Plague's End

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Plague's End is a quest that features the Dark Lord, King Lathas, the Iorwerth Clan, and the west Ardougne plague. It is the ninth and final quest of the Elf (Prifddinas) quest series.[1] Plague's End was released before Prifddinas was added to RuneScape, though one of the quest's rewards grants the player access to it.[2]

Official description[edit | edit source]

Lord Iorwerth, head of the Iorwerth elf clan, has a new plan to summon the Dark Lord, a being with the power to re-grow the elf city of Prifddinas as an Iorwerth-only city. Help Arianwyn put a stop to this plot by gathering the elders of Prifddinas and re-growing the city before Iorwerth can.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Infiltrating the Iorwerths[edit | edit source]

Arianwyn chathead.png
Items needed: Full set of mourner gear (gas mask, mourner boots, a mourner cloak, mourner gloves, mourner top and mourner trousers) and 1 empty inventory slot

Head to Lletya and speak to Arianwyn in the eastern-most house. He greets you and mentions that the dwarves have managed to clear the rock-slide in the Corridor of Light, allowing him to finally sneak into Prifddinas and see what Lord Iorwerth is up to.

Unfortunately, the path is being monitored by the Deathguards (mourners), so you'll first need to disguise yourself with a set of mourner gear. With the camouflage equipped or in your inventory, speak to Arianwyn again to teleport to the Corridor of Light.

If you speak to the dwarf in the corridor, he'll talk with you about the report that he found on the dead elf underneath the rubble (the one that you discovered at the end of Within the Light). The note was written by the elven archaeologist Iestin Edern, who reports that the entire city of Prifddinas has been reverted to a crystal and, with the Temple of Light up and running once again, he hopes to see the elven city restored to its former glory.

Relieving Iestin's guards

Head west across the corridor and enter the door at the end to emerge in a storeroom. Continue past another door into the next room, where the Deathguard captain will demand to know what you were doing in the storeroom - if you answer any questions incorrectly, Arianwyn will teleport you both back to the Corridor of Light.

While speaking with her, say that you "thought you saw a mouse", that "it might have gotten into the food stores", and that you "didn't tell her because you knew she was busy". If convinced, she tells you to relieve the guards in the room to the west, who are keeping watch on Iestin. Simply talk to any one of the guards to relieve them.

The master plan[edit | edit source]

Speak to Iestin and he will tell you about his work on Lord Iorwerth's plan of regrowing Prifddinas from its crystal seed, albeit without the need of the remaining seven elven leaders. Iorwerth is trying to power up the crystal using a secret source of magical power - Iestin mentions hearing something about a 'Dark Lord' - and wants him to prepare the crystal to receive that power.

Before getting back to his work, he asks you to bring his report to the Mayor of Prifddinas. Arianwyn suggests you take up the task and try to learn more about Iorwerth's plan while there. Iestin's report talks about his progress on regrowing the crystal, but that he would be able to work faster if he knew the overall plan, and particularly what power source Iorwerth intends to use.

The camp inside Prifddinas, under the control of the Iorwerths

Take the stairs to the north to arrive at the surface camp in Prifddinas, where you will find starving elves and mourners. Enter the northern building and speak to the Mayor. She proceeds to talk about Lord Iorwerth's drab writing in his new master plan after the Temple's defences came back on, and how Iestin's report should keep her busy while she waits on a shipment of gnomish foods from Arposandra. She asks you to check up on the delivery for her.

Head south to the gnomecopter, and talk to the mourner standing in front of three starving elves and tell him the mayor wants him to distribute the food amongst everyone. Go back to the mayor and tell her the food is being distributed by the guards; she will hastily leave in anger, giving you the opportunity to grab the master plan off her desk.

The revolution army[edit | edit source]

Head back to Iestin and show him the master plan. After reading through the document, he'll conclude that Iorwerth wants to summon the Dark Lord, which would require a significant amount of death energy, and use its power to regrow Prifddinas. Since the death altar inside the Temple of Light is out of reach, he has decided to perform a mass-killing of all humans in West Ardougne and convert the resulting death energy into necromantic power for the summoning ritual.

Arianwyn will tell you that they might have a chance of overthrowing Iorwerth by raising a rebellion against him. To this end, he asks you to get the civilians of Ardougne on your side by showing the master plan to both Bravek in his civic office in West Ardougne, and Councillor Halgrive, who is just outside the East Ardougne church.

