Glacyte (Arch-Glacor)

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Glacytes are monsters that are spawned by the Arch-Glacor when the "Glacyte Minions" mechanic is enabled or when hard mode is enabled. When the mechanic occurs, two melee and two magic glacytes spawn. A bolstered glacyte spawns alongside them on hard mode when enrage is at 250% or higher. The Arch-Glacor is immune to most damage whilst any glacytes remain alive. When defeated, they leave behind an unstable glacyte core which can be clicked on to deal damage to the boss.

Life points[edit | edit source]

The life points of the glacytes remain constant up until 2,500% enrage. Above 2,500% enrage, they have increased life points. The relation of their life points, , as a function of enrage, can be expressed in the following way:

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