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The Elf (Prifddinas) quest series is a series of quests centring around the Elven Civil War and Lord Iorwerth's plot to return the Dark Lord, with sub-plots being the plague of West Ardougne and the conflict between Ardougne's two kings, King Tyras and King Lathas.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Plague City[edit | edit source]

The city of Ardougne is split into two parts: a wealthy part known as East Ardougne under the rule of King Lathas and a poor part known as West Ardougne, ruled by King Tyras. In West Ardougne a terrible plague has struck, leaving Lathas no other choice as to build a wall around it to protect East Ardougne. The western portion of the city is further contained by Mourners. Elena is one of the few people caring about the people of West Ardougne, but she has gone missing. Her father, Edmond, asks you to enter the city to find her. After making a Gas mask so you don't get infected by the plague, you dig a tunnel into the city. After showing a picture to Jethick , you find out Elena is in a house which is struck hard with the plague and the mourners won't let you in. Luckily for you, Bravek has the same authority as the Head Mourner. After giving him a hangover cure, he allows you to get into the building allowing you to save Elena.

Biohazard[edit | edit source]

Back in East Ardougne, Elena tells you she had good samples of the plague, but the Mourners took her Distillator from her. You have to sneak back in with the help of Jerico, a pigeon-owner, who lends you some pigeons to distract the Mourners in the Watchtower while you sneak in the city. You need to get in the Mourners Headquarters, so after adding a rotten apple to their food they all fall ill and require a doctor. After infiltrating the headquarters disguised as the doctor, you kill a mourner to get the key for Elena's Distillator. Back in East Ardougne, Elena's tests give strange results. She wants you to take a sample to Guidor in the fenced area behind the Zamorak Temple in Varrock, so that he can get better results in the tests. You smuggle the samples in with three people found near the Rimmington Chemist: Da Vinci, Hops and Chancy. You disguise yourself as a priest so that Guidor's wife will let you get to Guidor and you find out there is no plague. Elena will suggest you to talk with King Lathas to tell him the news of your discoveries. King Lathas then admits he has made up the plague to protect his people from the "dark lord" who took control over King Tyras, king of West Ardougne and brother. King Tyras journeyed to the western lands behind the mountains and now King Lathas wants your help to track him down.

Underground Pass[edit | edit source]

King Lathas tells you that he has found a way into the western lands: An enormous tunnel known as the Underground Pass. At the end of the pass the Well of Voyage, a portal to RuneScape's western lands, can be found. Unfortunately, Iban, a dark and evil madman, took control over the pass, and changed the well of voyage into a portal to Zamorak's realm. He asks you to go through the pass and kill Iban so that the well of voyage can be restored.

The Underground Pass is found at the base of the mountains in the far west of West Ardougne. Once there you meet Koftik inside, who gives you advice to aid you as you traverse the pass. You and Koftik travel through the very dangerous pass. Unfortunately, Koftik falls to the voices of Iban, so that you stand alone at your quest. At the last part of the pass is an enormous hall with the temple of Iban in the middle. The only way to get there is by using narrow stone paths that surround it. At the bottom of the hall you find a small group of dwarves that wish to help you on your quest. They tell you about a witch named Kardia, who lives in the dungeons and likely knows a way to kill Iban. Then you manage to steal the doll of Iban and a book about the History of Iban from the witch. You find a way to kill Iban! You must destroy the Doll of Iban with other parts of Iban added. You add his shadow, body, blood and spirit, and finish him off by throwing the doll in the well of voyage, making Iban go with it into Zamorak's realm.

When you return to Ardougne, you give King Lathas the news of your victory. King Lathas then sends one of his best wizards into the pass to resurrect the corrupted well.