Head to East Ardougne and speak to the Councillor located south of the chapel, who is shocked by your accusations, but believes you, owing to your reputation. He gives you a proclamation that offers control over the entire East Ardougne army against the mourners, provided you already have the support of West Ardougne.

Next, speak to Bravek on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] in the West Ardougne Civic Office, and he will reveal that he already suspected that the 'plague' was a hoax all along, and it was fairly obvious for someone living inside the city. However, he chose to appear ignorant as he didn't want to 'catch the plague'. While he is unable to help you himself, he gives you a list of people that you can recruit to start an uprising.

Make sure that you've unequipped your gas mask, and speak to the following people in any order:

  • Carla - In an open area, just north of the graveyard, wearing purple clothing.
  • Elena - In a house in the north-western part of East Ardougne, along the river and near the log balance Agility shortcut.
  • Jethick - East side of the town square.
  • Koftik - At the entrance to the Underground Pass. Koftik also appears within the Underground Pass, but you must speak to him outside the cave to recruit him.
  • Nurse Sarah - In the long building south-west of the church.
  • Ted and Martha Rehnison - In the building north of the civic office.

Once everyone is on board with the plan, meet up and speak to any one of them in the West Ardougne church to finally start the revolution.

Uprising in Ardougne[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Combat gear and Halgrive's proclamation
Attacking the Mourner HQ

Head to the mourners' headquarters in the north-eastern corner of the city, kick in the door and kill all of the mourners on the ground floor. Continue down through the trapdoor in the north-west corner and kill all the remaining mourners.

Note: Due to a bug, the door may not be there to kick in. Lobbying or hopping worlds can help to bring the door back.

Once you defeat the head mourner, you can choose to interrogate him about Iorwerth's master plan, but you realise that he was simply following orders. You can then choose to kill or spare him; if you choose to spare him, he will reappear in Prifddinas after the end of the quest.

When all the mourners are defeated, Elena will give you a flag to replace with the flag on the roof of the headquarters. Head upstairs and plant the new flag, which will cause Sir Hugo, a paladin, and Sir Edmond, a Knight of Ardougne, to arrive at the scene and command you to leave the building at once.

Battling Lathas's guard, Sir Hugo

Show them the Councillor's proclamation and, after arguing about whether to follow the Council's orders or supersede their authority, they will go back to the castle - Sir Hugo to defend King Lathas from a coup, and Sir Edmond to prepare the knight army for your aid.

Prepare yourself for combat and talk to Sir Edmond near the entrance to the East Ardougne castle. Get up to the king's bedroom and kill Sir Hugo (level 107), who is guarding King Lathas. Once he's dead, talk to the king and ask him about his motives for partnering with Iorwerth. He'll tell you about how his father, King Ulthas, decided to split up his kingdom by kicking out the Sinclairs from the Camelot Castle and giving it to a new king from another world. He also shared a piece of the kingdom with Lathas' younger brother, Tyras. To achieve this, Lathas promised to help Iorwerth summon the Dark Lord in exchange for his help in re-occupying Camelot and overthrowing Tyras.

After the dialogue, you can choose to either let him live or die.

Finding the six lost elders[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Full set of mourner gear (gas mask, mourner boots, a mourner cloak, mourner gloves, mourner top and mourner trousers)
Gwir chathead.png

After the successful campaign, head back to Iestin by either using Arianwyn's offered teleport or climbing down the hole near the east gate of Prifddinas.

Iestin and Arianwyn inform you that even though Iorwerth's plan was thwarted, it may only serve to delay the inevitable, and therefore the only way to stop him is to regrow Prifddinas before he can. Since whoever grows the city ultimately controls it, you must now find and recall the eight elven leaders, whose combined magical abilities can safely form the city and keep it under the collective control of eight clans, instead of one.

Iestin mentions that he knows enough about the Iorwerth clan and their magic, and so he can fill in their clan leader role, and that Arianwyn is actually Lord Cadarn. Arianwyn suggests locating the remaining six elders by talking to the elven scribe, Gwir, in Lletya and bringing them back to perform the ritual.

Teleport to Lletya by speaking to Arianwyn and talk to Gwir (north of the bank) about the lost elders. She will ask you to retrieve a book from the nearby bookcase and read it to discover clues about the leaders' current whereabouts.

Read the book and go through all the chat options regarding each of the six elders to be able to progress in the quest and gain further information about them.

