Patch Notes (3 August 2015)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 3 August 2015.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.


  • Cormes's model has been updated.
  • An incorrect section of the Tirannwn/Kandarin border on the lodestone network map has been tweaked.
  • The blessed hatchet's model has been updated to better match the standard mithril hatchet.
  • A graphical issue with the Falador apprentice workman has been fixed.
  • An issue where the Toktz-mej-tal was being held incorrectly in the EoC combat stance has been fixed.
  • A stretching issue with Zenevivia has been fixed.
  • Nechryael no longer appear slightly before they play their spawn animation.
  • Players will no longer use the default rune pickaxe or hatchet animation while skilling in their clan citadel. The skilling rates remain unchanged.
  • The god statue chisels have had their icons centred.
  • Blisterwood polearms no longer break the inventory icon boundaries.
  • The sheathed positions of the Cursed Arrav main and off-hand swords have been fixed.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames:

  • Dungeoneering golden rocks can now be obtained from Sinkholes.
  • Some unnecessary camera movement when leaving the Runespan has been removed.
  • An issue where the crime scene viewing orb would not allow players to leave the Party Pete versus His Neighbours court case has been resolved.
  • The tower archers in the Ranging Guild at Hemenster can once again be attacked.
  • Players can no longer make Guthix rest or super Guthix rest potion before the correct stage in One Small Favour.
  • A typo in a Ports mission unlock message for the Whaler has been fixed.
  • The compass is no longer hidden after the tentacle monster event in Temple Trekking.
  • Magic and ranged creatures in the Fight Kiln are now more resistant to magic damage.
  • Moldark's Treasure Trail challenge scroll answer has been altered to compensate for when Edgeville has been half destroyed.
  • Making burial armour will now correctly increase the XP for the first item made after instructions change.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements:

  • A typo previously displayed when extending a Corrupted Seren Stone daily challenge.
  • An issue where players could complete the task "Tower Power" by watching the Tuska crash cutscene has been fixed.
  • An incorrect spelling of TzHaar-Xil-Mor in the TokTz-Ket-Dill quest has been fixed.
  • Several post quest chat lines with the Statue of Death after Missing, Presumed Death have been fixed.

Prifddinas Changes:

  • Perfect juju dungeoneering potions now increase the chances of dropping dungeoneering journals.
  • The volcanic damage enhancer now works correctly with magic damage.
  • The ability to tune the Max Guild skill portals to Puro-Puro has been added.
  • Velocity now uses shortcuts on the Hefin agility course.
  • The Enlightenment effect from a light creature familiar will no longer end when receiving a prize from the Hefin agility course.
  • An issue where the player sometimes disappeared while on the Hefin agility course zipline has been fixed.
  • Cutscene mode has been re-activated on the Hefin agility course, while retaining the user interface.
  • The Crwys clan's compost bin in Prifddinas is now compatible with Generate Compost scrolls.
  • The Grand Exchange clerks in Prifddinas have been given a new blue outfit.
  • A status icon for the Enlightenment effect from a light creature's special ability has been implemented.
  • Corrupted ore can now be gained from harmonised rocks when using a sign of the porter.
  • Black crystals - which act as permanent dark crystals - can be unlocked by completing Morvran's special challenge.
  • Completing Morvran's special challenge now earns a free retune of a Max Guild portal.
  • Morvran's special challenge can now be started once per week by spending slayer points.
  • Instanced versions of the King Black Dragon and Kalphite Queen now count towards Morvran's special challenge.
  • Morvran's slayer challenge can now be cancelled correctly.
  • Slayer challenges can now be cancelled using the Slayer Rewards interface.
  • Shadow core challenges will no longer be issued as a Divination daily challenge.
  • A decanter and enchanter have been added to the Max Guild.
  • The Max Guild throne can now act as an altar, which also restores summoning points.
  • Players sat in the Max Guild throne provide a prayer point boost for people using the throne as an altar.
  • Powerful edimmu will now occasionally drop attuned crystal weapon and armour seeds.
  • The Seren chisel from God Statues has been coloured correctly.
  • Higher-level divine locations are now more likely to appear in the Meilyr resource dungeon.
  • The Voice of Seren now correctly lights up lamps and icons for the affected clan in Prifddinas across all worlds.
  • Blocking has been added to some rocks in Lletya.
  • Blocking has been added to a section of cliff face between Galarpos mountains and Lletya.
  • A tile in the Ithell district that made players float slightly has been fixed.
  • The harp audio in the Ithell district stays in tune for longer.
  • Regular songs now resume when Ithell harps fall 100% out of tune.
  • The dwarf multicannon is now forbidden in Prifddinas.
  • Crystal weapons, armour and tools now correctly degrade at half the usual rate in Prifddinas.


