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Mod Elfborne Amlodd is an Amlodd clan elf that appears when a player uses a bacon mound, chocolate bar or loaf of bread on Seren upstairs in the Tower of Voices while the other two items are in their inventory. Doing so unlocks [Name] the Elfborne title.

Upon appearing for the player, he cycles randomly through a number of different sayings:

  • All other gods are either Zaros or Seren in disguise!
  • An elf falls in love with a goblin, they are shunned for their love but the player champions them.
  • Daemonheim is actually a reality TV show and the elder gods are laughing at players!
  • Dragonkin are lovely really. It's just the player who sees monsters!
  • Every demon has twelve names, only three of which a mortal could pronounce!
  • Everybody wants a go with Armadyl's staff!
  • Goblins are just elves that have shrunk in the wash!
  • Guthix is actually Seren's sister and Zaros's long lost son!
  • *huff*
  • Remember all this, there will be a test!
  • *sigh*
  • Sliske just wants the player to love him, but cannot work out how to share his feelings!
  • The elder gods are mere pawns of the even elderer gods!
  • The player is actually mad and is really in an asylum!
  • The Sixth Age is over! You missed the Seventh Age! It's now the Eighth Age!
  • There are twelve Elfborne crystals scattered across RuneScape! Find them all!
  • Waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!
  • What if the elder gods are actually just Zaros's practical joke?
  • When goblins invent computers, BandOS will return!
  • You're really a god disguised as a human!

He will eventually disappear and can be summoned again with another mound of bacon.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 12 January 2015 (Update):
    • A spelling mistake in Elfborne's chat has been fixed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is a reference to Mod Osborne dressed up as an elf in the "Road to Prifddinas" Behind the Scenes videos. His examine text references Osborne's reputation for having a large face, as well as being known as "the face of RuneScape" according to an interview from RuneFest 2013.
  • The saying concerning "BandOS" is a play on Bandos and the acronym of operating system.
  • "Goblins are just elves that have shrunk in the wash!" is a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's books. Orcs and Goblins are believed to have evolved from Elves when Melkor (later Morgoth) captured, corrupted and bred them.
  • When trying to re-summon him, there used to be the message "Mod Elfborne's appetite has already been sated, he will not return again."
  • The abyssal demon Grapefruit sometimes references Mod Elfborne by saying "Ellllfff...." or "...booorne..." as it wanders around.