Ice strykewyrms (Slayer assignment)

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Slayer Masters[edit source]

The following Slayer Masters assign Ice strykewyrms:

MasterTask amounts
Duradel chathead.png Duradel100-200
Kuradal chathead.png Kuradal100-200
Morvran chathead.png Morvran120-240
Mandrith chathead.png Mandrith60-120
Laniakea chathead.png Laniakea120-240

List of Ice strykewyrms[edit source]

The following monsters count as Ice strykewyrms for Slayer assignments:

 Combat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPLPWeaknessSusceptible to
Ice strykewyrm10693693.225,000Fire weakness icon.pngterrasaur

Daemonheim[edit source]

The following monsters inside Daemonheim count as Ice strykewyrms for Slayer assignments:

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