  • The aura timer on the buff bar will now stay in sync with the aura's actual remaining time.
  • Other players' followers will no longer have any left-click options.
  • The "Dismiss Now" option on the follower details window now dismisses without needing confirmation.
  • Players may now open multiple protean and portable packs at once.
  • Players can now keepsake all pieces (and tiers) of the Tuska Warpriest armour.
  • A limit has been added between how close players can place portable skilling stations of the same type.
  • Portable skilling locations can no longer be placed on top of clan vexillums.
  • Players can once again infuse pouches while having some summoning ingredients in their Beast of Burden inventory.
  • A herald has been appointed by the townsfolk of Ashdale. Find him by the lodestone, spreading the news!
  • Mysterious meteorites will no longer drop bones when despawning.
  • Familiars now deal less damage to Legio Tertius while he is being healed by a Capsarius.
  • Missing information about Vorago's attacks has been added to the Beasts interface.
  • Corrected the examine text on the red rocks in the Nemi Forest.
  • Werewolves in Canifis are once again using the correct drop table in wolf form.
  • Wizard Elriss will now notify the player if they have already shown her a particular talisman.
  • Hooded and retro skillcapes are now removed from players who undertake relevant skill resets with Nastroth.
  • Audio has been added for swapping tabs in the Hiscores tab of the Community interface.
  • A new sound effect now plays when a loot beam appears over relevant drops.
  • Private chat settings no longer revert to default when hopping between a regular world and a Legacy-only world.
  • An issue where it was possible to chop a dead swamp tree near the Barrows minigame from the wrong side of a wall has been fixed.
  • Players can now correctly hide/unhide quest icons from the World Map.
  • An issue where the Wilderness wall was missing a tile of blocking has been fixed.
  • A force-walk tile has been removed east of the Yu'biusk portal.
  • Several force-walk tiles around the Gnome Stronghold have been removed.
  • A force-walk tile near the Edgeville fairy ring has been removed.
  • A force-walk tile east of the Draynor lodestone has been removed.
  • Several force-walk tiles near the Seers' Village hops patch have been removed.
  • Entering another player's Player-Owned House with the Building Mode option selected no longer prevents access to a familiar's inventory.
  • The rosethorn wand no longer functions as a melee weapon.
  • The sign of life examine message is no longer cut short in the chat window.
  • The Zeppelin companion pet has been renamed to Drakefire Warship.
  • Calling or dismissing a pet via the Familiar Options button on the action bar now updates the right-click menu correctly.
  • Players will no longer get stuck unable to withdraw noted items under rare circumstances.
  • An issue with some previous seasonal hiscore titles getting muddled in the Titles interface has been fixed.
  • Unobtainable titles from previous seasonal hiscores have been hidden.
  • The Puzzle Hunter and the Late title previews have been corrected.
  • Players can once again attack other players in a Player-Owned House combat room.
  • The Grand Exchange buttons on active Buy and Sell offers will no longer appear to be active.

Ninja Fixes:

  • Players carrying the demonic skull can now be attacked by (and retaliate against) any combat level PKers. Multi-way and single-way combat still functions as usual.
  • The mage of Zamorak will no longer teleport teleblocked players.
  • Araxxor and Araxxi now have a health bar, similar to the Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru fights.
  • Signs of the porter will now send items to the bank with a full inventory when:
    • Mining regular ores, limestone, granite, bane ore, crystal and red sandstone.
    • Fishing.
    • Stealing phoenix feathers.
  • Beasts of Burden can now be trusted to carry items with a value of 5m or below, increased from a cap of 50k.
  • The option that is activated by left clicking the summoning button on the top level UI (found on the action bar for EOC users and the minimap for Legacy users) now has three separate settings: one each for familiars, pets and legendary pets. The "pet" option is the configuration for any non-Legendary pet. This feature means it is easier to swap between a trusty pack yak and a companion pal without having to re-configure the button each time.
  • Having items on the action bar and in a Beast of Burden but not in the backpack will no longer highlight the action bar.
  • Players can now use the alchemy spells with the loot window open.
  • Making overload potions will no longer produce an extra vial.
  • Abyssal familiars that have entered combat can now correctly store essence.
  • Clan vexillums placed in the stands at the Clan camp and Burthorpe will persist for 30 minutes unattended to advertise a clan while the owner is elsewhere.