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Dilwyn chathead.png

Dilwyn Hefin, similar to Xuan, is a vendor that runs the Loyalty Programme Shop, selling Loyalty Programme auras, emotes, costumes, titles, and recoloured items, all of which are purchased with Membership Loyalty Points. He is a member of the Hefin Clan.

Dilwyn is located in the Tower of Voices within the Elven City of Prifddinas. He can be found in the south-west corner at the southern entrance of the tower next to his stock. He has very similar dialogue to Xuan. Dilwyn wields a crystal orb.

Dilwyn can return lost auras and re-colour equipment, but unlike Xuan, he cannot clear the player's title.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dilwyn is a Welsh name meaning genuine and white.
  • According to Dilwyn, he was permitted to offer his services on Xuan's behalf because Xuan "can't be everywhere at once." despite him being found in multiple places in Gielinor, namely both Varrock and Burthorpe.