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This article is about the quest. For the tribe whose name means children of Mah, see Mahjarrat.
For the achievement, see Children of Mah (achievement).
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Children of Mah is the sequel to Fate of the Gods and is the penultimate quest released as part of Sliske's Countdown, being part of the Sliske quest series.

The quest sees a confrontation between Zaros and Zamorak, the general who betrayed him, which gave Zamorak the power he has now. The Mahjarrat return to Freneskae, as does Zamorak. The player also visits the throne room in the past to witness the original fight between Zamorak and Zaros.

Official description[edit | edit source]

Kharshai's in a sticky situation as the quest begins, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. The Mahjarrat are dying...and there's no way they're going quietly.

Join the great and the mighty on an epic jaunt across worlds, relive one of the defining moments of Gielinor's history, and prepare to find out what will happen when Zaros and Zamorak finally meet again.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Starting off[edit | edit source]

Speak to your Mahjarrat ally, Kharshai, on the tip of the frozen peninsula north of Rellekka or (if you've completed Koschei's Troubles) in his cave beneath Rellekka. He will explain that his divine energy, along with that of other Mahjarrat, is being drained quicker than usual, requiring a new Rejuvenation Ritual. As he is the only one of his kind to not have picked a side in the fight between Zaros and Zamorak, he has no allies among the Mahjarrat and therefore fears that he will be the one sacrificed during the upcoming ritual. He calls upon the World Guardian for assistance.

Ritual Site[edit | edit source]

Items needed: 1 free inventory space
The Mahjarrat return to the Ritual Site.

You must now make your way to the Mahjarrat Ritual Site, either by using the fairy ring DKQ (Glacor Cave, you need to leave the cave and go slightly north-west to reach the ritual site) or by using the canoe in the snowy hunter area. If you are already prepared and ready to go there you can inform Kharshai through a dialogue option (in case you leave the dialogue after accepting the quest you must talk to him about the Children of Mah before the option becomes available) and he will offer to teleport you directly to the site. If you have not yet completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat, talking with Kharshai is the only way back to the Ritual Site. Investigating the Ritual marker will summon forth all Mahjarrat but Sliske, along with Zaros who offers them immortality without having to sacrifice one another, should they choose to return to Freneskae. The Zamorakian Mahjarrat eagerly point out that Zaros made such a promise during the Second Age, one he did not keep. They argue back and forth, until Kharshai interrupts the argument, saying that the only way to truly remember the events of the Second Age is through memory projection. He hands you a Charged engrammeter, instructing you to go to The Empty Throne Room, beneath the Varrock Dig Site and recover his memory.

The location of The Empty Throne Room's entrance

Kharshai's memory consists of 5 fragments, each indicated by a memory spring, which must be found to unlock the full memory. The first spring is located outside of the Empty Throne Room's entrance. The second and third are located inside the throne room at the top of each set of stairs, and the fourth and fifth springs are located on the second lowest level of the throne room on either side of the bottom level. Once all five memory fragments have been collected, return to the ritual site and touch the ritual marker again. For players who have not yet completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Kharshai will be available at the quest starting point to teleport you back to the Ritual Site. The Mahjarrat will reappear and you will give the stored memories to Kharshai.

Inside the memories[edit | edit source]

Kharshai chathead.png

Kharshai will send you into his memories. You will assume control of Kharshai and will have to find clues and speak to characters to pass stages. You will appear in the throne room of Zaros' empire.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

Speak to Jhallan, Zebub, Perjour and Duke Sucellus, inspect the red horn markings near Jhallan on the pillar, and inspect the broken mouthpiece on the pillar near Zebub. This will give 100% completion for the first sequence and allow you to move down the stairs.

Jhallan spills the beans.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

Kharshai speaks to Pernix.

On the north side, speak with Pernix and Akthanakos. Both will question your identity and trustworthiness.

For Pernix, he will ask why you are here, state that an inquisitor was sent for. Then he will ask you about the markings, so you should state red horn markings. Finally, he will ask about your assessment, say that there is a plot to overthrow Zaros. He will then place his trust in you.

For Akthanakos, he will give you several questions:

  1. Who is Freneskae's god? (Mah)
  2. Who brought the Mahjarrat to Gielinor? (Icthlarin)
  3. What shape do I take? (Camel)

After correctly answering all three, Akthanakos will trust you. Investigate the broken enchantment (North of Pernix) and the Northern side will be finished.

On the south side, speak with the warpriest and choose either the first or second option in the dialogue to reveal her as a demon, apprehending her. Investigate the stashed weapons behind the first staircase and the red horn marking on the pillar, then speak with Sliske to finish up the second level.

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

Move on down to the bottom floor and talk with Azzanadra. He will ask you to judge the three in front of him as they are accused of treachery. Pass judgement - kill them or not, it has little bearing on the remainder of the memory. Zamorak then makes his entrance.

