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Haluned Ithell is an avatar of the goddess Seren that appears outside of the mystic barrier during the Meeting History quest. She will teleport away and back again while questioning the presence of humans, implying she had not seen them before. The memoriam crystals in Prifddinas reveal that she is a shard of Seren fashioned in the form of an elf in order to explore Gielinor while Seren stayed with her elves on Tarddiad to prevent them from becoming ill by her lack of presence. Upon Haluned's arrival, Seren felt the energy of the Elder gods and chose to migrate to Gielinor in an attempt to find magic to wean her elves of their dependence on her. On Seren's arrival, she made Haluned stay with her elves to ensure that part of Seren would remain present with the elves whilst she helped Guthix, the God of Balance, in other parts of Gielinor. When Guthix went to sleep to distance himself from mortal races, Haluned's presence was no longer enough to sustain a booming Prifddinas population against the curse of the elves. Therefore, she was once again tasked with the job of exploring the world so Seren could return to her elves. When Seren was asked to leave Gielinor by Guthix, she called upon Haluned to channel her negative aspects into her avatar and sent her away, effectively creating the Dark Lord. Instead of leaving Gielinor, Seren shattered herself, leaving a corrupted Haluned free.

Her teleport has a unique sound effect. After a short time, or when your character looks at her, Haluned exclaims one of the following sentences before teleporting away:

  • *Gasp* I've been spotted!
  • What are these strange beings?
  • There are others in this world!
  • These must be the humans Guthix spoke of.
  • We are not alone in these lands; I must report.

She is encountered during The Light Within quest, where she is spying on the player talking with Guthix. She reveals that she is the twin of Eluned.

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