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The enchanted key, also known as the Amserdrwys, is a quest item featured in Meeting History, and The Light Within quests. It is also used in the miniquest of the same name to locate additional rewards after completing the two quests and for a Medium Ardougne Task. After all the treasure has been found, the key can only be used to teleport the player to the past. If the key is destroyed before completing all the treasures, another key can be obtained from Jorral at The Outpost for 6,000 coins. To reobtain the key after all treasure has been found, all Mjolnirs the player owns must be destroyed or sold (temporarily offering them on the Grand Exchange works).

The key cannot be reclaimed from the storage chest at May's Quest Caravan.

During The Light Within, the key is enchanted by Lady Trahaearn making it possible to travel back in history to meet Guthix.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The key's precursor is first obtained during the Making History quest. After the quest is completed, additional treasures can be located using the key. Once all the treasure has been found, the key will melt. If the key is destroyed before completing all the treasures, another key can be obtained from Erin for 500 coins, if the second quest has not been started. You can also get the key back from Jorral if you do not get the option from Erin.

A player rubbing the key to return to the past

It is used again in the second quest, Meeting History, to "transport" the player into the past. If the key dissolved after completing the Making History miniquest (i.e. by obtaining all the treasures), or if it was destroyed, then a replacement may be obtained from Jorral (for free). Jorral will only provide a replacement if the player does not own any of the Mjolnirs, so they must be sold or destroyed before talking to him (temporarily offering them on the Grand Exchange also works). The player must also own a key ring. After Meeting History has been completed, the key can still be rubbed to return to the past, but it will not change temperature to guide the player to the correct spot.

In The Light Within, the player learns that the enchanted key is actually called the Amserdrwys and is an elven artefact created by the Trahaearn Clan long ago. After its creation, the inventor suffered from amnesia and could not recall how to make it and the records of its creation were burned in a freak fire, leaving it to slowly turn to mythology over the years. The player uses it to go back in time and speak to Guthix to find a method of restoring Seren. The key is said to be very powerful and both Guthix and Seren were aware of its creation.

Temperature readings[edit | edit source]

The enchanted key changes temperature as the player moves about. Its temperature is based on the distance of the treasure from the player, measured in the number of steps (including diagonal steps) it would take to reach the treasure, ignoring any obstacles (this is the Chebyshev distance between the player and treasure). The warmer the key gets, the closer the player is to the treasure. Clicking "Feel Enchanted key" gives information on its temperature, consisting of two parts described below. It is like playing the game of hot and cold.

Second part[edit | edit source]

If the player has already felt the key since last logging on or finding treasure, the temperature reading will contain a second part, indicating whether the temperature is warmer, colder or the same as the last reading, thereby indicating whether the distance to the treasure (measured as described above) has increased, decreased, or is the same. The three descriptions are:

  • Warmer than last time - You are getting closer than before.
  • Colder than last time - You are getting farther away than before.
  • Same temperature as last time - You are the same distance away.

Players may use this information to determine which direction to go, as follows:

  1. Move one square North, South, East and West, taking temperature readings between each step.
  2. One direction, for example North, will result in the message "Warmer than last time".
  3. Move directly North while constantly taking readings, until the message "Same temperature as last time" is produced.
  4. Move one square East and West, taking temperature readings between each step.
  5. One direction, say East, will result in the message "Warmer than last time".
  6. At this point the treasure is directly North East of the player.
  7. Move diagonally in this direction while taking readings, until the message "The key is steaming" is produced.

Destruction[edit | edit source]

After completion of The Light Within and Enchanted key (miniquest), the Amserdrwys is destroyed by overuse.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the player logs out or loses connection before finding any of the mjolnirs, the key will be lost and will need to be paid for again.
  • The teleportation spell to the past uses the same animation that the completionist cape uses when the player doesn't have the requirements to take it from the museum.
  • Like all Elvish words, "Amserdrwys" is Welsh. However, it is a constructed word that does not actually exist in the Welsh language, so the actual definition is inferred. It contains two Welsh words: "amser" meaning "time", and "drwy" which is a preposition meaning "as", "by" or "through".
  • Before an update on 24 September 2018, the key could be placed on the steel key ring.