The betrayal[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
An unlisted music track that plays during the betrayal cutscene

Zamorak attempts to sway the rooms occupants to his side and you will get to choose your side - again, the choice has little bearing on the rest of the memory. After this Zaros will appear and a fight will break out in cinematic cutscene, ending with Zaros catching the staff in his hand when Zamorak attempts to strike.

When the memory ends, the Mahjarrat discuss that they still do not know what happened in the last moments. Zamorak will appear and offer to show them that memory with Kharshai as the neutral expert. It will show that Zaros thought of the Mahjarrat as hired hands, and that he didn't have any intentions of helping them free themselves from their rituals. Zamorak will realise the power of the staff and he strikes, siphoning Zaros's energy.

The mahjarrat have decided that they must travel to Freneskae to meet Zaros. Kharshai has requested you to accompany him.

Lava falls[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Combat gear and food for fighting muspah, Shard of Zaros to pacify the muspah, 1-2 empty inventory slots to store your weapons during the lava ride (you need both hands free)
Zemouregal kidnaps Kharshai.

Travel to the World gate and dial it to Freneskae by selecting the World gate icon F.png symbol or (right-click Quick dial: Freneskae and Enter), then choose the first option when entering it ("Children of Mah"). Talk to Kharshai and Zemouregal will appear, taking him captive with the intentions of sacrificing him. You will have to navigate the lava to proceed to the next area. It is a 3 lane lava river and you start in the middle lane. Jump on the rock to begin. To avoid obstacles use the arrow keys on your keyboard or click the on-screen arrows to change lanes. Be aware that while on the rock, your inventory will be disabled, and you cannot eat, drink potions, or teleport away. Therefore, ensure your health is as high as possible before riding the rock. Running into an obstacle will deal 2000 damage to you. Damage reductions such as Leviathan ring or Aegis aura can reduce this damage. If you die on the lava rock, you will restart back at the beginning - this is a safe death, even for hardcore ironmen. A sign of life and/or phoenix necklace can be used without interrupting the puzzle. Do not equip ring of life as it will teleport you out upon activation. If you die after completing the lava rock puzzle and getting to the stone pillar lightning rod to the south, you will skip the puzzle when you re-enter.

Muspah[edit | edit source]

Evading the Muspah while traversing the lava.

Upon arriving you will face multiple level 150 muspah with 20,000 life points. It is highly recommended to use Ancient Magicks spells for this section, as they provide vastly increased damage against the muspah, and the Shard of Zaros to make them non-aggressive. This is not a safe death, make sure you are prepared with proper gear, food, and potions

You will find a stone pillar lightning rod to the south. Muspah will appear and can be killed directly via combat; they will take 7,500 damage each time the lightning hits the rod while they are next to it. Do not stand next to the lightning rod yourself or it will hurt you. You can stay next to the interactable wall east of the lightning rod, and wait for a muspah whose life has been taken down to around 5,000 points to attack. Keep killing muspah until a level 160 grand force muspah appears. Do not kill this muspah (disable auto-retaliate); wait for its adrenaline bar to fill up and stand next to the interactable wall. It will fire a missile; avoid the missile, and the wall will break. If you accidentally kill the grand force muspah before this happens, you will need to continue killing the lesser muspah until another grand muspah appears. Run to the next area, and repeat the same process.

Seren rescues you.

Once the second wall is broken down, you will find another lava rock. This time, there are a few muspah on the side; using Protect/Deflect Missiles/Magic is useful to shave a bit of damage; again, if you are wearing the Shard of Zaros, they will not attack you. As with the previous lava surfing section, your interfaces will be disabled. Make your way through until you reach a lavafall; you will fall down, but Seren will save you in time. Continue the dialogue with Seren, then enter the cave nearby to reach Mah's ritual marker.

Reunion[edit | edit source]

General Khazard (Children of Mah) chathead.png
Audio options icon.png
An unlisted music track that plays during Zamorak and Zaros fight.

The remaining Mahjarrat will appear, in addition to Zemouregal, who attempts to sacrifice Kharshai. Fortunately for Kharshai, he fails, as Zaros appears and intervenes. Continue through the dialogue until Zamorak appears.

Zamorak and Zaros will battle, with Zamorak being easily overpowered by the difference in strength, his wings disintegrating in the process. He stops attacking and begins sacrificing his energy, channelling it into the other Mahjarrat. Zaros, noticing this, halts his attack, refusing to make Zamorak a martyr.

They discuss and agree to the Viniculum Juris, a demonic pact that binds the participants to uphold their end or be 'undone' (destroyed). They begin the ritual, disturbing Mah in her sleep - Zaros will ask you to go and stop her. Walk on the north up to the top of the mountain. You will find Seren, who will send you into Mah's dreams.

