Transcript of The Light Within journal entry

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  • I spoke to Eluned who told me about Prifddinas tearing itself apart as Seren's crystals have begun growing towards each other. I attended an elven conclave where they discussed wether or not to reform Seren.
  • I cast my vote in the conclave and the conclave voted to restore Seren.
  • I brought the enchanted key to Lady Trahaearn who has attuned it to focus on a time and place that will help us restore Seren.
  • The enchanted key led me to Guthix's shrine and took me back to a time when he was still alive. Guthix told me that I need to gather the primary shards of Seren in order to reform her.
  • The elders told me about the shards of Seren, each representing her virtues, and told me that I needed to collect them all to restore Seren.
  • I recovered four shards of Seren, each representing her virtues (integrity, harmony, prudence and wisdom). I also revived King Baxtorian who has taught me some of the Song of Restoration, which I will need to revive Seren.
  • If you chose to include the dark Seren shard in the restoration
    • I found a shard of the dark lord and chose to incorporate it into Seren.
  • The shards are insufficient to restore Seren fully, so the conclave sent me to Tarddiad where there is more crystal infused with Seren's essence.
  • I travelled to Tarddiad and gathered enough tarddian crystals to reform Seren.
  • I also encountered a shapeshifter called Angof who taught me the last part of the Song of Restoration.
  • If you chose not to sacrifice Eluned
    • Baxtorian led the conclave in the Song of Restoration. I encouraged Eluned not to sacrifice herself for Seren. At the climax of the song Seren[sic] was reforged, but only physically. Her spirit was not present and her body fell lifeless to the floor.
  • I took Seren to the Elder Halls on Freneskae. I was attacked by muspah, but was rescued by Zaros who instructed me on what was needed to restore Seren's spirit.
  • I restored Seren to life.
  • Seren has decided to no longer rule the elven people, but rather offer advice when it is needed. She has recognised the council as the true rulers of Prifddinas and has named me the champion of Prifddinas. To thank me for my efforts Baxtorian has taught me some new elven spells which I can access from the Ancient magick book.