Elven Clan Leader Clue
Lady Trahaearn Lady Trahaearn journeyed south from the well
Lord Crwys Lord Crwys's brothers call to him when they are wounded
Lady Ithell Lady Ithell put her soul into her greatest work
Lord Amlodd Lord Amlodd sleeps the sleep of the uncalled
Lady Hefin Lady Hefin walked westward on the water
Lady Meilyr Lady Meilyr brewed a map in the dungeon of the kin

Lady Ithell[edit | edit source]

Building the statue of Lady Ithell
Items needed: 10 magic logs
Lady Ithell chathead.png

When asked about Lady Ithell, Gwir reveals that she was the one who built Lletya as an image of Prifddinas' beauty but without the use of Seren's crystals, and that she died shortly after finishing it.

Head to Lletya and locate five symbols carved into the wood around the city. The symbols are small and blue in colour. If you are on low detail, the symbols might become difficult to find; rotating your camera angle may help.

The symbols are located in the following locations:

  • ground floor[UK]1st floor[US]:
    • Inside the bank and south of the table.
    • On the inside southern wall of the building just south of the well.
    • On the inside wall of the archery shop.
  • 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]:
    • Climb up the central stairs and head east to the altar room. The symbol is on the outer north wall and on the lower corner.
    • Head downstairs and go to the clothes shop in the north-west corner of the city. Climb up the stairs, and find the symbol in the south-west corner of the room.

After inspecting all the carvings, you will discover that they form a design for a statue in the heart of Lletya, built using 10 magic logs.

Head to the centre of Lletya and you will find a new construction hotspot for the statue. Build the Ithell statue, and Kelyn will ask you to come speak to her in the main balcony upstairs.

Kelyn explains that she is from the Ithell clan, and that upon looking at Lady Ithell's statue, she has promptly gained some of her knowledge and is now equipped at becoming her successor. Tell her that it is time to regrow Prifddinas, and she will go to the Prifddinas Undercity.

Lord Amlodd[edit | edit source]

Lord Amlodd chathead.png
Items needed: empty summoning pouch, 200 spirit shards, one each of gold, green, crimson and blue charm, combat equipment and food (Rune bar for next elder)

When you ask Gwir about Amlodd, she gives you a mysterious summoning charm that belonged to him.

You must now infuse the charm with summoning energy to create an Amlodd pouch. Although you can choose any summoning obelisk to do this, it is recommended to visit the one near the Well of Voyage as it's on the way to finding Lady Trahaearn, another elder.

If you have a Fang of Mohegan, you can teleport directly to the Well of Voyage once per day. Otherwise, exit Lletya from the north-west trees, step over the tripwire and pass the dense growth to the west, jump over the leaves to the north, run to the east and enter the cave entrance.

Once at the well, use the Amlodd charm on the obelisk and it will prompt you to create the Amlodd pouch. Then use it to summon Lord Amlodd. He will tell you that he was in the Spirit Plane with the other spirit creatures. Tell him that it is time to regrow Prifddinas, and he will go to the Prifddinas Undercity.

Lady Trahaearn[edit | edit source]

Lady Trahaearn chathead.png
Mining the cracked wall
Items needed: Combat gear, rune bar

Gwir mentions that Lady Trahaern was a master of mining and smithing, and that you'd be required to use these skills to reach her. The reference to the well in the clue is actually the Well of Voyage. The well is located in Iban's temple, located in the large expansive cavern through the crack in the wall by Iban's tomb.

Fighting the automatons guarding Lady Trahaearn

After summoning and speaking to Lord Amlodd, head south-west of the well to find a cracked wall. Mine it, and enter the newly discovered cavern.

Inside, you will be attacked by three Trahaearn automatons - one each for melee, ranged, and magic styles. Although they use combat abilities, they are fairly easy to defeat. After they are vanquished, inspect Lady Trahaearn on her chair to discover that her exoskeleton is broken, and that it can be repaired using a rune bar.

Once fixed, she will float out of her chair, and thank you for repairing her exoskeleton, which she reveals is necessary to keep her alive in her advanced state of ageing. Tell her that it is time to regrow Prifddinas, and she will go to the Prifddinas Undercity.

Lord Crwys[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Plant cure, or 1 astral rune and 8 earth runes (if on the Lunar spellbook)
Lord Crwys chathead.png

Gwir mentions that Lord Crwys was close to nature, being an expert at farming and woodcutting, and he considered trees to be his brothers.

Cutting any regular trees in the Isafdar forest will cause yellow lights to stream towards the direction of Lord Crwys, and disappear after a couple of seconds. The lights eventually lead to an area near the Tyras Camp.

