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This article is about the NPCs involved in the quests Cold War and Hunt for Red Raktuber. For the item obtained with the Hunter skill, see Kgp agent (item).
KGP Agent chathead.png

KGP Agents are penguins encountered during the quests Cold War and Hunt for Red Raktuber. They are agents for the KGP (Killer Gentoo Penguin), as implied by their examine text.

Besides Pescaling Pax, they run the various activities on the Iceberg. One guards the entrance to the base under the Iceberg, and will not let anyone in without an ID card. There is also another KGP Agent guarding the entrance to the war room and the Icelord cage.

During Cold War, players must provide a couple of instruments to Ping & Pong, cowbells and a set of penguin bongos, to be able to distract the guard, and enter using the control panel he is guarding. Meanwhile, during Hunt for Red Raktuber, players compose a song with Ping and Pong, which will put the guard to sleep.

After Hunt for Red Raktuber, some of the penguins caught by hunting in the Penguin Hunting Area will be KGP Agents. These can be exchanged for extra Hunter experience from Jim, who can be found across the ice west of the Hunter area.

KGP Agents are one of the NPCs players may contact with the random option of the NPC Contact spell.

A KGP agent falling asleep after Ping and Pong's lullaby