Regicide[edit | edit source]

King Lathas sends you a message when the Well of Voyage is repaired. Now the Underground Pass can be used again as a passage between Ardougne and Tirannwn, the land of the Elves. He instructs you to travel there to find and kill King Tyras, the brother of Lathas. On the way you are greeted by the elf Idris, who tries to warn you of King Lathas' real intentions, but is killed before he can do so by two other elves. The other elves tell you to speak to Lord Iorwerth in the Elf Camp. Lord Iorwerth tells you to find his tracker, who tells you to find the Tyras Camp. You track your way through the forest to the Tyras Camp and defeat the guard that tries to stop you on your way there. To kill Tyras, Iorwerth gives you the The Big Book of Bangs, with which you learn how to make an explosive to blow up the camp with a Barrel bomb made of a Barrel of naphtha (distillated coal-tar), ground sulphur, a pot of quicklime and some cloth. You distract the Catapult Guard and blow Tyras's tent up, presumably killing him. Iorwerth gives you a letter for Lathas, and grant you access to the overground pass of Arandar. Before you can deliver the letter to the King, Arianwyn appears to you at Ardougne Castle and opens the letter, through which you discover that you were used by King Lathas, who has joined with Lord Iorwerth and plans to resurrect the "Dark Lord." He had you allegedly kill his brother Tyras, who had no ill intentions, and was not treasonous or evil in any way.

Roving Elves[edit | edit source]

Roving Elves begins with two Elves, Islwyn, an old and prejudiced elf who despises humans and gnomes, and Eluned, a beautiful elf who is a master of Crystal Singing. It is discovered that Islwyn is the Grandson of Glarial, and that the player disturbed her resting place. The player is requested to fix the damage they have done. The player ventures into Glarial's Tomb and fights a Moss Giant to receive a Consecration Seed. Eluned sings the seed and purifies it. The player then buries it in the Waterfall Dungeon and puts Glarial's spirit to rest.

Mourning's End Part I[edit | edit source]

Eluned asks you to help the rebel elf cause. This leads you to Arianwyn who wants you to go undercover to the Mourner's Headquarters as a mourner, as they are actually elves. You kill a Mourner and take his outfit, and clean and repair it to make it look ordinary. After putting on your disguise, you infiltrate the Mourner Headquarters in West Ardougne. The Head Mourner admits that their job is to keep the façade of the plague alive, but they need to re-dye the sheep around Ardougne using a gnomish device. You tickle and bribe the Gnome who knows how to make the device, and re-dye the sheep for the Head Mourner. He then asks you to create the illusion of the plague by poisoning the citizens of West Ardougne, as they had done previously to start the rumour of the plague. After poisoning some of West Ardougne's food stores you return the Mourner, who tells you that he has another task for you, but you must wait until a guard returns with the needed key. Then, he says, they will delve further into the mountains in an attempt to resurrect the Dark Lord.

Mourning's End Part II[edit | edit source]

A patrol that went to some caverns under West Ardougne has gone missing. The mourners want the player to investigate. After being given a key and venturing some tunnels the player finds their bodies. They were killed by shadows in the Temple of Light. The player then goes onto explore some of the temple and finds a blackened crystal. The player then decides to report to Arianwyn. He asks the player to repair the crystal which is actually the temple safeguard with a crystal the player receives. The player enters the temple and begins a complex light puzzle that involves rotating mirrors. Once they are all focused downstairs the door to the central room opens. Inside the player finds a dwarf named Thorgel and the Death altar. The player enters the altar, uses the Newly made crystal on it and uses that on the safeguard to fix it.

Within the Light[edit | edit source]

The player is asked by Arianwyn to help him find the cause of a disturbance in the Temple of Light. After Thorgel helps the player absorb energy from the Death Altar, touching the energised pillar teleports the player into another area. In the puzzle room, the player must solve a light-beam puzzle similar to the one in Mourning's End Part II, though not as complex. After solving the puzzle, a ladder appears which takes the player to an agility-type course where they must hit a moving target with a massive crystal crossbow. Hitting the target unlocks a large door in the previous room, inside which is a tunnel that is blocked off by a collapsed section. A dead messenger elf is lying next to the rubble, presumably killed by the cave-in. When Arianwyn is told about the tunnel, it is revealed that it is the lost tunnel to the Prifddinas undercity. After the quest, dwarven miners are mining at the rubble to clear a path to the undercity.