Lord Crwys is restored!

Taking the first of the following two paths will allow you to pick red and blue Isafdar mushrooms which are used for Lady Meilyr's task. If you cannot pick the mushrooms, you will need to speak to Gwir about Lady Meilyr.

Teleport to the Tirannwn lodestone (blue mushrooms are here) and head west through the dense forest (red mushrooms), followed by going across the tripwire to the north and past another dense forest. Alternatively, travel to Port Tyras via a charter ship, head north from the Tyras Camp, and then east and south to reach the same patch of dense forest.

Just before passing through the last tree of the dense forest, chop the closest tree on the right, it will infuse the dead tree on the other side of the dense forest and allow you to inspect it. Inspect the nearly-dead tree on the west side and use the plant cure potion or cast Cure Plant on it. The tree will transform into Lord Crwys.

Crwys will tell you that he turned into a tree to escape Iorwerth, and that he was sick due to the corruption of the Poison Wastes by Arposandra, and due to the Dark Lord growing in power. Tell him that it is time to regrow Prifddinas, and he will go to the Prifddinas Undercity.

Lady Hefin[edit | edit source]

Lady Hefin chathead.png
A map of the path through the Poison Wastes

Gwir reveals that the Poison Wastes used to be a lake, and that the riddle likely refers to them.

You will need to cross the Poison Wastes to find her, passing across a small maze of rocks. To gain access to the maze, head west out of Lletya through the tree gate, then south past the dire wolves and magic trees, and jump onto the rocks. Refer to the image on the right for the correct path, and continue to travel over the islands all the way west until you reach a small tent with an elf hermit.

Traversing the Poison Wastes

Although she denies being Lady Hefin, ask her about the wisdom of Seren. Once she's done explaining, she'll ask you some questions about what she just said. Answer with the following:

  1. Seren's faithfulness to the elves
  2. The symmetry of crystals
  3. I don't know.

She will then reveal that she is, in fact, Lady Hefin, and is impressed by your willingness to admit not knowing and to learn more about Seren and the elf race. Tell her that it is time to regrow Prifddinas, and she will go to the Prifddinas Undercity.

Lady Meilyr[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Super defence (3), and red and blue Isafdar mushrooms
Items recommended: Ring of kinship
Lady Meilyr chathead.png

When asked about Lady Meilyr, Gwir will give you a Meilyr potion recipe. Read the recipe and you'll see that to make the potion, you need to add ground red and blue Isafdar mushrooms to a super defence (3).

The mushrooms can be found in various places in Isafdar, the most accessible being the Tirannwn lodestone and the area south-west of Lletya, near the magic trees.

Lady Meilyr's secret dungeon

Grind the mushrooms and add them to the potion to make a 3-dose Meilyr potion. Head to Daemonheim (use your ring of kinship to teleport there quickly), which is the "dungeon of the kin" referenced in the clue, and drink the potion in the main hall. A portal will appear (just north of the bank) that will take you to a small room within Daemonheim, which houses Lady Meilyr.

She reveals that she and the other elves discovered Daemonheim during King Baxtorian's campaign, and that she is there to study its rare herbs while hiding from Iorwerth. Tell her that it is time to regrow Prifddinas, and she will go to the Prifddinas Undercity.

The library and the Dark Lord[edit | edit source]

General Hining chathead.png

Return to Lletya and have Arianwyn take you back to the Prifddinas Undercity, where all the elders have already assembled. Arianwyn will then tell you go to Tyras Camp and try and convince General Hining to distract Lord Iorwerth's army while the elders perform the ritual undisturbed.

General Hining is informed

Travel to Port Tyras and talk to General Hining, who will agree to your plan, feeling ecstatic that the wait will finally be over and he and his men will be able to go home. Go back to Lletya, prepare yourself with combat gear (fire-based magic is recommended), food, and a quick way to teleport out just in case (ranged gear is recommended to avoid attacks that deal 900 damage to certain areas of the ground over time) and speak with Arianwyn to teleport back to the undercity.

Speak to Arianwyn again, he will tell you to enter the library. Do so and you'll find yourself facing a light puzzle.

Your objective here is to activate the central Seal of Seren by powering it with the eight seals protecting Prifddinas. To do this, you must guide the light emanating from the Prifddinas seeds to the central seal using mirrors, which means you must complete the light puzzle 8 times, once for each Elder crystal.

