of the Iorwerth

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The title of the Iorwerth is unlocked by completing 8 dark beast tasks assigned by Morvran. Progress towards unlocking the title can be seen by selecting the title in the Customisation interface.

Players can use a Mask of Gloom, Helm of Darkness or a dark beast assignment token to force a task. Alongside this, players with 120 Slayer can use the Slayer master cape perk to choose a dark beast task. Alternatively, a Slayer VIP ticket may be used to choose between two tasks, one of which may be a dark beast task. Additionally, Slayer Introspection can help to speed up tasks by choosing the minimum amount of dark beasts to kill.

Translations[edit | edit source]

This title changes according to the language of the server on which RuneScape is played, as shown below:

Language Title
German [Name] von den Iorwerth
French [Name] du clan Iorwerth
Portuguese [Name] dos Iorwerth

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