Plague's End[edit | edit source]

Plague's End sees the player returning to Lletya to put a finish to the Elven Civil War. After arriving in the Prifddinas under-city, the player is asked to steal Lord Iorwerth's plans in an elven camp on the Prifddinas crater. It is revealed that Lord Iorwerth wishes to kill the entire population of West Ardougne to produce enough energy to summon the Dark Lord. To stop this, the player returns to West Ardougne to begin a revolution by gathering a group of dissatisfied locals, evicting the Mourners and King Lathas. They are then tasked with finding all six missing Clan leaders, who are hidden across Isafdar. After this, the player ventures into the Grand Library to activate the Seal of Seren by completing eight light puzzles and defeat the Dark Lord - who is in fact a dark manifestation of the elven deity, Seren. By the end of the quest, the Elven clan leaders restore the city of Prifddinas.

Related quests[edit | edit source]

These quests are not directly part of the main series, but are linked to them in their involvement of the plague, the elves, Tirannwn, and the elven goddess Seren.

Sheep Herder[edit | edit source]

In Sheep Herder, the player is informed by Councillor Halgrive that various sheep around the East Ardougne area have been infected with the plague, and with the assistance of Doctor Orbon and Farmer Brumty, the player is able to kill the infected sheep and save the day.

Waterfall Quest[edit | edit source]

The Waterfall Quest starts with the player talking to Almera. She will tell you that she is worried about her son, Hudon, who is opposite the river looking for treasure. She asks you to go and check on him. The player then uses a raft to go down the river, but crashes onto a small island. When on the island, the player tells Hudon to go back to his mother; Hudon refuses saying that there is much treasure to be found. The player asks if they could help but Hudon says no. The player discovers that elves once lived near the Waterfall and treasure lies beneath it. The player must then find Glarial's pebble to get Glarial's amulet and Glarial's urn. The player uses the items to enter the Waterfall Dungeon and plunder the treasure.

Catapult Construction[edit | edit source]

In Catapult Construction, the player helps out the Tyras Camp by repairing its catapult after it is broken.

Meeting History[edit | edit source]

In Meeting History, the player travels back in time to meet the first family of humans on to be brought to Gielinor by Guthix. The player must hop back and forth between two different times of the First Age to aid them. Haluned, the avatar of Seren, can be seen observing the humans from over the fence, and will teleport away upon being noticed by the player.

The Light Within[edit | edit source]

The Light Within involved the World Guardian helping the Elven clan leaders restoring Seren after danger in Prifddinas. The World Guardian was tasked to retrieve major shards of Seren from around Gielinor, and then travelled to the Elven home world, Tarddiad, to retrieve special crystals for the restoration of Seren. Once Seren was restored, she withdrew herself from being leader of Prifddinas, and gave that privilege to the Elven clan leaders, with the World Guardian as the city's champion.

Personalities[edit | edit source]

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Arianwyn chathead.png: Chat head image of ArianwynArianwynFF
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Dark Lord chathead.png: Chat head image of Dark LordDark LordRRRRF
Prifddinas Death Guard chathead.png: Chat head image of Prifddinas Death GuardPrifddinas Death GuardFF
Elena chathead.png: Chat head image of ElenaElenaFFF
Eluned chathead.png: Chat head image of ElunedElunedFR
Essyllt chathead.png: Chat head image of EssylltEssylltRFF
Gnome (Mourner Headquarters) chathead.png: Chat head image of Gnome (Mourner Headquarters)Gnome inventorFFR
General Hining chathead.png: Chat head image of General HiningHiningFF
Lord Iban chathead.png: Chat head image of Lord IbanIbanFR
Iestin Edern chathead.png: Chat head image of Iestin EdernIestin EdernRF
Lord Iorwerth chathead.png: Chat head image of Lord IorwerthLord IorwerthFF
Islwyn chathead.png: Chat head image of IslwynIslwynFR
Jethick chathead.png: Chat head image of JethickJethickFF
King Lathas chathead.png: Chat head image of King LathasLathas ArdignasFRRF
Ted Rehnison chathead.png: Chat head image of Ted RehnisonTed RehnisonFF
Thorgel chathead.png: Chat head image of ThorgelThorgelF
King Tyras chathead.png: Chat head image of King TyrasTyras ArdignasRRR
Green with the letter "F" denotes a character featuring in that quest.
Orange with an italicised "R" denotes they are only referenced.

Main locations[edit | edit source]

Minimum requirements[edit | edit source]

The number inside the parenthesis indicates the levels required to complete both the main quest series and related quests.

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New locations, transportation and transportation items


Music unlocked

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