Some mirrors are already fixed and cannot be rotated or removed (they have a pink reflective area instead of white). These puzzles can be easily performed if you start at the middle and work your way towards the crystal to be activated. You cannot point the light through full beams. Also, each mirror can only be rotated in two directions.

The layout of the pillars and raised plinths changes after each puzzle. However, the solution images below all use the initial Cadarn layout.

Warning: There is currently a glitch where if you die during the fight, your grave may appear inside of Prifddinas before you have access to it, and will be uninteractable by other players. However, your gravestone should normally appear either in Lletya or next to the Eastern gates to Prifddinas, depending on where you last entered the under-city of Prifddinas from.

Cadarn[edit | edit source]

The solution to the Cadarn puzzle

Start by activating the Cadarn seal, which is the southern crystal on the east side and is being controlled by Arianwyn.

Mirror location (relative) Beam direction
First plinth west of the seal North
Second plinth to the north West
Second plinth to the west South, into the Seal of Seren

Go back to the Cadarn seal and power it up. Two shadows will appear, which Iestin theorises to be minions of the Dark Lord. As they only have 100 life points, they should go down in just one hit, although note that they can deal over 800 life points of damage per attack.

Trahaearn[edit | edit source]

The solution to the Trahaearn puzzle

Once they are defeated, move on to the next seal in a clockwise direction - the second seal, Trahaearn, is the eastern crystal on the south side.

Mirror location (relative) Beam direction
First plinth north of the seal East
First plinth to the east North
Second plinth to the north West
First plinth to the west South, into the Seal of Seren

Go back and power up the Trahaearn seal, which will cause a greater shadow and three shadows to appear. Apart from the lesser shadows, you will now also face a greater one that possesses 9,000 life points and has a max hit of over 900. Nevertheless, they should be easy to defeat.

Iorwerth[edit | edit source]

The solution to the Iorwerth puzzle

Move on to the Iorwerth seal, which is the western crystal on the southern side of the room.

Mirror location (relative) Beam direction
First plinth north of the seal West
First plinth to the west North
Northern-most plinth East
Eastern-most plinth South
First plinth to the south West
First plinth to the west South, into the Seal of Seren

Power up the Iorwerth seal, and the Dark Lord itself will appear, along with a greater shadow.

The Dark Lord[edit | edit source]

Dark Lord chathead.png

The Dark Lord will introduce itself, and reveal that it is the foil to everything living and is obsessed with death.

From this point onwards, you will have to fight the Dark Lord between each seal activation. The Dark Lord attacks using magic, and has an area-of-effect attack not unlike the one that Dawn uses, which rapidly harms you for 10% of your maximum life points on every hit. It signals this attack by raising its left arm in the air (similar to the animation when you use the Wrack magic ability), as opposed to pulling both arms towards its right side for its regular attack.

The Dark Lord will start off the battle with its area-of-effect blast, and then start alternating between its two attacks. Due to the frequency of the area-of-effect attack, melee is not recommended - as the Dark Lord and its minions are weak to fire spells, magic is recommended over ranged. Owing to their use of magic, Protect from Magic/Deflect Magic is recommended.

Fighting the Dark Lord between one of the puzzles

A simple strategy to defeat the Dark Lord is to keep moving around the arena, casting spells at short intervals. This also helps you avoid the majority of the area-of-effect attacks, although be careful when clicking around the area as it's easy to accidentally engage one of the shadows and stay in one place long enough to get hit by the area-of-effect attacks.

When the Dark Lord has been defeated during a round, you can kill the shadows one at a time by heading to their respective corner and attacking from there. If you hide behind the crystal seals, you may get the chance (particularly on later waves) to attack the greater shadows while being safe from the Dark Lord's attacks and build up adrenaline.

It is possible to bank between rounds; however, you must leave at the start of each battle, not after it ends, otherwise you will be forced to redo that fight all over again. Logging out will return you to Lletya, which can be a good way to preserve teleports. Once you have banked, talk to Arianwyn to be teleported back to the undercity and enter the library to begin the fight again.

Ithell[edit | edit source]

The solution to the Ithell puzzle

Once the Dark Lord and its minions are defeated for the first time, move on to the Ithell seal on the south-western side of the library.

Mirror location (relative) Beam direction
First plinth east of the seal North
First plinth to the north East
First plinth to the east North
First plinth to the north East
Second plinth to the east South
First plinth to the south East
First plinth to the east North
First plinth to the north East
First plinth to the east South
First plinth to the south West, into the Seal of Seren and the Dark Lord

Go back and power up the Ithell seal. Lord Amlodd will inform you that directing the beam of light towards the Dark Lord has harmed it, which means that by restoring Prifddinas, you can defeat it once and for all. The Dark Lord and two greater shadows will attack you once again. Defeat them using the same strategy as before.

