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Saeldor is an elite elven warrior sent by Seren to aid Solak, one of the Guardians of Guthix. The firstborn among his siblings Merethiel, Faerdhinen and Erethdor,[1] he was known to be a good singer, as his voice is said to soothe the sibling's quarrels as well as the nature around them.[2]

Saeldor was also known to be a whisperer, one who could commune with nature itself, and would go out of his way to figure out their pains and suffering.[3]

He worked with Merethiel, Faerdhinen and Solak to stop Erethdor from taking the power of the Lost Grove for himself. Following this, Saeldor left the Lost Grove, though his whereabouts remain unknown. Merethiel believes that he is still alive, however.[4]

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  2. ^ Merethiel, RuneScape. "Any my could he sing, we'd walk daily to the sounds of his voice.. Soothing not only the quarrels we'd all have as as siblings but the nature around us, an all manner of creatures would often gather to his sweet voice..."
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