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Adwr Cadarn was an elf sent to Prifddinas during the Fourth Age, when much of the elves' population had settled beyond the Galarpos Mountains.

In the year 1930 of the Fourth Age, the elves of the Cadarn Clan that had settled in Misthalin, Asgarnia, and Kandarin lost all contact with their kin beyond the mountain pass of Arandar, an event known as The Great Divide. When the Cadarn Clan, the elves' main military force, was unable to traverse the mysteriously-abandoned Arandar mountain pass, they decided another method of contact must be devised.

Adwr was one of five scouts sent by the Clan into the abandoned Underground Pass that ran beneath the mountain range. Of the five, Adwr was the only one to return, bringing with him horrible tales of the civil war raging in the elvish capital of Prifddinas. Adwr told about the Iorwerth Clan's treason and their conquering of Prifddinas and the Tower of Voices.

With this information, the elvish King Baxtorian led a massive campaign against Lord Iorwerth in an effort to reclaim the capital. Although the details are few, Baxtorian failed, and he returned to find much of his new kingdom in ruin.