Protecting Mah[edit | edit source]

Seren (with Eluned) chathead.png

You have a progress bar above your head for the entirety of Mah's dream section. The bar fills when you are in the dark, and slowly drains when you are inside of the light. Should the bar completely fill, you become disturbed by the nightmares - while in the dark, you now take 250 damage every 2 ticks. If you die here from taking damage, this is not a safe death and you will be transported to Death's office. The progress bar is reset after each stage.

Should you fail any stage, you will reappear by Seren and be allowed to return to the start of the stage you failed. If you leave Freneskae, you can return to the world gate to re-enter, then speak to Seren to continue.

In addition to easier modes, you can also wear Agile set, wicked robes and boots of lightness to do it faster, especially Dream 3.

Dream 1[edit | edit source]

One of Mah's nightmares.

As soon as you enter the first area, you will find the Core of Mah in the centre surrounded by 8 darkened light shard pillars. There will also be four Bladed Muspahs, each at the 4 walls; they cannot be attacked. Click on the Core of Mah to begin a dialogue with Seren. Seren will give you a glowing orb and tells you to protect the core. The muspah send shadows out which will deal 1000 damage to the core if they touch it - the core has 6,000 life. The shadows are dispelled by clicking on the light shard the shadow is coming through to insert the orb. Seren's light will drive back the dark of these nightmares. Another muspah will send out another shadow; click on the lit light shard to remove the orb and click on the other light shard to dispel the new shadow. Protect the core until the meter reaches 0% to proceed to the next area. When you start after speaking to Seren, the room darkens; click on any shard to lighten the room and click again to remove the orb to place it in the nearest shard to dispel the shadow.

Dream 2[edit | edit source]

In this next area, there are unattackable nightmares. Make your way east to find a stone shard blocking the way. Go further east touching the light pillar when you reach it; you take a orb and the path will be completely dark. Go back west to find the block open. Run towards the newly opened area and interact with Zemouregal or Azzanadra to escape.

The second set now has six Mahjarrat, 3 in the north and 3 in the south. Seren gives you two glowing orbs. Repeat the process as before; should you fail three times a new 'Easy Mode' option will become available. Leaving will reset the number of attempts to 0.

Dream 3[edit | edit source]

After this set, you will be sent into another dark area with more unattackable nightmares. A stone shard to the south blocks the way; trying to open it gives a message to use the red light shard. The light shard (red) is in the middle of the room, touching it gives a message 'The pillar doesn't respond, as if it isn't ready yet.' Go to the open path to the West, touch the Light Shard there, then go across to the other path East and touch that Light Shard. Go back to the centre room and touch the red light shard to remove the stone shard and go south. Exit via Zaros or Seren.

The final, third set has 4 Serens at each corner and 4 Zaros at each wall as Mah's final nightmares. You will get three orbs this time. Repeat the same process. As with Dream 2, if you fail too many times the 'Easy Mode' option will appear with the same restrictions on leaving. If you still fail on easy mode, another option will appear 'With Seren's help'. It is helpful to leave two of the lights in place and only focus on moving one.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Seren kills Mah.

When finished, Seren will pull you out of Mah's dreams. Zaros's ritual has completed and drained almost all of Mah's energy from her - her mind is corrupted and broken, but her body remains living in agony. Seren, seeing this, will mercifully kill Mah. Finish up her dialogue and return to the marker.

Zamorak and the Mahjarrat will recognise that Seren's energy signature is the same as Mah's, subsequently realising that Seren posed as Mah when they were taught the rituals of enervation and rejuvenation originally. Seren argues that she did so to prevent Mah from ripping Freneskae apart, as she believed that the rituals helped to curtail her wrath and maintain the planet's anima mundi. They are angered that Seren had sent their race towards extinction doing this, although Zaros supports Seren. Conversely, Seren is angered that Zaros killed Mah through the ritual. The Mahjarrat taunt her, infuriating her until Zaros convinces her to leave the planet.

The Mahjarrat decide that, while they still have grudges with each other, they should work together now that they don't have to complete any more rituals. Zaros will teleport up to Mah's corpse, asking you to meet him there. You can now speak to each of the Mahjarrat about their plans and other topics - head back up to Mah and speak to Zaros to continue.

Zaros will tell you that, while he loathed Mah, he has a sense of sadness with her death, and can understand Seren's anger at having to kill their mother. However, he is pleased that there is something dormant inside her and that it will further his future plans. He will then give you a reward for helping save the Mahjarrat.

Congratulations, quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Children of Mah reward.png
Early bird bonus

In the first two weeks after the release, players were rewarded an additional chapter in Kharshai's journal as an Early Bird Bonus.

Additional rewards/activities

After the quest, you can return to the Lava Falls via the World Gate to replay the lava surfing minigame and to investigate the four mahjarrat deathstones if you didn't do so during the quest. Investigating all four deathstones is a master quest cape requirement.

Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Children of Mah is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

It is therefore an indirect requirement for the following quests and miniquests:

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Credits[edit | edit source]

Development history[edit | edit source]

The quest was announced at RuneFest 2015. Its original premise was that Mah, furious after the events of Fate of the Gods, would destroy the universe and begin it anew, starting with Freneskae. The Mahjarrat would react to its destruction: by returning to their homeworld for one last goodbye, attempting to confront Mah or to regain something they left behind. Like the finished version, it would also have featured a showdown between Zaros and Zamorak.[1]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 30 November 2020 (Update):
    • The camera will now reset to the default view after completing the lava fall sequence in Children of Mah.
  • patch 28 May 2019 (Update):.
    • The Memory Spring during the Children of Mah quest can once again be interacted with.
  • patch 15 April 2019 (Update):
    • Fix player not being to teleport to ritual site when speaking to Kharshai during Children of Mah quest.
    • Kharshai will now return an empty engrammeter if it was lost during the Children of Mah quest.
  • patch 11 February 2019 (Update):
    • This Grandmaster Sixth Age quest is required for Sliske's Endgame, and currently requires Koschei's Troubles, a miniquest which requires Ritual of the Mahjarrat, a Grandmaster which requires most Fifth Age quests.
    • This effectively means that Sliske’s Endgame requires most of the Fifth Age, defeating the point of starting a new age to reduce pre-requisites. To resolve this:
      • A 6th age version of Kharshai has been added at the tip of the frozen area north of Rellekka, a reasonable distance from Koschei’s area, and a player can start Children of Mah by talking to him if they meet the quest’s requirements.
      • Koschei’s Troubles is now a recommended instead of required quest for Children of Mah. You can still start the quest and access his dialogue from Kharshai in Rellekka as before.
      • Updated Children of Mah’s quest journal where it refers to Kharshai’s location.
      • Kharshai now offers to teleport the player into the ritual site instance (which if you haven’t completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat is the only way to access the ritual marker). Clicking the ritual marker returns you to Kharshai if you haven’t unlocked the ritual site.
  • patch 23 April 2018 (Update):
    • Stopped the player getting stuck in a sheath position whilst completing Children of Mah if legacy combat mode was active.
  • patch 14 August 2017 (Update):
    • A typo in Kharshai's dialogue during the Children of Mah quest has been fixed.
  • patch 9 January 2017 (Update):
    • A number of text issues and inconsistencies in Children of Mah have been fixed.
    • Suspicious traitors found in the Children of Mah quest now function correctly when leaving the area after deciding their fate.
  • patch 5 December 2016 (Update):
    • The darkness effect used in Mah's nightmares is no longer active when leaving the nightmare.
    • Viggora no longer appears to have a ghostly chathead when speaking to him in the memory section of Children of Mah.
  • patch 28 November 2016 (Update):
    • The traitors in Children of Mah now have the correct names if saved.
    • A typo in the Children of Mah quest interface has been fixed.
    • Children of Mah is now correctly listed as Grandmaster on the Adventurer's Log.
    • Players are no longer able to freely walk on lava when re-visiting Freneskae after Children of Mah.
    • The cave at the bottom of the lava falls now correctly leads to nightmare creatures when re-visiting Freneskae.
    • Players can no longer smuggle out the black and white nightmare overlay.
    • Sliske's Scoreboard now displays the correct god kills depending on the choices made.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After completing the quest, the Adventurer's Log reads "I helped to free the Mahjarrat from their rituals."
  • The "mysterious motto" engraved on the mural above Zaros' throne in his throne room is "Abscondita est in astra". Roughly translated from its parent language, Latin, this motto means "[She] was absconded (hidden/concealed) into the stars."
  • At the time of release this quest held the record for having most quest requirements in the game. Requiring a total of 111 quests (53% of all quests at the time of release), all 10 Recipe for Disaster subquests, 3 miniquests and the easy, medium and hard Fremennik Province Tasks.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jagex. "RuneFest | Updates of 2016." 3 October 2015. RuneScape News. "Capable of building worlds, the elder gods are supremely powerful beings. However, Mah wasn't involved in building the universe we are in now, so she's planning her own. Furious after the events of Fate of the Gods, she is letting her anger out in the most dramatic way. She plans to scrap our universe and start again - and her first target is Freneskae. Freneskae is the Mahjarrat homeworld, and they will all react to her ripping apart their home: returning for a final goodbye, attempting to confront Mah, or to regain something they left behind. But the Mahjarrat aren't the only Freneskae natives on Gielinor. When Zaros finally returned, there was one scene that never got played out in Fate of the Gods. It deserved something special, and this quest is the perfect setting for the ultimate showdown – Zaros vs Zamorak."