Amlodd[edit | edit source]

The solution to the Amlodd puzzle

Once defeated, head towards the Amlodd seal on the western side of the Library, just north of the Ithell seal.

Mirror location (relative) Beam direction
First plinth east of the seal North
First plinth to the north East
First plinth to the east South
Third plinth to the south East
Second plinth to the east South
First plinth to the south East
Second plinth to the east North
First plinth to the north East
First plinth to the east North
Second plinth to the north West, into the Seal of Seren and the Dark Lord

Go back and power up the Amlodd seal. Lady Hefin will reveal that her ancestors sealed the Dark Lord within the Temple of Light, and that it is a darkness that Seren warned them about when she shattered herself into crystals. Within the temple, it was attracted to the power of the Death Altar due to its fascination with death.

The Dark Lord and three greater shadows will attack, using the same mechanics as the previous fights. Defeat them once again.

Hefin[edit | edit source]

The solution to the Hefin puzzle

After the fight, activate the Hefin seal, which is the western crystal at the north side of the library. This time, two mirrors - the ones directly south and south-west of the seal - will already be in place and unmovable.

Mirror location (relative) Beam direction
North-east corner plinth South
South-east corner plinth West
South-west corner plinth North
North-west corner plinth East, into the fixed-position mirror
First plinth to the south East
First plinth to the east North
First plinth to the north West
First plinth to the west South
First plinth to the south East
First plinth to the east North
First plinth to the north West
First plinth to the west South, into the Seal of Seren and the Dark Lord

Go back and power up the Hefin seal. With another strike to its health, the Dark Lord will summon and kill Lord Iorwerth to obtain more power, relishing his death, and describing the deaths of him and King Lathas as delicious. It will also reveal that it was responsible for giving magic to the elves and extend their lifespan, claiming that it is in fact Seren.

The Dark Lord and three greater shadows will proceed to attack you once again.

Meilyr[edit | edit source]

The solution to the Meilyr puzzle

Once he is defeated, move on to the Meilyr seal, the eastern crystal at the north side of the library. There are once again two fixed mirrors in this puzzle - the first is directly south of the seal, and the second is just south of the Seal of Seren.

Mirror location (relative) Beam direction
First plinth east of the northern fixed mirror South
First plinth to the south West
Second plinth to the west South
First plinth to the south West
Second plinth to the west South
Third plinth to the south East
First plinth to the east South
First plinth to the south East
Fourth plinth to the east North
Second plinth to the north West
First plinth to the west North
First plinth to the north West, into the Seal of Seren and the Dark Lord

Go back and power up the Meilyr seal. The Dark Lord will reveal that it is an aspect of Seren, cast out by the other parts of her when she shattered herself at the end of the God Wars. It also reveals itself to be the source of the voices in the Underground Pass, and that the deaths of King Lathas and Lord Iorwerth are what granted it enough power to manifest in the library.

The Dark Lord will attack you for the final time, claiming that the soul of a great hero will be a true delicacy. This time, he has four greater shadows and several lesser shadows alongside him, making the fight slightly more difficult.

Crwys[edit | edit source]

The solution to the Crwys puzzle

Once the Dark Lord is defeated, move onto the eighth and final seal, which is the northern crystal in the east side of the library. There are many fixed mirrors in this puzzle - the first is directly west of the Crwys seal, with the beam facing north.

Mirror location (relative) Beam direction
First plinth north of the fixed mirror East
First plinth to the east North
First plinth to the north West, into a fixed mirror
The plinth between the Crwys and Cadarn seals South.
South-east corner plinth West, into a fixed mirror
The plinth directly north of the Trahaearn seal West
South-west corner plinth North, into a fixed mirror
The plinth directly north of the Iorwerth seal North, into a fixed mirror
The plinth next to the Ithell seal North
North-west corner plinth East
The plinth one-diagonal from the north-west corner East
The plinth next to the Hefin seal East
The plinth between the Hefin and Meilyr seals South, into the Seal of Seren and the Dark Lord

Go back and power up the Crwys seal, completing the ritual.

Prifddinas restored[edit | edit source]

As Prifddinas is restored, the Dark Lord is finally defeated

With all eight seals restored, the resulting light will destroy the Dark Lord and the city of Prifddinas will start regrowing.

