enlightenment scroll, then talk to Lord Amlodd.
[Name] of the Ithell Craft 100 crystal flasks.
[Name] of the Hefin Complete 200 laps of the Hefin Agility Course.
[Name] of the Meilyr Harvest 50 harmony moss from the Harmony pillars.