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The Tyras guard, also known as the Catapult Guard, is one of King Tyras's more incompetent soldiers. He was given the job of guarding and maintaining the Tyras Camp catapult,[1] as he's considered a danger to the other men and has to be kept out of the way.[2] He has practically no skill in any trade, being unable to smith, chop wood, or catch fish, and he left his previous job as a tin miner due to poor pay and working conditions.[3] He's also incapable of catching rabbits or using a bow.[4]

During the Elven Civil War, King Tyras had his men positioned in Tirannwn to combat a dark force believed to be coming from Zamorak's home world. His brother King Lathas, working with the elven Lord Iorwerth, conspired to have him assassinated by convincing an adventurer that Tyras had been corrupted. The adventurer gave the guard a cooked rabbit, and the guard left the adventurer in charge of the catapult for a few minutes. The adventurer used this opportunity to assassinate King Tyras, using the catapult to throw a bomb at the king's tent. The guard returned and the adventurer easily convinced the guard that they had nothing to do with it.

The camp remained after the king's death, and the guard was left in charge of the catapult. However, he neglected to maintain it, causing the frame to become rotten. General Hining hired an engineer, who proved as incompetent as the guard. The guard asked the adventurer who had given him the rabbit to help repair the catapult so he could keep his job. The engineer was soon let go, as Hining could only cope with one idiot around.[5] The guard helped test the newly repaired catapult and managed to retain his job, though on his last chance.

Following the end of the Civil War, King Thoros ordered the camp be maintained as an outpost. The guard managed to convince Hining to leave the catapult as a monument to the war rather than dismantling it as he had originally intended.[6]

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References[edit | edit source]

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