Arianwyn and the other elders will thank you, and reveal that this time around the city will function differently. Learning from their past discretion, all the elven clans have decided to open the gates of the city and allow other races inside.

Arianwyn will want to give you 14 items; if you don't have enough room in your backpack, he will open a bank deposit screen so that you can make room for these items, after which you can speak to him again to claim your reward.

Congratulations, quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
Quest complete!

Plague's End reward.png
Music unlocked

Entering Prifddinas[edit | edit source]

After defeating the Dark Lord, exit the Grand Library and speak to Arianwyn, who will offer to teleport you to the entrance of the city.

When you enter Prifddinas for the first time after crossing the guards at the entrance, the elven clan leaders will be waiting for you, lining the path to the gates of the city. Lord Amlodd, Lady Hefin, Lady Ithell, and Lady Trahaearn will stand on one side; Lord Crwys, Iesten Edern, and Lady Meilyr will stand on the other. As you pass them, each will say something kind to you, which could be any of the following:

  • May Seren guide you.
  • Peace be with you.
  • Prifddinas is growing!
  • Rejoice!
  • See you in the city.
  • Thank you for everything!
  • We are as one.
  • We are home!
  • Welcome, friend of the elves.
  • Welcome, human!

You can optionally talk to any of them directly. Lord Amlodd, Lord Crwys, Lady Hefin, Iestin Edern, and Lady Ithell thank you for all that you have done for the elves and sing your praises; Lady Meilyr invites you to explore Prifddinas to your heart's content; and Lady Trahaearn advises you to "hurry along" so that you won't miss the growing of the Tower of Voices.

At the front gates, the last elven clan leader, Arianwyn, will be waiting for you. He will greet you warmly as a friend, and tell you that you have come at the right time to watch the fruits of your labour. At that point, a cutscene will unfold, which shows Prifddinas growing. The elves who were frozen in time when the city was reverted into a seed form spring to life everywhere around the city. The Tower of Voices rises, and you grab a peek of different parts of the city.

At the end of the cutscene, you may finally walk into the city gates. Arianwyn will stand at the gate until you walk inside, and then teleport away to his usual location in the Cadarn district of the city. Prifddinas music tracks will unlock, and the city is now yours to explore.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Plague's End (RuneScore.png 0) – Complete this quest.
  • Tirannwn achievements
    • Hard
      • Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 1 (RuneScore.png 15) – During the Amlodd Voice of Seren : create a Titan's Constitution summoning scroll.
      • Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 2 (RuneScore.png 15) – During the Cadarn Voice of Seren : use a crystal bow to damage a Cadarn elf.
      • Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 3 (RuneScore.png 15) – During the Crwys Voice of Seren : cut a magic log in the Crwys district.
      • Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 4 (RuneScore.png 15) – During the Hefin Voice of Seren : complete one lap of the Hefin Agility Course successfully.
      • Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 5 (RuneScore.png 15) – During the Iorwerth Voice of Seren : use a crystal dagger to damage an Iorwerth elf.
      • Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 6 (RuneScore.png 15) – During the Meilyr Voice of Seren : craft a perfect juju farming potion using moss you harvested yourself.
      • Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 7 (RuneScore.png 15) – During the Trahaearn Voice of Seren : mine an adamantite or runite rock.
      • What a Rush (RuneScore.png 15) – Play a non-reward game of Rush of Blood.
      • The Diplomatic Approach (RuneScore.png 15) – Find and speak to the elf lords and ladies from each of the eight clans inside the walls of the[sic] Prifddinas.
      • Hefin And Puffin' (RuneScore.png 15) – Take a shortcut on the Hefin Agility Course.
      • Long Way From Home (RuneScore.png 15) – Complete the Hefin Agility course with a light creature familiar summoned.
      • Because You're Iorwerth It (RuneScore.png 15) – Defeat an Iorwerth warrior while under the influence of the Iorwerth prayer altar.
      • A Face in the Clouds (RuneScore.png 15) – Bring a mound of bacon, bread and a chocolate bar to Seren.
      • Brace for Additional Impact (RuneScore.png 15) – Wear a bracelet of clay while mining soft clay in the Ithell district of Prifddinas.
      • Thank You, Deer (RuneScore.png 15) – Exchange a familiar pouch for shards with Lord Amlodd.
      • Disco Impling (RuneScore.png 15) – Do a dance in the impling collector's house with at least ten other implings present.
      • Can I Have Some Morvran? (RuneScore.png 15) – Complete a Morvran slayer assignment that has been both preferred and extended.
      • B Sharp, Not Flat (RuneScore.png 15) – Play and retune each of the harps in the Ithell Harmonium.
      • Casting a Shadow (RuneScore.png 15) – Throw a blissful shadow core into the Amlodd crater.
      • A Clean Slate (RuneScore.png 15) – Cleanse the Corrupted Seren Stone with at least one crystal.
    • Elite
      • 99 With a Flake (RuneScore.png 25) – Unfurl a flag in the Max Guild garden or jump for joy if you have already unfurled them all.
      • Robot of Sherwood (RuneScore.png 25) – Pickpocket a Trahaearn elf while wearing the Trahaearn exoskeleton set.
      • The Crested Guest is Best (RuneScore.png 25) – Visit Seren and bow or curtsey[sic] whilst wearing the Crest of Seren.
      • Ace of Dungeons (RuneScore.png 25) – Complete a Daemonheim dungeon while you have one of the gorajo cards active.
      • Weave Come a Long Way (RuneScore.png 25) – Make a level 90 milestone cape using a loom in Prifddinas.
      • Properly Metal (RuneScore.png 25) – Clear wave 15 in a Gold or Platinum wave of the Rush of Blood D&D.
      • Respect your Elders (RuneScore.png 25) – Chop a log from an elder tree you have grown in the Prifddinas farming patch, then fletch it into a shortbow.
      • Xena-Phile (RuneScore.png 25) – Sing an attuned crystal weapon from an attuned seed in the Ithell area of Prifddinas.
      • The Expensive Range (RuneScore.png 25) – Create a grand ranging potion in a crystal flask from nothing but raw ingredients.

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Plague's End is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

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Credits[edit | edit source]

Development history[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 17 October 2022 (Update):
    • Elena can now be found in her house during Mourning's End Part 1 and Plague's End.
  • patch 28 August 2018 (Update):
    • Made several changes to the instanced Mourner HQ and Ardougne castle segments to show more of the surrounding game world in an effort to make the scenes feel more immersive.
  • patch 26 June 2017 (Update):
    • Movement abilities are no longer blocked during the Plague's End boss fight.
  • patch 8 December 2014 (Update):
    • This quest's boss music no longer plays when music volume is muted.
  • patch 18 August 2014 (Update):
    • A small issue where players could see parts of Plague’s End from the Araxyte Hive has been fixed.
    • A spelling error on Lady Meilyr's dialogue during Plague's End has been fixed.
    • An issue with Red Revolution being unable to be completed if a player has finished Plague's End has been fixed.
    • Some Mourners and slave workers in the Temple of Light tunnels are no longer present after the completion of the Plague's End quest.
    • Some post quest chat has been added to Farmer Brumty, General Hining and Gwir after Plague's End has been added.
    • Players are now able to receive a crystal trinket after completing Plague’s End.
    • Some wording on interfaces during the Plague's End quest has been adjusted.
    • Lady Hefin and Lord Cwrys will no longer disappear when multiple players are interacting with them at the same time.
    • Plague's End will now correctly reward 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
    • Plague's End will now appear on Adventurer's Log after completion.
    • The spelling of 'Trahaearn' has been corrected on the interfaces called by checking the exoskeleton reward from Plague's End
    • Some unneeded capitalisation of dialogue during Plague's End has been removed.

Post-quest FAQ[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Plague's End head banner.jpg
  • When asking Gwir for information on Lady Hefin, she mentions that there are legends of holy people walking on water. This is most likely a reference to many examples of religions where people are said to be able to walk on water.
  • When you have summoned Lord Amlodd, he talks about the Spirit Realm. What he's describing ("Ah, the Spirit Realm The realm of pure animal forms of which this world's animals are merely shadows!") is basically Platonic idealism.
  • King Lathas dies anyway even if you choose to spare him, with the Dark Lord claiming to have killed him. This has been confirmed as intentional by Mod John A.
  • On release, completing the quest made no message appear in the player's Adventure log. This was changed in an update. The message in the Adventurer's Log now says, "I ended the plague of West Ardougne and activated the Seal of Seren in the Grand Library of Prifddinas."
  • After the quest, all mourners in East Ardougne and West Ardougne will be replaced with Knights of Ardougne. These knights have different drop tables, and cannot be pickpocketed. Also, the mourners in the Arandar Pass will be replaced by elves.
  • On 25 July 2019, Old School RuneScape's counterpart to this quest, Song of the Elves, was released.

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